Tech Prep 101.pdf - Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.

Tech Prep 101.pdf - Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.


Tech Prep’s Mission

Tech Prep’s Prep s mission is to form working

regional and state partnership that leverage

regional resources to facilitate college-andcareer-focused

learning opportunities for

students stressing practical problem problem-solving solving

and critical thinking to achieve a higher level

of competence in the workforce workforce.

Health Fields

Engineering, Science, and

Mathematics Fields

College Tech Prep Programs

Prepare Students for Good Jobs


Technology gy

See 2010 Labor Market Report at

What Is Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.?

Tech Prep is a nonprofit corporation created to work with

school districts, colleges, and other organizations to set up

College Tech Prep programs in public schools.

• Corporation operates many programs and is managing

partner for Lower Rio Grande Valley Tech Prep

Consortium and Lower Rio Grande PP-16 16 Council.

• College Tech Prep programs provide a rigorous

curriculum blending academic and work-related courses

in a program-of-study format that includes four years of

high g school plus p two or four yyears of college. g

Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc. (cont’)

• In Tech Prep programs, students earn college

credits in high school by blending collegelevel

academic courses with college-level g

career and technical education courses.

Tech Prep programs give students the

opportunity pp y to begin g planning p g and preparing p p g

for both college and career while in high


Overview of College Tech Prep

Program of Study (POS) Plans

• Based on Recommended or Distinguished Achievement program and

aligned with Achieve Texas Clusters(

• POS Plans blend multiple types of courses

- Academic Dual Credit/AP courses

- Career & Technology Education (CTE) dual credit courses

- Statewide Statewide-Articulated Articulated (Advanced Technical Credit) courses


• POS Pl Plans le lead d to t Associate A i te of f Applied A lied Science S ie e (AAS) degrees de ee and d

Associate of Science (AS) degrees (some with certificate exit points) at

TSTC, STC, and UTB/TSC; associate degrees offer baccalaureatetransfer



Program of Study Graduation Plans (cont.)

Websites for Reference:



p g

• http:

Counseling and advisement must help students

and parents understand all their options;

teachers as well as counselors can help them


Articulated and Dual Credit Courses

• Dual Credit

– Student receives a grade (and credit) for both high

school and college course

– Student receives a grade on a college transcript at

the time the course is taken

• AArticulated i l dC Credit di

– Student receives a grade for high school course

– College credit is “banked” until the student enrolls

at the college

Program of Study Graduation Plans

Sample College Tech Prep Program of Study

Computer p Drafting g & Design g Technology gy


Tech Prep Texas Scholars and the

Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos Scholarship

Tech Prep p Texas Scholars

– Program is aligned with the Texas Scholars program of

the Texas Business and Education Coalition

– New requirements in effect for Class of 2011 and


– Graduating seniors must complete requirements

outlined in brochure dated 09/15/10

• Cavazos Tech Prep Scholarships require

– Graduation as Tech Prep p Texas Scholar

– Application that includes an essay explaining the Tech

Prep program and how participation helped the student

Tech Prep’s Scholarship Program

Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos Scholarships sponsored by

TTech h Prep P Board B d and d others; h for f example l (2010): (2010)

$5,000 Any College or University

$4,000 Texas State Technical College

$3,000 , University y of Texas–Pan American

$3,000 University of Texas at Brownsville

and Texas Southmost College

$1,000 United Launch Alliance Engineering

Shl Scholarship


Tech Prep Students Experience

Workforce Success

Michelle Lee Galvez was a 2006 Tech Prep

Texas Scholar graduate of Los Fresnos

High School . She received a Cavazos

Scholarship to TSTC and graduated with

an AAS degree in Chemical –

Environmental Technology. Michelle’s

first job was at Formosa Plastics, where

she earned over $50,000 $50 000 per year starting

salary. She recently moved to Houston to

pursue a Chemical Engineering degree.

“Just because [students] come to a technical college does not

necessarily mean they will make less money than someone with

[a] bachelor’s degree.”

– Michelle Lee Galvez

Tech Prep Works!

• Studies have shown that Tech Prep students are more likely

to stay in school and gain the skills that make them eligible

for employment in well-paying jobs with a future.

• The graphs below illustrate that students who participate in

Tech Prep programs have better attendance rates and lower

dropout rates than those who do not participate.



50% 5.0%






Regional Dropout Rates Grades 9-12

All Other







Tech Prep



Tech Prep


(3) State

of TX












Regional Graduation Rates

2005-06 2006-07 2007-08

All other

Students (0, 1)

CT Students

not Tech Prep


Tech Prep

Students (3)-


Tech Prep

Students (3) -

State of Texas

College Tech Prep Programs Contribute to

Student Success!

2006-2007 2006 2007 High School Student Graduation Rates:

LRGV Tech Prep Students 93.0%

LRGV Non N Tech T h Prep P Students St d t 65 65.1% 1%

2005-2006 Percent of Graduates Completing

College-Preparatory Plans:

LRGV Tech Prep Students 94.9%

LRGV Non Tech Prep Students 87.3


Benefits to Students and Parents

With Tech Prep, students and their families save

ti time and d money. Tech T h PPrep students: t d t

• Get a head start on college by earning college credits in

high g school without paying p y gcollege g tuition

• Gain hands-on experience in their career pathway classes

and through g Tech Prep’s p job j shadowing, g, mentoring, g, and

internship programs

• Have lower dropout rates and absenteeism

• Have better high school graduation rates

• Acquire the technical and academic skills required for 21 st

• Acquire the technical and academic skills required for 21 st

century careers: College and Career Readiness!

Stakeholders Working Together with Tech Prep

Tech Prep RGV in collaboration with:

• 32 independent school districts

• 5 colleges and universities

• Region One Education Service Center

• WWorkforce/economic kf / i development d l tb boards d

• Other private and public partners

Working together to prepare young people for

today’s highly skilled workforce!

What Tech Prep Has to Offer

Tech Prep offers students, educators, and partners:

• Career Preparation (Tech Prep Programs of Study)

• Student Recognition: Tech Prep Texas Scholars and

the Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos Scholarships

Tech Prep Support Teams (S-TEAMs)

• Deans/Registrars’ Annual Session--PEIMS handbook

• CATEMA Online Credit-Tracking System

• Regional Counselor’s Network meetings

• Educator Professional Development: ATC Training

and Annual Regional Conference

What Tech Prep Has to Offer(cont.)

Tech Prep offers students, educators, and

partners: t

• Career Awareness: Education & Career EXPO

• CCareer Exploration: E l ti Job J bSh Shadow d Days D and d

(sometimes) Internships

• Summer Educator Externships for Teachers and

Counselors (Academic Leadership Alliance)

• Regional Labor Market Report

Tech Prep Consortium and Lower P-16 Council


Education & Career EXPO

The EXPO enabled each student to gather the

iinformation f i that h would ld help h l them h decide d id on an

educational or career goal as well as lead them closer

to achieving a satisfying future

– Structured, , short visits

to worksites in students’

areas of career interest

– Opportunity to learn as

much as possible about a

career in an area of

interest to student by

participating, observing,

listening, and asking

good questions

Job Shadow Days y





Sharyland High School students ‘shadowing’ at

Mission Regional Hospital- February 2009

Academic Leadership Alliance

Summer Educator Externships

ALA partners: McAllen Economic

DDevelopment l t Corporation, C ti Region R i One O ESC, ESC

Tech Prep, Brownsville Chamber of

Commerce, Harlingen Area Chamber of

Commerce, Harlingen Economic Development

Corporation, school districts, and employers

• “[I liked] seeing how the extern converted

workplace experience into lesson plans.” --

Employer Employer, ALA 2010

• “ . . . the experience of working within a highly

specialized organization enables me to

appreciate the impact in the business

community community. This experience provided me with

the insight of what is needed to become a highly

successful employee within a fast-paced

organization. Teamwork and focus made this

job a very positive experience. experience ” --Educator, Educator

ALA 2010

Continuation planned for Summer 2011

Rene Pena, Veteran’s Memorial High School

teacher, spent his externship at Karlee Co. in

McAllen. He states, “Being an extern at was a very

positive experience. I enjoyed working with the

various departments and gained an overview of the

overall functioning of the company.”

College: My Future Expansion Planned

for 2010‐2011

2010 2011

Overview of Plans for the Year

Tech Prep currently working on:

• Construction Career Opportunities Project

• Harlingen g 100 Education Committee

• Harlingen Career Center Project

• Lower P-16 P 16 Council activities

• RGV Mentors (pilot project startup)

• Second Annual Employers & Education Forum

(preliminary plan is for spring 2011)


For Additional Information Contact:

Martha Gutierrez

Worksite Learning Specialist/P-16 Council Coordinator

Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.

Phone: 956.364.4509 or 1.800.852.8784 ext. 4509

Fax: 956.364.5143



For Additional Information Contact

Dr. Belinda Torres

Tech Prep Coordinator

Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.

Phone: 956.364.4509 or 1.800.852.8784 ext. 4509

Fax: 956.364.5143



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