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thoro ug hly fie ld tested . is so simple to

operate or offers so m uch value. The

Tempo 5 -4 offers the op port unity to

get on 440 M Hz from where ever you

may be. Wit h the addition of a touc h

lone pad an d matc h i n g p ower

ampl ifier Its ve rsa tili ty is also

unsurpassed .

The $ -4...$349.00

With 12 button touch tone pad S399 .oo

With 16 button to uc h tone pad

Tempo 5-1

The first and most thoroughly held tested hand held

synthesized radio available today. Man y tno usencs

are now in u se and th e letters o f praise still po ur in.

The S-l is th e most si mp le rad io to operate and is

buill to provide years o f dependable service.

Despite ItS light w eight and small size it is built to

w ith stand rough handlmg and ha rd use Its heavy

duty battery p ack allows more operating time

between c harges and ItS new lower price makes it

even m ore affordable.

Tempo 5-5

O ffers the same fIeld proven reliability, features and

soecmceucns as the S-l except that the $-5

pro vides a big 5 watt out put (or 1 watt low power

operation) T hey both have external m icrophone

capabi lity and can be operated with matching solid

sta te power amplifiers (30 watt o r 80 watt ou tput).

Allows your hand held to double as a powerful

mobile or base radio ,

5-30... $89,00'

"f o r use WIth S·l and S~5






Tempo w as t he first wi th a synthesized

hand held fo r amateur use. first with a

220 MHz synthesized hand held, first

with a 5 watt output syn thesized hand

held...and once aga in first in the 440

MHz range wit h th e S·4, a f ully

synthesized hand held rad io . Not only

does Tempo offer th e broadest line of

synthesized hand nerd s. but it s

s t andards o f re liability are

u nsur p assed .. .r el ia b i l i t y p r oven

through million s o f ho urs of operation.

No other hand held has been so


Tempo 5-2

With an $ -2 in yo ur c ar o r pocket you can use

220 MHz repeaters thro ughout the U .S. It

offers all the advanced engineering. prem ium

Quality components and featu res o f the S-l

and 5 -5 . T he S-2 offers 1000 channels in an

extremely lightweight but rugged case.

I! you're not on 220 this is the perfect way to

get started . With the addition of the $ -20

Tempo solid state amplifier it becomes a

powerful mobile o r ba se sta tio n. If you have a

220 M Hz station, the S-2 will add tremendo us versatility.

Price $349 .00 (With touch tone pad installed...$399.00)

5-20 $6900


$ -40 ma tc hing 40 wall out put

13.8 VDC power amplifi er...$149.00


Frequency Coverage: «0 to «9.995 MHz

Channel Spacing: 25 KHz minimum

Power Requirements: 9.8 VDC

Current Drain : 17 rna-sta ndby 400 ma-uansentt (1 amp high power)

Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms

Sensit ivity; Better than .5 microvolts nominal lor 20 db

Supplied Accessories: Rubber fie. antenna 450 ma ni-cad battery

pack., charger and earphone

AF output Power: Nominal 3 watts high or 1 watt low power

Repeater Offset: :!: 5 MHz

Optional Accessories for all models

12 button touch ton e p ad (nol Installed): S39 . 16 button touch

tone pad (not Installed): S48 . To ne burst gener ator: S29.95

• C TCSS sub-audible tone cont rol. S29.95 . l eather holster:

$20 • C igare tte lighte r plug mobile c hargmg unit: S6


BoO,1 your ,Ignal. " " give It the range and claril y of a high

powered base eteuon. VHF (135 to 175 MHz)

Orlve Power Oulpul Model N o Pnce

?oN 130W 130A02 $209

lOW 130W 130Al0 $ 189

sow 130W 130A30 $199

2W BOW 8OA02 $169

l(JoN 80W 8OA10 $149

3aoN SOW 8OA30 $159

?oN ~ 5OA02 $129

?oN 3aoN 3OA02 s 89

UHF (400 10 512 MHz) m odel. , lower power and FCC t ype accepted model'

, 1' 0 available.


2050 S. Bundy o., Los Angeles. CA 90025 12131 820-1234

931 N. Euclid. Anaheim . CA 92601 714 m-9200

Butler, Missouri 64730 816 679-3 127

TOLL FREE ORDER NUMBER: 18001 411 ·11631

For,all Slates flcept CalifornIa

CallI. fesldenlS pluse can coll ect on our regulaf numbe.-s

"'-.......... _ lelia.

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