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Reflections for a National Day of Prayer to Defeat ... - R.J. Godlewski

Reflections for a National Day of Prayer to Defeat Radical Islam by R.J. Godlewski

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Reflections for

Reflections for a National Day of Prayer to Defeat Radical Islam by R.J. Godlewski

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“It is clear that he does not pray, who, far from uplifting himself to God,

requires that God shall lower Himself to him, and who resorts to prayer

not to stir the man in us to will what God wills, but only to persuade God

to will what the man in us wills.”

Saint Thomas Aquinas


You will kindly forgive me if my words do not sound very melodramatic. It was my

sincerest hope that I could find just the right combination to make your heart leap with

enthusiasm and empower you with the grace of God, but strangely my mind is a bit

morose today. On Sunday, our nation will once again celebrate its birthday with

fireworks displays, afternoon parades, and countless picnics and baseball games. That

three hundred million people could recognize the birthday of one of the youngest

republics around is testament to the raw power and grace this “One Nation, Under God”

has bestowed upon us.

Yet, birthdays in America are usually one-day events and off we go into recognizing the

other 364 days that have taken on meaningless singularities within our mind. I know, I

just had a birthday of my own last week and the resemblance to any other day of the

year is rather extraordinary. Regardless, the Fourth of July holiday – this year

comprising a nice and convenient excuse for a three-day weekend – represents far more

than just a pitiful birthday.

July 4 th , represents not just the birth of a small nation, but the nativity of a belief that all

men were created equal in the eyes of their Creator and that no institution – even that

representing the most powerful monarchy on the planet – could take precedence over

the inalienable rights of the individual. Think about that for a moment. How many

nations do you know where the commonest citizen can stand upon the street corner and

declare that their national leadership is comprised of a bunch of moronic baboons? In

Europe, you would be confronted with the police. In the Middle East, you are just as

likely to be confronted with the sword. Not in America.

Here in the United States, being an “underdog” means something. On our streets and in

our cities and villages, the diversity of the human species is ignored because we are all

equal to our own effort. We were never blacks or whites, Hispanics or Asians, men or

women, college-educated or simple-minded; it just took us a while to recognize that fact.

And recognize it we finally did.

From the Civil War to women‟s suffrage, from civil rights to Tea Parties, America‟s

foundation is as dedicated as the needle of a compass, stubbornly pointing the true way

despite our best efforts to disrupt the housing. This housing is, of course, God Himself,

Reflections for a National Day of Prayer to Defeat Radical Islam by R.J. Godlewski

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without Whom we would not even begin to fathom the duality of equality and

individuality of all people.

Our founding fathers understood this national connection with God. Thomas Jefferson

said, “The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.” Some may find it

ironic that the man who supposedly tore religion from politics would acknowledge that

both his fellow citizens and their liberties came from the same source. I do not; God

existed before governments and God will reign long after governments disappear.

Benjamin Franklin reminded us, “God helps those who help themselves,” which of

course means that if we do not produce our fair share, not even God will help us. But all

is thus not in vain, for more modern leaders reminded us that America is never without

those willing to take up the slack when we ourselves fail. General George Patton said of

this, “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God

that such men lived.” Yes, indeed, we should thank God that millions have given their

lives so that we can relish within our three-day weekend.

Goodness and righteousness, however, form a magnet for attracting the hostile and

envious. People who do not believe in the equality of God‟s creations, but seek to

conquer through division and hatred. People such as Thomas Paine forewarned about

their „god‟: “Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.” The latest of these “cruel men”

are the radical Islamists whose “cruel God” provides them with an excuse to kill and

maim at will. Their „god‟, Allah, supposedly demands the destruction of all others who

do not blindly follow the faith of Muhammad. These people have not accepted the

equality or the individuality of men, but seek to profit at the expense of others.

Like the Americans that we are, we must rise up and defend the world against those who

pervert the Truth. We must echo the likes of Patrick Henry: “Is life so dear or peace so

sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I

know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me

death!” Millions have not died just so that we would willingly turn our liberties over to

the “chains and slavery” of radicalized Islam. On the contrary!

When the Islamists seek to divide, we must hearken Andrew Jackson: “There is nothing

that I shudder at more than the idea of a separation of the Union. Should such an event

ever happen, which I fervently pray God to avert, from that date I view our liberty

gone.” A divided America grants the Islamists quarter. A divided America begs for

surrender. Ronald Reagan said it best when he reminded us, “We are never defeated

unless we give up on God.” Our God, the one under Whose care this great nation of

equality and opportunity is entrusted.

Reflections for a National Day of Prayer to Defeat Radical Islam by R.J. Godlewski

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When dealing with radical Islamists, we must also reflect upon Abraham Lincoln‟s

words: “In great contests each party claims to act in accordance with the will of God.

Both may be, and one must be wrong.” The radical Islamists are wrong for they dare to

speak in the name of God without merit. That is, they are fundamentally wrong because

they have extinguished the right of free will that permits both competition and dissent.

As we Christians have learned the hard way, conversion comes from within one‟s soul,

not from external threats. God does not grab by the arm and yank until we obey; He tugs

quietly at the heart until we learn and listen. To make certain that we want – truly want

– to experience eternity in His Presence, He warns us to pick up our daily crosses and

follow within His footsteps. By comparison, the radical Islamists must deceive their

followers by promising a glorious paradise filled with seventy-seven virgins if they but

destroy themselves through killing us. One Virgin is enough for me – the one that gave

birth to my Savior two thousand years ago Who saved all of us regardless of our faith.

We Americans risk becoming like these vile Islamists, if we do not heed God‟s Word or

at least respect His values. We will lose both our dignity and our liberties if we confuse

the collective with the individual. If we sacrifice free will for absolute freedom, then we

will lose both as the state accepts more and more responsibility for our actions and

decisions. As we experiment more and more with atheistic socialism, we drift closer and

closer to radical Islamism, as both abhor the individual and the free choices that such

individuals make.

America is known less for law and order than it is for faith and forgiveness. We

represent a peaceful nation because we consist of all peoples and all beliefs, each

striving to contribute our particular talents and interests to benefit our neighbors and

families. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we succeed. Yet we ultimately extend our hands

in friendship without prejudice for our past enemies often become our greatest allies.

Because our nation began as an underdog, we tend to appreciate those cornered by

tyranny. We cry over the plight of little children, the elderly, and our pockets empty to

contribute towards these victims of natural and artificial calamities. No people on earth

give as often and as willingly as do the private citizens of the United States. Why?

Because to whom much is given, much is expected as the saying goes.

Our idealistic view of the individual does, unfortunately, make us the target of the world.

Global leaders resent our elevation of mere individuals to glory. Socialist organizations

resent our acceptance of God over the state. The lazy and disinterested resent our

concept of hard work, self-discipline, and sheer luck as a means to our ends of capital

gain. The Islamist radicals resent our notion that, well, sometimes people can act like

seductresses and still be forgiven.

Reflections for a National Day of Prayer to Defeat Radical Islam by R.J. Godlewski

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America is thus the land of Elvis and Eminem. Of Tiger Woods and Yogi Berra. Of

riding Harleys and driving muscle cars to places where we can scarf down Big Macs and

super-sized sirloins. It is the land of both milk and honey and of Coke Zero and Absolut.

Ours is a nation of towering mountains, blazing deserts, quaint villages, and dynamic

cities. Of sunlit beaches, refreshing forests, and nourishing plains. Could any of this,

therefore, come about by mere chance? Could America have conquered both the air and

the moon in less than seventy years had we simply been a quirk of human progress?


America is, and always has been, the “One Nation, Under God”, quite indivisible as it

stands, seeking liberty and justice for all. Sadly, these ideals are being assailed from

both within and without.

The Progressive Liberals claim that such individualism is dead; that people must be

segregated into ever-increasing and hyphenated collectives designed to secure their

power over God. Therefore, we have African-Americans, gay Americans, self-imposed

Americans, and the religious many are silenced for the benefit of the atheistic few. We

will deal with these „radicals‟ in due time.

The Islamist radicals, for their part, represent the greater threat now for they have

openly and unceasingly declared war against America and its citizenry. That they are

being aided and abetted by our present Progressive Liberal leadership sacrifices our

great nation to a few malcontents who either despise God or confuse Him for Satan and

vice versa. These Islamic terrorists must be stopped at any and all costs.

That many of you fail to comprehend this “nasty business” of fighting the “dirty war” for

our survival is a given. You consider it just not “American” to be so brutal despite our

lengthy history of decimating both savages and tyrants. Like many around the world,

you would prefer to protect the guilty instead of the innocent. Well, here is your chance

to be so pious.

I therefore implore you to place your heart where your mouth is and use this coming

July Fourth as a day of prayer to ask for God‟s help in defeating those who abuse His

name for destruction. A simple if silent “God Bless America!” or even “God help us!”will

do more to aid our fine men and women fighting this horribly brutal war on our behalf

than all of the taxes ever dreamed of by mere Progressive Man.

Whether in groups of hundreds, or within the humblest of souls, you personally can

make a difference. You can open your heart and your mind to our continual reliance

upon God‟s Grace and Mercy to survive as a Constitutional Republic that values human

equality and individuality above all else.

Reflections for a National Day of Prayer to Defeat Radical Islam by R.J. Godlewski

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America is the strongest when we place complete faith in Him Who inspired our liberty

and our Constitution. America is the happiest when we acknowledge Him Who forgave

us of our many transgressions and foibles. America is the wealthiest when we dig deeply

into our pockets and give willingly, freely, and of our own accord. America is the

humblest when we acknowledge the lowliest as our equal.

On Sunday, the Fourth of July, take a moment or two to ask Him to continue His

stewardship of our great nation. At a minimum, quietly reflect upon the many blessings

that this nation has bestowed upon you and the millions who have died to keep us free

and fighting. Your sincere thoughts may be all that stand between freedom and tyranny,

between Progressive Islamism and American Republicanism, between “life, liberty, and

the pursuit of happiness” and an abominable future devoid of individuality. The choice

is yours to make – thank God.


My contribution to the effort

R.J. Godlewski

Friday, July 02, 2010

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of all Heaven,

I pray to you because I fear for my nation and the future of its citizens.

I pray to you because only your Son and His Father, my Creator and

Savior, can provide my America with a bright future free from tyranny

and Progressive Socialism.

Because of my many sins, I have failed to lead by example and so I need

your gracious help if I am to endure and survive in a world that is

rapidly becoming evil and dangerous.

Please, Mother Mary, accept this humble prayer as a sign of my

continual devotion to your Immaculate Heart and your Son’s Sacred

Heart, both of which empower my soul and release my spirit.

Please guide my country and me through these difficult times. Intercede

for us through your prayers to the Father, in the divine name of your

Son. Ask God to forgive us for we seldom know what we do and to bless

me and the United States of America with the graces that we need to

carry out our life’s mission of devotion to the sanctity of human life and

respect for the individual that this represents. Amen.

What is your contribution?

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