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Company Profile Company History Founded in 2005, ISOTX is a developer and publisher focused on producing high quality war games, using cutting edge technology to create highly detailed and visually stunning action and strategy games. Responsible for the award winning Iron Grip series, ISOTX now employs 50 developers from more than 10 different nationalities and is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the best talent in the industry. We’ve built up a dedicated team of sharp, inventive people with a creative streak that can give our games the distinctive special touch that makes them stand out. Our games follow the ‘easy to learn, but hard to master’ philosophy of design, with the kind of depth that encourages careful strategic thinking. In ISOTX games, it’s the smarter player who wins; not the fastest or the luckiest. We release games for PC, Mac and mobile devices - utilizing the strengths of every platform to build games perfectly suited to the technological opportunities available. The company’s portfolio includes games such as the first monthly free-to-play episodic online multiplayer game March of War, free-to-play turn-based strategy game Iron Grip: Marauders and the FPS/Tower Defense game Iron Grip: Warlord. Timeline 2013: March of War – Commercial Game 2012: Iron Grip: Warlord - Scorched Earth (DLC) released 2012: Iron Grip: Marauders - Atelian Region expansion released 2011: Iron Grip: Marauders - Walker Boneyard expansion released 2011: Iron Grip: Warlord Patch released 2011: Iron Grip: Marauders released – Commercial game , Utilizing Unity 3D – Standalone - Steam - Amazon (2012) - Kongregate (2012) 2010: Iron Grip: Lords of War released 2010: Iron Grip: Warlord Patch released 2009: Mid East Crisis 2.0 released – Total conversion mod based on C&C 3

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