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WBBYNX assis ts a parade o fficial du ring the downtown

parade on Friday evening. A second parade was held at

Derby Downs immediately preceding the race on Saturday


advance. Eighty-two senior

champs had come to the

city to try for the college

sc ho la rs h ips, tota li ng

$10,000, wh ich went to the

top three finishers. The 89

junior d ivision c ha m ps

were vying for power tools,

and the top nine finishers in

both classes were to receive

trophies. Derby o fficials

wanted to a nnounce the

hometown of and to give

greetings to each champ on

his o r her arrival at the plaza

. To do th is, Tim arranged

fo r opera tors to be on duty

at the pickup point, at strategic

corne rs downtown,

and at the plaza to pass on

the needed information.

Each champ was correctly

introduced as he a rrived

with a police esco rt.

While Gail W B8VNO was

providing communications

for the Derby manager. her

hus b and , Ted W a nd s

WD8CVH , wa s helping with

the a rrival of the cha mps.

Another husband and wife

team , the Mus graves

(Scotty K8UCN, and Barb

WD8DAIl, were working at

the pickup poi nt with the


Two other husband and

wife teams assisted in the

Derby communications effo

rt. l arr y Wilso n WD8POl

and Peggy WD8PZO ass is t­

ed at "topside," the area

where the cars were stored,

weighed, inspected, a nd

prepared for their run down

the hill. The pair hand led

the post during the tr ia l run

whic h each contestant had

o n Wednesday and d uring

th e race itself. Carl Han son

WD80 CH and A u d rey

KA8DRT provided ra d io

contact at the starting line

on race day.

These couples were just a

few of the amateurs who

p rovided com m unication

between the Derby Hall of

Fame in the Convention

Center downtown and the

track throughout the week

as entrants were wei ghed,

took trial ru ns, and partieipated

in the activities

planned fo r t he champs.

Alley and other officials

were particularly impressed

with the phone patch capabili

ty of the repe ater.

"My secretary could find

me whenever she needed

me no matte r where I was,

si m p ly b y di al ing the

phone ! It made my job easie

r and saved a lo t of time. It

helped thi ngs run more

smoothly," Alley said.

Derby off ic ial s were

quick to point out the se r­

v ice o f Jim M c Crory

WD8RDW, who was home

on vacation from the O hio

State School fo r the Bl ind in

Co lumbus. Jim spent mo st

o f the week manning 2-meter

and 22G-MH z rigs in Derby

he adquarters, located

under the grandstands at

Workers carefully align each car at the starting line.

WDBO(H and his XYL, KABD RT, provide radio support in

the booth in the background.

the track in sout heast Akro

n. Jim, who ha s his C enera

l license, became a ham in

1978; he said he enjoys opera

ting the 2-meter rig he

ha s on loan from the Goodyear

Amateur Radio Club

a nd hopes to acqu ire his

own rig when fi nances permit.

Though t he activities

whic h Jim a nd o t hers

helped with during the

week were important, they

were just more preparation

for Derby offi cals and the

co mmunicat io ns team for

t he big day. Saturday, August

16, when a parade

down the track. a skydiving

ex hibition, a nd 91 heats

would all have to take


Amateur rad io helped to

ensure tha t this year's race

went like clo ckwork. That

ha s not always been the

case. Alley recalled one incident

which, while it had

no serious conseq uences,

WDBPOL and XYL. W DBPZO, work at the topside control

booth during Wednesday's trial runs.

73 Magazine. April, 1981 85

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