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Bill Gosney WB 7BFK

MicrcHJO, Inc.

2665 Nort h Busby Road

Oak Harbor WA 98277

I wish to thank the many readers

who have supported the 73

Awards Pr ogram and t his

Awards column over the past

year and a half. rve received letters

from all over the world supporting

both projects.

In answer to the many letters

received recently, the 73 Awards

Program is qu ite extensive. As

you read through the-September

and October, 1980, editions of

73, you see featured nearly

twenty Individual awards being

made available 10 licensed amateurs.

We would like to cater to

your many ideas l or adding a

lew more awards to the program,

but we have 10 limit our

portfolio so that it is manageable

by the stall. As we all

know, 73 Magazine Is only one

fu nction of the Peterborough


Please, don't let my comment

discourage you. You people

have a lot 0 1 super Ideas for dlllerent

awards. Personall y, I

would recommend that you initiate

and fund your award concept

locally. What a great way

for a radi o club, for exa mple, to

gain international recognition !

Take the Whldbey Island OX

Club...with the founding of the

Internatio nal Island OX Award,

we have seen applications made

from even the rare st of countries


";::;"~':'.J'" e.a..-..d__~.. e • ...

_49,0- " oddo~ ...... ' ·'.*".JT_-W....

_ bdOe~!ho. Corlil>cale io _.dod

_ .


.. on.. _ *1Wft

.,!-£P " (;&L

12 73 Magazine . April, 1981


~~ •.'._~and

stations. We've seen the

popularity o f the club and it s OX

Award grow signilicantly over

the past three years to where

now it is the center of attraction.

A radi o club award can mean

a way of strengthening the

club's treas ury. Those projects

which previously were restricted

due to finances now can become

reality. The easiest part of

it all, on ce you have your award

program organized and can

send your rules to me to publish

in this column, Is just standing

by...w ith in a month you'll

begin seeing letters o f appli

cation pouring in.

The most Important comment

I can otter about a newty-Iounded

award is that it has to be

something different to be In demand.

So, give your award idea

s ome thought. Plan you r

requi rements with the thought

In mind t hat your award is not

for everyone. Make the rules

somewhat difficult, yet not too

restri ctive . Don't make the

award so simple that you practically

give it away. If an

operator doesn't have to work

towards a goal, the certificate

on the wall won't be of any valu e

to him or those who see it on

di splay.

Finally, I would like to see

clubs getting involved with

award programs on a larger

scal e. The majority of award

sponsors seem to be major maganne

publishers and national

rad io societ ies. Somewhere

along the line, most of the clubs

lost their confidence and only a

few have taken the initiative to

design an award and offer a

chall enge to award seekers of

the world.

Perhaps now clubs will recoqnlze

the significance award programs

have to an active group.

Why not form a committee and

consider such an endeavor this



The CO Radio Club o f Torrington

offers a certificate for contact

with its club members. This

is open to any amateur station

on any band, any mode, at any


To qualify, amateurs within

Connecticut mu st make 15 contacts

with members; other stateside

amateurs need to con tact

only 10 member stations; OX

stations must establish 5 member


There are no charges for this

award; however, donations to

offset postage would be appreci

ated. Send your list of contacts

t o: Robert J . O'Neil

W1FHP, Awards Manager, Hard

Hili Road, Bethlehem CT 06751 .


Paul Hilton N3BCZ recently

wrote and provided me with details

o f an award bei ng sponsored

by the lancaster Radio

Tran smitting Society, Inc. The

award is a beautiful hand-cororee

certificate, authenticated

by the officers of the lancaster


To qualify, applicants must

make contact with at least th irteen

lancaster County rad io operators.

There are no mode restrictions,

but contacts via repeater

are not valid.

To apply for the award, send

you r OSl confirmations to the

club trustee. Be sure to enclose

sufficient postage for the safe

return of your cards. In his letter,

Paul failed to mention if there

wa s an award fee. It is assumed

there is not. You may forward

your application to: Robert Wenger,402

S. State Street, Ephrata

PA 17522.

If you are an active county

hunter, wh ich a heck of a lot of

our readers are, you m ight take

a hard look at four very ch allenging

awards being offered by Ray

Teeter N2RT.



The USA County Award is

available to applicants who can

meet the requirements of any of

the 12 award categories.

There is a category for each

call district, and an app licant

must work the required number

of counties in that district to


1st call district-67 counties

2nd call district-83 counties

3rd call dlstrict-94 counties

4th call di strlct-749 counties

5th call district-584 counties

6th call district- 58 counties

7th call dlstrict-257 counties

8th call district-226 counties

9th call dlstrlct-266 counties

10th call district-681 counties

Alaskan call distrlct-4 ccunties

Oudiclal districts)

Hawaiian call distrtct-5 ccunties

When apply ing, you must

state which call district you are

applying for. Claiming all call

districts requires 12 applications,

and the rec ipient also will

receive a nice trophy.

For each Call Area


there are three award classes.

Class A-ali counties In the call

area worked; Cla ss B_2/J of the

counties worked In the call area;

and Class C-'/J of the counties

worked in the can area .

To app ly for the USA County

Award, prepare a li st of claimed

contacts in order by county

within each call area . Be sure to

list the usual logbook inf ormation,

including the county and

state of the contact. 0 0 not send

aSl cards! Have your list vertfied

by at least two amateurs or

a local rad io club secretary.

While there are no mode or band

restrict ions for this award, you

may request endorsements and

receive recognition at no add l·

uonat charge If a request for

such is made at the t ime of application.

For each Gall Area Award baing

applied for, en close an

award fee o f $1 .00 and forward

to: Ray Teeter N2RT, RO 2,

Canaan Height s, l ocke NY




Also made available by Ray

Teeter, the CHN Mobl1e Achievement

Award is offered in three

award categories.

To qualify, applicants must

either (1) work mobiles in all the

counties of anyone state, (2)

work the same mobile in all

counties of anyone state, or (3)

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