Annual Report 2005 - Missouri Western State University

Annual Report 2005 - Missouri Western State University

Missouri Western State University Foundation

Annual Report 2005

Mission of the Foundation

The mission of the Missouri Western State University Foundation is to inspire a lifelong passion

for learning and to empower a diverse population of students to succeed as citizens in a changing

world. The Foundation exists to foster partnerships and vital connections by encouraging gifts and

stimulating investments to further the cause of Missouri Western State University.

Foundation Board Members

As of September 28, 2005

Emil Sechter - President David Bahner - Vice President

Stan Hall - Immediate Past President George Richmond - Secretary

Dick Rochambeau - Treasurer

Cheryl Bilby

Michelle Cebulko

Dan Colgan

Stephen Cotter

Esther George

Karen Graves

Peter Gray

Stephen Hamilton

Rick Hatten

Judith Hausman

Sherry Hausman

Cort Hegarty

Heidi Hornaday

Wallace McDonald

Vern Middleton

Carol Moya

Alfred Purcell

Lee Sawyer

James Scanlon

Kevin Schinze

Kris Smith

Loah Stallard

Bette Tolbert

Thomas Watkins

Dan Nicoson,

Executive Director

The MWSU Foundation acknowledges, with appreciation, the service of Steve Culver

and Lewis Seiter who served on the board of directors during the period of this Annual

Report. Their terms expired September 2005. Appreciation is also expressed to Stan

Hall who completed his term as the president of the board of directors in September.


Advancement Staff 2005

Dan Nicoson

Foundation Executive Director/

Vice President for Institutional


Jerry Pickman

Director of Development

Kristy Hill

Director of Public Relations

and Marketing

Julie Fiedler

Director of Alumni Services

Kendy Jones

Director of Campus Printing Services

Roxanna Lawing

Director of Foundation Accounting

Kathy Grove

Foundation Accountant

Kim Weddle

Executive Administrative Associate

Diane Holtz

Coordinator, PR and Marketing

and Alumni Services

Elisha Davis

Administrative Assistant

Susan Leslie

Administrative Assistant

Dear Friends,

There are many people who have contributed over the years to

Western’s achievements, and to them we owe our sincere gratitude.

In March, the Missouri General Assembly passed Senate Bill 98

changing Western from a college to a university as of August 28.

Our local legislators worked diligently on Western’s behalf.

Student leaders organized support for Senate Bill 98 and spoke

out strongly for Western. Perhaps most gratifying, the entire

community has supported Western’s effort to be designated a

university. All of us at Missouri Western State University say

“thank you” to those who helped us achieve university


Two very important contributors to Western’s success are

former presidents Dr. Marvin Looney and Dr. Janet Gorman Murphy McCarthy. Both were able to

attend the University Convocation in August and to be recognized for their outstanding leadership

with the first honorary doctorate degrees awarded by Missouri Western State University.

It is significant that Western has achieved university status during the 90th anniversary year of our

founding as St. Joseph Junior College in 1915. The 90-year saga from that great beginning to what

Western is today was made possible by the special efforts of numerous individuals and groups.

Indeed, Western has been built on the commitment of many people over many years.

All of you acknowledged in this publication as contributors to the MWSU Foundation during the

past fiscal year have demonstrated your confidence in Western through your generous investment in

the university and our students. You too have joined the long list of people who are making a bright

future for Western.

We are grateful to all of you. Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely,

James J. Scanlon


Missouri Western State University

Photo courtesy of the St. Joseph News-Press

Foundation Annual Report 2005



It’s a new day for Western

Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation

in March that established

Missouri Western State University,

effective August 28, 2005. When he

visited in March for the ceremonial

signing of the legislation, he noted

that university designation must be

earned, and Western’s students and

alumni manifested that Western

deserved to be a university.

But it was really no surprise to those

familiar with the institution. Administrators,

faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of

Western knew that it already fit the profile of

an excellent American regional university.

Western has been functioning as a

university in every way but name, and it will

now be appropriately recognized for the

institution that it is,” said Dr. James Scanlon,

Western’s president. “Our profile is a firm

foundation for Western’s future as a


As an example, Dr. Scanlon noted that

universities are often known for their

research capabilities, and Western’s faculty

members are teaching faculty who are

actively engaged in applied research. Last

year, faculty presented or published the

results of their research in more than 200

state, regional, national, and international


Western’s faculty and students also work

together on many applied research and

applied learning projects such as internships,

practicums or clinicals. More than 2,000

students from various fields were involved

during the past year in specific internships,

faculty-student research, and other applied

learning experiences that prepare students

for work, careers, and graduate study.

Seventy-nine percent of last year’s graduates

participated in at least one significant

applied learning experience prior to


Western’s students, as a result of their

work with faculty, achieve excellent results

on professional entrance and licensure

exams. They are admitted to law school and

medical school at rates clearly above the

national average. They pass nursing and

allied health licensure exams at rates well

above state and national averages. They

compare favorably with other Missouri

institutions in meeting the Department of

Higher Education’s expectations on the

National Teachers Examination.

A Proud Past

The percentage of permanent faculty at

Western that hold the highest degree required

in their field - more than 80 percent - is higher

than at many regional universities across the

country. And, Western’s academic programs

often hold important national accreditations as

indicators of their quality in comparison with

similar programs in universities.

Two years ago, Western was one of a

select group of colleges and universities

chosen to participate in the National Learning

Communities Project funded in part by a

$1 million grant from the Pew Charitable

Trusts. Western was one of only 12 public

colleges and universities in the country

selected by the American Association of State

Colleges and Universities to participate in a

national project focused on excellence in the

first year of college as a foundation for further

college study toward graduation.

University designation will offer many

benefits to Western, the community, region

and state. For a long time, Western has been a

strong partner in the economic and social

development of our region, and becoming a

university will only serve to advance that

position and give the institution the ability to

create more partnerships with business,

industry, government, the professions, and

other universities.

As a


Western hopes

to offer


programs that

are not offered

in the region,

in fields like

health sciences,

life sciences

and engineering


This will place Western in a better position to

work with others to expand local industry and

attract new businesses to the region.

Western will also be better able to attract

federal government grants, foundation dollars,

and outside contracts. The university

designation may instill more pride in alumni

and friends of the college, resulting in greater

commitments to the financial strength of the

university Foundation. As a university,

Western may attract new students, which will

have a positive effect on the region and


“Today, Western’s economic impact alone

on the larger community is conservatively

estimated to be about $150 million per year,”

said Dr. Scanlon. “Traditionally, universities

Gov. Matt Blunt signs Senate Bill 98, designating Western a university.

have greater impact than colleges on the

economies of their communities, regions,

and states.”

Western’s roots trace back to the founding

of the St. Joseph Junior College in 1915. In

1965 it became Missouri Western Junior

College when the junior college district was

established, and the name was shortened to

Missouri Western College in 1967. The

college moved to its new campus of over 700

acres and the third- and fourth-year curricula

were added in 1969. In 1977 Western became

a part of the state higher education system

and became known as Missouri Western

State College.

– A Promising Future



Dear Friends,

In our last meeting of

the fiscal year, the Foundation

board voted unanimously in

favor of changing the name

of the Foundation to the

Missouri Western State

University Foundation to

coincide with the passing

of Missouri Senate Bill 98.

I was very proud to be a part

of this very historic meeting.

While the Foundation’s name has changed, its mission

remains the same. The Foundation will continue to inspire a

lifelong passion for learning. It will continue to empower a

diverse population of students to succeed as citizens in a

changing world. And by all means, the Foundation will

continue to foster partnerships and vital connections by

encouraging gifts and stimulating investments to further the

cause of Missouri Western State University.

The Foundation’s name change has given the board an

even greater sense of pride, commitment, and enthusiasm.

It is a time for all of us to rally around our university as we

celebrate our proud past and work toward securing a very

promising future for Western and the many students who are

pursuing a quality education.

Stanley F. Hall

President, 2004-2005

Missouri Western State University Foundation

Fulkerson Center Opens


enator Christopher “Kit” Bond looked out

over the audience of 200 at the Fulkerson

Center’s opening dinner in March and

commented that he saw so many city officials,

he hoped the city had a succession plan in

place if anything happened there.

“The community leadership is very evident

here tonight. What your presence says is that

the community supports this college, and the

college supports the community,” Sen. Bond

said. “This ‘university’ has much to offer the

city, county, region and the entire state.”

Sen. Bond was the featured speaker at the

opening dinner to celebrate the completion of

the Fulkerson Center. The 12,000 sq. ft.

structure houses a large conference and

banquet facility that can be divided into three

rooms. Part of the building project included

breakout rooms for conferences, a training and

assessment center for area businesses to use,

and a geospatial lab. The Fulkerson Center

also houses an Alumni Room. The project was

funded entirely by private donations.

“The Center is a true partnership between

the community and the college, and it will

benefit both,” said Sen. Bond. “The community

that invests in higher education reaps the

benefits for its people and its economy.”

Dr. James Scanlon, Western’s president,

agreed. “The Center tells the story of

Western’s commitment to economic

development in our region. Thanks to you,” he

told the audience, “Western will extend its

focus on applied learning and community partnerships.”

Dr. Scanlon noted that the Center will aid

Western in expanding its services to the public

and private sector, such as assisting employees

in developing new skills, helping displaced

employees find new careers and assisting professionals.

“The Center will accomplish all

this as a partner with business, industry and


Sen. Bond said the Center will aid in the

advancement of the life and health sciences

industries in St. Joseph. “Missouri Western

offers its students a relevant education and

prepares them for the technological revolution.

By helping build this building,” he added,

“You are investing in this great future.”

The Center is named for Marie Fulkerson

and her late husband, Lyman. The Fulkersons

owned and operated the DeMuth Supply Co.

in St. Joseph until 1972.

Statement of Financial Position

June 30, 2005


Current Assets

2005 2004

Cash $477,635 $326,527

Pledges receivable, current portion 239,403 357,975

Pledges received, Gifts-in-kind 110,300 103,090

Accrued interest receivable 78,928 77,037

Total current assets


906,266 864,629

Investments 13,352,285 14,296,997

Cash surrender value of life insurance 403,742 380,421

Total investments


13,756,027 14,677,418

Equipment, at cost 45,583 268,834

Less accumulated depreciation 38,550 253,132

Total equipment

Other Assets

7,033 15,702

Pledges receivable - trust 1,690,084 1,672,366

Charitable remainder trust 38,656 39,956

Pledges receivable - net – 14,921

Total other assets 1,728,740 1,727,243

Total Assets $16,398,066 $17,284,992

Liabilities and Net Assets

Current Liabilities

Accounts payable $423,929 $1,556,360

Agency liability 49,820 70,722

Charitable trust, payable current term 3,700 –

Deferred income 355,736 340,388

Total current liabilities 833,185 1,967,470

Long Term Liabilities

Charitable trust, payable long term 5,839 –

Total liabilities $839,024 $1,967,470

Net Assets


General operating 3,449,671 3,188,866

Board designated 515,067 517,232

Temporarily restricted 4,127,563 4,371,959

Permanently restricted 7,466,741 7,239,465

Total net assets 15,559,042 15,317,522

Total Liabilities & Net Assets

$16,398,066 $17,284,992

Statement of Activities & Changes in Net Assets

Year Ended June 30, 2005

Unrestricted Temporarily


2005 Totals



2005 2004

Revenues, Gains

and Other Support

Contributions $269,102 $398,296 $203,151 $870,549 $510,387

In-kind contributions 110,338 300 – 110,638 131,590

Investments income (loss) 671,263 498,945 5,174 1,175,382 705,044

Other income 602,946 276,827 19,770 899,543 875,483

Satisfaction of

program restrictions 1,360,945 (1,360,945) – – –

Change of donors designation 819 – (819) – –

Total revenues, gains, 3,015,413 (186,577) 227,276 3,056,112 2,222,507

& other support


Scholarships 295,653 – – 295,653 326,958

Programs 1,947,781 – – 1,947,781 2,430,847

Office operations 165,331 – – 165,331 148,906

Agent fees 42,878 – – 42,878 44,551

Uncollectible pledges 136,136 – – 136,136 52,005

Total expenses 2,587,779 – – 2,587,779 3,003,267

Other Revenue/Expenses

Unrealized gains (losses) (168,994) (57,819) – (226,813) 593,993

Change in net assets 258,640 (244,396) 227,276 241,520 (186,770)

Net Assets, Beginning of Year $15,317,522 $15,504,292

Net Assets, End of Year $15,559,042 $15,317,522

The audit of the financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2005 was conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing

standards. A letter of opinion is on file.



League for Excellence


n the spring, the Foundation kicked off the Western

League for Excellence, an honorary society for

donors who give unrestricted gifts of $100 or more to

the Foundation in support of Western’s mission. With

the help of 70 community leaders, the development

office began the “Going for the Gold”

campaign to recruit charter members, and to

date, over $100,000 has been donated by more

than 220 charter members.

Jerry Pickman, director of development,

noted that there are two features of donations

to the League: one, all donations must be

unrestricted; and two, League members

express an intent to contribute at a designated level each

year for as long as they are able to do so.

Pete and Staci Gray were the first members of the

Founder’s Circle, which denotes an annual donation of

$5,000 or more. Michael DePriest and his wife Barbara

Braznell were the first lifetime members, which means

their unrestricted gift will be endowed.

Pete said as a member of the Foundation Board, he

realizes how important unrestricted funds are. “Limited

unrestricted funds force the Foundation allocation committee

to make tough decisions,” said Pete. “Hopefully, the League

can help provide more opportunities for students.”

Jerry said providing more opportunities for students is

exactly what the unrestricted donations to the League are

intended for – so students may attend conferences, present

their research, study abroad or take advantage of opportunities

that enhance their educational experience. “If we’re going to

provide that margin of excellence to our students, we need

unrestricted funds.”

Pete, who is president and CEO of Gray Automotive

Products Co., said he and Staci have always supported

Western because they recognize its value and impact in the

community. He noted that his company utilizes Western

students as interns, and he has been very impressed with the

students. In fact, he said two department directors are former

interns, and they hired another intern when he graduated from

Western in May.

“Membership in the League is a great way for people to

say, ‘I’m committed to Western and its students. I’m in it for

the long haul,’” said Jerry.

Those who donate to the League through Dec. 31,

2005 will be considered charter members. League

members receive special correspondence from the

university president and the vice president for

institutional advancement throughout the year.

Stephen Cotter, George Richmond, Stan Hall and Kris

Smith are among many community members who were

recognized at a League for Excellence lunch in March.

League for



Founder’s Circle -

$5,000 or more

each year

Regent’s Circle -

$1,000 to $4,999

each year

President’s Circle -

$500 to $999

each year

Cabinet’s Circle -

$250 to $499

each year

Dean’s Circle -

$100 - $249

each year

Western League for Excellence Charter Members

League members as of September 30, 2005

Founder’s Circle



Gray Automotive Products Co.

Pete and Staci Gray

Frances Y. Meidinger in memory of

John Raymond Yancey

Regent’s Circle

Katherine and Dave Arnold

Blue Cross and Blue Shield

of Kansas City

Brown Transfer & Storage/Brown

Mannschreck Business Systems

Dr. and Mrs. Dan L. Colgan

Commerce Bank

Ellison - Auxier Architects, Inc.

Bob and Susan Fay

James T. and Karen M. Graves

S. Chris Looney

Carlos and Carol Moya

Dan and Linda Nicoson

Annie and Al Purcell

Jim and Lauren Scanlon

Kevin and Gail Schinze

Emil and Sheridan Sechter

President’s Circle

Altec Industries Inc

Bradley Family Trust

Citizens Bank & Trust

Colonel Stephen D. Cotter

Michael D. DePriest, M.D. and

Barbara A. Braznell

Lester and Rhoda Einbender

K. Eugene and Marian Eulinger Jr.

Richard and Sharon Evers

Jane and Lyman Frick

Kevin and Esther George

Phyllis and Bill Gondring M.D. M.S.

Jason and Tara Horn

Bill and Pam Hurley

Ronald S. Koozer

Lowell and Leslie Kruse

Patt and Sherri Lilly

Rick and Lisa Michaelis

Morton, Reed, Counts & Briggs

James and Jeanne Murphy

Jerry and Shannon Pickman

George Richmond

Dick and Joyce Rochambeau

Jim and Carol Roever

Rupp Funeral Home

Kristine L. and Michael R. Smith

Dennis and Sherry Thompson

James M. and Kathy Thompson

UMB Bank

Greg and Joleen VerMulm

Cabinet’s Circle

AL. J. Mueller/Larry Hausman

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bangerter

Matrise Benkofske

Cheryl and Ross Bilby

Michael and Luann Cadden

Clifton Gunderson L.L.P.

Jeanie C. Crain

Steve and Patty Culver

Jeanne and Don Daffron

Daniel O. Eckhoff

Matilda Cardella Poe Fitzpatrick ‘50 and

Edward Fitzpatrick ‘72

Richard and Eva Gilmore

E. Thomas Gumbert

Stan and Doris Hall

Mark and Vicki Hargens

Hausman Metal Works

& Roofing, Inc.

Steve and Marcy Hamilton

Leila D. and Carroll C. Hicks

Kristy Hill

Kayla and Jeff Hinton

Neal G. and Diane K. Hook

Roger and Debby Ideker

Dan and Jennifer Kellogg

Kirk and Lorna Lawrence

Janet Leachman

Rebecca Mackoy

Keith and Corky Marquart

Shane and Jennifer McDonald

Bill and Judy McMurray

Jerry and Sandra Mogg

Timothy P. Murphy M.D.

Ron and Peggy Olinger

Nancy Pilgram

Tyson and Kim Schank

Thomas and Julia Schneider

William Bryan Seiter

Paul and Laura Shang

Robert and Kim Sigrist

Jim Summers Jr / Prudential

Summers Realtors

Staci Thornton

Katherine and Ben Vineyard

Mr. and Mrs. John Waldron

Wendy’s of Saint Joseph

Beth M. Wheeler

Michael D. and Allene Wright

Stephen and Barbara Wurtzler

Chuck and Bobbi Zimmerman

Dean’s Circle

James W. and Melinda M. Allaman

Dr. and Mrs. Wm Andresen

David C. and Sharon Ashley

David E. Bahner

James and Anne Bargar

Tom and Angie Beam

Lorrie Beck

Calvin and Mary Ann Bibens

George Bishop

Dr. Brenda Blessing

Jane Bowser

Donna Jean Boyer

Mike and Susan Bracciano

Charles and Pam Brock III

Drs. Steve and Evelyn Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Drew H. Brown

Charlie and Patti Burri

Robert and Judith Butler

Sally and Bill Carpenter

Dr. David (Rocky) Cathcart and

Jane Cathcart

Craig and Michelle Cebulko

Dirck and Tracey Clark

Justin Copeland

Dan and Chris Danford

Jeannetta R. Danford

Ed and Mona Dastmalchian

Elisha Davis

Rui and Roberta Dias

Dr. Todd T. Eckdahl

Todd and Nancy Ehlert

Mary Elder

John and Jolene Errante

Travis and Julie Fiedler

Ramona L. Finley

Tony and Karen Franklin

Tralucia Franklin

Deborah Freedman-Rhodes

Dr. Joseph (Joe) Friedman

Matt and Linda Gilmour

Jim and Kathy Grove

Cathy and Mike Habermehl

Halbert Jewelers, Inc. (Karen Read)

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hartenbower

Mrs. Bonnie L. Hartigan in memory

of Dr Leonard Hartigan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Hatten

Judith D. Hausman

Larry and Sherry Hausman

Randy Hawkins

Cort and Tracee Hegarty

Landon S. Hoecker

Michael and Jennifer Holden

Michael S. Hollingsworth DDS, P.C.

HomeSmartz Your

Mortgage Solution

Heidi H. Hornaday

Philip and Ronda (Knadler)


Marilyn D. Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Iffert

Mr. and Mrs. James Jeffers

Sidney and Jean Johnson

Kendy and Jason Jones

Katherine’s Distinctive Gifts

Robert O. Kellogg

Linda Kerner

Mr. and Mrs. Keeran E. King

Ellen Kisker

David J. Kneib

Kyle and Jennifer Koch

Larry J. and Marcy Koch

Larry and Sharon Kosek

Geraldine Lawhon

Tim and Roxanna Lawing

Leaders Without Limits, L.L.C.

Dr. Michael and Christina Mastio

Miss Barbara Ann and

Miss Marilyn E. Maxwell

Howard and Beth McCauley

Mrs. Eleanor T. McDonald

Dr. and Mrs. Wallace McDonald

Hervey and Thea McGaugh

Vern and Darlene Middleton

Julie Ness Ford

Bill and Mary Ann Penniston

Robert and Marcia Permut

Steve and Jeannie Pitluck

Mrs J. Gordan Pray

Charlene Rainey

Zachary D. Ramsay

Cris and Kim Ray

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Robaska

Thomas L. Robertson

Louanne Robreau

George Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sanders

Lee and Toni J. Sawyer

Max E. Schlesinger

Mary Ann and Leo Schmitz

Steve and Rhonda Schram

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Seiter

Bob and Kay Simpson

Charlene and Bob Slater

St. Joseph Electric Supply

Company, Inc.

Don and Loah Stallard

Merrill M. Steeb

David Steiniche

Stephen W. Stilwell

Kelley Stuck

Robert and Marcie Thedinger

Bette L. Tolbert

David Tushaus

Scot and Theresa VanMeter

Jamie M. Waldren C.F.P.

John and Kathy Wallace

David and Jill Waller

Tim and Kim Weddle

Mr. John E. Westpheling

Steve and Cindy Black Whitlock

Tom and Tracey Williamson

Joyce Winston

Nannette and Rudy Wolford

The names are listed as the donors requested.



Dear Alumni and

Friends of Western,

From scholarships to student assistance to

remodeling, the Missouri Western State University

Foundation had an outstanding year, and it was all

made possible by you and other donors who have

made contributions to the Foundation over the years.

First, I am happy to report that during the past year

the Foundation awarded scholarships to 537 students

from 123 scholarship funds totaling over $430,000. In

addition the Foundation provided assistance for 53

students to attend national professional conferences to

present research papers. The Foundation also contributed $100,000 to the remodeling

of the library from the David and Shirley Bradley Endowment Fund.

Another exciting event was that more than 220 charter members joined the new

Western League for Excellence by generously contributing unrestricted gifts to the


The Foundation also played a large role in the transition from “college” to

“university.” The legislation that designated Western a university prohibited the use

of institutional public funds for the college to university transition, so contributions

from the Leah Spratt Charitable Trust and from Dr. Joe Friedman as well as

unrestricted funds were used to meet the major requirements of this transition.

These are only the major highlights of the past year but they make clear why

this is an exciting time to be associated with Missouri Western State University.

Thank you to all of you who have previously invested in Western and its students.

You have demonstrated your support and your confidence in Western’s future and

we appeal for your continued investment.


Dan J. Nicoson

Vice President for Institutional Advancement and

Executive Director of the MWSU Foundation

Junior College Alumnus is First

Member of Clock Tower Society


always wanted to establish a scholarship for some

deserving person to go to college.” Those are the

words of Ed Vincent, the first member of Western’s Clock

Tower Society, an honorary society of Western donors

that was created this past year. Ed became a member

when he notified the office of Institutional Advancement

that he had included the MWSU Foundation in his

estate plan.

Membership in the Society is extended to all who

have made or will make an estate or deferred gift

commitment, such as a bequest, charitable trust, life

insurance, remainder interest in property, or other

individual estate plans.

Ed, a 1939 graduate of the St. Joseph Junior

College, said he set up the trust to honor his parents

and his sister, who was a 1935 graduate of the

junior college. “They made it possible for me to go

to school and get the education.”

The St. Joseph native retired from Quaker Oats in Fullerton, Calif.

in 1985, and moved back to St. Joseph in 1990. He said when he began

thinking about establishing a scholarship fund, his attorney suggested

that he make a bequest to the Missouri Western State University

Foundation to establish a scholarship endowment. The endowment gift

will be permanently invested and only the accumulated earnings will be

used to support the scholarships annually.

Establishing the trust now meant that Ed could choose the criteria

for the scholarship. The scholarship recipient must be a graduate of

Central High School in St. Joseph and preferably a business major.

“I’m pleased to be able to have a potential scholarship fund,” said

Ed. “I hope it can help some worthy student.”

FY 2005 Highlights

• With more than 200 guests in attendance,

the Fulkerson Center’s grand opening and

dedication was held on March 24 with

Senator Kit Bond as the keynote speaker.

The construction of the Fulkerson Center

was funded totally by private gifts.

• The Western League for Excellence annual

giving society was initiated to encourage an

increase in annual unrestricted gifts and to

promote consistency in annual giving. The

first phase of the campaign to enroll charter

members in the League involved over 70

community volunteers. To date, more than

220 individuals and businesses have

enrolled in the League with annual

commitments totaling approximately


• The Clock Tower Society was established to

appropriately acknowledge those who have

included Western as a

beneficiary in their

estate planning.

• The first of many

Golden Opportunities

planned giving

newsletters was published

this fiscal year.

The publication was

made possible by a

grant from the Enright

Charitable Trust.

• The Foundation awarded over $430,000 in

scholarships to 537 students in fiscal year


• Bob Woodward, assistant managing editor of

the Washington Post spoke at the 2004

Convocation on Critical Issues. He told an

audience of over 3,200 of his experiences in

writing his bestseller, “Plan of Attack.”

• The Foundation allocated $45,000 to fund

grants to Western departments and faculty.

These grants are for projects that enhance

the education experiences of Western


• Dr. James Scanlon, Western’s president,

hosted an anniversary dinner for current

and former Board of Trustees and Board of

Regents members to recognize the 35th

anniversary of the Foundation and to

celebrate Western’s


and history.

• An unrestricted

gift of $50,000 was

received from the

Estate of Alma C.

Dugdale to help

provide the “margin

of excellence” for

Western’s students.

• The Koenig Family

Scholarship was

established by Steve

Koenig in honor of his

grandfather, Sidney

Koenig, to support

Western athletes

majoring in finance.

• The Foundation committed

$100,000 from

the David and Shirley

Bradley Endowment

Fund to the remodeling

of Western’s library.

• A grant award in the

amount of $10,000 was

received from the Leah

Spratt Charitable Trust

to enhance the new

Fulkerson Center with

artwork and a stage backdrop.

• The Foundation awarded a total of

$15,000 to 53 students to assist them in

traveling to national conferences to

present research papers.

• The Foundation Board of Directors voted

unanimously in favor of changing the name

of the Foundation to Missouri Western

State University Foundation to coincide

with the University’s name change.



Foundation Gives Students Opportunities


our contribution makes a difference!

Each year, the Foundation allocates

funds for a variety of student activities,

projects and opportunities. These “extras”

would not be possible without your support.

Travel and Study Abroad

Accounting and finance major Ashley

Falter was one of several students who benefited

from a trip abroad when she participated

in the Global Viewpoint class that traveled to


“The Global Viewpoint study abroad trip

was a valuable learning experience,” said

Ashley. “My most memorable experiences

were mingling with the locals and talking

with them about their culture.” She said she

also learned a lot about how companies

operate in Poland, and about the European

Union. Along with the trip to Poland, the

Foundation helped pay expenses for some of

the students traveling to London, Egypt and

Washington, DC.

International Film Festival

Last year, the Foundation supported the

first Griffon International Film Festival, where

Western students had the opportunity to view

films from all over the world, and filmmakers

offered several workshops for participants.

Forty films were chosen for the festival from

over 175 submitted.

Deny Staggs, assistant professor of

theatre, said the film festival held great value

for Western students. They not only learned a

lot in the master classes, but they were

exposed to independent filmmakers and films

not usually shown in theaters. Also, students

gained experience because they played a large

role in organizing the event.


The Foundation funded Ready.Set.Go, a

pilot program where Admissions personnel

worked with middle school students to help

them start thinking about college.

Admissions counselor Kim Schank visited

over 30 area schools and made presentations

to approximately 3,000 students, talking to

them about classes they need to take in high

school if they want to go to college. Many

middle school students also took advantage of

an invitation to spend a day on campus and

participate in activities.

Conference Presentations

The Student Excellence Fund of the

Foundation provides opportunities for students

to participate in activities that complement

classroom learning, such as attending

conferences. Many Western students are

chosen to present their papers or research

findings at conferences throughout the


This past year, the Foundation supported

13 students in an English class who were

selected to present their papers at a popular

culture conference in

San Diego. More

students were chosen

from Western than any

other undergraduate

institution in the nation.

Also, the

Foundation helped pay

for economics major

Nick Limle to present

his research findings at

an international business conference in

Florida. He was the only undergraduate

student to make a presentation.

“My presentation went exceptionally

well,” said Nick, “considering it was my first

one. I was a little intimidated but it was

definitely a learning experience for me.”

Lingering Melodies

Four students participated in Lingering

Melodies, a program where students sing or

play musical instruments for hospice patients.

Students report that the music has a soothing

effect on the patients, and is an amazing

experience for the students as well. Funds are

used as stipends for the students.

Guest Speakers

The computer science, mathematics and

physics department hosted the conference for

the Missouri section of the Mathematical

Association of America, and the Foundation

helped fund the featured speaker for the


The Foundation also paid for a French

speaker to visit Western to talk about French

culture and the relationship between France

and the United States.

Honor Roll of Donors

July 1, 2004 – June 30, 2005

1st Street Graphics, Inc.

A.I.G. Sun America

Gerald and Janet L. Abbott

Larry A. and Claudia Ackley

Acme Music And Vending, Inc.

Joseph B. and Lacey R. Adams

Jay D. and Bonnie Adcox

Bert and Chelle M. Adkins

Perry and Kaye Adkins

Shaun M. Agnew

Agri Laboratories, L.T.D.

Al J. Mueller Construction Co.

David D. and Pamela Albin

Jennie Albright

Jimmy and Janice J. Albright

Robert E. and Shirley Alcorn

Thomas W. Alderson

Deborah L. Alexander

James W. and Melinda M. Allaman

Stephen O. Allee Jr.

Steven and Freda M. Allen

Nell B. Allen

Neil T. and Kristine E. Alley

Allied Arts Council

Altec Industries, Inc.

Steven C. and Mickie S. Altvater

American Angus Association

American Family Insurance

Carol L. Anderson

Anderson Ford of St. Joseph

Roger and Gay S. Anderson

Jerry L. and Joanne Anderson

Craig and Loita K. Anderson

Morgan L. Anderson

Steven S. and Dede Anderson

William F. and Alice Andresen

Larry D. and Kathleen E. Andrews





Archdekin & Jones

Plumbing & Heating

James R. and Nancy Archdekin

Christopher L. and Lara K. Archer

J. David and Katherine A. Arnold

Artesian Ice and Cold Storage

Jerry R. and Peggy E. Aschermann

David and Denise Ash

David C. and Sharon Ashley

Timothy W. and Betty L. Ashworth

Susan L. Assel

Association of College Women

Robert J. and Janice Atha

Michael and Joyce A. Augustyn

Auto Bath Carwash

Ronald H. and Pat Auxier

B. H. or M. R. Welsch Trustees

B.J. Office Products

Jennifer Bagley

Norma H. Bagnall

David E. and Kathy Bahner

Allison Bailey

Caleb Balbuena

Danny C. and Linda Baldwin

James R. Ball and Cynthia Ball

John and Elizabeth A. Ballard

Richard L. and Davida Bangerter

Robert L. and Evelyn J. Bangerter

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bangerter

Bank Midwest

Sharon L. Bannon

Ronald and Linda S. Barbosa

Jesse A. and Wanda J. Barbosa

Barbosa's Castillo

James S. and Anne Bargar

Barnes & Noble Bookstore

D. Craig and Diane Barnes

Karen J. Barnes

Michael and Karen S. Barnes

Cynthia Bartels

Nicholas and Bozica K. Bartulica

Jerry and Susan Bauman

Ray J. Baur

Sarah F. Bayer

Ben B. and A. C. Bealor

Tom and Angie Beam

Paul R. and Jeanne Beauchamp

Kevin G. and Pamela Beauford

Ronald W. and Sara W. Beaver

Richard Beelman

Barbara A. Beeson

Logan H. and Margie E. Beggs

John P. and Sandra E. Beihl

Brian E. and Claudine Bell

Gary W. and Kathy Bell

Karl V. and Jamel S. Bell

David W. Bennett

Ron D. and Kristy Benson

Stacia L. Bensyl

Alan C. and Shirley Berg

Tod H. and Vickie Berger

Robert Bergland

Kevin and Wonda J. Howe

Best Western

Rodney E. and Ramona Bettencourt

Bev-Lin Enterprises, Inc.

Ravindra Bhatkar

Calvin and Mary Ann Bibens

Donald and B. June Bickham

Jack K. and Mary A. Bidding

Cheryl and Ross Bilby

David and Mary K. Bish

Don and Nancy Bishop

George and Ruth Bishop

Jon and Jennifer Bishop

Susan A. Blakley

Perry E. and Willa Blanchard

Steve Blanton

Ronald and Lee D. Bledsoe

Brenda Blessing

Bliss Salon

Theodore B. and Elaine Browning

Peggy C. Bloss

Blue Cross-Blue Shield

Bob Fay Companies

Chase A. and Holly Bodenhausen

Stephen W. and Ruth Bodenhausen

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica

Timothy W. and Connie Boender

Louis Boeve

R. Brien and Marcia L. Boggess

Michael P. Boguske

Angela B. Bokay

Gene G. and Joyce E. Bollman

Dennis and Tina M. Bonwell

Vernon D. and Mary E. Boswell

Juliann Bottorff

Boudreaux's Louisiana

Seafood & Steaks

Dan and Dale Boulware

Laura M. Bowen

Jane Bowser

Cindy L. Boyer

Donna Jean Boyer

Rex and Deborah Boyer

Donald J. Boyes

Leslie E. and Sheri Boyum

Jeffrey A. and Cindy Bradbury

Bradley Family Trust

Dennis and Martha E. Bradley

Shirley W. Bradley

David R. and Suzanne Bradley

Hank H. and Vickie Bradley

Barry M. and Patricia Brady

Cindy Brauck

Michael L. and Sandra L. Bray

Breadeaux Pizza

Mary L. Breit

Thank you to the following donors who made contributions to the Missouri Western State University Foundation.

Please contact 816-271-5647 to update your name listing. The Honor Roll of Donors reports gifts received

between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005.

Jason L. and Lindsey Brewer

Daniel R. and Sharon Briant

Bridgeman's Wreckers

Stephen J. and Nancy R. Briggs

Harry H. Broadhead Jr.

Broadmoor Apartments of St. Joseph

Broadmoor Group

Charles and Pam Brock III

Kennan B. and Marla Brockett

Thomas M. and Vicki L. Broderick

Pod C. and Fredia Brooks

Steven D. Brooks

William S. and Evelyn Brooks

Brooner & Associates

Shawn and Claire Brougham

Barbara E. Brown

Charles and Claire Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Drew H. Brown

Esther L. Brown

Harold D. Brown

Harry A. and Janis A. Brown

William G. and Jean G. Brown

Lee E. Brown

Brown Mannschreck Business Systems

Marsha L. Brown

Rhonda S. Brown

Robert A. Brown Jr.

Brown Transfer & Storage

Eric V. and April Bruder

W. C. and Doris Bruggeman

Eric M. and Kristi Brumback

Bill and Cecilia Brunner

Kathie L. Brunner

Charles M. and Vicky L. Bruscato

Susan M. Brush

Rowena R. Brushwood

Kernan B. Bryant

Kari R. Bryson

Marshall E. Bucher

Gail E. Buckles

Bruce A. and June Buntin

David L. and Brenda L. Burgess

Jack R. and Molly Burgess

Willie and M. Jean Burgess

Gilbert Burnham

Scott and Maria E. Burnham

Burnham, Colman, Kaelin & Walker

Dorothy Burns

Charles R. and C. Patricia Burri

Jane Burri

Eric W. Burwell

Robert T. and Sharon Buschbom

Butchart Flowers, Inc.

Carl R. and Sara L. Butcher

Gary L. and Wilma Butler

Robert W. and Judith D. Butler

Butler Sales Associates, Inc.

Billy W. and Jeanine Byous

Patrick M. and Pati A. Byrne

C. Anchor L.L.C.

Michael and Luann M. Cadden

Kevin L. and Kris Cagg

Harold Cagle

Cecil Callaway

Camolaur, Inc.

Brad A. and April D. Campbell

Donald D. and Kathleen A. Campbell

Cleo and Doris J. Campbell

Gary D. and Beverly A. Campbell

Susan J. Campbell

William D. and Sara M. Bradford

Car City Chrysler

J. David and Ann Carlile

Carlos O'Kelly's

Bryan E. and Keri Carlton

A. Larry and Susie Carpenter

Sally and Bill Carpenter

Carpenters Local Union 110

Carpet Master

David W. and Cathleen Carter

Jerri L. Carver

Daniel P. and Heidi Casey

Joseph Castellani

Mary Ann Castle

David W. and Jane A. Cathcart

Deborah J. Cathcart

Carroll and M. Patricia Cathey

Laura J. Caton

Michael and Brenda S. Cazel

Craig R. and Michelle Y. Cebulko

Mike and Bernadine Ceglinski

Julia A. Chaney

Chaun's Catering

Jeanne M. Chavez

Warren H. and Frances Chelline

Harold L. and Marjorie D. Childress

Mona A. Choate

Phillip Christ

Les G. and Katharine Christians

Donald J. and Brenda Christie

Terry M. and Tracy A. Christie

Hubert M. and Ellen R. Church

William T. Church

Citizens Bank & Trust

City of St. Joseph

Kurt J. Claassen

Robert J. and Emily Claassen II

Eugene E. Clark

Melvin Clark

R. Dirck and Tracey A. Clark

Cleaning Connection

Clifton Gunderson, L.L.P.

Maxine M. Clinkenbeard

William D. and Sharon L. Coffer

Larry D. and Sally S. Coffman

Coldwell Banker General Properties

Branson and Christina M. Cole

Dan L. and Susan Colgan

Colman Insurance Services, Inc.

Jim N. and Joyce E. Colman

Gary E. and Patricia Colvin

Sue Comley

Commerce Bank

Community Health Plan

James F. and Marsha A. Conant

Frank D. and Rita M. Connett

Keith O. and Sheri Conrad

Ray and Jenifer Consunji

David E. Cook

Randy Cook

John and Susan K. Cook

John E. and Pamala Cool

Jerry S. and Jean C. Cooper

Justin R. Copeland

Robert L. Corder Jr.

Robert and Maureen R. Cornelius

Cheryl A. Cornett

Stephen D. Cotter

Cotter Travel

Scott and Angela D. Couchman

Bryan A. Courtney

Scott D. and Agnes G. Covault

Bruce Cowdrey

Charles B. and Melody L. Cowdrey

Hal and Stormy G. Cox

Toni Y. Cox

Vernie and Cathy Coy

Scott R. and Tabitha Coykendall

Lee and Jeanie C. Crain

Crawford Auctions, Inc.

John R. and Brenda Crawford

Joseph S. and Karlan R. Crawford

Ben and Erin Creedy

Creviston & Son Jewelry Company

Brian and Susan Crites

Harold D. Cross

Thomas and Elizabeth D. Crotty

Catherine Crouch

Taylor C. and Kari Crouse

Crowl Irrigation 11


David L. Crumley

Casey M. and Shelly D. Culver

Steve and Patricia Culver

Tim T. and Amy Culwell

Kevin J. and Mary D. Cummings

Janis M. Curran

Wilma Curran

Tom and Tammy J. Curtin

Richard A. and Roseann Curtis

Customers 1st, Inc.

D.S.T. Systems, Inc.

Don and Jeanne Daffron

Lasha and Laura S. Dalakishvili

Dan and Chris Danford

Jeannetta R. Danford

Cheryl L. Daniels

Ed and Mona Dastmalchian

Dave's Diesel Service

David Reynolds Office Products

Gary and Barbara J. Davis

Elisha Davis

Gregory E. Davis and Sheila De Vall

Jim and Pamala D. Davis

Shelley Davis

Tabitha Davis

Jeffrey B. and Carol J. Davison

Corla S. Dawson

Milton J. and Grace S. Day

Dean Machinery Company

Phillip L. Dean

Thomas E. and Mary M. Deiter

Keith Derr

Richard N. and Mignon G. DeShon

Corky and Dianne Dewey

Gary and Terri L. DeWitt

Diamond Club

Rui and Roberta Dias

Linda Diaz

Donald L. Dick

Dillon Company

Nelson G. and Kim Dinsmore

Dishon Tire Service

Mark E. and Kristie Dittemore

Ron D. Dittemore

Dennis and Sandra K. Dodd

Ian and Patricia Roberts

Amos R. Donaldson

Tom and Ann Doohen

Richard and Roberta Doornink

Jason M. Douglas

Heidi L. Downer

Angela I. Downey

Jerome F. and Jean Downs

Downtown Furniture Emporium, Inc.

James B. and Sheena S. Drake

James E. and Melanie J. Drake

Micah J. Drake

Walter T. Drannan

Craig R. and Katharine A. Drath


Anthony G. and Theresa Drummond

Drury Inn

Anthony M. and Mary A. Dudik

Johnie W. Dudley

Alma C. Dugdale Estate

Harold P. Dugdale Charitable Trust

Gary and Cynthia L. DuMontier

Joel D. Dunbar

Richard and LaDonna G. Duncan

Matthew and Laurel J. Dunn

Michael R. Duran

Venita L. Dycus

Gary A. and Eileen F. Dyer

Thomas R. and Rebecca Earley

East Hills Mall

East Ridge Vision

Robert and Claire Eberle

Todd T. Eckdahl

Daniel O. Eckhoff

Ed's Sporting Goods

Kenneth C. and Wanetta Edens

Donald R. and Mary M. Eggebrecht

R. Todd and Nancy Ehlert

Lester and Rhoda Einbender

Bradley P. and Megan M. Eise

Mary Elder

Kathleen Eldridge

Craig D. Elford

Sara L. Elgin

Chad and Karen Elifrits

Joseph and Marlene Elliott

Jennifer N. Ellis

Lana J. Ellis

Lawrence L. and Donna Ellis

William R. and Peggy E. Ellis

Ellison-Auxier Architects, Inc.

Jeff and Becky Ellison

Dennis L. and Deborah J. Ellsworth

Elsie Goff Irrevocable Trust

Darla Emmendorfer

Robert L. and Jo E. Engnell

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

John and Jolene Errante

Frank K. and Diane L. Esely

Jay B. and Kate L. Esely

Irvin and Cordelia M. Esry

Roy and Dawn M. Estes

William R. and Joanne Euler

Joel R. and Lynn A. Euler

K. Eugene and Marian Eulinger

Adelia Evans

Doug and Dawn Evans

Elizabeth A. Evans

Lindsey T. Evans

Marc K. and Christine Evans

Evans Realty

William R. and Kim Evans

Philip and Kismet Eveloff

Richard and Sharon Evers

Craig A. Ewing

Exxon Education Foundation

Fairview Mens Club

Falkner Plumbing Company

Family Investment Center, Inc.

Geraldine Farley

Farmers State Bank of

Northern Missouri

Scott M. and Jeanette Faubion

Bob and Susan Fay

Susan M. Felling

Mary Ann Fenner

Steven P. and Karen L. Ferguson

K. Susan Ferguson

Steven Ferguson

Trudy L. Ferrier

Paula F. Fessler

Travis R. and Julie M. Fiedler

Judy A. Fields

Robert R. and Therese V. Filloon

Joyce R. Finch

Nicholas A. and Lisa Finn

Carolyn P. Finnigan

First Bank Of Missouri

First Horizon Home Loan

First Presbyterian Church

Michael F. Fish

Lawrence and Ann Fisher

Kevin P. Fisher

Ronald E. and Margaret Fisher

Sean M. Fitzgerald

Edward L. and Matilda C. Fitzpatrick

Marcus W. and Erin K. Fizer

Clayton and Kim Fjerstad

Frances Flanagan

Rod W. and Anne M. Fletcher

Brian and JoAnne Flowers

Bill and Eleanor Foddy

John H. and Karen Foley

Roy and Maxine Folk

Donald D. and Joan M. Folks

Hannah Ford

Vernon D. Foss

Erby L. and Helena Foster

Jennifer L. Foster

Michael D. Fox

Billie I. Francis

Sharon K. Franke

Anthony and Karen K. Franklin

Tralucia Franklin

Melverine H. Franks

Kim Fraser

Michael and Linda Frazier

Brandon R. Freeborn

Keith and Deborah Rhodes

Jane and Lyman Frick

Douglas S. and Jennifer Fridell

Joseph Friedman

Friends of the St. Joseph

Public Library

Ed and Carolyn S. Froman

Mark A. and Jodie Frye

Kristina J. Fulk

Stacy L. Fulk

John Fulmer

Karen G. Fulton

G.L.B.B. Properties

Herschel J. and M. Kristan Gaddy

Leslie A. and Chris Gaines

Mark and Linda L. Gaines

Gallatin Grain

Gregory V. and Jenny R. Galloway

Leo A. and Ruth E. Galloway

Kristin Gambill

Catherine S. Gann

Mary Gann

Erin M. Gardner

John and Linda M. Garlinger

Terry L. and Nicole Garner

Tom Garnett

David and Rebecca Garrison

Paul D. and Susan Garrison

Craig L. and Becky L. Garwood

Gary Riepl Shelter Insurance

Gary and Carol J. Gawatz

Danny and Lisa L. Gawatz

Gear Box, L.L.C.

Robert L. Geissert

Amanda M. Geno

Robert and Marjorie A. Gentet

David and Carol M. Gentry

Dennis C. and Linda Gentzell

Doris M. George

Kevin and Esther George

Larry and Linda L. Gerhardt

James and Donna M. Gibson

Karen S. Gibson

John and Lois M. Gill

George and Susan V. Gille

Richard and Eva Gilmore

Bob and Jackie Gipson

James and Nikie J. Glasbrenner

Karen J. Glauser

Andrew S. and Betty Glaze

Joseph Glenn

Christopher P. and Kathyrn Godfrey

Gerald G. Goin

Gold Bank

C. Lee and Edwina Gomel

William H. and Phyllis J. Gondring

Annette M. Gonzales

Clark and Norma F. Goodell

Ronald E. and Joyce Goodman

Clarence and Diane Goold

David and Diane Gorcyca

William G. and Brenda Gorman

Edwin L. and Dede Gorsky

Andy and Nancy Graham

Scott W. and Edie Graham

Jeanie K. Grahl

N. Reed and Brenda Graves

David B. and Jane Graves

James T. and Karen M. Graves

Patricia E. Graves

Graves Real Estate Appraisal, Inc.

Gray Automotive Products Co.

James J. and Ruth H. Gray

Sharon L. Gray

Peter and Stacchya L. Gray

Shannon T. and Suzanne R. Gray

James W. and Deborah Grechus

David M. and Judy Green

Larry and Mary E. Green

Barry J. Greenwald

Shirley Greenwald

John P. and Mindy Gregory

Steven G. Greiert

Gary and Rosemarie H. Gretzinger

Charlotte S. Grider

Joe and Elizabeth J. Griebat

William H. and Joyce Griffith

Alfred R. and Donna S. Griggs

Eddie W. and Marilyn K. Griggs

Judith Grimes

Les and Catherine C. Grimsinger

Bill Grimwood

John and Karon J. Grom

Randy J. Grosdidier

Ed and Cathy Grove

James and Kathy S. Grove

Roger M. and Shirley Gudenkauf

Jerry and Alice Guinn

Gary and Nancy L. Guinn

E. Thomas Gumbert

Gutzmer Veterinary Service

Rosalie A. Guyer

H.P.I. Products, Inc.

H.T.A. Solutions, Inc.

Mike A. and Cathy Habermehl

Randy L. and Karen A. Haffey

Synthia Haggard

Halbert Jewelers, Inc.

Hall Abstract & Title Company

Stan and Doris Hall

Jarrel L. and Dixie L. Ham

Dakota Hamilton

Lonnie W. and Alisia Hamilton

Mark Hamilton

Steve and Marcy Hamilton

Ann Hamlet

Ken and Sandra M. Hamlin

Ashlie J. Hammond

Justina F. Hammond

Mike and Robin R. Hammond

William R. Hammond

Reza and Dianna Hamzaee

Walter L. and Pamela Hanabury

Gregory R. and Mary A. Hand

Mary A. Hand

Therese Hand

Denise Handy

Mitchell R. and Heather Haney

Mark Hanna

Mark and Vicki Hargens

Monica A. Hargens

Glen A. Harmon

Betsy L. Harness

Larry D. Harness

James and Jennifer Harrington

Michael P. and Georgian M. Harris

Harris, McCausland & Schmitt, P.C.

Harshman Machine & Tool Co.

Mark Harshman

Forrest and Patricia Hartenbower

Bonnie L. Hartigan

Steven R. and Carol A. Hartley

John M. and Warrenetta R. Harvey

Robert S. and Jackie Harvey

Hastings Book Music Video

E. and S. Hatteberg

Richard G. and Lee A. Hatten

Robert D. and Donna M. Haupts

Daniel P. and Judith E. Hausman

LeRoy and Gladise T. Hausman

James J. and Cindy Hausman

Larry and Sheryl L. Hausman

Hausman Metal Works & Roofing, Inc.

E. Robert Hautzenroeder

Randy Hawkins

Michael and Carolyn L. Hayes

George W. Hayward

Tom R. and Jane P. Hayward

Gary and Marcia Hazelrigg

Heartland Foundation

Heartland Health

Heaton-Bowman-Smith &

Sidenfaden Chapel

Daniel J. and Carol J. Heckman Sr.

Daniel J. and Jill S. Heckman II

Rodney E. and Pam Heckman

Tyson and Denice Hector

Amelia L. Hees

Cort R. and Tracee Hegarty

Donald J. and Joan Hegeman

Robert L. and Beth Heimbaugh

Eddie R. Helsel

Richard D. and Nikki Helt

Edmond G. Hendrix

John J. Henke

Edward J. and Susan J. Hennessy

Ann H. Hensel

Bennie L. Hensley

Daniel and Katherine Henson

Herbert Construction Company

Elanda I. Herman

Kristy Hernandez

Leone and Mary Herring

Gerard L. Hershewe

Hertz Corporation

Herzog Contracting Company

Randy and Mary L. Herzog

Gerald P. and Mary F. Hesse

Maurice E. and Patricia Hesson

Rob and Maryln Hicklin

John A. and Joan Hickman

Melanie J. Hickok

Leila D. and Carroll C. Hicks

Erica H. Hidritch

Chris and Elizabeth B. Hildebrandt

Joshua B. and Jenny L. Hill

Joan Hill

Kristy M. Hill

Hiller Family Foundation

Ralph A. and Norma Hiller

Hillyard Industries, Inc.

Hillyard, Inc.

Patrick Hinchey

J. Tim and Kimberly Hinckley

Stena A. Hinkle

Jeffrey and Kayla Hinton

Adam and Lynn D. Hirst

Gottfried M. and Dawn M. Hirter

Joe Hochard

Terry and Julie L. Hochenauer

Landon S. Hoecker

Larry L. and Sandra Hoecker

Kimberly A. Hoefer

Lawrence and Rosemary L. Hoffmann

Hofheimer Charitable Trust

Shirley J. Hogan

Lane and Gay Holcomb

Michael J. and Jennifer Holden

Joseph R. Holder

Timothy Holian and Alicia De Gregorio

Barbara E. Holland

Jeffrey A. and Barbara Holland

Marlan and Pamela K. Hollars

Michael S. and Jody Hollingsworth

Bruce D. Hollowell

Michael P. Holman

Phillip A. Holmes

John A. and Diane Holtz

HomeSmartz Mortgage, Inc.

Hoof & Horn Steak House

Neal G. and Diane K. Hook

George T. and Wanda F. Hopkins

Jason M. and Tara L. Horn

David T. and Heidi H. Hornaday

John W. and Debbie Hoselton

Philip W. and Ronda Houghton

Robert W. and Carol Housh

Kelly and Rita J. Houston

Michael and Judith A. Hovey

David and Kathleen D. Howard

Gene K. and Harriet Hower

J. Douglas and Ann Hoy

Verlin Huett

Douglas and Michele M. Huff

Frank and Marcia K. Hughes

Stuart W. and Chrissy Hughes

Rick Yount and Marjorie J.


Martha J. Huitt

Kenneth L. Hulse

Guy and Ann E. Humphreys

Daniel P. and Mechele D. Humphreys

Marilyn D. Hunt

Lucy L. Hunter

Olga Hunter

Denny and Renee Hurd

William J. and Pam Hurley

Trevor D. and Sheila L. Huseman

John S. and Diane Hutton

Hy-Vee, Inc.

I.K.O.N. Office Solutions

Reed Kline and Glenda Ide

Roger and Debby Ideker

Herbert C. and Peggy C. Iffert

Jim and Rosalie Ingle

Innovation Station, L.L.C.

Michael A. and Nancy Insco

Dawn A. Izgarjan

J. & L. Drywall Supplies, Inc

J. W. McGlade Masonry Contrct.

David W. and Dana Jackson

Eleanor W. Jackson

Albert and Jennifer J. Jackson

Troy and Karen Jackson

Jay and Linda L. Jackson

Greg and Sherry L. Jackson

Stephen D. Jackson

Michael and Theresa L. Jackson

Steve and Cynthia S. Kiley

Julie A. Jacobs

William and Kimberly K. Jacobs

John and Bonnie Jakylovich

John and Cheryl Jarrett

Jack L. Jeffers

James D. and Frances M. Jeffers

James F. and Nancy Jenkins

Brandon W. and Christina R. Jennings

Jerry Myers Shelter Insurance

Kamala Clark and Catharine M.


Jack and Sherry Jewett

William and Lucille Jewett

Jewish Community Endowment

Jim Ingle Construction, Inc.

Jim Walters Construction Co.

Joe Edward Ripple Family Trust

Judith A. John

John S. Logan Foundation

Clark and Brenda Johnson

Clark A. Johnson

Johnson Controls, Inc.

Deborah Johnson

Dennis E. and Debra E. Johnson

Jacquelyn A. Johnson

Linda L. Johnson

Lonnie Johnson

Martin A. and Leslie Johnson

Michael R. Johnson

Sidney B. and Jean Johnson

Thomas P. and Penny Johnson

Brea R. Jones

Bryan L. and Becky M. Jones

Darrell R. and Tammie Jones

James M. Jones

Jason and Kendy S. Jones

Leo and Carol Jones

Robert E. Jones

Robert H. Jones

Kurtis R. and Jacqueline Jordan

John D. and Jennifer Josendale

Weldon C. and Linda C. Judah

Junior League of St. Joseph

William P. and Nancy L. Junk

Nadyne E. Justin

Jeffrey A. Kalcic

Thomas E. and Eleanor Kalin

Robert and Gladys Kampen

Nichole R. Karr

Greg A. Kastner

Katherine's Distinctive Gifts

Robert F. Keatley

Robert W. and Barbara Keener

Josh and Kim Keister

Lee R. and Donna D. Keith

Jeannine Keith

Robert L. and Sandra C. Kellas

Daniel F. and Jennifer Kellogg

Robert O. and Paulette Kellogg

Evelyn Kelmel

Craig E. and Patricia Kelsey

Krystal J. Kemp

Kari J. Kemper

Ken Smith Autobody, L.L.C.

Heather M. Kendall

Ceressa K. Kent

Linda C. Kerner

Kevin R. Kerns

Roxanna L. Kerns

James and Charlaine F. Key

Tom and Denise Kiehnhoff

Kevin M. Kilroy

Gary and Gail E. Kincaid

Jeffrey L. and Marie A. King

Keeran E. and Norma King

David S. Kingsley

Glen and Sue Kinkade

Gayanna L. Kinkade-Bohlmeyer

Kevin K. and Nancy E. Kirby

Ellen Kisker

John and Pamela D. Klaus

Robert and Glenda Klostermeyer

Melissa A. Klukvin

Elden J. Kneib

Shawn G. and Kyla M. Kobzej

Kyle T. and Jennifer J. Koch

Larry J. and Marcy Koch

Steve and Ann Koenig

Kurt Kohler

Daniel J. and Kathy Kolega

Keith and Milenda L. Konicy

Ronald S. and Charla Koozer

Larry and Sharon G. Kosek

Mike O. and Kathryn Kostroske

Rebecca Kovac

Steve Kraft

Theodore and Elaine Kranitz

Lowell and Leslie Kruse

Michael and Heather L. Kuehnle

Michael P. and Deborah Kunz

Barbara La Bass

La Dolce Vita

Timothy J. and Victoria LaBerge

Lake Road Warehouse Co.

Jennifer Lamar

William R. and Elizabeth Lamborn

Bonnie Lance

Steven D. and Virginia A. Landt

Kevin and Deb Lange

Karen S. Langlais

Lanham Music

Richard D. and Sherry Larkam

Bradley C. and Jessica A. Lau

Charles A. and Mary E. Lau

Gerald R. and Kathryn Lau

Carol J. Laurent

Lawhon Construction Company

Geraldine Lawhon

Mark E. and Bobby Kay Lawhon

Timothy W. and Roxanna M. Lawing

Lawns Unlimited, Inc.

Chadler L. Lawnsdail

Milton K. and Lorna J. Lawrence

Timothy M. Lawrence

Maurice and Bonnie S. Lawson

Caroline S. Lawson

Larry L. and Catherine L. Lawson

Buddy and Cleo A. Cope

Janet Leachman

Leaders Without Limits, L.L.C.

Leah Spratt Charitable Trust

Anna Leahy

Rick J. and Murla K. Leahy

Leaverton Auto Supply

Lee Grover Construction Company

Kenneth W. and Maribeth Lee

Robert E. Lee

Jeremy A. Leer

Lehr Construction

James A. and Suzanne Lehr

Peggy A. Leland

Tom Lemmon

Frank A. and Peggy Leone

Chuck J. Leupold

Jerry and Jacqueline Lewin

Richard and Jean L. Lewin

Gary M. and Kathy M. Lewis

Gregory S. Lewis

Marc A. and Allison Lewis

Paul A. and Marsha M. Lewis

Wilton and Trudy Lewis

Denise R. Lika

Darrell E. and Frances Lile

Liles, Davison, Tieman & Goins, L.L.C.

Kevin Lilly

Vernelle I. Linch

Mark S. Lindensmith

Mark and Michele Linder

Sherry L. Lindley

Robert W. Linebach

Katherine E. Linebaugh

John J. and Connie Linville

Lioness Club

Lions Club Of St Joseph

Phillip A. Lipira

William A. and Debra Lipira

John J. and Nina L. Little

Anna L. Litvak

Colleen F. Litvak

Kara B. Llafet

Richard and Hedy L. Loehnig

Jerry L. and Christine A. Logston

Geneva M. Long

John Long

Robert L. Long

William S. and Christine M. Long

Steven C. and Jacqueline L. Looney

Michael S. Lord

Steven P. and Jeanette Lorimor

Jerry and Joyce M. Loughrige

James Q. and Sabrina M. Lovejoy

Bruce L. and Diane Loveless

Bill R. and Lida K. Lowe

Allan H. and Enid H. Lowenberg

Lowenberg Charitable Trust

Anthony J. and Karen Luke

John J. and Barbara A. Lutz

Marcia S. Lynch

James H. and Kari J. Maag

Mark E. and Janann R. Mabe

James and Teresa MacGregor

Rebecca J. Mackoy

Rex and Alberta Malson

Donald R. and Brenda M. Manville

Rick Markham

Keith and Marjorie Marquart

Spencer Marquette

Donna J. Marr

Steven J. and Lu Marr

Glenn and Carol M. Marsh

David B. Marshall

Paul L. and Mona K. Marshall

Steven T. and Sheri Marshall

Jean A. Marsola

Edward and Margaret Marteny

James T. and Debra S. Martin

Douglas W. Martin

Nancy S. Martin

Randy and Jayne Martin

Mary Boder Trust

Eric W. Mason

Gregory D. and Carla Mason

Barry A. Maulden

Barbara A. Maxwell

Harold T. and Garnet R. Maxwell

Marilyn E. Maxwell

Nancy L. Mayes

Kaylon and Amy M. Mayfield

Joseph F. and Imogene G. Mazur

Martin F. Mazur

Brad McAnally

Pedro and Christina M. McCabe

Donald and Angela D. McCamy

Mary A. McCarthy

Howard and Beth McCauley

Ronnie G. and Eilean McCauley

Larry and Christa T. McCay

Scott McClanahan

Evelyn McClure

Russel and Barbara M. McCormick

Francis P. McCormick

Thomas W. and Rona McCoy

M. L. and Suzanne McCrea

Rene L. McCrary

Leona P. McDaniel

Thomas W. McDaniel

Eleanor T. McDonald

Shane and Jennifer L. McDonald

Mark F. and Debra J. McDonald

Wallace and Margaret W. McDonald

Eric A. McDowell

Hervey A. and Thea M. McGaugh

McGinley Electric

Shane M. and Rebecca C. McGinnis

Shawn and Jenifer L. McGowan

McIntosh Law Firm, P.C. 13


Vance M. and Sharon McIntosh

Larry J. and Flora McKahan

Dennis and Freda M. McKittrick

Rick J. and Theresa McKnight

John J. and Maria McLaughlin

Patrick E. McLear

Bruce S. McMillan

James J. and Gail McMillen

William I. and Judith A. McMurray

David O. and Carol Meade

Cynthia A. Means

Glen W. Mears

Christopher M. Meek

Mary J. Mehl

Meierhoffer Family Funeral Service

Michael and Ronda Meierhoffer

Kurt and April R. Meighen

Merry Maids

Siavash N. and Susan Meshkat

Rickey V. and Deborah S. Messa

Messick Charitable Trust

Robert B. and Jeanne R. Meyer

Casey and Carol Meyers

Richard L. and Lisa Michaelis

Todd Mick

Vern and Darlene Middleton

Tim J. and Rachel Miejan

J. Mark Mikkelsen

Richard and Cheri C. Miles

Miljavac Electrical Corporation

John Miljavac

Gerald L. Miller

Jill A. Miller

Miller Marketing, Inc.

David and Michelle R. Miller

Danny and Pamela A. Miller

Patsy L. Miller

Theodore Miller III

Kevin and Shelli R. Mills

Charla M. Milne

Douglas and Marjorie M. Minnis

Dennis R. and Willa Minschke

Kendell G. Misemer

Missouri Air National Guard

Missouri American Water Co.

Missouri Cotton Exchange

Missouri State High School

Activities Assoc

MWSC Drum Club

Joseph Mistek

Michael R. and Elizabeth J. Mitchell

Randall E. and Maureen K. Mitchem

MO. Auto Dealers Exchange

Modern Improvement LLC

Jerry J. and Sandra L. Mogg

Moila Ladies Golf Assocation

Jaron F. Montemayor

Lynette Montgomery

David and Ireene P. Mooney

William R. and Ruth E. Mooney

Steven R. and Jodi Moore

Virgil W. and Susan Moore

Gary L. and Joyce M. Moppin

Wayne L. and Evelyn L. Morgan

Ray Hawman and

Mary J. Morgan-Hawman

Melissa Morris

Larry and Cherryl Morrow

Morton, Reed, Counts & Briggs

Janet Moser

Joan Moskowitz

Carlos E. and Carol A. Moya

James P. and Edna Muehlbach

Conni S. Muff

Charles and Carol P. Mullican

Julia K. Mullican

Carl P. and Judy Mullins

John L. and Karin Murawski

Ron Murawski

James A. and Jeanne M. Murphy

Timothy P. Murphy

Joseph M. Murray

Larry Muse

MWSC Alumni Association

William P. and Roseanne S. Mytton

Patrick C. and Alana K. Nash

W Scott and LeAnn M. Neal Reilly

Erik and Kristine Nedblake

Gerald W. and Sharon I. Neibling

Michael Nellestein

Marvin R. and Marilyn L. Nelson

Philip J. and Mary F. Nelson

Scott A. and Pam Nelson

Julie J. Ness Ford

Ron Nester

Nestle Purina PetCare Company

Nestle Purina Product

Technology Center

James R. and Shirley A. Neumann

Lester Newberry

David L. and Ann Newman

Kenney and Bunny Newville

John W. Nichols

Kathryn E. Nichols

Ivan R. and Dorothy Nicholson

Michael L. Nicholson

Dan J. and Linda K. Nicoson

Ruth A. Niehuss

Elden and Pamela C. Ninemire

Jimmie R. and Frederica A. Nix

Nodaway Valley Bank

Thomas L. Noeth

Judy A. Noland

Richard A. and Donna Nolf

Reginald and Aija I. Norbergs

Norm's Trucking

Norma J. Kenny Trust B

Northwest Financial

Robert R. and Laura Norton

Evan and Elaine Noynaert

Phillip and Kathy J. Null

Bradley T. Nurski

NW Council International

Reading Assoc

Gerald F. and Carolyn O'Brien

Bill and Kim A. O'Brien

Thomas L. and Cindy O'Brien

Paul M. and Pamela J. O'Connor

Karla G. O'Leary

O'Malley Beverage, Inc.

P. F. and Margaret H. O'Malley

Daniel K. and Debbi O'Rourke

Maureen P. O'Rourke

William Oberle

Tom and Cindy O’brien

Ryan P. and Aimee R. Oelke

Gilbert R. and Norma Ohlson

Merle Olberding

Ronald J. and Peggy Olinger

Marjorie E. Olson

One Call Concrete

Vera M. Onkoba

Richard A. Optican

Optimist Club Of St. Joseph

Robert and Kathy Orf

Rob and Kristine R. Ostdiek

Charles D. and Judy K. Ousley

Phil W. and Brenda S. Oxley

Jon and Amanda J. Ozenberger

Larry and Dixie B. Ozenberger

P. And J. Enterprises

John Packwood

Thomas Pankiewicz

Gary K. Parker

Terry W. and JoAnn Parker

Eddie L. and Elaine B. Parks

Irvin and Joan Parmenter

Parnell Investments, Inc.

Krikor and Kaynoosh Partamian

Alecia R. Partridge

Gerald and Linda Partridge

Jerry E. and Pam Partridge

Ronald and Linda Patterson

Joy J. Pattin

Bill R. and Sharon S. Patton

Jean Pawlowski

Beverly A. Payne

Mark and Peggy Payne

Karley R. Pearl

Pied Piper Children's Used Books

William H. and Mary A. Penniston

Pepsi Americas

Larry D. and Jody Peregrine

Performance Plus Rehabilitation

Center, L.L.C.

Robert and Marcia Permut

Elston R. Perry

James M. and Linda Perry

Donald R. and Audrey L. Petersen

Donald and Joan P. Peterson

Don E. and Shirley Phillips

Melissa J. Phillips

Phoenix Urology Of St. Joseph, Inc.

Germain E. and Shannon L. Pickman

Lisa Pierce

David and Jeanne Pierson

Nancy L. Pilgram

Shirley Pine

David L. Pingel

Steve and Jeannie Pitluck

Michael Pittman

Theresa M. Platt

Jeff Poet

Karen S. Pogge

Robert M. and Rebecca D. Poland

Pony Express Baseball

Jeffery L. and Gail Post

Reynolds Potter and Sharon Mueller

Marvin and Theresa Powell

Wilbur and Mary Powell

Katie L. Power

Pamela S. Power

Tim N. and Angela G. Prawl

Janice Pray

Preferred Title of St. Joseph, L.L.C.

Ray E. Prescher

Terry L. Pritchett

Kimberly M. Prosak

Prudential Summers Realtors

Rhonda L. Puffer

David and Tegwin D. Pulley

Alfred L. and Annie Purcell

Quin & Co.

Thomas E. and Sharon Rachow

Charlene Rainey

Ramada Inn

Zachary D. and Erin Ramsay

Glenn and Lucile G. Randleman

Randy Reed Chevrolet, L.L.C.

Cris and Kim Ray

Gary L. and Linda Redden

David H. Redford

Dolores E. Reeder

Kyle R. and Cindy F. Reeder

William L. and Connie Rehm

Marvin A. Reid

Paul and Brenda Reilly

James H. and Sharon Reinert

Dawn M. Remsburg

Larry T. Reno

Marilyn J. Reno

Melissa S. Rewinkel

Charles and Carol Reynolds

David L. Reynolds

David and Denise Reynolds

Rhein-Mosel, L.L.C.

Bill and Kathryn J. Rhoad

Paul R. and Vickie L. M. Rhoads

Susan M. Rhodes

Richard L. Sawyers Trust

Jack and Linda S. Richie

George S. Richmond

Robert L. and Laurie Ricklefs

Earl W. and Etta K. Riddle

Randy C. and Lynette Riley

Vera Riley

James A. and Ann Ringer

Leonard D. and Juanita Risker

Michael R. and Michelle L. Ritter

Melody A. Ritzer

River Bluff Architects

Bob and Charlotte Roach

David A. Robaska

Gordon and June L. Robaska

Patrick K. and Carol A. Robb

Harry A. and Cynthia Roberts

James W. Roberts

Jeremy K. and Alisha Roberts

Mickey L. and Hollis C. Roberts

Richard F. and Judith T. Roberts

Roberts Roofing Co. Inc.

Randy and Pamela R. Robertson

Thomas L. Robertson

Jewell K. and Sue G. Robinson

Regina Robles

Louanne Robreau

Juan C. Rocha

Richard A. and Joyce Rochambeau

James E. and Carol Roever

Marion and Bonny L. Rogers

Dennis G. and Susan Rogers

Marcia D. Rogers

Tracy J. Rogers

Roger A. and Lee R. Rohrer

Kenneth L. and Janet K. Rosenauer

Robert R. Rosenthal

David W. Ross

Jean and Ruth Ross

George W. Roth

Robert W. and Susan F. Roth

Taira M. Roth

Stephanie Roueche

R. R. and Vicki L. Rowland

Judy K. Ruark

C. Edner and Bonnie Rudolph

Runcie Club

Jackie Runyan

Rupp Funeral Home

Wayne and Sandra J. Ruppert

Joyce C. Rush

John and Barbara L. Rushin

Judith Sabbert-Muck

Charles and Margaret C. Salanski

H. Allen Salsbury

Robert and Victoria R. Sample

Carol D. Sanders

Gene and Madeleine B. Sanders

Sansone Floral

Sara Lee Foods

Ralph Sauceda

Wayne and Kenda L. Saunders

Rodney C. and Alicia Saunders

Savannah Marine

Fred A. and Elizabeth L. Sawin

Lee and Toni J. Sawyer

James J. and Lauren Scanlon

Scape-Rite Landscaping

Marielle Scarborough

Orval and Viola M. Schafer

Schaller Paint & Wallpaper

Tyson R. and Kimberly A. Schank

Ralph E. and Lisa E. Schank

Kimberly A. Schiermeyer

Kevin and Gail Schinze

John and Sheryl C. Schlange

Max E. Schlesinger

Wheeler and ElDora C. Schmidt

Gerald C. and Julie J. Schmitt

Leo H. and Mary A. Schmitz

Mary E. Schmitz

Lee and Susan L. Schmitz

Lee T. and Nina Schneider

Thomas E. and Julia L. Schneider

Vicki L. Schneider

Scott and Shelly A. Schoeneck

Elizabeth C. Schoenlaub

Vicki S. Schoof

Pete and Sherrilyn Schottel

Steve and Rhonda Schram

William M. and Margaret B. Schreiber

Cory and Mandee Schrick

Brad and Alison J. Schultz

Stuart B. and Sheila D. Schultz

Lee R. and Judith W. Schuster

Rick and Shirley A. Schwab

Richard M. and Anna Schwarz

Thomas L. and Carol Schwarz

Mary R. Scott

Dwight and Deborah Scroggins

Mark and Nicola Sears

Emil and Sheridan Sechter

Lisa M. Seiberling

Lewis and Sara Seiter

William B. and Heather J. Seiter

Annette Seitz

Ronald J. and Carolyn Sellmeyer

Rickey J. and Janet Shackelford

Shamrad Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Paul and Laura Shang

Robert L. and Myriam Shell

Betty A. Shelton

Sheridan's Frozen Custard

Gary G. and Cartha Sherman

Charles and Brenda Shields

Shinneman Management Inc

Linda S. Shireman

Shopper Max

Show-Me State Vacations, L.L.C.

Karen V. Shroyer

Shughart, Thomson, Kilroy,

Watkins & Boulware

Charles R. and Mary E. Shuman

Ellis L. and Sharon Shutts

Phillip L. and Mary L. Sifers

Robert D. and Kimberly D. Sigrist

Donald N. Silcott

Silgan Manufacturing Corp

Matthew S. and Deborah Silvius

Harold and Crystie Simpson

Robert L. and Kay Simpson

Teena R. Sims

Chuck W. and Judie L. Sinclair

Larry L. and Sarah Singer

Carrie S. Sisk

Janel Sisson

Glen and Mildred Sites

Derek and Tracie A. Skaggs

Skyline Builders 46

David M. Slater

Robert L. and Charlene R. Slater

Allan R. and Cynthia A. Slavin

Ronald E. and Joyce W. Slayden

Todd M. and Judy M. Small

Gary D. and Donna B. Smiley

Charles W. and Shirley F. Smith

Gary C. and Rhonda M. Smith

Gary R. and Deborah M. Smith

Carl and Janet S. Smith

Michael R. and Kristine L. Smith

Lyle and Fredda M. Smith

Ron and Jill Smith

Ronald A. Smith

Rosalia Smith

Ruth B. Smith

Shawn W. Smith

Harold and Susan L. Smith

Thomas J. and Patsy S. Smith

Smith Vending Company

John and Sheryl A. Coghlan

Snorkel International

Eric and Christine Sollars

Renee L. Sommer

Daniel J. and Jennie R. Sommers

Sonic Restaurants, Inc.

Sonlan Restaurant Corp

David and Peggy D. Sparks

Spirit-Miller Trucking, L.L.C.

Sports City

Gerald R. and Barbara Sprong

Sean St John

St Joseph Riverboat Partners

St. Joe Brick Inc

St. Joe Building & Trades Council

St. Joe Distributing

St. Joe Harley-Davidson

St. Joe Petroleum

St. Joseph Agri Services Inc

St. Joseph Beverage

St. Joseph Cablevision

St. Joseph Chamber Of Commerce

St. Joseph Electric

Supply Company, Inc.

St. Joseph Museum

St. Joseph News Press & Gazette

St. Joseph Plumbing, Heating &

Cooling, Inc.

St. Joseph Public Library

St. Joseph Saints

St. Joseph School District

Donald J. and Loah L. Stallard

Stuart M. Standeven

John O. and Kathleen Stanley

John S. Stanley

Marilyn Stanley

Eleanor M. Stark

Alex K. and Sandy Starke

Eric D. Starkey

Dorothy A. Starnes

Merrill M. Steeb

Lauren M. Stehle

David V. Steiniche

Michael J. and Cecelia M. Sten

Howard Sterling

Edward M. Stevens

Stevens Family Pharmacy, Inc.

Stephen W. Stilwell

Robin Stimac

Mary A. Stinson

Sue Stinson

Jonathan and Carol Stobaugh

Ryan P. Stobaugh

Larry R. and Joyce D. Stobbs

Janice A. Stockbauer

Valorie A. Stokes

Stoney Creek Inn & Conference Center

David M. and Beverly A. Stouffer

Thomas and Danette Strandell

Jody D. Strauch

Jerry A. Strong

Bruce and Margit C. Strong

Lynette Strough

Kelley Stuck

Winifred Studer

Randall and Susan J. Stuedle

Herman Sturdivant and

Adrienne N. Sturdivant-Miller

Donnie and Cheryl J. Stuver

Gregory B. and Debbie Summers

James Summers III

James F. and Linda Summers

Pamela S. Sumner

Janice Supple

Terry Supple

Paul and Linda K. Sweetgall

Jeremy G. and Christine M. Swenson

Marlin G. and Terri L. Swopes

Darlene Sybert

T. & S. Cleaners

Byron F. and Cindy Taber

Francis M. Taggart

Dave A. and Jill E. Takes

John E. Tapia and Denise A. Bartles-Tapia

George and Beverly A. Taylor

Jack and Laura F. Taylor

Taylor Made Lawns

Ronald W. and Suzan Taylor

John D. and Gene Teeter

Fritz and Cindy M. Teich

Terribles St. Jo Frontier Casino

Randal and Terri L. Teschner

Roy L. and Lana Tewell

The Thanksgiving Fund

Kendal L. Tharp

Arend W. and Virginia Thedinga

Robert L. and Marcie Thedinger

Martial and Guylaine D. Thevenot

Austin K. and Rhoma Thomas

Jerene E. Thomas

John and Gloria Thomas

Nate and Joyce E. Thomas

Randy S. and Pamela Thomas

Richard and Rosalie Thomas

Dennis P. and Sherry Thompson

James M. and Kathy Thompson

Jim L. and Jo E. Thompson

Roger F. and Judith A. Thompson

Ruby G. Thompson

Creath and Ann Thorne

Staci L. Thornton

Matthew M. and Ashley R. Thrasher

Matt Thrasher

Joe M. Tillison

Tilton Thomas and Morgan, Inc.

Bryan J. and Kristina M. Timmermeyer

Todd's Tire Service

Bette L. Tolbert

Tom Lemmon Insurance Agency, L.L.C.

Ada Tourbier

Gary E. Turbak

David and Jennifer A. Turner

Marie Turner

Nellie M. Turner

David Tushaus

Fred and Carole K. Tuttle

Russ and Kim Uhing

UMB Bank

Jim and Lisa A. Umphrey

Uncle D's Sports Bar and Grill

Union Pacific Corporation

United Electric Cooperative, Inc.

United Pharmacal Company, Inc.

United Way

Roger and Donna Unruh

Myron L. and Constance S. Unzicker

Brian and Teresa Urwiller

US Bank

James L. and Lois J. Ussary

Mike and Lori Van Maanen

Christopher J. and Sarah E. Van Ness

Van Vickle Monuments, Inc.

Van-Am Tool & Eng., Inc.

Benjamin B. Vanderau

Michael A. and Lori A. VanMaanen

Scot W. and Theresa VanMeter

Varco-Pruden Buildings

Michael S. and Joan K. Varner

Mike R. Velder

Gregory A. and Joleen VerMulm

Vertex Engineering &

Utility Services, Inc.

Whitney P. Vessar

Don and Sharon Vestal

Michael and Kristy A. Vetter

Terry L. and Sonya Vickers

John A. and Patricia View III

Joseph C. Vigliaturo

Lawrence D. and Adrienne D. Vilaubi

Chad A. Vincent

Ben O. and Katherine Vineyard

Karl and Amy G. Vohl

Donald R. and Carole J. Vollintine

W. Fairleigh Enright Charitable Trust

Bryan Fite and Emily E. Waddell-Fite

Daniel L. and Bonnie J. Wagner

Jeff and Katie Wagner

Susan Z. Wagner

Irvin H. and Patricia Wahlenmaier

Ron and Elizabeth Wahlert

Keith and Deborah Walden

Jamie M. and Nora Waldren

John J. and Jean Waldron

Robert V. and Mary Waldrop

Michael K. Walker

Thelma L. Walkup

Steven G. and Theresa M. Walkup

Kevin L. Wall

John and Carolyn Wallace

Jeffrey L. and Lori Wallace

Jered E. and Angela Wallace

John F. and Kathryn B. Wallace

David and Jill A. Waller

Hong and Yijun Wang

Rodney and Lorraine M. Ward

Arthur R. and Ellen Warner

Steve Warner

Tracey L. Watkin

Thomas and Mary L. Watkins

Hansen and Sheralyn J. Watkins

Diane M. Watson

John and Colleen Watson

Carl D. and Janet S. Watts

Kenny Robertson and Sheila K.


Joel and Ashley M. Weaver

Jim and Debra L. Webb

Letticia C. Webb

Edward and L. Jean Weber

James L. Weber III

Jean Weber

Timothy J. and Kimberly K. Weddle

Terry and Kathryn Wedgeworth

Jon T. and Kimberly E. Weeks

Linda S. Weitlich

Richard W. Weitlich

Chadduck D. and Kelly M. Welch

Carissa J. Wells

Joey and Tina Wells

Robert L. and Debra J. Wells

Clareece West

Regonald and Dawn M. West

William E. and Judith C. West

Western VIPs

John E. Westpheling

Beth M. Wheeler

Lewis and Constance S. Wheeler

John and Peggy S. Wheeler

Quintz B. and Julie K. Whitaker

Bo and Frances D. White

Carl and Karen S. White

Steven N. and Mary P. Whiteside

Linda J. Whitford

Steven D. and Cynthia J. Whitlock

John and Kay Whitsell

Wiedmaier, Inc.

Thomas W. and Patricia Wieligman

Chris Wigger

Ed and Connie Wildberger

Wiley's Lounge

Beth Williams

Eldon and Lola Williams

Joseph C. and Karen F. Williams

Kelly and Randye Williams

Scott E. and Susan C. Williams

Tony Williams

Donald and Jamie Willis

Monty and Marcella D. Wilroy

George H. and Barbara Wilson

Wayne E. and Janice S. Wilson

Tommy and Nicole L. Wilson

Richard S. and Lavon L. Wilson

Bruce P. and Amy M. Windoffer

Wineinger Insurance

Scott and Paula A. Wineinger

David L. Winslow

William and Diana Winston

Walter and Joyce Winston

Donald H. and Diane K. Wintz

Wire Rope Corporation

Elizabeth J. Wise

Terry L. and Linda F. Witte

Richard M. Wolfe

Rudolph and Nannette Wolford

Richard D. Wollenschlager

Al and Mary C. Wolters

Andy and Norma Wood

Cheryl A. Wood

Dixie Wood

Garrett L. Wood

Gaylan and Nigel K. Wood

Del and Kerry K. Wood

Woods & Bruce Electric Co.

Daniel I. Woody

Larry Workman

Zack D. and Mary Workman

Gordon and Martina J. Worman

Steve and Josephine A. Worth

Michael D. and Allene Wright

Robert and Shirley J. Wright

Steve D. and Barbara E. Wurtzler

Martin and Ruth Wusk

Dorothy L. Wylie

Junping Yang

Cindy Yates

Yellow Book U.S.A.

Travis S. and Annette M. Young

Kevin M. and Cheryl Young

Michael J. Young

Kevin L. and Mindie Young

Ralph B. and Janice A. Young

Young Men's Christian Association

Young Women's Christian Association

Oland J. and Judy K. Younger

Larry E. and Mary Yowell

Marcia L. Zanko

Kara L. Zeit

Michael Zeorlin

Zeredatha Lodge No. 189

Sherry Zhou

Adam M. and Kathryn M. Ziesel

Mike and Patricia Ziesel

Rod and Michelle Zimbelman

Charles and Bobbi Zimmerman

Jeff C. Zimmerman

Patricia A. Zurowski

Steven P. and Brenda R. Zwaschka

Gerald L. and Sandra A. Zweerink


In Honor of … In Memory of …

Jerry Anderson

Ralph B. and Janice A. Young

Jean Conner

Sue Stinson

Betty A. Shelton

Frances Flanagan

Louanne Robreau

Lindsay Fowler

Jeannine Keith

Kevin and Joyce A. Fowler

GED Students who attend


James F. and Roxanna Dale

Aubrey Elizabeth Hall

Dale and Linda Mohling

Scott Kilgore, Darren Verbick,

Mark Linder, &

Mr. & Mrs. Neely

Charles N. and Pamela S. Brock III

Ellen Kisker, Dixie Ham, &

Peggy Iffert

Keeran E. and Norma King

Dr. Janet Murphy McCarthy

Gerald R. and Barbara Sprong

Dr. Krikor Partamian

Kaynoosh Partamian

Jeannie Pitluck & Ellen Kisker

William A. and Priscilla S. Carpenter

Jeannie Pitluck

Thomas and Mary L. Watkins

Carol Roever

Mel J. and Jo Eyberg

Dr. & Mrs. James Scanlon

Alberta Malson

Dr. James Scanlon

Stan F. and Doris C. Hall

The Schnoors

Dale and Linda Mohling

When a gift is made in memory or in honor of an

individual, the family is notified. The gift is

administered as specified by the contributor.

Undesignated gifts are used in the areas of

greatest need. For more information on this

type of gift, please contact 816-271-5647.


John Ayers

Richard C. Ayers

Jody Bauman

Jerry and Susan Bauman

Lisa & Tim Bingaman

James and Anna F. Deberry

Frank Birelane

Donald and Paula Schultz

Joe Crnic

Edward G. and Velma Andrisevic

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Adelia Evans

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Clare Reeder Welsh Revocable Trust

Dr. John Raymond Yancey

Frances Meidinger

Ways You Can Make a Difference

There are many ways you can make a

difference through gifts to Western. From

contributions to planned giving, there are

many opportunities for you to get involved.

As a public charitable organization, gifts to

the Missouri Western State University

Foundation are deductible at the highest

limits allowed for federal income or estate

tax purposes.

Cash and Annual Fund Gifts

Cash contributions are the most frequent

charitable gift. Checks should be made

payable to Missouri Western State University

Foundation. The most frequent contributions

are to the Annual Fund.

Gifts of Securities –

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Charitable gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual

funds that have been held for at least one year

and have appreciated offer special tax

advantages. You will receive a tax deduction

for the full market value of the gift, but you

will not have to pay capital gains tax on the

appreciated amount. If you sell depreciated

stock and contribute the proceeds, you will

receive both a tax deduction for the charitable

gift and a deduction for the capital loss.

Gifts of Real Estate

Donations of appreciated homes, and other

real property, are entitled to an income tax

deduction equal to the full value of the

property and no tax on the capital gain. If

debt-free property is donated, the gift is

deductible at the property’s appraised value. It

may even be possible to make your gift of

property now but still maintain the right to use

the property. By making this gift now, rather

than in your will, you can realize an immediate

income tax deduction.

Memorial Gifts

Any gift may be given in memory or honor of

a friend or family member.


Tangible personal property can be given to

support Western. These gifts may be eligible

for a deduction of the item’s fair market value,

if the gift is related to the ”charitable purpose”

of the university. All personal property gifts

must be approved by the Board of Directors

of the Foundation.

Corporate Matching Gifts

A matching gift program provided through

your employer or board membership may

allow you to increase the value of your gift.

Many companies match charitable gifts made

by their employees, retirees or board members.

For More Information

Contact the Missouri Western State University Foundation

4525 Downs Drive, Spratt Hall Rm 111 • St. Joseph, Missouri 64507

(816) 271-5647 • Fax (816) 271-4134 •

Deferred or

Planned Gifts

Deferred gifts help insure Western’s future.

A deferred gift through an estate plan or life

income gift offers you the ability to support

Western but retain the income from those

assets during your lifetime.

Will or Revocable “Living” Trust

A bequest contained in a person’s will or

revocable “living” trust is the most

common form of planned gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This gift allows you to irrevocably place cash,

securities or other property in a trust but keep a

specified income for life. This can be done by

an annuity trust or unitrust.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Western can be named as primary or

contingent beneficiary of a life insurance

policy. Life insurance gifts are simple; just ask

the insurance company for the appropriate

forms to make the Foundation the owner and

beneficiary of a policy. Gifts of a policy are tax

deductible, as are future premium payments.

Gifts of Retirement Plans

Naming Western as a primary or contingent

beneficiary of a retirement plan (i.e. IRA, 401(k))

can benefit both Western and your estate. Your

retirement account’s plan administrator can help

you designate Western as a beneficiary.


Online is


You can make a

gift online using

our secure website.

Just go to

and click on the

“Giving to Western” link.

We accept Visa,

MasterCard, and


This material is not intended as

legal advice. You are advised to

consult your own qualified

professional advisor for specific


Missouri Western State University Foundation

4525 Downs Drive, Spratt Hall Room 111 • St. Joseph, Missouri 64507

Non-Profit Organization



Permit No. 32

St. Joseph, MO 64507

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