Catholic Outlook September 2015

Catholic Outlook September 2015

Catholic Outlook September 2015


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The official publication of the Diocese of Parramatta



A father needs to ‘be close to his children as they grow:

when they play and when they strive … when they are

carefree and when they are distressed, when they are

talkative and when they are silent …’

(Pope Francis)

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Please give generously to

the Father’s Day Appeal for

Retired and Sick Priests.

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Diocesan awards recognise

service and commitment to

Church and community.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As many of you know, my postgraduate

study was in liturgy and I try to keep up in

the field by receiving various publications

and journals.

Recently, the latest copy of Worship (from

the Benedictines in Collegeville, US)

arrived, and in a regular column called

‘The Amen Corner’, there was an article by

my friend and colleague, Fr Paul Turner,

with the title: ‘Between Consultation and

Faithfulness: Questions That Won’t Go


In the opening paragraphs he makes

mention of a venerable letter from

Decentius, the Bishop of Gubbio, sent

to Pope Innocent I on 19 March 416 in

which he sought advice from the Pope on a

number of liturgical questions.

The first of these concerned the Greeting

of Peace and where it should be placed in

the liturgy.

The Roman tradition had always been that

it was placed after the Lord’s Prayer and

before the reception of Holy Communion.

This is attested to by many early Roman

Church documents and even by St

Augustine in one of his sermons where

the custom had also been adopted by the

Church of Hippo in North Africa.

It would seem that some of the clergy

in Gubbio wanted to place the Greeting

of Peace at the offertory and before the

Eucharistic Prayer, which was, and is still,

the custom in the churches of the East.

What intrigued Fr Paul Turner was, and

to quote: “Why – after 1600 years – are

we still hearing differences about the sign

of peace? ... People argue over when the

peace should take place, whether it should

take place, and, if it takes place, how

should it be done?”

The extension of the Greeting of Peace to

all who participate in a Eucharistic liturgy

was one of the reforms that emerged from

the Second Vatican Council, but is one

reform that had not really been properly

understood and which still sits, I think,

uneasily with many people in the assembly.

The practice of Christians greeting each

other with a Holy Kiss is very ancient

and St Paul mentions it four times at the

conclusion of his letters and St Peter in one

of his letters.

Ritually, it found its way into the very

earliest Eucharistic celebrations and it

would seem that this exchange, either

during the liturgy or at the end of it,

had profound meaning to the Christian



Very Rev Peter G Williams

The Greeting of Peace

In the Greeting of Peace we are united by the common bond of Baptism. Photo: Alfred Boudib.

Clearly then, it was not some casual

greeting or awkward exchange.

The most recent edition of the General

Instruction of the Roman Missal explains

its purpose and meaning: “There follows

the Rite of Peace, by which the Church

entreats peace and unity for herself and

for the whole human family, and the

faithful express to each other their ecclesial

communion and mutual charity before

communicating in the Sacrament.”

What does it mean to express ecclesial

communion and mutual charity?

Firstly, the exchange is a gesture. Unlike

the Tridentine Rite where at High Mass the

clergy in the sanctuary said “Pax tecum”

(peace be with you) there are not meant

to be any words uttered in the reformed

rite. The gesture is a sign that requires no


In the Australian adaptations to the Missal,

authorised by the Bishops, it states that

the gesture is to be a hand clasp to those

immediately around you.

The ecclesial communion expressed here

is that often those we greet in this manner

are not necessarily known to us personally,

but are united to us by the common bond

of Baptism.

The other meaning relates to mutual

charity. It is a desire to intend to live in

harmony and love with other members of

the Christian community.

Sadly, this solemn moment before the

reception of Holy Communion often

becomes in some congregations a ‘break

out’ moment where general chatter and

free movement erupts in the assembly.

I am convinced this occurs because

there has been inadequate catechesis

on this part of the rite and some are

clearly embarrassed and default to casual


In the Maronite rite that I sometimes

attend, this Greeting of Peace has

somewhat more decorum and while it

is placed following the ancient Eastern

liturgical tradition before the Eucharistic

Prayer, it is a very ordered yet a moving

and meaningful exchange.

Given the fact that life in the Church and

in parishes can be fractious at times as

we discern what is the best way to live the

life of the Gospel, and our own personal

lives can also periodically be a source

of disquiet, this moment in the liturgy

provides a privileged opportunity to

restore ourselves grounded in the peace

that only Christ can give.

It might well be worthwhile for clergy

and liturgy committees in our parishes to

revisit the Greeting of Peace with a view to

inviting a revised practice with appropriate

liturgical formation.

Signs and gestures are important means

of communicating that which otherwise

cannot be expressed in words.

Our liturgy is a treasure trove of such

signs that lead us to the mystery of God

expressed in the person of Christ to whom

we are united in the Eucharist as a visible

expression of His Body.

Let us not lose that moment, which can

express such a profound understanding of

who we are in Christ.

With my prayers,

Very Rev Peter G Williams

Diocesan Administrator




















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2 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

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Warm welcome for

Archbishop Miller


Diocesan honours include

2 new awards By Elizabeth McFarlane

During lunch, Archbishop Miller spoke about the Church in Vancouver. Photo: Alfred Boudib.

The Archbishop of Vancouver, Most

Rev J Michael Miller CSB, addressed

a gathering of Clergy, Principals and

Religious Education Coordinators (RECs)

at a forum at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse

on 6 August.

Archbishop Miller has served as

Secretary of the Vatican’s Congregation for

Catholic Education and Vice President of

the Pontifical Work of Priestly Vocations.

Over lunch with diocesan clergy and

clergy from the Archdiocese of Sydney and

the Diocese of Broken Bay, the Archbishop

gave a talk about the Church in Vancouver.

The day was a celebration of St

John Vianney Day with Jubilarians

acknowledged including Rev Robert

Anderson and Rev Paul Hanna, both 50

years, and Rev Chris Sharah FSF and Rev

Giovani Presiga, both 25 years, from the

Diocese of Parramatta.

In the morning, Archbishop Miller

gave a keynote address to Principals and

RECs entitled, ‘Educating for today and

tomorrow: a renewing passion’.

In his address, he said Catholic schools

played a vital role in the evangelising

mission of the Church, asking the

question, “is personal witness to the

Gospel evident in the life of a school?”

“It is necessary now, more than ever, to

make people aware of the responsibility to

give witness to Christ and the Gospel,” he


“In addition to all the other things

Catholic teachers do, they have the

proclamation of the Gospel at the centre of

everything they do.

“The best way anyone supports it is

by personal witness of life, being a joyful

Christian around students and on occasion

to share explicitly what makes their own

heart sing.

“Teaching is one of the noblest

vocations because you touch the

minds, the hearts, the souls of the next


The Executive Director of Schools,

Greg Whitby, said Archbishop Miller

challenged leaders in their work of

Catholic schooling.

“Archbishop Miller brings an

understanding of the universal Church

and affirmed our direction of ‘renewing

and adapting’,” Greg said.

“In a simple yet powerful way he asked

the hard questions and laid before our

leaders four challenges if they are to truly

lead schools that live up to the evangelising

mission of the Church.

“At the heart of his challenge is the call

to act and be Church, not just talk about

being Church.”

Sr Monica Armstrong SGS received the Diocesan Medal of Honour in recognition of her compassion and

dedication to her parish of St Matthew’s, Windsor, and St Thomas Aquinas Primary, Springwood. Sr Monica was

congratulated by St Thomas Aquinas’ Principal Sergio Rosato, Sr Veronica Griffith SGS and Sr Moya Weissenfeld

SGS (right).

The recipients of two new categories

of awards were among those who

received diocesan honours at a

ceremony in St Patrick’s Cathedral on 7


Following vespers, the Diocesan

Administrator, Very Rev Peter G Williams,

presented the inaugural Diocesan Citation

of Merit for Youth and the Diocesan

Certificate of Recognition, together with

the Diocesan Medal of Honour.

Award recipients included seven

Citations of Merit for Youth, one

Certificate of Recognition, 48 Medals of

Honour and two posthumous Medals of


The Diocesan Citation of Merit for

Youth seeks to encourage and recognise

young adults between the ages of 18 and 25

who have shown outstanding contribution

and service to the parish, Diocese and


The Diocesan Certificate of

Recognition seeks to encourage and

recognise outstanding contribution by

non-Catholic members of the community

for work supporting the parish, Diocese

and community.

These new awards are in addition to

the Diocesan Medal of Honour, which

was instituted by the previous Bishop of

Parramatta, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP,

in 2012.

The Medal of Honour seeks to

encourage and recognise outstanding

contribution and service by members of

the diocesan community in work on behalf

of the Church and society. It is awarded

for outstanding services to parish, Diocese

and community.

Fr Peter Williams said the recipients

were “honouring their Baptism and

proving that the Holy Spirit can work in

the lives of ordinary human beings.”

He said the night was about

“honouring the fact that the Grace of

God can work in those who have opened

themselves up to the Holy Spirit.”

See Pages 17-19 of this issue for the full

list of award recipients.

A photo gallery can be viewed on

Flickr – CatholicDioceseofParramatta

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Fremantle Broome Sydney


CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 3


Men, women and children wait for help in the Dadaab refugee camp in Somalia. Photo: hikrcn/Shutterstock.com


Justice for refugees and asylum seekers

This year’s Social Justice Statement by

Australia’s Catholic bishops is entitled,

For Those Who’ve Come Across the

Seas: Justice for refugees and asylum seekers.

The Social Justice Statement for 2015–16

challenges Australians to think again about

our national response to asylum seekers,

especially those who come by sea. It invites

us to recognise the desperation that has

driven these people to seek refuge far from

their homes.

The title, taken from the words of our

National Anthem, is intended to remind all

Australians of how this nation has aspired to

be a place of welcome and inclusion.

The bishops address the divisive national

debate over asylum seekers, especially those

who arrive by boat. They confront Australia’s

current deterrence-based response and

remind us of the needs of the nearly 60

million people who are displaced around the


The statement takes its inspiration from

the actions and words of Pope Francis on his

2013 visit to the Italian island of Lampedusa,

where he met the survivors of a refugee

tragedy and mourned for those who had


It begins and ends with the Pope’s own

words and is strongly based on the Scriptures

and Catholic teaching.

The bishops’ document traces the

experiences of asylum seekers from their

flight from persecution and danger, through

their perilous journeys, to their experience in

Australia of indefinite detention, deprivation

and insecurity.

It asks why both sides of Australian

politics have felt the need to introduce such

cruel and self-defeating policies as offshore

processing and indefinite detention.

This Social Justice Sunday we are invited

to reflect on the call of Jesus to welcome

those in most need and to give comfort to

those who come to us in flight from fear and


Complementary resources

The Australian Catholic Social Justice

Council’s website will have resources

available for download free of charge on

10 September. They will include Social

Justice Sunday liturgy notes, a PowerPoint

presentation and community and education


Prayer Cards and Ten Steps leaflets can

be ordered from the Council tel (02) 8306

3499 or admin@acsjc.org.au

Catholics tackle housing crisis

in New South Wales

By Elizabeth McFarlane

Housing is a fundamental human need

because it provides security and a

bedrock for raising a family, but

to be able to access housing it needs to be


The Family & Life Office and the Social

Justice Office of the Catholic Diocese of

Parramatta organised and ran a Table Talk

on Housing Affordability at the Institute for

Mission in Blacktown on 19 August.

The night gathered Catholics from across

the Diocese to share their personal struggles

in finding and buying a house, as well as the

issues faced when renting.

Jon O’Brien from UnitingCare NSW

provided statistics on the night.

House prices in Australia are the second

most expensive in the world but the option

to rent is limited, with a shortage of 539,000

rental properties.

The largest number of homeless

Australians are in NSW. Unaffordable housing

is clearly rife and it is the low income and

disadvantaged who are wearing the costs.

Social housing is in demand but people can

be waiting for up to 10 years to secure a place

to live.

A young family also gave a glimpse into

the issues surrounding renting for those with

very young children, “We have to tell our kids

to behave so the agent doesn’t think we’re

going to destroy the house. The whole system

is very hard for young families.”

For those who attended the evening Table

Talk, it was obvious that the personal stories

were also very much a public story.

Ben Smith, Director of the Family

and Life Office, spoke on the night about

why Catholics should care about housing

affordability. “To be denied housing is to lose

a sense of dignity and to lose a sense of hope,”

he said.

“As Catholics, we believe everyone is made

in the image of God and has an inherent

dignity. We believe families are of the utmost

importance to our faith community, using the

Holy Family as our guiding star.”

Affordable housing increases financial

stress, leading many to work extensive hours.

Pope Francis warned against this way of living

the day before the event in his weekly general


“When work separates itself from the

Finding a place to live is a critical issue for many young

families. Photo: Elizabeth McFarlane.

covenant of God with man and woman, when

it separates itself from their spiritual qualities,

when it is hostage to the logic of only profit

and scorns the attachments of life, the

discouragement of the soul contaminates all:

even the air, the water, the herbs, food.”

Sister Louise McKeogh FMA, Coordinator

of the Social Justice Office, said that being a

nun does not make housing affordability any

less relevant to her.

“My family couldn’t afford a lot and we

lived on the outskirts of Melbourne,” she said.

“My dad was a builder. He built our house and

he even built the Catholic School and Church

I attended. He built a home for the whole


“I know what having a home means and

why it is important. I also have four nieces

and nephews who are all still at home and I

can see the impacts on them.”

The night’s organisers made sure that the

discussion led to practical engagement with

the community. The ‘asks’ on the night were:

1. For the NSW Government to commit

to a formal plan, with numerical targets, to

increase the supply of social and affordable

housing in NSW over the next four years. The

plan should be developed on a cross-portfolio

basis within the NSW government and in

partnership with the Federal Government.

2. For a new planning provision to be

created for all new developers, building in

30% affordable housing at the seven Urban

Growth precincts. Inclusionary zoning

requires a given share of new construction to

be affordable by people with low to moderate


4 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic


Religious called to ‘Wake up the World’

By Sr Ailsa Mackinnon RSM

The day’s celebrations for the Year of Consecrated Life began with a Solemn Mass in St Patrick’s Cathedral. Photos: Alfred Boudib.

Mass was celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in National Vocations Awareness


The Schoenstatt Sisters’ display stand at the Vocations Fest.

It was standing room only in St Patrick’s

Cathedral in Parramatta on 9 August

as many religious gathered with

parishioners during National Vocations

Awareness Week to celebrate the Year of

Consecrated Life.

The Diocesan Administrator, Very Rev

Peter Williams, was the principal celebrant

for the 11am Solemn Mass, which was

concelebrated by Emeritus Bishop Kevin

Manning, many of the religious priests

in the Diocese and the priests of the

Cathedral Parish.

Specially selected hymns

complemented the readings of the day. In

an inspiring homily, Fr Peter encouraged

the congregation to aspire to the heights of

Christian life, just as the founders of many

religious orders have done in the past.

The celebrations then moved to the

Cloister, where there were displays of the

lives and works of many of the religious

congregations who minister in Western


The Cathedral hospitality team

graciously provided lunch while the

visitors perused the displays.

Guests then sat down to listen to talks

Enjoying the Vocations Fest are, from left: Sr Justina Pham

CMR, Sr Margaritta Vu CMR, Sr Kate Atkins MGL, and Fr John

Paul Escarlan.

on aspects of religious life – reflections

from religious on how religious life is

lived, reflections from those who had been

educated in schools conducted by religious

congregations and inputs from family

members on the impact the religious had

on the family.

The MC was stand-up comic and

television star Rob Shehadie, who provided

plenty of entertainment in the midst of

inspirational and insightful reflections.

The day concluded with a holy hour

of prayer and benediction during which

those gathered prayed for vocations to

Sr Rosie Drum MGL entertains the guests with her guitar playing.

consecrated life. The religious of the

Diocese are grateful for the support of all

the people.

Father Peter’s concluding words are

still ringing in our ears – we don’t know

what challenges the future will bring, yet

we do know that religious life will endure

in our Church.

Pope Francis has challenged religious

to ‘Wake up the World’. May religious life

not only endure, but flourish.

Proud photography partner of Catholic Outlook


1300 655 003

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CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 16/04/2015 8:16:47 2015 AM




to the


and value

of marriage

With Bishop Anthony Fisher OP at Celebrating the Journey last year are Morna and John Faehrmann, who have been married for more than 50 years.

Jonathan Doyle, renowned speaker on relationships and

founder of Choicez Media, in his address to the 2015 Faith

in Marriage Conference on 23 August outlined to the

audience the transforming nature of the witness to marriage

and family life by Christians in ancient Rome.

On Sunday 20 September, the Celebrating the Journey

Mass will be such an example of witness to the strength and

value of lifelong marriage.

Each year many couples in the Diocese attend this special

Mass of witness to blessings and longevity of their marriages.

All couples celebrating anniversaries of 25 years or more

and their families are warmly invited to attend the 11am Mass

in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta.

The Diocesan Administrator, Very Rev Peter Williams, will

be the Principal Celebrant.

Those couples celebrating significant anniversaries of 25,

30, 35, 40, 45, 50 years and over will receive a certificate of

blessing. All couples and their families are invited to attend a

light lunch in the Cathedral hall afterwards.

To participate in Celebrating the Journey this year please

register by 12 September through your Parish Secretary or

contact CatholicCare Social Services Diocese of Parramatta tel

(02) 9933 0222 or send an email to: marriage@ccss.org.au


The Diocesan Administrator, Very

Rev Peter G Williams, has confirmed

the following appointments in the

Catholic Diocese of Parramatta:

Rev Christopher Antwi-Boasiako


Padre Pio Parish, Glenmore Park

From 6 September 2015

Rev George Suresh Kumar

Incardinated into the

Diocese of Parramatta

11 August 2015

Mr Richard McMahon

Director of Pastoral Planning &


From 28 September 2015

Rev Walter Fogarty

Chair, Diocesan Interfaith


Greg Whitby

Chair, Diocesan Ecumenical



Paul Worthington will be retiring

as Director of the Confraternity of

Christian Doctrine (CCD) on

18 December 2015

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Fatherhood: A journey that changes you forever

By Ben Smith, Director of the Family & Life Office


hope all fathers enjoy the presents and affection they

receive on Father’s Day on 6 September. The wonderful

hand-made cards that I get from my children are

special and make me reflect on how fatherhood has

changed me over the past 10 years. I believe these changes

have been at an emotional, a physiological and a spiritual

level. This process has been aided by the paternity leave

that has allowed me to spend at least three weeks at home

after the birth of each of my five children.

Emotionally, I am more vulnerable now that I have

children and I have developed the capacity to shed a tear

or two, especially when I am away from home and missing

my family. This tendency is new and I think it has resulted

from the emotional bonds that I have developed with my

wife and children.

At a physiological level, I can recall how in the lead-up

to the birth of a new child, I experienced a vagueness that

meant that I became a little forgetful. I think it could be a

form of baby brain syndrome.

But isn’t this syndrome something that only pregnant

women experience? My scientifically trained mind

ignored this experience as I thought it was a figment of

my imagination.

But that all changed when I discovered the results of

some recent research studies on this topic. Firstly, in 2011,

US researchers from Northwestern University found that

fathers experienced a reduction in testosterone after their

baby was born.

Another group of US researchers from the University

of Michigan in 2014 found that these changes in

testosterone also occured in fathers before their child was


The researchers believe that the reduction in

testosterone may reduce the level of aggression in males

Proud father Joseph Younes cradles his firstborn son, Charlie.

and make them more committed to helping nurture their

child. Now there is an explanation for my prenatal baby


But other researchers have discovered changes in the

levels of other hormones. A study published in 2010 by

Israeli researchers from Bar-Ilan University found that

fathers experienced an increase in bonding hormones

such as oxytocin and prolactin.

The size and duration of these hormonal changes is

impacted by the level of involvement that fathers have in

caring for their newborn child.

This new area of research is bound to reveal a range of

amazing discoveries and enhance our understanding of


the biological basis of fatherhood and its importance in

the upbringing of children.

At a spiritual level, fatherhood has taught me to be a

lot less selfish. I no longer get to watch much sport on the

television and it doesn’t really bother me too much.

I regularly have an interrupted sleep but I am happy to

tuck my kids back into bed and I love saying a little prayer

with them to settle them down. This level of self-sacrifice

would have seemed impossible before I became a father.

Being a father has developed my spirituality as I now

see myself as the spiritual leader of my family. I have

grown as a person to be able to be a strong leader to my

five strong-willed children. I have had to reflect on the

example I give my children in matters big and small. A

father’s behaviour has a big impact on their children.

Pope Francis spoke about the importance of fathers

in his general audience on 4 February this year. He spoke

about the need for a father to “be close to his children as

they grow: when they play and when they strive, when they

are carefree and when they are distressed, when they are

talkative and when they are silent, when they are daring

and when they are afraid, when they take a wrong step and

when they find their path again; a father who is always

present.” He also pointed out that “a good father knows

how to wait and knows how to forgive from the depths of his


The change that men undergo when they become

fathers prepares them to play an indispensable role in

their family. Good fathers find time to be present to their

children. When fathers let their work take priority over

their family, their wife and children can suffer.

St Joseph is a great model for fathers. While he was a

man of few words his example spoke volumes to his foster

son, Jesus, the Word of God.

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 7


Celebrating the service of Special Religious Educators

Bishop Kevin with recipients of the Papal Award for 20

years of SRE service.

Representatives of Catholic schools whose students support parishes in providing SRE in state primary

schools. Photos: Alfred Boudib.

Last month’s annual Mass for the

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

(CCD) and presentation of service

awards was a wonderful celebration

and acknowledgement of the dedicated

ministry of SRE personnel across the


The Diocesan Administrator, Very Rev

Peter Williams, was the principal celebrant

for the Mass on 21 August at St Paul the

Apostle Parish, Winston Hills.

Awards were presented to 58 SRE

personnel whose length of service ranged

from 15 to 40 years.

More than 500 people attended the

Mass, which was concelebrated by Bishop

Emeritus Kevin Manning and 13 priests

assisted by two deacons, two seminarians,

an acolyte and altar servers.

Fr Peter spoke of the important

evangelising role that SREs undertake on

behalf of each parish.

The Diocesan CCD Director, Paul

Worthington, spoke on behalf of the

retired SRE Parish Coordinators and

commended their service to their parishes,

their SRE teams and their support for their

parish priests.

Bishop Kevin presented the years of

service and Papal Awards for the 20-year

Bishop Kevin presents Lesley

Bosci with her 35 years of service


Norma Carlon receives her award

from Fr Peter Williams for teaching

the whole school in the Megalong

Valley for the past 25 years.

recipients. The Chair of the CCD Advisory

Board, Fr Ian McGinnity, presented

Graduate Certificates to Level 3 personnel.

This year, parishes have also been

supported by students from 18 Catholic

secondary schools. More than 500 students

are involved in teaching and supporting

SRE parish teams.

These young people are a wonderful

resource for the parishes and a great help

to experienced SREs and certainly the

students in state primary schools.

Paul Worthington will retire as CCD

Director on 18 December. He was lavish

in his praise for members of the diocesan

Fr Ian McGinnity with Level 3 award recipients.

CCD Team for their wonderful work as a

servant ministry to the parishes.

It was excellent to see four CCD

Regional Coordinators receive service

awards for their commitment to their own


Celebrating the Journey

Diocesan Development Fund

Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

Supporting the

growing needs of the

institutions and agencies within

the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta


St Patrick’s Cathedral

on Sunday

20 September

at 11am

Open to all married couples and

their families but with special

acknowledgement to those

couples who have significant

wedding anniversaries

of 25 years and over.

The Diocesan Administrator,

Very Rev Peter Williams, will

be the Principal Celebrant

for the Mass and will

host lunch afterwards.

Disclosure Statement

The Diocesan Development Fund Catholic Diocese of Parramatta (DDF) is not subject to the provisions of the Corporation Act 2001 nor has it been examined or approved

by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Deposits with the DDF are guaranteed by CDPF Limited, a company established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference for this purpose.

We welcome your investment with the DDF rather than with a profit oriented commercial organisation as a conscious commitment by you to support the Charitable,

Religious and Educational works of the Catholic Church.

Neither the DDF nor the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Parramatta are prudentially supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority;

contributions to the DDF do not obtain the benefit of the depositor protection provisions of the Banking Act 1959; the DDF is designed for investors who wish to promote

the charitable purposes of the DDF.

Couples celebrating

anniversaries of 25, 30, 35,

40, 45, 50 years and over will

receive a certificate of blessing.

Please register by 12 September through your Parish Secretary

or contact CatholicCare Social Services

tel (02) 9933 0222 or email marriage@ccss.org.au

8 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

Great resources for parishes and groups to

advance God’s mission! By Fr Paul Roberts – Institute for Mission, Blacktown

Pastoral Plan goals


Many will be familiar with Faith in

Our Future, the Diocese of Parramatta’s

Pastoral Plan. It was the result of extensive

consultation led by Fr Paul Marshall and

Daniel Ang.

Daniel then contributed so richly for us as

Director of Pastoral Planning until his recent

move to assist our neighbouring Diocese of

Broken Bay.

We look forward to the arrival of Richard

McMahon on 28 September. Richard will

work with us in the key role of Director of

Pastoral Planning and Implementation.

In the meantime, the Pastoral Plan continues

where it belongs, in the hands and hearts

of those in grassroots ministry in our

communities in the Diocese. Its five key broad

goals or pastoral priorities, in summary, are:

Goal 1 – Supporting family life

Goal 2 – Connecting better with the young

Goal 3 – Building upon our ethnic diversity

Goal 4 – Growing and supporting laity and


Goal 5 – New Evangelisation




Church Adult




‘Faith in Our Future




Connecting Better with the Young

Invite and support youth and young adults to grow in holiness and to become

leading participants in the renewal of society and the Church by living their faith

with commitment and enthusiasm.

A superb resource collection to

help us is here!

Earlier in the year, helped by his parttime

staff of Margaret and Lindsay, Daniel

prepared a major collection of resource links

and suggestions to support Goals 2 and 4

of the Pastoral Plan. He drafted this into a

resource book entitled Forming the Young and

Adult Church.

A number of the diocesan agencies, especially

Catholic Youth Parramatta and the Office for

Worship, were hugely helpful in contributing

ideas to the resource book.

As well, many clergy and ministry leaders

contributed recommendations from their

pastoral experience. We recently took it

on at the Diocese’s Institute for Mission at

Blacktown to do the finishing touches to the

resource book and arrange for its publishing.

If you scan through the pages of the resource

book, you’ll see plenty of evidence of the

ministry, energy and best practice that

is being exercised through the Church’s

networks to connect people and faith.

It contains a wide spectrum of offerings from

youth ministry and leadership formation to

prayer and liturgy support to ideas for faith

formation, RCIA, seniors’ ministry, pastoral

councils and bereavement care.

Fostering a sense of belonging

Youth groups present an opportunity to develop fellowship among our Catholic

youth and foster within them a sense of belonging to parish community.

The first one related to Goals 1 and 5 and was entitled Welcome and

Evangelise. For parishes or groups who would also like more of that first

resource book, contact us at the Institute for Mission on (02) 9831 4911.

Getting the new resource book to parishes and groups

This month, our small team from the Institute for Mission is visiting

every parish in the Diocese. We’ll hand deliver a bundle of the new

resource books, Forming the Young and Adult Church, for use by parish

teams and ministry group leaders.

During these visits we also look forward to sharing outlines of the

current and upcoming initiatives of the Institute for Mission to support

the work and goals of parishes. Other groups keen to receive the new

resource book are welcome to contact us on (02) 9831 4911.

Growing and Supporting Laity and Clergy

Provide lifelong support for laity in their vocations, and grow and support our

priestly vocations as well, provide opportunities for faith formation, and encourage

the development of pastoral leadership in service to our common mission

as the People of God.

The biggest problem for parishes and groups

will be how to limit the number of resources

and new ideas they access and use, as the

opportunities suggested are many indeed.

This new resource book is the second one

available to support the Pastoral Plan.

Contact us at the IFM

Fr Paul Roberts and the team at the Institute for Mission

can be contacted on (02) 9831 4911.

Called to live the mission of the Church

‘Parish Pastoral Councils are councils of the whole church,

where priests, religious, church workers and laity all come together

and give leadership to the parish as it discerns its call to

live the mission of the Church in these times in this community.’

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 9


CARING FOR THOSE WHO CARED: Your support for retired and sick priests

By Elizabeth McFarlane

Your priest has been at some of your

most memorable and meaningful

family events. They were there when

you married. They were there when your

child was baptised. They were there when

you lost loved ones. They were there every

Sunday, watching your family grow, not

just in number but also in faith.

Priests often reflect on the honour

that comes from being a witness to such

significant moments. The Diocesan

Administrator, Very Rev Peter Williams,

reflected, “As priests it is a privilege for us

to be able to share in the joyful moments

of your lives and to be with you in times of

heartache and sadness.”

But what happens when a priest

retires? What happens when a priest

becomes sick? They have been a part

of your family for so long and in their

retirement and through their sickness and

age, they can still remain a part of your


Last year you gave more than $195,000

to support the retired priests and sick

clergy of the Diocese through the Father’s

Day Appeal. There are 27 Parramatta

clergy who are currently retired – two

bishops, 23 priests and two deacons.

Your donation helps them cover

healthcare costs and expenses associated

with everyday living, supplementing the

pension that some receive.

“The appeal is a way of acknowledging

the priests who have ministered

throughout our Diocese over many years,

but who are now in need of our assistance,”

Fr Peter said.

Parishioners continue to inspire

Fr Mick O’Callaghan


priest for almost 40 years, Fr

Mick O’Callaghan said he has

been sustained in his faith by

parishioners who continue to inspire him

with their inherent goodness.

“Parish ministry is the greatest joy of

my life as it enables me to touch and be

touched by people from all walks of life,”

he said. “Every day is different and so,

often, the best laid plans are thwarted by

an unexpected visitor or event.”

At the age of 73, Fr Mick is

transitioning to retirement and is currently

Administrator of Our Lady of the Way

Parish at Emu Plains.

Reflecting on his vocation journey,

Fr Mick said his parents were great role

models in ensuring that the Catholic faith

played a significant part in family life.

“There was always weekly Mass, the

rosary (especially in May and October)

and frequent visits by the parish priest for

family meals,” he said.

“In my early teens I considered

priesthood and it was a persistent thought

over many years.

“When I was in high school, Sr Adrian

RSM was a great influence in my life.

She posed the idea of priesthood and

encouraged an interest in the Carmelites as

her brother was a member of that order. Sr

Adrian remained a family friend until her


After leaving school he worked in

banking and studied accountancy. While

living in Melbourne he was active in the

YCW and in the Victorian Catholic Lawn

Tennis Association.

“Despite having a great social life, I

always felt drawn to the priesthood. In my

20s I made contact with the Carmelites

and eventually joined them in 1971,” Fr

Mick said.

His first five years of priesthood were

involved as Vocation Director and Youth

Minister, which gave him great insights

into the lives of young people.

“I worked with a number of religious

orders running retreats and discernment

weekends for high school pupils and

university students,” he said.

In 1986, Fr Mick approached Bishop

Bede Heather regarding the possibility of

transferring from the Carmelites to being

a priest of the newly formed Diocese of


Fr Mick said that in his gentle manner,

Bishop Bede guided him through a process

of transfer and in 1987 accepted him as

member of the diocesan priesthood and

appointed him to Our Lady of Lourdes

Parish at Seven Hills.

“We are blessed to have many clergy

aged over 65 still in active ministry. It is

also true that in the near future, many of

them will need our support.”

The retired and sick clergy of our

Diocese have served our community well

and can continue to do so with your help.

They are grateful for your support now and

in the future.

Last financial year, the Clergy Support

Foundation spent about $500,000 caring

for the needs of these retired priests. The

Foundation also spent just over $90,000

in preparing for the future retirement of

clergy, of whom about 10 may be seeking

to retire over the next five years.

There are units under construction for

retired priests and seminarians, which will

be located next to Holy Spirit Seminary in

Fr Mick O’Callaghan and seminarian Joe Murphy inspect construction of the new units at Harris Park with site

manager Josh Haymen. Photo: Alfred Boudib.

Subsequently, Fr Mick has served

in the parishes of Leura, Richmond,

Baulkham Hills and now Emu Plains.

Fr Mick said the scourge of clerical

sexual abuse had caused huge changes in

the Church and in a priest’s relationship

with the people. “I find this very sad. I

love children and have always had a good

relationship with them,” he said.

“In my early years of priestly ministry

there was much more trust, openness and

freedom to be yourself amongst the young

people – and people in general.”

As he approaches retirement Fr Mick

said he tends to stay in his comfort zone

rather than be challenged with new

ideas. “This is frustrating as I have always

considered myself a bit radical.”

Harris Park.

The retired priest building will consist

of nine rooms with two bedrooms and two

bathrooms, basement parking, a chapel

and a common lounge area.

The seminary accommodation will

consist of 22 studio apartments, dining

room, library, common lounge, outdoor

entertaining area, extensive landscaping

and parking.

Construction is scheduled for

completion in April 2016.

Donations to the Father’s Day Appeal

can be made through the envelopes

available from your parish or online at:


Donations of $2 or more are tax


He hopes to have more time for

reading, listening to classical music and

attending the opera.

Fr Mick’s favourite passages from

Scripture are the parable of the ‘Prodigal

Son’ and Jesus’ encounter with the

‘Woman at the Well’. “They show God’s allencompassing

love in action. My favourite

hymn is Here I Am Lord.”

But priests never really retire, and Fr

Mick will celebrate Mass whenever called

on and hopes to stay in touch with many

of the parishioners he has come to know

over the years.

Asked for advice to men contemplating

priesthood, he said: “Give it a go. Nothing

ventured – nothing gained!”


Our retired Priests have always been a part of

your FAMILY,

in your celebrations, unions,

happiness & sadness


In their retirement,

they can still remain a part of your



Please support our sick and

retired Priests through the Clergy

Support Foundation.

Donations are welcome at any

time – amounts of $2 or more are

tax deductible.

If you are preparing or changing

a Will you may consider

bequeathing a donation to the


For more information please call

(02) 9639 0598 or donate online

at www.parra.catholic.org.au

10 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic




They have always been a part of

your FAMILY,

in your celebrations, unions, happiness & sadness

In their retirement,

they can still remain a part of your


Please give generously

Donations to the Father’s Day

Appeal will help to ensure that our

‘spiritual fathers’ are cared for in

their retirement. We know that you

are most grateful for the dedicated

ministry of our priests and that you

want to see them properly housed and

looked after. So please give generously

to the Father’s Day Appeal.

How to support the Father’s

Day Appeal for Retired and Sick


EITHER add the appeal envelope with the

details of your contribution to the special

Father’s Day collection.

OR, if you are unable to make a contribution on

Father’s Day, ask your parish office for an appeal

envelope and post your donation to the Clergy

Support Foundation, PO Box 702, Baulkham Hills

BC, NSW, 1755.

To make a donation online please visit www.csfparra.org.au


If you are preparing or changing a will you may

consider bequeathing a donation to the Foundation.

Ask your solicitor or executor to telephone the

Clergy Support Foundation on (02) 9639 0598.



CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 11

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

CATHOLIC EDUCATION www.parra.catholic.edu.au @CatholicEdParra facebook.com/CatholicEdParra

Faith and






At our recent Priests, Principals and RECs Forum, we

had the opportunity to listen to the Archbishop of

Vancouver, Most Rev Michael J Miller CSB, speak about

the future of Catholic schools.

During this address, Archbishop Miller shared a powerful

statement from Pope Francis to Jesuit teachers and

alumnae in 2013: “I also want to encourage you

educators to seek new unconventional forms of

education so as to comply with the needs of places,

times and people. This is important. Always go a step

further and never be satisfied with conventional things.”

When Archbishop Miller went on to call for “boldness,

creativity and courage” in Catholic education, my mind

immediately turned to a new project we have announced

at the Sydney Science Park in Luddenham.

We will be establishing an innovative new STEM school

inside the Science Park, which will offer students

unprecedented learning opportunities in Science,

Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

So how does STEM relate to Catholic education?

American presidential candidate Rick Santorum recently

dismissed Pope Francis’ leadership on climate change

with the comment that the Church should leave “science

to the scientists”.

Mr Santorum was quickly reminded that Pope Francis

is a university graduate in Chemistry. Not only does

the Holy Father draw on scientific learning in his

recent papal encyclical Laudato Si’, he advocates for

environmental education for young people.

I’m excited about the growth of STEM education, and

the Sydney Science Park project in particular, because

STEM education is about problem solving: education in


Pope Francis in his encyclical, The Joy of the Gospel, said

“there can be no true evangelisation without the explicit

proclamation of Jesus as Lord”. He also said that the very

essence of evangelisation is bringing Jesus to those we

meet in the every day.

“It has to do with bringing the Gospel to the people

we meet, whether they be our neighbours or complete

strangers … constantly ready to bring the love of Jesus

to others, and this can happen unexpectedly and in any

place: on the street, in a city square, during work, on a


Catholic schools offer opportunities for young people to put faith into action.

A deep dive into formation

By Kim Brownlie

Across the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, schools and parishes have

partnered with diocesan agencies to focus on the evangelisation of young

people and support the formation of students.

The first session had an unexpected 150 students attend

and the initiative has had a profound effect on the

personal formation of the students.

St Mark’s School Captain, Alex Surdich, said the youth

group was an opportunity to connect with students from

across the school.

“Youth group is not centred towards a certain year group,

it’s different individuals from different year groups

professing their faith and sharing how they got to that

journey,” Alex said. “Everyone’s faith journey is different.”

As Archbishop Miller reflected on curriculum, he spoke

with passion about the study of Science from a Catholic

worldview. I’d like to think of Catholic STEM education

as faith and education in action, an opportunity to lead

on what Archbishop Miller called “the complementarity

of faith and reason”.

The NSW Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes MP,

announced the approval of the first stage of the project,

which will see this semi-rural spot hold 3400 homes,

12,000 high-skilled jobs and places for approximately

10,000 students, including those to be enrolled at the

Catholic STEM school.

As Western Sydney has some of the highest youth

unemployment rates in Australia, the Catholic STEM

school is an innovative way to meet a community need

for pathways to employment, particularly in the areas of

Science and Mathematics.

The Sydney Science Park school is just one of a number

of projects we will be developing in the coming years

that will enable new models of schooling to support the

needs of today’s learners and the community.

It is part of our response to the call from Archbishop

Miller to be bold, creative and courageous.

Greg Whitby

Executive Director of Schools


blog: bluyonder.wordpress.com

Catholic schools play a key role with families and parishes

to offer opportunities for young people to deepen and

explore their faith and to put their faith into action. Here

are some of many formation initiatives across the Diocese.

St Mark’s Youth Group

The Catholic Learning Community of St John XXIII,

Stanhope Gardens, is uniquely placed where the primary

school and college accommodates for the evangelisation

of students from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

The students of St Mark’s Catholic College, Stanhope

Gardens, the secondary school within the learning

community, has started an initiative that invites students

from Years 7-12 to join youth group to support social

justice activities.

Leading the initiative in his first year of teaching is

Anthony Ndaira, who said the youth group started in

Term 2 and offered students the opportunity to talk about

the ‘big questions’ in life and to help students deepen their

personal formation.

“When we evaluated where the students were at in their

spiritual journey, we thought a youth group would act as

the hands and feet of social justice in the school and help

students deepen their faith,” Anthony said.

Year 11 student Chloe Nguyen said although her faith was

already strong, she wanted to discuss her faith in a group

setting with other people experiencing the same journey.

“It was a chance for me to open up about my beliefs and

to be with others who are also on the same page as me,”

Chloe said. “In this day and age, it’s hard to talk about

things like faith with others who don’t experience it or

who don’t feel the same way.”

Anthony said that although the initiative was still in its

infancy, the future of youth group was bright. “What it

needs to have in the future is the idea that it will always

continue to unite people from Years 7-12 and the teachers;

it brings the school together,” he said.

“Another part of the future is to train up young people

specifically to be leaders of ministry in the school to help

sustain the movement in the school in the long term, we

want them to be agents for change.”

Encounter pilot program

The Encounter Student Leadership pilot program

commenced this year in Our Lady of Queen Peace

Parish, Greystanes. The program is a joint initiative

of Catholic Education and Catholic Youth Parramatta

(CYP) with students attending three Saturday events

and a commissioning ceremony at Campion College,


12 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

www.parra.catholic.edu.au @CatholicEdParra facebook.com/CatholicEdParra


Students at the commissioning ceremony of the Encounter program.

St Mark’s students participate in their Friday lunchtime youth group initiative.

Encounter was developed as a means of forming

secondary school leaders in a way that helps them learn

more about Jesus Christ as a key model for Christian


Year 10 students from Catherine McAuley Westmead,

Cerdon College, Merrylands, Parramatta Marist High,

Westmead, St Pauls Catholic College, Greystanes and Our

Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta, who had attended

primary school at Our Lady of Queen Peace Primary,

Greystanes, were invited to be involved in the program.

CYP Director James Camden said Encounter acted as a

stepping-stone for students who wanted to participate

in and attend other youth evangelisation events and

leadership roles in the coming years.

“Encounter opens up opportunities for students to attend

other festivals that are directly tied to the Diocese,”

James said. “We believe the program trains the students

to become leaders either within their school or in the


Year 10 students from St Pauls Catholic College, Lucas

Bertoncelj, Kieren Gerardis and Luigi Vella, said the

program gave them a greater understanding of the

Catholic faith and taught them how to become leaders

within their own communities.

“I have been part of the parish youth group since I was in

Year 6 and I feel like the parish is looking to me to step up

and become a leader one day,” Kieren said.

“Something I really took away from the program was

‘don’t just say it, be it’ and it is something I want to apply

to my life after Encounter,” Luigi said.

“The more I learned about Catholicism, the more I started

to believe and to see what Jesus did as a leader, and this

showed me how to become a leader,” Lucas said.

The pilot program is being evaluated to see how it will run

in the future.

Special Religious Education

Secondary students from across the Diocese have been

involved in teaching Scripture in government primary

schools as part of the Special Religious Education (SRE)

program for more than 17 years.

The joint initiative with the Confraternity of Christian

Doctrine (CCD) has grown from 50 students in one

school to more than 500 students across 19 schools.

CDD Director Paul Worthington said he hoped more

students would choose to be involved in SRE in the future

and the program would continue to grow.

“I’m hoping students will one day be able to teach SRE in

state secondary schools and not just primary so that they

can do a bit of youth to youth ministry,” Paul said.

Australian Catholic Youth Festival

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival, established by

the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, is a national

gathering of young people which aims to deepen their

faith and empower them to be evangelisers in their dayto-day


The festival includes plenary sessions, workshops,

dialogue spaces, prayer experiences, live music and social

justice activities.

It is hoped that 130 young people from the Diocese of

Parramatta will join around 3000 young people from

across Australia at the festival hosted by the Archdiocese

of Adelaide in December.

For more information visit


Prayer is a day to day part of the school community.

World Youth Day

In 2016, World Youth Day (WYD) will be held in Krakow,

Poland. Millions of young people from around the world

will join Pope Francis for a week-long festival of faith.

The Diocese of Parramatta is hoping more than 350 young

people aged 16-35 from Western Sydney will attend.

Following on the success of WYD 2013 Rio and

immersion in Lima, Peru, the Diocese will include a

mission immersion experience to the Philippines in the

lead-up to WYD2016.

The immersion to Bohol Island, which was devastated by

an earthquake in 2013, will allow the pilgrims to spend

four days working with young people in schools, parishes

and orphanages.

Following the mission immersion the pilgrims will travel

to Poland for World Youth Day week in Krakow, the

homeland of St John Paul II who founded the first World

Youth Day.

The WYD2016 Coordinator for the Diocese of

Parramatta, Mark Tuffy, said it was a terrific opportunity

for young people to come together to share their faith, to

share the sacraments, to pray, to be involved in liturgy and

to meet the Pope.

“The four-day mission immersion and pilgrimage will be

a cultural exchange of the Filipino and Australian cultures

where there are many differences, but where we all share

the same faith,” Mark said.

“In Krakow, pilgrims will visit a number of shrines,

including the Shrine of Divine Mercy, and will visit


“The young pilgrims will visit the concentration camps,

which show the worst of humanity, contrasted with the

best of humanity through their outreach to the Filipino

community and the joy of World Youth Day.”

For more information about WYD2016 visit


For more school news, visit:




www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 13

CATHOLIC EDUCATION www.parra.catholic.edu.au @CatholicEdParra facebook.com/CatholicEdParra

Principals visit sacred

sites of Australia

Catholic Educations wins WSABE

award for Excellence in Education

Group photo in front of the church

at the Santa Teresa Mission after

Mass with the community.

Uluru just before sunset.

Principals from across the Diocese

recently embarked on an Australian

pilgrimage, visiting sacred sites

and places of spiritual significance,

including Penola and Uluru.

Pilgrimage Chaplain and

Sacred Heart Parish Westmead

Administrator Fr Walter Fogarty

celebrated Mass at locations

including Mary MacKillop Chapel in

Adelaide and Kata Tjuta (Olgas) in

Central Australia.

Executive Director of Schools Greg

Whitby said the pilgrimage was an

important formation opportunity

for schools’ leaders.

“It’s not only important that we

have excellent educators, but we

need leaders who witness to the

Catholic world view,” Greg said. “The pilgrimage provided an

opportunity for our schools’ leaders to spend time in prayer and

reflection on how they can best be leaders.”

Mother Teresa Primary, Westmead Principal, Gary Borg,

said the pilgrimage allowed him the opportunity, space and

companionship to understand the life and spirituality of St Mary


“Through the people we encountered and the stories told,

we began to understand how this ordinary woman lived an

extraordinary life,” Gary said.

Sacred Heart Primary, Westmead Principal, Mary Harb, said

that the pilgrimage reflected the significance that Mary placed

on having fun and being open to whatever life brings us in each


“During the celebration of Mass in Penola, Fr Walter reflected in

his homily that we must ‘see with the eye of the heart’ and, like

Mary, enjoy ourselves, be happy and above all serve the Lord

with a big heart,” Mary said. “In the busyness of our lives and the

demands of being connected 24/7 we often forget to switch off

and connect with the people around us, to see with the eye of

the heart, to find the joy in every circumstance.

“Everyone has a cross to bear, and while we may feel our crosses

are more difficult at times, we are challenged to have courage, to

trust in the Lord, and like Mary believe in the providence of God.”

Xavier College, Llandilo Principal, Michael Pate, said the journey

was a meaningful formation experience.

“The pilgrimage into the desert allowed me to realise that the

heat of the desert leaves us nowhere to hide and the cold of the

night reminds us that without the constant flow of grace and

divine energy we cannot exist,” Michael said.

“Both St Mary of the Cross and our Aboriginal brothers and

sisters remind us that in the desert we have no option but to let

God be God.”

Catholic Education WSABE award winners.

At a gala dinner on 14 August, Catholic Education

Diocese of Parramatta was recognised with

the award for Excellence in Education at the

prestigious Western Sydney Awards for Business

Excellence (WSABE).

The award nomination highlighted the innovative

and evidence-based practice that teachers

and leaders have embraced, supported by the

use of three high-yield strategies: data walls,

instructional walks and case management. Some

specific examples of innovation highlighted in

the nomination were Parramatta Marist High,

Westmead, and St Monica’s Primary, North

Parramatta’s use of project-based learning

to develop students’ 21st Century skills in

communication, collaboration, critical thinking

and creativity.

Other successes acknowledged in the nomination

were the Delany Connective at Delany College,

Granville, which uses connected and agile spaces

to support a contemporary model of learning and

teaching, Loyola Catholic Trade Training Centre’s

innovative careers hub and the Nirimba Education

Precinct, which provides flexible post compulsory

schooling opportunities for students.

McCarthy student recipient of

Rotary Youth Award

McCarthy Catholic College,

Emu Plains Year 10 student,

Elayna D’Ermilio.

McCarthy Catholic

College, Emu Plains,

Year 10 student, Elayna

D’Ermilio, has won

the 2015 Rotary Youth

Community Service


Elayna has served

the college and local

community through her

involvement in many

activities including teaching Scripture at local

public schools, assisting with Salvation Army

programs and raising money for the Red Cross


McCarthy’s Careers Adviser, Craig Laffin, said

Elayna was an extraordinary young Australian who

set a fine example of what it meant to be a part of

the Catholic community.

NSW Governor hears stories of

hope at St Thomas Aquinas

His Excellency General the Hon David Hurley AC

DSC (Ret’d), Governor of NSW, accompanied by

Linda Hurley, visited St Thomas Aquinas Primary,

Springwood, on 11 July to speak with students and

families who had lost their homes in the October

2013 bushfires.

NSW Governor David Hurley meets Blue Mountains families.

Governor Hurley said he seized the opportunity to

see first hand how the rebuilding was progressing.

“I really wanted to meet people and hear their own

stories face-to-face,” he said.

St JPII students benefit from HSC

holiday tutorials

St John Paul II Year 12 students undertaking HSC holiday tutorials

with HSC Food Technology Teacher, Melissa Scott.

With HSC trial exams underway and final exams

only months away, the dedicated teachers at St

John Paul II Catholic College (StJPII), Nirimba-

Schofields have run 18 HSC holiday tutorials

during the school holidays to help students


Since 2010, students have benefited from the

additional assistance and time that StJPII teachers

have offered as these tutorials give students the

opportunity to bring all their questions to the table

and receive study advice to prepare for the HSC

trial exams.

Loyola hosts the chefs of the future

HTN Master Chef, Michael Lopez, demonstrates the spatchcock

chicken competition dish to competitors.

Loyola Catholic Trade Training Centre (CTTC),

Mt Druitt, hosted the annual Hospitality Training

Network (HTN) Inter Schools Culinary Challenge

on 18 June. Three student competitors had 90

minutes to replicate the dish of spatchcock


The five-hour event was a huge success with all

participants, sponsors, schools and industry

representatives impressed by the unique learning


14 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic



… providing compassionate, professional and relevant support to the people in our diverse community



Family & Relationship Counselling

Counselling and support for individuals, couples or families

CatholicCare Social Services have a team of friendly qualified social

workers, counsellors and psychologists who are able to listen and

assist you and or your loved ones to work through challenging

times or situations.

Our Family Relationship Service may be useful if any of the below resonate

with you:

• Struggling with couple communication and family issues,

• Thinking of separating from partner due to unresolved issues,

• Parenting issues after separation,

• Personal issues that impact on relationship with partner, family, others,

• Personal issues impacting your employment,

• Support for life transitions such as loss of job, diagnosis of illness,

empty nesters and readjustment,

• Adjusting to parenting together for the first time,

• Struggling to feel safe and trusting in a relationship,

• Unable to resolve family issues,

• Children struggling with parents separation or parent having a new


• Step parenting issues, family issues, feeling stuck and unable to move on.

Our services are offered from Blacktown,

Parramatta, Penrith, Springwood and Emerton.

Call 02 9933 0222 or email enquiries@ccss.org.au



• Family Bush Dance –

Saturday 19 September at

St Thomas Aquinas School

Hall, 168 Hawkesbury Rd

Springwood. Free Sausage

sizzle from 5.30pm.

Dancing 6.30pm – 9.30pm.

• International Day of Older People –Food,

Fun and Socialising 1st October 2015

10am – 4pm 20 Sir Hercules St Bungarribee.

• Problem Gambling Saturday Support

Group – every Saturday 10am – 11.30am.

Allawah St Blacktown. Call 02 8822 2222

• Recover Wellbeing comprising REACH

(Black Dog Accredited 9 week program)

and support groups for people

experiencing mental distress and carer

support groups. Call 02 8822 2222 for

more info.

• Bereavement Support Program – 8

sessions fortnightly from Wednesday 2nd

September, St Thomas Aquinas Parish

Centre, 168 Hawskesbury Rd, Springwood

10.30am-12.30pm Cost: $5.00 per session

Register by calling 02 9933 0205 or

email: soloparentservices@ccss.org.au



If you are interested in making a difference

for local services email volunteer@ccss.org.au or

call 02 8822 2222.

At the moment we are eagerly looking for a

second volunteer Bus Driver to take elderly clients

of our Blacktown Neighbour Aid Service to and

from various activities.


Can you recommend a great family/

child friendly app, book or movie?

Please email support@ccss.org.au to be eligible

to win 1 x $30 Event Cinema gift voucher.

We will announce the winner in the October edition.

Our SEPTEMBER winner ...

Congratulations to Dominick who recommended

Evan the Almighty. “The family had some laughs and learned some

lessons like spending time together and supporting each other

through ups and downs”.

• Post Separation Recovery Program –

7 consecutive Wednesday nights:

21st October to 2nd December 2015

7:30pm - 9:45pm at DAC 1-5 Marion

Street, Blacktown. Fee $80.00. Register

by calling 02 9933 0205 or email:


Parramatta: (02) 9933 0222 Blacktown: (02) 8822 2222 Springwood: (02) 4751 4956

Visit www.ccss.org.au

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic


CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 15


‘Made For Each Other’

explores authentic love

By Madeline Arnold

CatholicYouthParra @cyp_parra @cyp_parra

Live webcasting of

youth festival sessions

By Rebecca DiGirolamo

The day was an opportunity to share personal insights and experiences.

On the Feast of the Assumption

last month, about 20 young

people from across the Diocese

of Parramatta and beyond gathered at the

Institute for Mission in Blacktown to take

part in ‘Made For Each Other’.

This day-long seminar on 15 August

was organised by the diocesan Family

& Life Office and focussed on the

complementarity of man and woman.

The program was centred on six

short films from the Humanum series,

supported by the Congregation for the

Doctrine of the Faith and co-sponsored by

the Pontifical Council for the Family, and


The dignity and beauty of the family

and marriage was at the forefront of


The day began with prayer, followed

by a screening of each film combined with

small and large group discussion. This was

a great opportunity to hear other young

people’s views and thoughts about the

concepts touched on in the films, and to

share personal insights and experiences.

Fr Benedict Mackenzie FSF celebrated

Mass and gave a homily about what Mary’s

Assumption tells us about the value and

dignity of the human person and what this

means for the body.

The youth were blessed to hear some

insights and wisdom about married life

from Ben Smith and Annabelle Bhandoo

from the Family & Life Office.

Those participating in the seminar

heard about how the dignity of the body

has been degraded by society and the

consequences of this in light of how we are

made in God’s image and likeness and how

the body is an outward expression of the

human person.

At the end of the day, Chris Da Silva

and Frances Hopkins from The Culture

Project spoke about their mission to

restore culture through advocacy of life

and love.

Chris and Frances explained the

difference between ‘solid love’ and ‘liquid

love’, a concept touched on in the films,

and shared personal insights into their role

in upholding this idea of authentic love in

today’s culture.

All the participants went home with a

deeper understanding of the beauty and

dignity of every human, how to love others

with a ‘solid love’ and the beauty of the

complementarity of man and woman.

As part of a broader plan for

engagement of young people in the

Church, the Diocese of Parramatta

will facilitate the involvement of up to

100 young adults to attend the Australian

Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) to be held in

Adelaide from 3-6 December.

The rapid pick-up of new social media

applications by Catholic youth is playing a

major part in the coordination, planning and

delivery of the festival.

Project Manager for the Australian

Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) Office

for Youth, Gabrielle Sinclair, said over the

past five years social media had become an

essential part of communicating any event,

particularly to young people.

The ACYF in Adelaide will be the first

of the ACBC-sponsored events to stream

live radio. This will be in addition to live

webcasting of the plenary sessions.

Gabrielle said the official hashtag

#ACYF15 would be used to encourage youth

to search for friends and post live during the

festival. An event app is also being developed.

Youth can follow the conference @

ACBCYouthMin on three platforms:

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social

media will be used to communicate special

announcements and feature particular

elements of the festival.

Radio broadcaster and journalist Gianna

Gianna Lucas will

be coordinating live

radio streaming for

ArchD Radio at the


Lucas will coordinate and co-present live

internet streaming of Adelaide’s ArchD Radio

program at ACYF 2015.

She will head a team of Catholic youth to

plan interviews and special guest appearances

before a live audience at the Adelaide

Convention Centre over the three-day event.

“Live streaming is perfect for people who

cannot get to the festival,” she said. “They

might be working in Adelaide or interstate

and so in this way they can be right among

those at the festival just by tuning in on their

laptop or smartphone. It’s a great initiative.”

Catholic Youth Parramatta has secured

beds at the Mercure and Ibis Hotel across

the road from the venue. Catholic Education

Diocese of Parramatta has secured a similar

number at the Adelaide YHA for Year 10


Young adults from the parishes of

Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Castle Hill,

Granville, Greystanes, Harris Park, Lalor

Park, Marayong and Mt Druitt have already

reserved beds in these sponsored rooms.

Young adults and priests in the Diocese of

Parramatta who would like more information

about the festival can contact CYP Director

James Camden tel (02) 8838 3428, JCamden@


More info about ACYF is available at:


Saturday 12 Sept

8.30 – 4pm

Strathfield Campus

25A Barker Rd Strathfield


CRICOS registered provider: 00004G

16 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

Citation of Merit for Youth: from left, Very Rev Bob Bossini, Troy Gordon, Bishop Emeritus Kevin Manning, Christina Asimus, Very Rev Peter

Williams, Lisa Hoban, Julia Hoban, Rev Chris de Souza, Walker Falemaota Aloiai and Michael Constantine Setefano. Photo: Alfred Boudib.

Mr Walker Falemaota Aloiai

For his commitment to the

Youth of Parramatta through

his work in the Parramatta

Young Christian Workers and

Students movements. While at

Loyola Senior High, Mt Druitt,

he created the Dei Gratia Group

with a mandate to serve the


Miss Christina Asimus

St Michael’s Parish, Baulkham

Hills: For her tireless work,

planning and coordinating

parish youth ministries.

Mr Troy Gordon

St Finbar’s Parish, Glenbrook:

For his dedication to parish

Youth and Music Ministries,

from his early days as a member

to being a leader of these


Miss Julia Hoban

Christ the King Parish, North

Rocks: She continues to set

an example for the youth

through her Music Ministry and

charitable activities.

Miss Lisa Hoban

Christ the King Parish,

North Rocks: For her tireless

involvement in Youth and Young

Adults groups, Music Ministry

and SRE classes.

Mr Anthony Mackett

St Anthony of Padua Parish,

Toongabbie: For his constant

dedication to the parish, first

as a member and now leading

the Youth Music and Liturgical


Mr Michael Constantine


Good Shepherd Parish,

Plumpton: For his commitment

to youth through his work

in the Parramatta Young

Christian Workers and Students

movements. While at Loyola

Senior High, Mt Druitt, he

created the Dei Gratia Group

with Walker Falemaota Aloiai.


It’s an honour – celebrating our diocesan award winners

2015 Citation of Merit for Youth recipients

2015 Certificate of

Recognition recipients

Mr Derrick Slade

Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair:

For his quiet generosity to

the parish, behind the scenes

over many years, offering his

professional services and advice

as an electrician.

2015 Diocesan Medal of

Honour recipients

Mrs Felicitas Apparthurai

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish,

Parramatta: For her unceasing

commitment to parish for nearly

40 years. Her kindness and

service have touched the lives

of many.

Sr Monica Armstrong SGS

St Matthew’s Parish, Windsor,

and St Thomas Aquinas

Parish, Springwood: For her

compassion and dedication to

her parish of St Matthew’s in

Windsor and St Thomas Aquinas

Primary School in Springwood.

Mrs Vicki Baiada

St Anthony of Padua Parish,

Toongabbie: For her active

participation in the parish since

its inception. From when she

was a young child with her

family, Vicki’s involvement has

continued through her youth to

the present as a parent.


Put those you love in the hands

of those who care

Edmund Rice Retreat &

Conference Centre


(Conducted by the Christian Brothers)

Winbourne is a place of quiet reflection, peace and tranquillity, set on 100 hectares, located in Mulgoa.

We welcome:

School self run retreats

Staff spirituality days

School day groups

Church groups

Professional groups

Sporting groups

Reflective groups

Special occasions

Hermitage available for single retreat

Our Centre offers various sized conference rooms with all AV equipment supplied, including free

wifi. Accommodation is available on site along with catering. We welcome your enquiry.


Phone: 02 4773 5555 Fax: 02 4773 5500 Email: reception@winbourne.org

Website: www.winbourne.org Address: 1315 Mulgoa Road, Mulgoa, NSW, 2745

OOf all life’s celebrations

the funeral liturgy can touch

us the most deeply.

We prefer to place our trust and

reliance on those who have the skill

and experience to plan a funeral that has

meaning and dignity.

At least that’s what Sydney families look for

when they choose WN Bull Funerals.

As the funeral liturgy expresses faith, it also

contextualises the life of the deceased with

traditional and contemporary elements.

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

(02) 9519 5344




CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 17


Mrs Patricia Barry

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish,

Kellyville: For her contribution

as a catechist, sacristan

and member of the parish

community over many years.

Mrs Constance Bennett

Our Lady of the Way

Parish, Emu Plains: For her

compassionate dedication

spanning nearly 40 years,

Connie has been active in the

primary school and parish life.

Mr Joseph Butler

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Parish, Greystanes: For more

than 40 years, he has been

a generous and dedicated

presence at the parish, in

particular for members of the

Sudanese community and those

who are struggling.

Mr Louis Camenzuli

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Parish, Greystanes: For his

involvement in the parish

since its foundation; Lou has

participated in committees,

co-ordinated marriage

preparation courses and given

of his professional building


Mrs Wilhelmina de Raadt

St Thomas Aquinas Parish,

Springwood: For her active

dedication in the parish for

many years; she has always

been willing to take on

additional catechism classes and

participate in parish life.

Mrs Maria Loretta Doohan

Our Lady of the Way Parish,

Emu Plains: For her commitment

to the parish for more than

40 years, Laurie has been a

dedicated catechist and minister

to the sick.

Mr Edward Duffy

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Parish, Greystanes: For his

conscientious care of the parish

for more than 20 years; Ted has

cared for the parishioners in

their Baptism preparations, the

parish grounds and as a member

of various committees.

Mrs Margaret Edmunds

St Nicholas of Myra Parish,

Penrith: For more than 40

years Margaret Edmunds

has contributed to Liturgical,

Pastoral and Eucharistic


Mr Brian Arthur Flynn

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Parish, Wentworthville: For

nearly 60 years, he has been

active in parish life; as a member

of various committees and

charities, his quiet mentorship is

a wonderful legacy.

Mrs Catherine Forbes

Sacred Heart Parish, Blackheath:

For sharing her gift of music

through her support of liturgies

and ministries for more than 25


Mrs Giuseppina Frasca

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish,

Kellyville: For her support and

care of those in need at the

parish and the Shrine of the

Holy Innocents; Pina has been

a compassionate presence for

more than 45 years.


Mrs Doreen Friend

St Nicholas of Myra Parish,

Penrith: For more than 40 years,

Doreen Friend has served the

parish in various ways; ranging

from Eucharistic Ministry to

banner making.

Mr Peter Gardner

St Anthony of Padua

Parish, Toongabbie: For his

contributions to the parish for

more than 30 years; assisting in

various areas from technological

to charitable and the Men’s


Mr Charles Hage

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Parish, Greystanes: For serving

as an acolyte for more than 35

years; bearing witness to each

liturgy whether Mass, Baptism

or Funeral.

Mr Lorensz Herft

Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair:

For his dedication to the

parish for more than 30 years;

supporting the Sri Lankan and

local Indigenous communities

through his charitable works,

both at home and overseas.

Mr Christopher Jaja

St Nicholas of Myra Parish,

Penrith: For his contribution

spanning more than 30 years

in both leadership and support

roles, giving of his time and

skills whenever there was a


Mr John Karam

Holy Family Parish, Granville:

For his quiet dedication to the

parish for more than 50 years;

caring for the clergy, church and


Mr John Knight

St Anthony of Padua Parish,

Toongabbie: For his dedication

for more than 50 years with

his wife, Maureen, helping to

maintain the school and church

grounds and as a football coach.

Mrs Maureen Knight

St Anthony of Padua Parish,

Toongabbie: For her many

and varied efforts spanning

more than 50 years; actively

volunteering on both parish and

school committees.

Mr Anthony John Lette

St Anthony of Padua

Parish, Toongabbie: For his

contributions spanning more

than 50 years since his youth,

including as President of their

Catholic Youth Organisation, an

Acolyte and Music Director.

Mrs Mary Lopez

St Finbar’s Parish, Glenbrook:

For sharing her gift of music

for more than 35 years; she

has been an inspiration in

her dedication to nurturing

musicians of all ages, especially

the children’s choirs.

Mr Kevin Denis Lyons

Mary Immaculate Parish,

Quakers Hill-Schofields: For his

A priest in the Andes

annointing the sick


& Gleeson


Catholic Outlook

18 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic


The inaugural Diocesan Citation of Merit for Youth and Diocesan Certificate of Recognition were presented with the 2015 Diocesan Medal

of Honour. Photo: Alfred Boudib.

creative support for more than

two decades; supporting the

Liturgical team by ensuring the

decorations reflect the season.

Mr Brian Masonwells

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Parish, Greystanes: For his

conscientious guidance for

more than 40 years, sharing

his professional knowledge to

ensure the financial security of

the parish.

Mrs Annette Morris

Padre Pio Parish Parish,

Glenmore Park: For her tireless

and generous efforts; teaching

SRE classes and ensuring those

who are in need are provided


Mrs Margaret O’Connor

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Parish, Greystanes: For her

nurturing guidance of new

members through the RCIA

for more than 35 years; she

continues to be involved in

parish life.

Mr Vincent Gerald O’Farrell

St Nicholas of Myra Parish,

Penrith: For his generous and

immeasurable support spanning

more than 85 years, always

offering care to those most in


Mr Frank O’Malley

St Anthony of Padua

Parish, Toongabbie: For his

immeasurable contributions

over more than 50 years in

maintaining the parish and

coaching the local sports teams.

Mrs Anne Marie Pletkan

St Nicholas of Myra Parish,

Penrith: For her passionate and

tireless support of the parish,

continually working to better

the education experience of


Mrs Marian Polizzi

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Parish, Parramatta: For her

warm hospitality and gifted

contributions for more than 20

years, including establishing the

Cloister Café, the Hospitality

Ministry and St Pat’s Matters


Mrs Lorraine Robertson

Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair: For

her energetic participation and

co-ordination of various groups,

which ensures the parish is

always beautiful, warm and


Mrs Sophie Ryan

Catholic Education Diocese

of Parramatta: For her faithful

and continuous dedication

for nearly 40 years to support

opportunities of education to

children through her work as a

teacher, principal and leader of

education in the Diocese.

Mr Raymond Samonte

St John XXIII Parish, Glenwood-

Stanhope Gardens: For his

dedication and leadership of the

Music Ministry since the earliest

days of the parish when church

services were held in Holy Cross

Primary School library.

Mr Roberto Sarlabus

St John XXIII Parish, Glenwood-

Stanhope Gardens: He has

been active in considering the

needs of the parish and tireless

in ensuring the clergy feel


Mrs Robyn Sawtell

St Nicholas of Myra Parish,

Penrith: For her creative and

generous contributions to the

parish, in particular designing

the liturgical banners and

guiding the production team.

Mrs Patricia Shaw

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Parish, Greystanes: For her

diligent and compassionate

service, most notably in the

Eucharistic Ministry for more

than 30 years and leading the

Heart Speaks to Heart Prayer

group for more than 25 years.

Mrs Shirley Stewart

St Anthony of Padua Parish,

Toongabbie: For her tireless

dedication for more than 40

years in both her official and

unofficial activities at the parish,

including as Parish Secretary for

half that time.

Mrs Janice Van Rys

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish,

Parramatta: For her quiet

generosity over nearly 30 years,

assisting the Sacristan and

involved in the Music Ministry

both as a chorister and in the

production of choir robes.

Sr Joyce Vella RSM

St Anthony of Padua Parish,

Toongabbie, and Mary,

Queen of the Family Parish,

Blacktown: For her inspirational

commitment to these parishes

and her efforts during the

inception and development of

the Mamre Project under the

auspices of the Sisters of Mercy


Mrs Manel Viswasam

St Nicholas of Myra Parish,

Penrith: For her enthusiastic

participation in the parish and

local community for 40 years;

a dedicated Catechist who

ensures those most in need are


Mrs Sue Walsh

Catholic Education Diocese of

Parramatta: For her passionate

commitment to improve

educational opportunities

for more than 33 years as a

teacher, principal and now

Deputy Executive Director of

Catholic Education Diocese

of Parramatta; Sue continues

to advocate for support of the

parishes through education.

Mr Richard Ward

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Parish, Greystanes: For his

compassionate dedication for

more than 40 years as both

Parish Manager and parishioner,

caring for clergy and his


Mr Leo Weekes

Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair:

For his active participation on

various committees, especially

his work on behalf of the St

Vincent de Paul Society.

Mrs Shirley Wehbe

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish,

Parramatta: For her quiet

generosity for more than two

decades in the Cathedral Parish

and in the Maronite community;

most notably for her family’s

tradition of hosting a Christmas

Day Lunch at the Town Hall for

those in need.

Sr Pauline Marie Wong SPC

Chinese Chaplaincy, Diocese

of Parramatta: For her tireless

and inspirational ministry

to the Chinese Chaplaincy;

encouraging and passionate

in her example of serving the


Mr Phillip Youngman

Our Lady of the Way Parish,

Emu Plains: For his many

contributions over four decades;

unstinting with his time and

participation through various

committees and ministries.

2015 Diocesan Medal

of Honour Posthumous


Mr Thomas Joseph Coogan

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Parish, Wentworthville: For his

generous support of the parish,

local and religious communities

for more than eight decades;

his warm hospitality and sense

of service ensured that no

need was unmet and no one

went unwelcomed. His widow,

Mrs Pat Coogan, accepted the


Mrs Kathleen Mary O’Farrell

St Nicholas of Myra Parish,

Penrith: For her unceasing,

selfless support of the parish

spanning more than 85 years,

with her husband Vincent.

Kate befriended many through

the years with her kindness

and charity. Her daughter, Ms

Catherine O’Farrell, accepted

the award.




Toll Free: 1800 819 156

$4,290 *



A 16 day pilgrimage departing

16th October 2015 with

Fr Ray Chapman SM

Experience the very land where Jesus lived

and worked His ministry and gain a privileged

insight into His life as the child of Nazareth,

healer of Galilee and our Saviour on Calvary.

Featuring: Dead Sea • Bethlehem

Nazareth • Sea of Galilee • Jerusalem

Lic. 2TA 003632

*Costs have been based on prices as at 30 September 2014 and must remain subject to change without notice based on currency

exchange rates, departure city and minimum group size contingency. Prices are based on twin share or double rooming.




Serving the

Parramatta Diocese

since 1967

Australian Family Owned & Operated


9484 3992



Rebecca Pincott Michael Bolton

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 19


Bicentenary of Don Bosco celebrations at St Marys

Principal celebrant Fr Shane Reade SDB

The bicentenary of the birth of St

John Bosco, founder of the Salesians

of Don Bosco, was celebrated at St

Marys on the weekend of 15-16 August


Our Lady of the Rosary Parish is in the

pastoral care of the Salesians who also have

an outreach to young people with the Don

Bosco Youth Centre.

Celebrations commenced on Saturday at

Penrith local community centre where more

than 280 people enjoyed a fantastic night.

The young people from the parish and local

schools preformed a program of dance,

choirs, solo singing and gymnastic acts.

Cutting the 200th birthday cake.

On Sunday, the 10.30am Mass was

celebrated in honour of Don Bosco with

a Filipino youth choir. Fr Shane Reade

SDB, rector, was the principal celebrant

for the Mass, which was concelebrated

by Fr Brendan Murphy, parish priest, Fr

Guy Riolo SDB, assistant priest, Fr John

Walenciej (youth centre co-director), Fr

Chris Riley SDB (founder and director of

Youth Off The Streets) with Br Thuy Nguyen

SDB (youth centre assistant).

A large number of Maltese, Filipino and

South American past pupils of Our Lady of

the Rosary Primary were present to share in

this joyful occasion.

After Mass, parishioners and young

people continued the celebrations in the

Don Bosco Youth Centre. The celebration

commenced with prayer, acknowledgement

of country led by Sr Louise Mc Keogh FMA

and young people of the centre.

Sr Jenny Doudle FMA gave a short talk

on Don Bosco, which was followed by the

cutting of the 200th birthday cake.

Activities and entertainment included

a dance by pupils from Our Lady of the

Rosary Primary. Cultural dances were

performed by the Samoan community,

the Atafu Lotomau Tokelau and Kajo-Keji

communities from South Sudan, and the

Madi community.

There were gymnastic and trampoline

displays, circus and unicycle displays and

face painting. There were pool and table

tennis competitions. A live band was led

by Br Jeff Miller SDB, Carlos Escobar and


St John Bosco

St John Bosco was born in 1815 in

Becchi in northern Italy of a poor farming

family. At the age of nine he had a dream

where Our Lady appeared to him and told

him that one day he would be a leader of

boys if he remained humble, steadfast and


Overcoming tremendous obstacles and

setbacks, Don Bosco was ordained a priest

in 1841 and began his ministry among the

street kids of Turin. Many of these boys

had come from the countryside in search

of work, and most of them had little or no

family support. They were often the victims

of unscrupulous employers and became

involved in petty crime to survive.

Don Bosco gathered these boys on

Sundays for games, fun, education and


In time, the numbers of boys grew and

so did the need for Don Bosco to find more

permanent places for them to gather.

From the ‘Pinardi Shed’ in a rough

area of Turin, an educational empire was

born that has spread throughout the world

and has ensured the continued holistic

education of the young, especially those

most in need.

In 1856, Don Bosco founded the

Salesian priests and brothers and in 1872,

with St Mary Mazzarello, the Salesian

Sisters to carry on his vital mission, using

the spirituality of the Preventive System of

Education, Reason, Religion and Loving


Don Bosco was often heard to say, “I

would give my life for my boys”, and, “It is

not enough to love the young, they must

know that they are loved”.

The Don Bosco Youth and Recreation

Centre continues his legacy, providing the

young with a place of fun and recreation

where they feel loved and noticed. The

loving gaze of Mary and Jesus the Good

Shepherd reaches out to them and gives

them hope and confidence for a bright


May the Lord bless all who continue

Don Bosco’s legacy of kindness and love to

the young.

Fr Shane Reade SDB and

Sr Jenny Doudle FMA.

Have you ever thought

God might be

calling you

to the priesthood?



Weekend Masses

Saturday 8am, 9:30am

(Mass in the Extraordinary Form – Latin),

6pm (Vigil) Sunday 8am, 9.30am (Family

Mass), 11am (Solemn Mass), 6pm

Weekday Masses

Monday to Friday 6.45am,12.30pm

Public Holidays 8am

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Monday to Friday 11.15am-12.20pm

First Friday of the month 6pm-7pm

Sacrament of Penance

Weekdays 11.15am-12.20pm

Saturdays 8.30am-9am, 5pm-5.30pm

Vocation Discernment Afternoon

Sunday 27 September 2015

All young men who feel God might be calling them to the priesthood are invited

to the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta’s Vocation Discernment Afternoons. The

afternoon starts at 2pm and concludes with a shared meal at 6pm.

Venue: Holy Spirit Seminary,

31-33 Allen Street, Harris Park

To find out more about priesthood in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, contact:

Fr Warren Edwards

Director of Priestly Vocations

tel 0409 172 700

email: vocations@parra.catholic.org.au

visit: www.parra.catholic.org.au/vocations



Morning Prayer of the Church

Monday to Friday 6.30am

Saturday and Sunday 7.30am


Monday to Friday noon


Monday to Friday after Angelus at noon

Canticle of Our Lady’s Marian Movement

Friday 1pm

Christian meditation

Tuesday 9.30am-10.15am

Baptism - Sunday 12.45pm by appointment

Marriages - By appointment

Contact the Parish Secretary

tel (02) 8839 8400 or email

1 Marist Place, Parramatta

20 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

Conference to

focus on domestic

violence and

human trafficking

By Elizabeth McFarlane


Mark Gronow, with his academic supervisor Assoc Prof Joanne Mulligan and Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

at the presentation of the 2014 Br John Taylor Fellowship.

Prize aims to lift numbers

studying mathematics

For Mark Gronow, the goal of having

more students studying, and enjoying,

mathematics is something of a

personal mission.

A teacher for more than 30 years, Mark

said mathematics ‘has had a bad rap for too

long’ - and he is determined to change that.

“The number of students studying

higher level maths at school and university

has been falling.

“As a nation, we are heading towards

a shortage of skilled maths teachers in

our schools, and that’s something that

is troubling schools, government and


Mark said the problem was rote

learning and the teaching procedures used

to prepare students to pass exams.

“The research is in and this is why most

people hate mathematics.”

In 2014, Mark applied to Macquarie

University to begin a PhD in mathematics

education, and thus began his journey to

study how maths teaching and learning

could be improved.

It also motivated him to apply for the

Brother John Taylor Fellowship, an annual

prize offered by the Catholic Education

Commission NSW (CECNSW), to support

his research.

“The fellowship has been a lifechanging

experience,” he said. “It’s enabled

me to attend national and international

mathematics and teaching conferences in

the US and the UK.”

In April, Mark attended the National

Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Annual Conference and Research

Symposium in Boston.

“It was incredible – 10,000 maths

teachers in one arena, hearing about

new research and insights into teaching

mathematics. I visited Boston College, a

Jesuit University, to meet with mathematics

research academics.”

Mark also attended the Mathematics

Educational Research Group of Australia

in Queensland and has travelled to the UK

to attend two workshops – one at Oxford


He is now working with a mentor to

finalise his research and publish it for the

teaching profession.

“The opportunity to travel and attend

conferences and workshops and to meet

leaders in the field of my research has

been an opportunity that could only have

happened through this fellowship.

“I encourage anybody involved in

Catholic education who is passionate about

teaching and how it can improve young

lives to apply for the 2015 fellowship.”

CECNSW’s Executive Director, Dr

Brian Croke, said the fellowship provided

up to $25,000 in travel and accommodation

to an applicant involved in Catholic school

education, as an employee in schools or

associated bodies, to research a challenge or

priority in Catholic school education.

“We want to build a body of research

that helps the teaching profession address

current priorities or challenges in Catholic

schools,” Dr Croke said.

The award honours John Taylor, a

Christian Brother, who made his mark on

NSW education over three decades as a

teacher, principal and Executive Director of


Applications for the 2015 Bro John

Taylor Fellowship must be submitted by

30 September using the electronic form at


Domestic violence and human

trafficking will be under the spotlight

at a national gathering of Catholic

women in Parramatta this month.

About one in five Australian women

has experienced violence at the hands of

an intimate partner (ABS, 2013) and the

global problem of human trafficking is also

occurring in Australia.

The Catholic Women’s League Australia

Inc. will hold its 47th National Biennial

Conference from 22-24 September at the

Novotel Parramatta.

The CWLA strives to be a ‘voice for

the voiceless’ and at national, state and

local levels, speaks out about issues such as

violence against women and children, human

trafficking, adoption, poverty, gambling,

prostitution, and pornography.

This month’s conference will focus on

domestic violence and human trafficking

and the need for greater education, strategies

to overcome abuse and a renewal of hope

around these issues.

Gladys Meaney-Budd, a representative

from the CWL in Parramatta, supports

the belief that education is at the heart of

positive change.

“We are going to address this sad

situation in our society by learning more

of how we can support the victims of these

crimes,” Gladys said.

“Our education will be further enhanced.

We will have more information and

strategies to combat these evils in our society,

remembering the words of the Holy Father,

‘Open our ears to hear God’s word.’”

Domestic violence can have dire

consequences on the family unit. The World

Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations

(WUCWO) has launched a ‘campaign for the

enhancement of the family’ to address these


Gladys said domestic violence cannot

be tolerated if a family is to live a normal

life. “There has to be tolerance and

understanding, and when this is not there, a

family is always in disarray,” she said.

“Domestic violence is not always

physical. Many times, one member can be

controlling and lack any understanding of

Gladys Meaney-Budd, a member of the

CWL Diocese of Parramatta.

the damage being done.”

Pru Goward MP, State Minister for the

Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual

Assault, will be a keynote speaker.

“It is a great privilege to have Pru

Goward with us on this occasion, and it is

hoped in her address she will be able to give

hope and perhaps some solace where that

need exists,” Gladys said.

Sr Hilda Scott OSB, a Benedictine

Sister from the monastery at Jamberoo,

will also speak at the conference. Other

speakers include: Pat McDermott, Australian

Women’s Weekly columnist of more than

30 years; Jennifer Burn from the Faculty

of Law University of Technology; and Ken

Smith OAM, historian from the Parramatta

Historical Society.

Jennifer Burn, director of Anti-Slavery

Australia, will speak about human trafficking

in Australia.

The ‘Child not Bride’ campaign was

launched in February this year and both

Jennifer Burn and Pru Goward spoke,

focusing on young women and community

leaders from multicultural communities.

This campaign has been supported by

fact sheets translated into Arabic, Farsi,

Urdu, Nepalese and Hindi. “This signifies

the spread and range of growth in the

community in general and the Parramatta

area in particular in recent years,” Gladys


Both women and men are welcome to

attend the conference. “We would encourage

anyone to attend, especially those interested

in, and wanting to learn more about, the

issues,” Gladys said.

The Opening Mass of the Conference

will be celebrated at 6pm in St Patrick’s

Cathedral on Tuesday 22 September. Light

refreshments will be served in the Cathedral

Hall afterwards.

For more information about the

conference, please visit: www.cwla.org.au

To register tel Pauline O’Malley (02) 4358

1801, treasurer@cwla.org.au

Allan Drew OAM, JP

Supporting families in a time of need is

what Allan from Allan Drew Funerals

has done best for more than 25 years.

Tel (02) 9680 1344


www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 21


Laudato Si’

Living and integrating

the new encyclical

By Sr Louise McKeogh FMA, Social Justice Coordinator

Sixty people from across the Diocese

of Parramatta gathered at Mt Druitt

last month for a public forum on

Pope Francis’ new encyclical, Laudato Si’ –

‘Praise be to you’.

The day, entitled ‘Pope Francis has

written you a letter’, was hosted by

Australian Religious Response to Climate

Change at Loyola Senior High on 15


Fr Gregory Jacobs SJ from Holy

Family Parish, Emerton, began the day by

providing context and background to Pope

Francis’ spirituality, formation and life as a


Challenging us to hear both the cry

of the poor and the cry of the earth,

Dr Hamish Clarke, senior climate and

atmospheric scientist from NSW Office

of Development and Heritage, provided a

local perspective by raising our awareness

of the statistics and records of our local and

changing climate.

He said technology was accurate

enough and detailed enough to provide

local facts and statistics on the Mt Druitt

and Parramatta regions.

Prof Neil Ormerod Professor of

Theology at Australian Catholic University,

gave an overview of Laudato Si’ and the

spiritual and theological content.

He highlighted the significant

contribution that this encyclical would

now play in the Church’s long tradition of

Catholic Social Teaching. Laudato Si’ is

unique in its significance and focus on both

creation and human ecology.

Prof Ormerod outlined the framework

and background of the encyclical with its

starting point being the prayer of St Francis

– Praise to You Lord.

The day was an interactive experience

as participants watched two videos on the

effect of climate change on the poor in

Pastoral Care

Accredited Qualifications

Pastoral Care attends in a sustained

way to the emotional and spiritual

needs of people through a ministry of

presence, companionship and support.

Nationally recognised qualifications:

CHC41112 Certificate IV in Pastoral Care

developing countries such as Bangladesh.

Discussion groups provided an

opportunity for each person to share both

their experience of caring for creation

and Laudato Si’s clear theology. The same

applied to the input from Dr Clarke.

Discussion continued around caring

for creation as a family and at local levels,

as well as our concerns and hopes for our


Although a challenging and daunting

issue, the discussion in small groups led

us to have hope for action and make

small changes together, as the encyclical

highlights all of creation is interconnected.

Lunch provided time for continued

lively discussion and supporting a sound

human ecology. Hospitality students from

Loyola Senior High fulfilled an assessment

requirement, providing us with a threecourse

seated lunch.

We can all affirm the skill, competence

and warmth of the Loyola students.

Participants were informed and

enthused by the day as they shared the

following comments and feedback:

“I never realised there were so many

active Catholics on a topic very dear to my

heart. Good to know that the environment

is a focus of Catholic teaching.”

Another participant commented on

their highlight:

“All sessions were both interesting and

informative. Prof Ormerod’s session was

a centrepiece, but extremely thorough

and made the theology clear. The same

applies to the session by Dr Hamish Clarke.

The input was excellent – moving and


Perhaps the thoughts of this participant

sum up the day:

“The information was excellent, sharing

was inspirational, the spirit is moving and I

will listen.”

The much-anticipated Laudato Si’ was considered by many to be the strongest pontifical action on the

environment and climate change yet.

A diversity of perspectives

The first comprehensive response of its

kind to Pope Francis’ encyclical on

the environment has been developed

by three Catholic agencies with the aim of

informing Catholic leaders on the latest

teachings of the Church.

The Francis Effect II: Praised Be You

– On Care for our Common Home was

developed collaboratively by Catholic

Religious Australia, Catholic Earthcare

Australia and Catholic Mission.

Catholic Mission’s Deputy National

Director and co-editor, Peter Gates, said

the diversity of perspectives was what made

The Francis Effect II so compelling.

“All of the chapters in The Francis

Effect II are contributed by authors who

understand the relationship between

nature, people and God, and the

interconnectedness of creation,” Peter said.

Among the 14 individual contributors

are renowned Catholic leaders, including

eco-theologian Prof Denis Edwards,

Director of Catholic Earthcare Jacqui

Rémond, National Aboriginal and

Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council

Chairperson Thelma Parker, and Lend

Lease National Sustainability Manager

Building, Ann Austin.

Jacqui Rémond, who also co-edited

the book, said its chapters drew on the

teachings of Laudato Si’ and offered critical

reflections with insightful perspectives

from Indigenous peoples, youth, health

and aged care, social services, education,

parish life, family, business, governance,

and theology.

The much-anticipated Laudato Si’ was

considered by many to be the strongest

pontifical action on the environment and

climate change yet.

The Francis Effect II, with its expert

analysis, allows readers to explore

the themes of the encyclical and its

implications for the local Australian and

global communities.

The book is the second release in the

series, following The Francis Effect: Living

the Joy of the Gospel – the first worldwide

response to Pope Francis’ 2013 exhortation

Evangelii Gaudium.

The Francis Effect II Colloquium

The colloquium will assist participants

to explore this vision, offering inspiration

and practical ideas for caring for our

common home.

Tuesday 27 October from 8.30am-4pm

at Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club, 4-28

John St, Lidcombe.

Cost $195 (concession $95). Contact

Anita Lee, Catholic Mission, tel (02) 9919

7800 or alee@catholicmission.org.au

The Francis Effect II can be purchased

and read online at www.shop.cm.org.au For

more information on The Francis Effect II:

Praised Be You – On Care for our Common

Home, or the colloquium, visit www.


Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy

Penrose Park

Fatima Day: Sunday, September 13

Main Celebrant: Fr Stephen Onyekwere

Assistant Priest Of St. Patrick’s Parish, Albury

Divine Mercy Devotions

First Sunday of the Month

Fatima Family Sunday: September 20

Thank you!

91561 NSW Diploma of Ageing

and Pastoral Care

For further information contact:

Holy Family Services

Registered Training Organisation

Tel (02) 9678 8200

email: educator@holyfamilyservices.com.au



The Pauline Fathers and Brothers of Penrose Park would like to thank all our

pilgrims for their help and support over the past years. The first section of the

building project (i.e. the toilet blocks) is well underway, the work will continue in

approx. 1 months. We thank you for your continuing material help and prayers

to continue the building of our Pilgrim Hall. May God abundantly bless you all!

Pauline Father’s Monastery

Address: 120 Hanging Rock Road, Berrima, NSW, 2577

Phone: 02 4878 9192 Fax: 02 4878 9351

Email: paulinefathers@yahoo.com.au Website: www.penrosepark.com.au

22 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic


MYC has created social enterprises that provide a supported entry point into the labour market.

Marist Youth Care (MYC), a

national non-profit organisation

with its head office in Blacktown,

is making a real difference to the lives of

unemployed and disengaged Aboriginal

young people.

With the Aboriginal unemployment

rate hovering around 18%, approximately

three times that of the national

unemployment rate of 6%, MYC has

identified the need for a new approach in

creating sustainable jobs for Aboriginal

and Torres Strait Islander job seekers.

MYC’s CEO, Cate Sydes, said 2.7%

of Blacktown LGA’s population (8195)

were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

(ATSI) people, compared with 1.2% for

Greater Sydney.

“This is the highest proportion of

ATSI population in urban NSW,” Cate

said. “Blacktown LGA is in the lowest

30% for both general disadvantage and

also for education and occupational levels

measured by the ABS Socio-Economic


In response, MYC has invested heavily

in creating social enterprises that provide

a supported entry point into the labour

market, cultural mentoring, and on-thejob


Examples of three of these include:

MYC Painting Services is a qualified

and licensed painting and decorating

contractor. Working primarily as a





sub-contractor, MYC Painting Services

prides itself on first-class workmanship on

a range of residential and commercial jobs.

Currently experiencing growth, a total of

six Aboriginal apprentices have been hired

in the first six months of operation.

Having already partnered with

Programmed, Blacktown City Council and

the Sarina Russo Group, MYC Painting

Services is looking to expand its services

and, in turn, create further social impact

with its employment model.

MYCafe operated for 12 months in

2014-15, servicing construction workers

at IKEA, Bunnings and Masters within the

new Sydney Business Park development in

Marsden Park.

In this short window, MYC directly

employed eight Aboriginal trainees, in

many cases providing job seekers with

their first employment opportunity.

Reclaimed is a recycled furniture and

homewares enterprise that engages young

Aboriginal job seekers, providing a safe

and rewarding activity that builds skills,

confidence and employability.

MYC currently employs 35 Aboriginal

staff, which represents 10% of its total


For more information about MYC

or to discuss employment partnership

opportunities, please contact Adam

Makepeace, Senior Manager Employment

and Training Services, tel 0407 95 49 84.














Everyone is invited to gather in St Patrick’s Cathedral forecourt at 12.30pm

when Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP will bless a series of statues celebrating

the life of St John Paul II.


Meet the Missionaries of God’s Love Sisters: hear what they do, day-to-day,

how they discerned their vocations, and what consecrated life is all about.

Sr Rosie rdrum@parra.catholic.org.au


An opportunity to reconnect, rekindle and refresh your relationship. Mt Carmel

Retreat Centre, Varroville. Ardell & Bill Sharpe tel (02) 4283 3435, wsharpe@



Craft and plant stalls, cakes and Devonshire teas. Fun for all the family. From

10am-4pm in Prince Alfred Park, Church St, Parramatta.


Stalls, sausage sizzle, popcorn, cakes, art, small homewares, baby and children

items, candles, plants and more. From 11am-4pm at 86-92 Andromeda Dve,



Adoration, prayer, music and quiet time from 7pm-8pm in the Blessed Sacrament

Chapel in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.


Novena at 9am followed by Mass at 9.30am in St Nicholas of Myra Church,

Penrith. Fluvial procession on the Nepean River at noon – board the Nepean Belle

at 11.45am at Tench Reserve wharf. Free lunch and entertainment from 1pm-4pm

at the Factory Rd Reserve, Jamisontown.


‘Praying with Images and Symbols’ with Bernadette Corboy SGS. From 10am-1pm,

Sacred Heart Parish Hall, cnr Sturt & Wentworth Sts, Blackheath. Carmen Vanny

tel (02) 4787 8706.


For all married couples and their families but with special acknowledgement to

those couples who have significant wedding anniversaries of 25 years and over.

Mass at 11am in St Patrick’s Cathedral followed by lunch. Register by 12 September

through your parish or CatholicCare tel (02) 9933 0222, marriage@ccss.org.au


47th National Biennial Conference at the Novotel Parramatta. Keynote speaker

the Hon Pru Goward MP, Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and

Sexual Assault. Pauline O’Malley tel (02) 4358 1801, treasurer@cwla.org.au


All young men who feel God might be calling them to the priesthood are invited

to the Diocese of Parramatta’s Vocation Discernment Afternoon. Starts 2pm and

concludes with a shared meal at 6pm at Holy Spirit Seminary, Harris Park.

Fr Warren Edwards, Director of Priestly Vocations, tel 0409 172 700, vocations@


29th Annual

Parramatta Diocesan

Golf Day

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Richmond Golf Club

Tee off 8.30am sharp! ‘Shot Gun Start’

(be there by 7.30am)

Ambrose Competition

Clergy, CEO Staff, School Staff and Parents & Friends

Cost $60 per head (includes GST)

if prepaid by 16 September

Includes delicious buffet, soft drinks,

green fees, trophies, mystery prizes

Limited to 30 teams this year

Book early to avoid disappointment

Ian Jordan 0408 219 942, ijordan@parra.catholic.edu.au

Proudly sponsored by the Diocesan Development Fund,

Catholic Church Insurance, Oz Fashions

“The most beautiful

and visually

compelling film

I have ever seen. I did

not want it to end.”

Kim, Brisbane.

Filmed and Edited by

Michael Luke Davies

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

A unique inside portrait of

the world of the Tyburn Nuns.

“This film takes you into

another realm…”

What is life in a cloistered Benedictine

community really like? Let the Tyburn

Nuns take you to their 9 monasteries

around the world. Witness the nuns’ holy

life of prayer and work, centred on the

Eucharist, in this remarkable film.



or send cheque/money order for $25

payable to:

Tyburn Priory, 325 Garfield Road East


Name ........................................................


Address .....................................................




CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015 23

Mamre Festival

Sunday 25 October

9am – 3pm

at Mamre House & Farm

181 Mamre Road, Orchard Hills

Face painting for kids – coin donation!

Free art exhibition “SHARING THE SEEDS”

Teacup rides & jumping castle

Summer slush puppies

Sausage sizzle AND bacon & egg rolls

Music & entertainment

Plants and seeds

Entry is gold coin donation with

kids under 12 free!

A service provided by

Ample parking available!

24 CatholicOutlook | SEPTEMBER 2015

www.parra.catholic.org.au @parracatholic facebook.com/parracatholic

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