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April 2013 - Music Connection

I don’t really care if they’re streaming it for free,

for a penny, I don’t really care what it is… I just

want people to come out to the show and know

the words and sing along!

MC: Well, you have the “Singles Club.” Is that

Paramore’s battle against iTunes?

Williams: We’ve never been one of those artists

that don’t put our album up on iTunes for

10 years and then you do it and it explodes…

I’ve seen artists do that and I’ve wondered, is

that genius? Is it stupid? I don’t know! With the

Singles Club we wanted to do something that

would go straight to our fans. We didn’t want

all the hype. We didn’t want all the press about

it. We just wanted something that said, “This is

where we are right now, life is kind of sucking at

the moment and these are the songs that came

out of it.”

MC: Sounds like a perfect outlet for you.

Williams: We needed the Singles Club. It sort of

fueled our fire. We were feeling a lot of different

things [after the departure of Josh and Zac Farro]

and we needed to prove to ourselves that we

could remain Paramore. And I’d like to do more

of that, honestly. Taylor is a super gearhead so

we’re going to use all of his stuff and experiment

a lot and enjoy our free time just making music.

I don’t want to get into that place where we don’t

write between records anymore. I want to keep

producing new music for our fans and some of it

will be on iTunes and some of it won’t.

MC: You’re no stranger to collaboration

(mewithoutYOU, Set Your Goals, New Found

Glory). We know you teamed up with B.o.B

a couple years ago on his track “Airplanes,”

which sold over 138,000 copies in its first week.

A few years ago, Lupe Fiasco spoke with MC

and shed some light on how forced the hip-hop

collaborations are these days. How did your

successful song come together?

Williams: We were playing a show at Hammerstein

Ballroom in New York and Jeremy

from Atlantic Records, who had just started

working with B.o.B, came to me and said, “You

would be so perfect on this song. We really

need someone to do it.” I put it on and the guys

[in the band] said, “You have to do this! This is

such a cool song.”

And yeah, I pretty much did the chorus without

meeting B.o.B. Me and B.o.B didn’t meet

until the VMAs after the song had blown up. It

was crazy, but I am so thankful for it because

I’m not one of those artists who feels comfortable

going into a room with people I’ve never

met and just writing. I know what Lupe is talking

about, I know that vibe and how disconnected it

can be, but in this case it actually brought Paramore

and B.o.B together. We ended up doing a

tour with him after that. He’s one of our greatest

friends. He goes and visits Jeremy and stays at

his house with Jeremy and his wife. It’s cool.

That song brought two artists together who

never would have met—and probably never

would have crossed paths—and it was awesome.

I hope to do more things like that. I write

Paramore songs. I don’t really write for other

people, at least I haven’t yet. So it would be

cool to meet other artists and have it do what it

did for us and B.o.B.

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The band’s upcoming self-titled (and

fourth full-length) will be the first major release

without brothers Zac and Josh Farro.

The Franklin, TN natives have three

Grammy nominations (Best New Artist

2008, Best Song Written for Visual Media

[Twilight], Best Pop Performance by a Duo

or Group with Vocals 2011). Hayley Williams

has been the recipient of various individual

trophies including the Fashionista

Award (Los Premios, MTV Latinoamérica)

and Tweeter of the Year, Kerrang!

B.o.B’s track “Airplanes,” featuring Hayley

Williams, went 4x Platinum in the US,

3x Platinum in Australia, 2x Platinum in

Canada and Platinum in New Zealand.

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