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SERVICE KEY TAGS MotorApproved Range Key cabinets designed, developed and Approved for the motor industry 5 plain & 5 printed distinctive colours to choose from 1 box ONLY £18.95 300 tags per box 1.5mm steel Centre leaf hinge with 180º swing, allowing key storage on each side Greater depth and spacing for bulky sets of keys and key tags red Extra long tail for bulky sets of keys One pen with each box MotorApproved74 yellow orange ONLY £16.95 5 or more boxes green blue 1 box 5 or more boxes 300 service keytags per box £18.95 £16.95 Dealership key management Pre-printed for staff and customer use. Available in 6 distinctive colours and 5 designs. This style of key fob can be customised with your own design, please call for details. Key tags Printed keyring options & colours Diesel Petrol Valet PDI SM NEW PRODUCT MotorApproved160 Available in heavy duty combination or key lock options front MotorApproved74 MotorApproved160 dimensions capacity price key 74 keys £250 height 760mm 160 keys £311 width 470mm depth 165mm combination 74 keys £299.50 160 keys £399.50 Built in tag dispenser unit back key fobs, same design & colour 50 £39.60 100 £71.40 500 £172.20 red orange blue black yellow green See full range of KEYRINGS page 25 onwards MotorApproved29 height 500mm width 270mm depth 140mm key 29 keys £139 FREE BOX of key tags with each cabinet ordered NEW PRODUCT MotorApproved29 4 t. 0208 749 2759 buy all our products online at 5

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