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proper examination. Why propose

Quant itative growth w hile

running the real risk o f a reductio

n in quality?

Why should the back door be

opened for unqualified persons

to slip through and get amateur

privileges? No on e slops anyfrom

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l or Service, and radio co mmunications

throughout Australia In

general. Today, thanks largely

to the efforts of John Flynn,

every cattle statron and settlement

In the Australian outback

has radio communications.

Flyn n spent his who le worxing

life In the outback helping

others, no matter wnet nationality

o r co lor. Last year was the

100th year since the birth of

John Fl ynn, and t he Al ice

Spri ngs Community College

Radio Club had 2,000 c ertificates

printed in memory of

this great man.

Amateur o perators worldwide

are encouraged to perncicete In

recognizing the achieveme nts

of such a radio pioneer.



body from becoming an erneteur.

Why should a special route

be opened for those who are unwilling

to exert enough effort to

earn the privilege?

And a lthough the ARRl appears

to be viewing the matter

from the position that It will act

In accordance with the w ishes

of the membership, it is very

To qualify, all VK stations

must make three co ntacts with

Alice Springs c lub members; all

other stations o f the w or ld must

log at least two contacts with

Allee Springs c lub members.

The award is also available 10

SW L stations who can log at

least 3 station contacts heard.

There are no band or mode restrictions

for the award. Listen

for VKBs.

To apply, have your contacts

with the VKBs of the Allee

Springs club verified by at least

two radio amateurs o r a local

c lub secretary. Keep in mind

tnat the same si al ion may be

worked more than once if the

contacts are separated by 24


En c lo se you r application

along with a donalion of $3.00 to


editorial by Wayne Green

clear that in raising uncertainty

about it at all , instead of opposing

It from the outset, it is placing

ham radio in possible jeopardy.

By expressing unqualified

opposition at once, the League

would have served notice that it

believes the Commission grievously

wrong. And it is about lime

Ihat someone stood up to the

FCC for a change. Many FCC

proposals In recent years have

shown rather cl early that the

Commission Is not overly tmpressed

with the necessity of

saleguarding the conti nued existence

of amateur radio, at

the Awards Manager. All funds

generated by this award will be

given to charity. send your application

to: ASCCRC Awards

Manager, PO Box 2953, Alice

Springs, Northern Territory,

Au stralia 5750.



My thanks goes to Laurie Day

VK8LD for forwarding the retest

details about Ihe very popular

VKB Outback Australian Award.

To qualify for the award, applicants

must make contacts

with members 01 the Alice

Springs Community College

Radio Club. VK statio ns and

SWLs must contact at least 6

cl ub members; all others must

make a minimum of 3club member

contacts. To be valid, all

contacts must have been made

after December 1, 1979. There

are no band or mode restrictio


involved with things like hi-fi, car

s t e reo, c alcula tors, digital

watches, radar detectors,televieron

sets, VTRs, and dirty-movie

video cassettes. They had one

whole room devoted to porno


There were a few m icrocomputer

exhibits... such as the

A list of club members c an be

obtained by sending your releast

not as we have known it.

I be lieve thai the d igital

licensing proposal is one of the

most dangerous ever made, and

I exhort all amateurs to ponder

well what it can mean in terms

of the survival of our hobby. It

must be resoundingly opposed,

and ARRL directors must be

made aware that their consutuents

are solidly against it. Our

League must take a position

consistent with the wi shes of its

membership, for if it fa il s to do

this, tt no lo nger deserves to be

co nsidered the lead ing representative

body in ham radio.

quest with 3 1RCs or $1.00. Fees

for the award are: $2.00 for VKs;

$2.50 l or DX stations. Forward

your net of contacts, verifi ed by

t wo fellow amateurs, to The

Awards Manager, VK8 Outback

Australian Award, PO Box 2953,

Ali ce Springs, Northern Terri·

tory, Aust ralia 5750.


WD8EOL and WBILC have tnformed

us that special-event

station WBBI wm be operating

from the Dayton Amateur Rad io

Associatio n's co mmunications

van on Hamvention days, April

24, 25, and 26, 1981 . Special

Dayton Hamvenl io n certificates

w ill be sent to anyone co ntacting

WBBI w ho sends a large

stamped envelope. send aSL to

WaBI (special event stalion),

P.O. Box 44, Dayton OH 45401 .

Frequencies: 14.295, 7.230, and

7.125 (CW). Times: Friday, April

24, 1800- 2200 UTC; Saturday,

Ap ril 25, 1400- 2200 UTC; and

Sunday, April 26, 1400-1800


new H·P personal computer system,

the new color Commodore

system, T.I., At ari, Mattei, Bally,

NEC, c aste, Panaso nic, Quasar,

APF . . . etc. Apple wa sn't there,

but I d id run into Steve Jobs,

who recently became a multlmillionaire

w hen t he App le

stock we nt on the market. Every

from pageS

Like anything el se, If you are going

to make money at gambling

you should know more than the

information you get in Reader's

Digest. The fa ct Is that there are

a number of very good books on

the subject of gambling .. . and

on how to win. The furtherfaclls

that If you know how to gamble

120 73 Magazine . April, 1981

and have some experience, you

ca n win consistently. I'm not

just talking about counting the

cards at 21, wh ich is old hat by

now ... I'm talking about craps.

Not having done my homework

__ . and not really having

much time.. . 1avoided the gambling

this trip.

CES has nothing whatever for

the ham business. It is mostly


To better serve our rea ders we are considering beginning a

DXpedition Cal end ar. If yo u are interested in having your

operation included in this li sting, please include loca tions,

dates, call signs, frequencies, operat ing hours, aSL info, etc.,

along with the name of a perso n to contact if there are any

quest ions about the o peration.

Please send your DXped ition inlo to Editoria l Offices, 73

Magazine, Pine Street, Peterborough NH 03458, attention: DX


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