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PDF: Graphisoft Hadlow Case Study - Eurobuild

CASE STUDY | Rural Regeneration Centre, Hadlow College

“EUROBUILD delivered a fantastic, innovative sustainable design that

has won numerous awards – exactly what we asked for and more

- and investing in the early stage design development really paid

dividends during the construction phase.”

Mark Lumsdon-Taylor, Hadlow College Finance Director

A number of sustainable technologies

have been implemented throughout

the centre including a super efficient

mechanical ventilation system, triple

glazed windows, and a ground source

heat pump for heating and cooling.

The sanitary rooms all have waterless

urinals, low flush toilets, timed watersaver

taps and moderated flow showers.

Low energy T5 lighting is used throughout

the carefully planned building.

The Rural Regeneration Centre is also

a great example of marrying a strong

architectural design with sustainability

and the Passivhaus requirements.

For example, the building has a fullheight,

north-facing window to provide

plenty of light to the main seminar

room. However this feature provides

problems when running it through the

Passivhaus planning package and has

required thoughtful design in other

areas of the building to make up for

it. This has included designing in a lot

of solar gain to the south and south

west elevations and from the skylights,

as well as upping the insulation in

the walls from the usual 300mm to

400mm. These carefully considered

design improvements were modelled in

ArchiCAD to assess their visual impact

and thermal performance.

Another challenging design issue was

ventilation, which needed to meet

the requirements of fresh air rates for

teaching spaces (Building Bulletin 101)

but yet balance this against the energy

consumption of the fans. To achieve

this, the most efficient mechanical

ventilation system that is certified for

Passivhaus use has been implemented

– a Drexel & Weiss Aero Centro

unit. The unit provides background

ventilation daily and also allows the

ventilation rates to be boosted in the

teaching spaces to just above 8 l/s/

person when they are at full capacity

to meet the necessary requirements.

Anwyl worked closely with the

ventilation engineer throughout the

design and build process of this aspect

due to it being such a vital component

of Passivhaus. The strategy was

developed jointly, with the engineer

calculating optimal flows, specifying

controls and designing ducting for

minimum noise and best flow rates

which Anwyl would then reformat

into his design and BIM model using


To further protect the 120kWh/m2

a year threshold for primary energy

demand and ensure that overheating

isn’t an issue the building also

incorporates automatic clerestory

windows. These come into affect

between 7pm and 7am to give free night

cooling if the seminar room temperature

rises above 22°C and will close after this

time period or if the temperature drops

to 19°C. In addition the Aero Centro

unit has an integral heat exchanger

connected to a 200m long ground loop

which can be used to provide precooling

or pre-heating if the air outside

is above 21°C or below 3°C respectively.

Special consideration has also been

given to the materials used in this

project. The timber, for example is

all derived from FSC sources or from

sustainably managed forests in Austria,

and apart from two 1m lengths of

steel section (100 x 50) there is no

metal in the superstructure. In addition

the panels use recycled ‘blown’

cellulose insulation and were made in

EUROBUILD’s partner factory in Austria

and transported directly to the site near

Tonbridge, Kent. The factory is ultra

compact and one of the most advanced

timber frame facilities in the world.

The initial design and build of the Rural

Regeneration Centre is not where the

drive for sustainability stops. To assist

with ongoing sustainable education

and learning, the centre has been fitted

with a monitoring system to track the

energy consumption of the building over

the next two years and beyond. This

will enable EUROBUILD to learn from

the ‘as built’ building performance in

relation to weather and usage patterns.

Results can be seen visibly by staff,

students and visitors to the centre via

a monitor in the exhibition centre and

through the online Building User Guide.

CASE STUDY | Rural Regeneration Centre, Hadlow College

Anwyl sums up the success of this

project quite simply,“Designing and

building Hadlow College to certified

Passivhaus standard, at less than

£1,500/ m2, was only possible using

the right BIM software and the right


To date the Rural Regeneration

Centre has been awarded Passivhaus

certification, the first educational

establishment to achieve this accolade

and has won the Environmental

Project of the Year at the Construction

Computing Awards. Anwyl is continuing

his passion to marry aesthetically

pleasing designs whilst delivering low

energy buildings with a number of

Passivhaus projects in the pipeline.

Through his firm’s deep knowledge

of the fine detail required to design

the most sustainable buildings, and

the ability to model and test designs

with ArchiCAD, EcoDesigner and MEP

Modeller, EUROBUILD is delivering

beautiful, energy efficient buildings at

speed and scale.

And the enthusiasm Anwyl exudes

for Hadlow is also shared by the

Client. Mark Lumsdon-Taylor, Hadlow

College Finance Director, comments

“EUROBUILD delivered a fantastic,

innovative sustainable design that has

won numerous awards – exactly what

we asked for and more - and investing

in the early stage design development

really paid dividends during the

construction phase.”

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