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2013 - 2014

More than Goals: Engage your football fans

Football can be followed anywhere on the web. Especially

with the advent of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook,

it is no longer enough to display accurate, fast and reliable

statistics on a football match. It becomes increasingly harder

for media companies to attract fans to their website, because

of the wealth of information that is already out there. Media

companies around the world are always on the lookout

for new, innovative ways to engage sport fans.

More than Goals is the answer, offering football fans a totally

new experience!

Responsive and intuitive interface

In creating More than Goals, Infostrada Sports has invested in

technology and an intuitive interface:


Automatic scaling (responsive) to any device: smartphone,

tablet, laptop or pc.


Intuitive interface which gives a swipe feeling to the user.


Get notified automatically when goals are scored in

matches or even by players you are following.

Customised Design

Since all websites vary in colour schemes and style, it is

important that More than Goals matches this look and feel.

It is possible to customise various parts of More than Goals

to really blend in to your website and make it fully part of the

visitor’s experience.

Infostrada Sports can advise clients on the best look and feel

for More than Goals based their colour preference.

More than Goals Widget

The More than Goals widget drives football fans to the

landing page.


The widget contains basic information of the various

football competitions (live standings, results, rankings)

and invites fans to click through to the More than Goals

landing page for more details.


The widget can easily be published / embedded on any

part of your website.


The widget can be customised to your site’s look and feel.


The widget can be branded by a sponsor.

Focus on a specific nationality

Infostrada Sports understands that true football

fans, who love to follow the latest news of their

favourite club(s), are equally interested in their

national heroes playing in other leagues. That is

why More than Goals is strongly focused on the

achievements of your national players.

New: A ticker banner

informs you continuously

on the performance

of players of your


Engage your football fans before upcoming matches

More than Goals is optimised to maximise the investment

you are making. Football fans will soon discover it is not

only an indispensable source of information during the

live matches, but before as well:


The Euro Club Index rating gives match odds based on

objective criteria.


Compare the recent form, and check out the head-tohead

statistics of both teams.


Experience unique facts & figures service on the

upcoming fixtures.


Check out the expected starting line-up and compare

the key players of both sides.

Analyse completed matches

New: Infostrada

Sports Player Form

Meter (ISPFM) gives

an indication of the

form of a player,

based on the recent

matches he played.

More than Goals also fuels discussions after the match by

giving analytic insights:


Which side has performed best? How have the odds

for the championship shifted because of the last round

of results?

More than Goals takes the rich and deep data of Infostrada

Sports’ unparalleled database and shows it in new ways:


Use Infostrada Sports’ innovative Player Head 2 Head

tool to compare any two players on many different



See how players perform compared to season

averages: are they doing better or worse?


Use our Statistics Centre to see top lists on every

aspect of the game, from the goal keeper with the

highest save percentage to the leader of the European

Golden Shoe (automatically updated after each goal).

Data Package

More than Goals is initially offered as a standard



The basic package of More than Goals contains

statistics on your domestic- competition and cup,

the Top 5 competitions in Europe (England, Spain,

Germany, France and Italy) and the European club

competitions (Champions League, Europa League).


Expand with any number of competitions that are

of interest to your fan base.


You will be alerted when a player of your country

scores in a different league. Match details are

available for any match in which a national player



Experience our social modules: live commentary,

twitter integration and polls.

Monetise and integrate your own content

More than Goals can be fully integrated with your own systems:


Include your own advertising through branding headers,

banners or in the ticker tape.


Let your own news articles flow into the application.


Integrate your own photo and video feeds seamlessly.


Integrate your own Google Analytics code.


Infostrada Sports can offer the More than Goals platform in a Basic

version or in a Premium version (customised for each customer)

for a fixed monthly fee and additional costs for customisation or

we can cooperate together on shared revenue basis.

The last option depends on the traffic, unique visitors and viewers

of the platform from the publisher or broadcaster. It can also

depend on their promotion of More than Goals and investing in

creating revenue streams.

Contact information

Infostrada Sports Offices

The Netherlands (HQ)

Binnenwal 2

3432 GH Nieuwegein

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)30 600 71 71

Email: info@infostradasports.com


Rådhusstræde 3A, st

1466 København


Phone: +45 33 97 97 33

Email: peter.holst@infostradasports.com


Room 413, Heng Xiang Kai Yue Building

2 Xitoudao street, Daoli District

50000 Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Phone: +86 451-51915373

Mobile: +86 186-86848502

Email: info@infostradasports.com



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Email: steve.dettre@infostradasports.com

Phone: +61 408 420 234


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Email: tim.lunn@infostradasports.com

Phone: +44 7967 014 054


Roland Pool

Email: roland.pool@infostradasports.com

Phone: +46 739 40 29 94


Roland Pool

Email: roland.pool@infostradasports.com

Phone: +46 739 40 29 94


Nick Leonard

Email: nick.leonard@infostrada.com

Phone: +41 78 845 24 62

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