The Armenian Genocide
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The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide

What was the Armenian Genocide?

Why is this massacred consider the

world’s first modern genocide?

What was the Armenian Genocide?

The Armenian Genocide was

the systematic killing of the

Armenian people by the

Ottoman Empire during

World War I

Also known as:

The Armenian Holocaust

The Armenian Massacre

Widely considered to be the

first modern genocide in

World History

1915 -­‐ 1923

What was the Ottoman Empire like

prior to the genocide?

Prior to late 1800’s, Muslim

Ottoman rulers where very tolerant

of religious minorities



The Armenians

Christian-­‐based ethnic group from

central Asia

Minorities where granted limited

individual rights under Ottoman


Freedom of religion

What changed in the Ottoman Empire that

destroyed these freedoms?

1877-­‐1878: The Russo-­‐Turkish


The Ottomans are defeated by


Suspicions of the Armenians

1878: The Treaty of Berlin

Ended the war

Required Ottomans to reform

their treatment of “Christians”

Suspicions Armenians wanted

independence / own country

Two Armed Camps!

Allied Powers:

Central Powers:

The Gallipoli Disaster, 1915

How did the genocide start & who orders it to

1914: Ottoman Empire enters

World War I on the side of

the Central Powers


Suffered several

embarrassing defeats at the

hands of the Allies

Suspected the Armenians

Discussions held to decide

the “Armenian question”

Ottoman sultan

War ministers

The Turkish Hitler -­‐ Talah Pasha

The Ottoman Empire’s

Interior Minister who helped

to coordinate the “removal”

of the Armenians from


How did the genocide work?

Very similar to the German

extermination of Jews in the

1930’s & 1940’s:

Removal from all military


Mass arrests of Armenian


Forced deportation to

deserted areas

Systematic executions

Ottoman war ministers

proposed “resettlement



Execution of Armenian leaders by Ottoman


Heads of Armenians rebels collected by the


Armenians waiting for deportation

Armenian Concentration Camps in Iraq

Survivors of the Concentration Camps

How was the genocide discovered & did

anyone try to stop it?

Many Ottoman, Allied, and

Central Power leaders knew

about the genocide

Sultan received regular


Germany and Austria-­‐

Hungary did not protest the


The United States and

Britain had regular reports

Prominent Americans spoke

out against the genocide

How is the Armenian Genocide

remembered today?

Several countries, including

the US, have formally

recognized the Armenian


Relief efforts

Money for survivors

Turkey refuses to recognize

that a genocide took place

Boycotts memorials

Refused ambassadors

The Armenian Genocide Memorial in Armenia

Current Efforts at Forgiveness: “Soccer Diplomacy”

Activists for the Armenian Cause

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