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academic preparation course

and test of English

Pearson Test of English

What is the Pearson Test

of English?

The Pearson Test of English is a

state-of-the-art computer based test

which provides an accurate measure

of your English language skills within

an academic context.

Wide recognition

The Test is preferred by of the Graduate

Management Admissions Council©

(GMAC©), and is recognised worldwide

by international institutions, government

departments and professional

associations. For a full list of recognising

institutions, visit



The Test is also approved by the

federal Department of Immigration

and Citizenship (DIAC) for student visa


The comprehensive report is valid for

two years.

The right test for you

The Test is suitable for you if:

• you have just completed high school

in Australia, but did not meet the

English score required for your

chosen tertiary course

• you are an Australian citizen or

permanent resident and need

to meet university language


• you have completed the Pearson

Academic Preparation Course and

now need to complete the accredited

Test as required by tertiary institutions

• you need to demonstrate your

English proficiency through an

internationally recognised test and

do not need to complete the Pearson

Academic Preparation Course

• you are looking for an alternative to

other English language programs.

Comprehensive report

The Test report demonstrates your

proficiency in the four communication

skills of listening, reading, speaking

and writing, as well as the enabling

skills of grammar, oral fluency,

pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary,

and written discourse.

You are provided with your score for

each section so you can improve your

skills in specific areas if needed.

Prepare for the test as

many times as you like

If you undertake the Academic

Preparation Course, you sit a complete

practice Test in week five.

You can take a practice at any time via

the Pearson website at pearsonpte.

com/testme if you are only taking part

in the Test.

Why should I complete the Pearson Test

of English?

• Only takes three hours

• Choose the day and time

when you sit the test

• Schedule a test up to 24 hours

in advance

• Test results are valid for

two years

• Test results typically available

within 5 business days

• Security assured – advanced

technology used to ensure

privacy of results

• Accurate representation

of English skills

• Recognised and accepted by

organisations around the world,

including DIAC and the UK

Border Agency.

| pearson ACADEMIC PREPARATION COURSE AND test of english

Summary of information – Pearson Academic Preparation Course




$385 per week + $230 enrolment fee

Entry requirements Minimum age: 16

Summary of information – Pearson Test of English



Fee $255

Entry requirements Minimum age: 16

Term dates.

The below dates indicate the start of the Pearson Academic Preparation Course AND sitting of the

Pearson Test of English.

2012 2013

30 April 2012 7 January 2013 5 August 2013

4 June 2012 11 February 2013 9 September 2013

9 July 2012 18 March 2013 14 October 2013

13 August 2012 22 April 2013 18 November 2013

19 September 2012 27 April 2013

22 October 2012 1 July 2013

How to apply

Pearson Academic

Preparation Course

To apply for the Pearson Academic

Preparation Course, visit the Taylors

website at

Here you can download and print an

application form which you can complete

and send back to us at:

The Registrar

Taylors Senior College

399 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia

T +61 3 9935 7902


Pearson Test of English

To apply for the Pearson Test of English,

please visit the Pearson website at


Information given in this flyer is correct at the time of distribution and is subject to change without notice.

Taylors Senior College has the right to alter the content or impose terms and conditions at any time.

Provider: Taylors Institute of Advanced Studies

Provider Code: 01160J

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