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COUNTER SAFES TRADEPLATE SOLUTIONS Protect cash at the vulnerable point. Reduces theft, smash and grab raids and internal fraud. Counter Safe Counter Safe Extra Black rubber trade plate holder with triangle • Rubber holder covers front triangle & is supplied with rear holder • Moulded rubber construction • Complies with Department of Transport regulations • Tried & tested fastenings • Electronic locking with time delay • Suitable for use in Raid Control approved premises dimensions weight price dimensions weight price • Can be removed from its fixing plate and contains a lockable inner compartment • Neatly stacks up to 350 notes or cheques Fast and easy to fit £54.70 Suction activated trade plate holders Front and rear set £66.70 • Easily fitted in seconds directly onto a vehicle’s existing number plate using a lever activated sucker • Complies with Department of Transport regulations • Fully tested and proven to withstand high speed driving in very windy conditions external 225 x 100 x 190mm slot size 8 x 95mm 3kg £95 external 230 x 300 x 1500mm slot size 10 x 30mm 10kg £190 Dunlop trade plate holders The Toughook is a virtually indestructible hook. Injection Moulded from super strong Nylon, these hooks can withstand just about anything thrown at them Super Strength and unmatched durability – Toughooks are guaranteed for LIFE * 9 distinctive colours red grey • Moulded rubber construction • Complies with Department of Transport regulations • Tried and tested fastenings • Fast and easy to fit Front and rear set £49.95 purple single hook £0.99 pack of 10 £7.90 Dimensions: overall height - 120mm overall width - 16mm Distance between fixing holes - 46mm Toughooks for the price of 10 8 orange magenta yellow green Trade plate security storage system • Ensure your trade plates are always readily available • Either fix directly to a wall or use a small wall bracket, to enable the whole system to be removed from the wall and locked in a safe overnight • Comes complete with locking unit, coded access pegs, anti-tamper seals and retention pegs – all that you need for a simple but effective system *We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on Toughook breakages only. A bold claim, but once you will see these installed, you will see that we are serious when we call them UNBREAKABLE! blue dark blue capacity description price 5 5 retention pegs 1 access pegs 15 seals & seal cutter £98 14 t. 0208 749 2759 buy all our products online at 15

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