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May 2011 - Burke's



MAY 2011

Second grade students prey upon a

population of colorful dots to learn

about natural selection.

What We’ve Been Doing

Animal adaptations:

* We learned about different

habitats, such as deserts,

wetlands, forests and Arctic,

and wondered why

different animals live there.

* We learned that adaptations

are physical features or

behaviors that help an

animal survive in its habitat.

* We explored a variety of

adaptations that animals use

to survive winter in a cold

climate: migration,

hibernation, and more.

* To learn more about why

some animals put on body

fat before winter, we did an

experiment with shortening

and ice water. The fat really

does insulate well!

* We explored camouflage

and natural selection with a

simulation, where the girls

preyed on dot animals.

We also had fun making

pickles, combining chemistry

and social studies as we

thought about how humans

prepared for the winter before

all our modern conveniences!

Over the Summer

I hope that your family has a

fantastic summer! If you are

looking for science activities to

do on those lazy summer

afternoons, check out the

Lower School Science website

(link below) for some ideas

(and recipes for Gak and

pickles!). We are lucky to live

in an area with so many

museums and beautiful

outdoor spaces!

Have fun, explore, and I look

forward to seeing your

daughter in third grade!

Open Science - Tuesdays from 3:25-4:00

Any girl checked into the Tree House may come to the science lab to

help take care of the turtle and gecko, then explore and experiment

with Ms. McDonald! (No extra fee or regular attendance needed.)

Elizabeth McDonald

751-0177 x273

Check out the LS Science website at for fun links!

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