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Traffic Surveillance

with Traffic-Observer

Type LMS-06

With the system series Traffic-Observer, ces ag provides

public authorities with modular solutions for automatic

traffic control.

The main item is a laser measuring system with a digital

recording unit.

It detects speeding, going through red lights, as well as

driving against the traffic on motorways. Violations are

saved on a digital photo, including all relevant measuring

data. By the means of a CF-card or direct network connection,

the traffic violations are passed on to the data

administration concerned. A special software enables


authorities to issue invoices for fines efficiently.

In contrast to conventional speed or red light surveillance

systems, which cannot work continuously due to the time-consuming

changing of films on site, Traffic-Observer

systems are ready for use around the clock.

The LMS (laser measuring system) detects motor cycles, private

cars as well as trucks, and records this information together

with the geometrical characteristics. The objects are followed

as long as they are within the field of vision of the system.


Combined red light and speed measuring

system Traffic-Observer LMS-06 without

costly structural works

The speed and the distance covered are recorded and made

retrievable by the system. This process has been extended so


that vehicles, even if not visible for a short time (measuring

shadow) can be traced speculatively.

Traffic-Observer LMS features state-of-the-art mechatronics

and outstandingly high reliability. At the same time, the LMS

sensor is unequalled as far as minimal installation costs and

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