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Statement of Environmental Effects – Lot 3 DP 270105 Existing Conference Centre Car park Thompsons Road Existing Conference centre McDonalds Road Figure 3: Aerial Photograph of the subject land Vehicular access to the property can be gained from an existing access from Thompson Road, a minor road which accesses onto McDonalds Road. 2.2 Site History The subject building forms part of the larger integrated tourist development known as the Cypress Lakes Resort. The site currently includes a number of varies uses, utilised in an integrated manner. Currently located on the site are tourist oriented services such as: Hotel Restaurant, café, bars and the like; Golf course and clubhouse; Day spa; Staff offices and amenities Landscaped areas; Carparking; and Commercial vineyard; With regard to the history of the subject building, the following should be noted: The building was initially approved as a ‘temporary clubhouse’ as part of the initial Cypress Lakes Development; In October 2007, approval was granted for conversion of the temporary clubhouse into a permanent conference centre, subject to conditions. The building is currently utilised on conjunction with the wider use of the site for the purposes of an integrated tourist facility, for meetings, conferences and events. 3

Statement of Environmental Effects – Lot 3 DP 270105 Photographs of the Existing Building 4

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