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writing, it's ve ry hard to fi nd

your own mista kes until after

it's pr in ted . Then every

error sticks out like a sore

thumb .

Another help for editors

is the Amateur Radio News

Service: a volunteer organization

dedicated to hel ping

anyone involved with PR

work o r newspapers. O nce

a month, ideas are pooled

from editors and PR people

from all over the co untry

and are printed in the Bulletin.

They also have a booklet

that is sent to new members

entitled The Club Paper,

which goes into detail

as to t he mechanical aspects

of printing. If you're

interested, w rite to Fran

Nomck WB9WPS, Secreta

ry, ARNS, Ro ute 6, Box

239, Kankakee IL 60901.

Be an adm inistrative ed i­

tor. This is your chance to

be an executive! As l ee

says, " Consider the administrative

editor who pe r­

suades hi s o r her club's officers

and members to submit

good m aterial, fi nds someone

who likes to draw cartoons,

recru its so me vo lunteer

typists, locates a ham

printer, organi zes a circulation

com mittee, and oversees

to see t hat they have

the finest paper for t he


The more reporters you

can ass ign, the mo re columnists

you can draft, the

more fun your newsletter

can be for the club m embers.

If you know of any ham

who is into computers,

draft him to do the address

labels. Appoint a committee

to be responsible for

collating (putting the pages

in order), stapling, add ressing,

and ma iling . Do n't forget

the stamps!

Make your next club

project your club newsletter.

Pa rticipation is the key

to success. Coope ration is

the byword,

Do it! Be it! Say it ! Am a­

teur radio news - w rite it today.•

Model173B Station Clock

• 24 hour military time for proper logging

• quartz crystal accuracy

• large. easy to read LCD display

• push button back lighting for night operation

• one year operation from single penlight cell;

no inconvenient and unsightly line cord

• no resetting alter power failure

• attractive aircraft Instru ment styling


• front mounted controls with hold switch that

permits precise setting to time standard

1' , ~ f, ·1 I ; lit """ ' 11.'1; 1'('" ~ I ..,}"",,,,,!! IT ,m ,."ur.r", ",iI

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