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MagaZine - Free and Open Source Software


• UP/DOWN manual scan

S!n¢le- or fast conunuous 5-kHz

steps from 143.900 to 148.495 MHl

for Amateur and MARS o r CAP

si mple x or repealer ope-muon.

• 10 memories

Reratne-d w tth batte-ry backup (only

2 .0 m Al. "MO' memorv mav be

used to ahift the lrulls'mil frequency

a ny destred a mount to operatc

0 11 repeaters with nom..tandard spilt


• Built·lD autopatch DTMF encodcr

All 16 buttons of keyboard provide

tek-pl' tone d ual-lanes while


• Automatic m emory . can

Chn'ks all 10 memory channels.

programrnabre to lock automaucaltv

on either BUSY (sl~nal presentl ­

or O PEN (no sl¢nall channels.

• Rcpeatcr or simplclE operation

Convenient mode swlll'h s hins

tm nsmit frequency +600 kHz or

·6 00 kl lz o r 10 m e frequency store d

In " MO· me-mory .


u n I

• ElE"tEma;.PTT

cro.pbODe aDd

carpucae connectors

Ea.:;rl.}' accesstble on right s tdc of


• Compact and lightweight

On tv 2 ·1:3/16 tnchcs wtde. 7-9 16

in d it,s high. a nd 1-7 6 metres deep.

Wd~hs only 1.62 pounds (Including

a ntenna. battery. a nd hand strapl.

Standard eccessersee included:

• Flextble r ubberized a nn-una with

B ~C connector

• Hea vy-duty H 50-mAh l NiCd

1"(!leT)" pack

• External-standby (l'TTI plug

• Exter-nal-mtcroprtone plug

• AC r-harger • Hand strup

• E arphone

Mure tnformatto n o n Ihe T R-2400 is

available from a ll authorized dealers of

Trio -Ke nwood communtcauons. tnc..

111 1 WI'S! Walnut Sin-ct. Compton ,

California 90 220.

------------- ~~~~n~~PD

Optional aeeessertes:

• ST-l base stand tshownl which

provides L5 -h our qUick (90%1 chafJ.!l".

q-ptn connector fo r dynamic microphone.

and 50-239 antenna connector.

• UC-5 DC qu jck 19

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