THE Reformation
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Introduction – 300 years of Reform

CH2002 – Reformation Church History

1. Myths of “the” Reformation

1.1 For Millions of Protestants

Spiritual liberation

• The end of a corrupt and oppressive rule by a corrupt clergy

• The end of superstition and psychologically burdensome belief

• A return to the pure sources of Christianity, esp. the Bible

• Access to the God’s word on vernacular translations

• A direct relationship to Jesus Christ, bypassing clerical mediators

1.2 Secular supporters

Intellectual liberation

• The beginning of modern individualism – read the Bible by yourself

• Beginning of modern capitalism – prosperity as blessing

• Beginning of modern science – no deference to ancient authorities,

the soil of the enlightenment

• An early bourgeois revolution against feudal aristocracy,

preparing for the revolution of the proletariat

Dieter Mitternacht

Sources: Marshal, Eire

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