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ISSUE 19 (Secondary).cdr - the ABCIS

Issue 19 October 2012 SECONDARY

His Royal Highness

Prince Andrew becomes

COBIS Patron

& the ABCIS joins the

top 6% of all schools in

the world.

Ithought you would all be interested in this news and also thought it

an ideal opportunity to remind you about your school's

membership of one of the most important and prestigious

professional associations for British Schools Abroad.

Trevor Rowell, Chairman, The Council of British International Schools

(COBIS) said:

“The Council of British International Schools is pleased and proud to

announce that The Duke of York, KG has kindly consented to become its

Patron,following the recent retirement of HRH Princess Alexandra,who was

Patron since 2000.

“COBIS is delighted with this generous gesture by His Royal Highness,

whose support of Education and knowledge of international business

development are well known.

“COBIS represents some of the best British schools overseas, located

throughout the world,providing networks and activities for their thousands

of children and staff,and representing their interests to government.British

school education overseas is a highly valued and influential export in a

rapidly expanding global market."

As the only school in Vietnam to have currently

met the stringent entry qualifications

required to join COBIS (The Council of British

International schools), the whole of the ABCIS

community can feel proud of this recognition that has

been given by a member of the British Royal family.

It is well known that Prince Andrew has a love of travel

in South-East Asia and that he continues to do much to

promote commercial links between Vietnam and the

UK. Given this new patronage of COBIS and the fact

that we are the only members in Vietnam, let us all

hope that he will soon be travelling in the region, as it

would be quite in keeping with his character for him to

wish to know more about the work we do in our school.

Membership of COBIS requires all schools to subject

themselves to an inspection protocol for the British

School Overseas (BSO) inspection that is rigorously

monitored by the Department of Education in the UK

and aligns itself with OFSTED standards. These

inspections can only be carried out by one of six

chosen international agencies, of which CfBT (the

Centre for BritishTeaching) is one.The ABCIS is proud

to be working with CfBT and to have forged a long-term

relationship with them to ensure that we meet the very

relationship with them to ensure that we meet the very

highest educational standards. Recent statistical

feedback to us from the Centre for Evaluation and

Monitoring based at Durham University shows that the

ABC International School has over the last three

years consistently afforded its' pupils levels of value

added attainment that place it in the top 6% of all

schools world-wide.

There is much here for all of us to be proud of; so I do

hope that you will feel able to take time to praise your

children,to join me in thanking my colleagues,but also

to inflate your own chests with a rightful sense of pride.

Gary D. Benfield


- - - - - - – - - - - - -

Introducing the Student

Heads of School

Mariel, Y13C

Head of School

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Xin Chao, Mabuhay and Hello.


ight years, one month and one week - that is the time that I have spent here at The ABC International

School. When I first enrolled, there was a small Secondary School, no swimming pool and classes only

ranged from 15-20 and now, undeniably, we have expanded and grown in size. Watching the school grow

firsthand was amazing and throughout that time, the school has offered so much to me, in ways that I would

never have experienced elsewhere. The school gave me the opportunity to grow in a competitive

environment that enabled me to excel in various ways and to have endured tasks that challenged my

abilities. Being a part of such a diverse community also gave me the chance to have met amazing individuals

who I know I will keep for life. Saying goodbye will no doubt be bittersweet but as it is my final year, my

appreciation starts with a simple 'Thank You'. Having gained the position as your Head of School for the

academic year of 2012-2013 will give me the opportunity to take my appreciation further.

The academic year of 2012-2013 has already been eventful and students are kept busy with their own

extra-curricular activities. This year, with the help of the Management Team, teachers, Deputy Head of

School and Senior Prefect, we hope to propose an even busier and more eventful year. One of my goals as the

Head of School this year is to unite the student body with the spirit of the school, creating and adding more

to the memories that have already been made. Furthermore, we have created an agenda in which numerous

school events are listed and we will hopefully introduce them to the school over the coming months, and

make them part of the school year as an ongoing programme.

This academic year has the potential to be one of the most eventful years and students, with your cooperation, we can make it become a

reality. Any suggestions or proposals that you would like to offer, please do no hesitate to approach me. I look forward to hearing any

proposals and most of all, to an eventful and amazing year!

Iam Quynh Anh in Year 13 and I will be your Deputy Head of School for this school year. It is my honour to

have such a great role after seven years attending the ABCIS. You may wonder why I applied for this

position; when you're at my age, you will know that it is essential to take care of what is around you and

make school a better environment for learning. Even though the time that I have studied here is not that

short and the contribution that I have thus far has not been as much as I would like, I now think that it is

necessary for me to make changes. I believe that I have exactly what it takes to be a successful Deputy Head

of School. I am responsible, friendly and organised. I am here for all of you, for all the matters and the

troubles that are weighing on your mind, like bullying or anything that you find it hard to tell the teachers.

Please feel free to come and find me to consult and discuss. It is my role and responsibility to help make sure

that you have as good an experience as possible when studying at the ABCIS. For this school year, I will

promise you for more interesting events. Not only that, I will also try my best to improve some of our

traditional occasions. I am someone who is really interested in charity work, as a result you will see many

more fund-raising activities.

Since this is going to be my last year studying at the ABCIS, I along with the Head of School and Senior

Prefect will make it extraordinary, taking you on a fascinating ride. Everyone from Nursery and


Playgroup to 6 form is invited on this journey.

Quynh Anh, Y13C

Deputy Head of School

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanushi, Y13C

Senior Prefect

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It is a great pleasure to have gained the position of Senior Prefect for the academic years 2012-2013. As

your new Senior Prefect I will be in charge of all the prefects and their duties. They are to come to me, if

there is anything they are unsure about. Giving guidance and advice and caring for each individual, I hope

to develop the relationship between students. The service I will be providing is a way of thanking the school

for the person it has made me become. I've been at the ABCIS since 2006 and I'm currently studying for my

final year of A Levels. Whenever possible, I've participated in most school events, whether it be sports,

musicals, art or charity. My commitment, high-spirited and positive attitude has helped throughout my

school career and that is what got me to this position. I really enjoy working with various people at school and

outside it and this is a good opportunity for me to further develop my skills. The ABCIS, with its already

friendly, family like atmosphere, appreciates the work of everyone and that is why you should try to get

involved in all aspects of the school. All my effort will be put into supporting the school community, hopefully

making the school an even better place to create wonderful memories.

If you prefer a student-to-student talk, please do not hesitate to come to me. I will always be willing to help, as

it is one of my main responsibilities.

Year 6 - 7


The move from Primary school to Secondary school can

be a daunting experience for students. But here at the

ABCIS, we try to make this transition as smooth and

painless as possible. Over the last few months, many of the

teachers have been working hard to give the students

moving up a better idea of what Secondary school is like.

In June we had two major events; Year 6 Parents'

Information Evening and Taster Day.

Parents' Information Evening was a chance for parents and

students to find out some more information about life in the

Secondary school. Mr. Antony, Mr. Andy and Mr. Jon all

spoke about the importance of Secondary school, and the

highlight for most was finding out which Form Groups the

students were going to be in, and who their Tutor would be.

Taster Day was an opportunity for Year 6 students to

experience a 'day in the life' of a Secondary student. The

students spent time with their new Form Tutor, went to

different classes around both campuses and met many of

the subject teachers, and got to have lunch with the rest of

Mr. Jon

Head of Year 7

- - - - - - - - - - - -

the Secondary school. The feedback was very positive and

all the students seemed to enjoy themselves. A big thank

you to all the staff who made this day such a success, and

an even bigger thank you to all the students who took part

and contributed so much.

After Taster Day, Some of the students from last year's Year

7 went to speak to the Year 6 classes and answer any

questions they might have had. Mr. Ian also held a

Question andAnswer session.

Into the new year and we haven't given up on trying to ease

the process of moving into Secondary school. Mr. Nick has

organised a fantastic House event between the younger

students in Secondary school and the older ones. There is

also the Year 7 school trip to Nha Trang coming up soon.

This will give students the opportunity to bond together as a

year group and hopefully develop their team building skills.

By now, most students seem to have settled in well and

have probably forgotten why they were anxious in the first


K a thy attends



Summer Programme

When my mother suggested that I sign up for the Stanford

Summer programmme, I was a bit hesitant. Mainly because I

was reluctant to give up my summer for intense studying, probably

the way most typical teenagers tend to think. However, signing up for

the programme was probably one of the best choices that I have

made so far. Contrary to what I previously thought, this summer was

actually the best summer that I've ever had. From the moment I

stepped onto Stanford grounds, every moment of the two months

was worth it. I managed to make so many friends when I had

convinced myself beforehand that I wouldn't be able to do so. I managed to get above average grades for two college courses

when I convinced myself that I wasn't ready to handle college courses. I managed to find a passion for a new sport, squash, as well

as improve on my current football skills due to a new and higher level of competition. Finally, I managed to experience a little bit of

college life: being able to sleep till noon due to afternoon classes, parties, midnight fountain hopping, birthday pranks, freedom to

go out without adult permission, etc. The mentors that were assigned to us were a great help in helping us get to know each other

better, as well as getting to know the campus better. They offered insight into the best study sites, best places to eat, and in

addition also gave us insight into application processes, college life, certain courses that they were majoring in, and much more.

Moreover, the programme itself offered many activities throughout each week there were activities ranging from football

matches to college visits to movie nights. Overall, this programme was so diverse in its activities,it made it really hard to focus on

my academics. However, this taste of college life has made me look forward to the four and more years of college life that I will

experience in the very near future. Of course, the journey there will be difficult, but after a little taste of what I'm going to be

experiencing, I can truly say that I'm a lot more motivated to work harder this final year to reach that final goal.

Kathy, Y13

- - - - - - - - -

Year 10 IGCSE


Adam, Y10W

- - - - - - - - - - -

Though we haven't been in Year 10

for a month yet, we've already

done lots in English, starting our

IGCSE course with the introduction of the Gothic

genre. First, we created our own definition of our

interpretation of the Gothic genre, incorporating

Gothic Literature, architecture, art, drama and even

fashion! Then we tried out our ideas on the

conventions of the Gothic by working in small groups

and creating a planning pyramid of the outline of our

group Gothic stories, sharing our ideas with the

whole class at the end.

We also examined in detail the famous American

gothic writer, Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Tell-Tale Heart'.

We analysed the openings of various Gothic short

stories such as 'The Yellow Wallpaper', the ‘Monkey's

Paw', and 'The Signalman', selecting atmosphere of

horror. It has been wonderful so far in English this

year, and I can't wait to start writing our own Gothic


Year 9 English

Sumi, 9L

- - - - - - - -

In English this term we have been reading the

novel 'Of Mice and Men', and have been trying to

develop our understanding of literature. We learnt

how to use the PEE technique (Point- Evidence-

Explanation) to help us analyse texts, and we have

used this technique when writing an essay about

one of the characters in the novel. We have also spent a

number of lessons looking at grammar (the difference between pronouns and

proper nouns), and punctuation (when to begin a new paragraph). During the classes, we never get bored

because our teacher always tries his best to find ways that will help us to remember what we have learnt, by

playing games, drawing comic strips of what we have read, acting out freeze frames, etc… We find it is very

interesting to study this way.

his term, we have been reading the novel The Boy in the Striped

Year 8 English

TPyjamas, and exploring the historical events during the Second

World War that inspired the writer, John Boyne, to write it and set it during

that time period. In lessons, we have been analysing the writer's use of

language and imagery, as well as the narrative view point of Bruno, the

novel's protagonist. We have also produced diary entries, time lines that

enable us to track the key events in the novel and

descriptive writing from various characters' points of

view, as well as diagrams and storyboards depicting

key moments within the novel so far.

Ms. Becky

Drama and English Teacher

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -









Mr. Ian

Head of Years 10 & 11

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As Head of Years 10 and 11 students, I asked our new Year 11 to

gather their thoughts on the important year ahead.As you will see

we are all busy with the many things that school life offers, academic

and otherwise. In addition to the thoughts of 11R, Giulia of 11M has

offered a personal reflection that I think will resonate amongst those

who are currently in Year 11 and indeed anyone who has experienced

this important milestone.

Since the beginning of Year 11, we have been focusing upon our personal goals and

targets. Aware of the importance of organisation and keeping on top of the

workload of Year 11, we have been keeping our Homework diaries up to date and have

started the year with a positive outlook as we prepare for the rigorous demands of the

months ahead.

We have continued in our efforts to support the school community and extend our own

capabilities through involvement with numerous Extra Curricular Activities and by

involving ourselves in opportunities to take part in charity work. During Smmile

week, we managed to raise over 2.5 million VND as a form, a feat of which we are very

proud, and which is a testament to the creativity and great team work ethic that exists

within our form.

Students of 11R

Giulia, 11M

- - - - - - - - - -

Years ago, the notion of being in Year 11

was distant and scary. You're taking

your IGCSEs. You're finishing your basic

education.You'll be 16, with all the perks that

come with the age. But that's only one side.

On the other you've got supportive friends,

wider responsibilities and a different way of

learning. Alright, it may not sound like much

now but it's an essence that runs through the

days, weeks, and months leading up to the big

exams. It is still scary, stressful and confusing

at times but there is a sense of wonderment,

that (for the first time) you've really got all the options in the

world. We've got scientists, teachers, engineers, designers and

entrepreneurs; talking to my classmates about our futures is

inspiring, what, so many people you've essentially grown up

with, actually want to be - and to see them reach for their


Let me talk about some things I've learnt in my weeks as a

Year 11 student. Firstly, there's a difference in the way the

teachers treat you. It is not immediately obvious but they're

actually more supporters than 'teachers' in that sense. You have

to develop your own opinions and thoughts through

independent learning, So really, it's taking it upon yourself

to get the grades you want. It's a bit of a shock at first but with

great responsibility come great people. Everyone is very much

involved in their education now; those who were previously

cruising by are now fighting for those grades. It's really quite

the turn-around.

Secondly, we're part of different clubs and circles. MUN for

example, is now open to us. Also, talking to teachers about

university choices and courses helps you to understand the

world that we're preparing to enter. Application forms,

lectures, groups and sessions help us better wrap our heads

around what's to come.

I guess this talk of university and the future has some people

worried and feeling uneasy. To answer some of your concerns,

I'll address the question of not having decided on what you

want to be yet. There are plenty who are still on the fence even

in our year. It's perfectly fine to be so. Just keep in mind; if

you're good and you like it, it's not a bad choice.

So to conclude, there are many things to learn in Year 11 and

I'm only at the beginning. Though sometimes we're spotted

sulking through the school about grades or buckling under the

pressure and the books, it's still an adventure. Adventures can

be tough, they make you feel like you've hit rock bottom at

times, but remember they also give you humour, memories and




in Schools


Students think

ICT is playing an increasing role in people's lives. It is also becoming an important aspect in

the employment sector and a tool for enabling citizen participation and social inclusion as

more services, products and information become accessible by electronic means. Research

has shown that students are more likely to use ICT at home to assist them with

their homework and schoolwork. The increasing relevance of ICT in education,

and in wider aspects of social life, has led tothe school striving to ensure that all

pupils become capable in its use and application in a number of situations.

As the new Head of ICT at ABCIS and a new department

we wanted to find out what the students thought of ICT

and its relevance in education.

Ms. Carrie

Head of ICT

- - - - - - - - -

Giulia, 11M

- - - - - - - - - -

San, 11M

- - - - - - - -

We're now in Year 11 and about to take

our IGCSEs. One of the most daunting

exams we have the opportunity to look forward

to would be ICT. Now do not let that scare you,

we may joke and tease but actually, ICT is one

of the most pleasurable subjects. When we

were first 'thrown' the news that ICT was

compulsory, our primary reactions were

“What? Why?” but now at the end of it all, we

realise that it was one of the best decisions the

school made.

ICT is more than the study of computers. It's the

study of programming, modeling, ICT effects

and much more. We learn logic, efficiency and

confidence,it is the future. The relevance today

is already apparent, so can you imagine it ten

years into the future, when you're job hunting?

A decent job nowadays requires basic ICT

knowledge. You will find top CEOs and

managers are actually ICT specialists. ICT is

everywhere so just because you're into Music

or Science, it doesn't mean you won't need it.

Four years ago, we entered with the most basic of ICT knowledge

and now, conditional formatting, website design, graphics,

databases and presentations are all at our disposal. It summons a

proud feeling when you look how much we've learnt. Also, we've

gained a deeper understanding about hardware, software, piracy

and networking. The inside of the tower unit doesn't look like a

jumble of strings anymore. We can actually name everything!

After reading the comments above we were thrilled as a

department to learn the students were seeing the importance of

ICT as well as enjoying learning it at the same time and it is our job

to continue this practice and take ICT at theABCIS into the future!

Chou Chou, 9L

- - - - - - - - - - - -

In Year 6, they taught us how to

create spreadsheets and fill in

complicated formulae. I never

thought it would be useful until

recently, I had to compose my own

business plan. I swore I would never

take ICT at IGCSE level, only what

seemed like yesterday, but when I

designed my first logo on Photoshop

and was taught the skills needed, I

found that ICT is among one of my

favorite subjects, which I found

rather surprising.

Providing our Students with Leadership Opportunities:

Mentoring Key Stage 3


Ihave been entrusted with the

role of Year 12 Mentor of

Thong, Y12K students in Year 9J, Mr. James's

- - - - - - - - - - class. My responsibility is to help

the students organise their time

efficiently for school, homework and extra classes. By

taking this role I have learnt that some students have very

tight schedules. After school each day some would go to

extra classes until 8 at night. It is extremely difficult for

them to find the time to do all of their homework. I often

advise them to finish off all their extra work on Saturday

and Sunday so they have more time during the week to

complete their homework to a good quality. I have learnt

that organising your time efficiently is crucial to having

more leisure time, decreasing stress levels and learning

more effectively at school. With bad organisation skills,

you will not be able to finish all your homework and it

may appear that you are not putting sufficient effort into

your work.Also, less leisure time will have a strong effect

on stress levels making it harder to focus in school. For

me, I would finish the homework set on that day and not

leave it to the last minute. This is because I can still

remember the class work from the lesson and I can

complete the work to a better level with the knowledge

fresh in my mind.

Service with Year 4

Nguyen, Y12K

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Recently I have started to perform a service as part of my Sixth

Form curriculum. I was given the task of helping class 4E with

their Literacy lesson. This was a whole new challenge for me, so I

was extremely nervous about it.

However, I decided to give a try because this new challenge will

give me the experience in dealing successfully with people, an

area that I was still lacking in. So on Monday morning, I found

myself walking up the stairs to class 4E. Miss Emily and class 4E

were very welcoming to me, so I felt very relaxed and joyful even

though it was my first day.

Firstly, I introduced myself to the class then I waited for Ms. Emily

to explain the lesson to class 4E. They were learning about direct

and indirect speech that day. After Ms. Emily had explained the

learning objective of the day, I was asked to help one of the tables. My task was to make

sure my table was working and help them when they needed it. They were a very polite

group of students and I had a lot of fun working with them to change direct speech into

indirect speech and vice- versa. I look forward to working with them again next week.

Performing services like this is the Sixth Form way of giving back to the school

community and showing that we care about the ABCIS. They also help us gain

value experience of teamwork, sharing and leadership. I would like to say Thank you to

Ms. Caroline for give us opportunities to escape our bubbles and mature.

Ms. Caroline

Head of Sixth Form

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once again students achieved excellent

examination results both at IGCSE and A

Level. As a result a number of students have

been awarded Sixth Form Scholarships. In the

current Year 12 we have three students who have received

scholarships based on their outstanding IGCSE grades.

Nguyen Thao achieved eight A*s, one A and one B grade, with one

of her most notable achievements being an A* in Additional

Mathematics. Nguyen Thao is now studying AS Level History,

Economics and English Literature, as well as taking the Accelerated

Mathematics course.

Alice is another student who secured excellent IGCSE results.

She achieved seven A*s and two A grades and one C. At AS Level

Alice has chosen to study Economics, Biology and Geography, she is

also taking the acceleratedALevel Mathematics course.

The final recipient of a Sixth Form Scholarship in Year 12 is Woo

Seong, who was awarded six A*s and three A grades. For his AS


- - - - -

Je Young

- - - - - - -


Winners 2012

Level courses, Woo Seong has opted to study History, Biology,

Geography and Economics.

In Year 13, Kathy and Ye Sun continued to perform well in their

academic studies, securing 6Agrades in theirAS Level examinations.

Both students are now working hard on their university applications.

Ye Sun hopes to apply for Fine Art in Britain, whilst Kathy is going to

pursue her dream of studying Psychology in the United States of


Finally, from our graduating class, both Trang and Je Young finished

their schooling with excellent results. Rang has achieved three A

grades at A Level and will be moving on to study in Australia, having

secured a fifty per cent scholarship. Je Young will hope to fulfill his

ambition of becoming a doctor, having already left to take up his place

in Birmingham University to read Medicine.

Once again this has been a very successful year for all of our students,

and we wish them well in the next stage of their education.

ABCIS Student assists

Agent Orange


Ji Sun, 11R

- - - - - - - - - -

Having lived here in Vietnam for most of her

life, Ji Sun speaks fluent Vietnamese

alongside her native Korean. Recently, she was

invited to work as a key translator for a joint

venture between Korea and Vietnam, initiated to


celebrate the 20 anniversary of formal relations

between Vietnam and The Republic of Korea.

Under this venture, KOVA (Korean Disabled

Veteran’s Association of Agent Orange) and VAVA (Vietnam

Association for the Victims of Agent Orange and Dioxin) linked

together to select and operate on a number of Vietnamese citizens who

have disabilities due to direct Agent Orange exposure their parents

suffered during The American War (1961-75). Agent Orange was a

herbicide used by the US Military to destroy forests and mangrove

plantations which military groups used as hiding places during this

conflict. Agent Orange contained Dioxin, a leading cause of birth

defects; it is estimated by the Vietnamese Red Cross that up to 1 million

Vietnamese have suffered birth defects or other illness due to direct

dioxin exposure by them or their parents during or since the war. Two

broadcasters contributed to creating a documentary about the trip; MBC

from South Korea and HTV from Vietnam.

Ji Sun provided translations between Korean and Vietnamese for the

Agent Orange Victims, Korean and Vietnamese medical professionals,

Korean and Vietnamese government and military officials and both

broadcasting corporations. We asked her to write a short piece

explaining what the experience meant for her.

“Even though it was a short time the five days were amazing and

important to me. I thought it was all a dream when I received the

invitation letter, because I know that these opportunities don’t normally

happen for a 15 years old girl. I went with the aim of improving the skills

I already have and to learn more from other people, but when I saw how

many people were involved initially I could not stop feeling surprised

and panicked. I was aware that I was being asked to assist in creating

improved relationship between two peoples so I had to be even more

careful when I translated.

During the first two days I went to Yonsei University Severance

Hospital in Seoul to assist in translations between ten Vietnamese

Orange Agent victims and Korea doctors and surgeons. The disabilities

of the victims ranged from requiring cleft pallet operations to requiring

multiple arm and leg prosthetics. The next day I helped Mr. Vu Xuan

Hong, the President of Vietnam’s NGO Groups, meet with some

Korean charity companies and discuss about their systems. On the

fourth day, I was master of ceremonies in Se-Jong meeting hall, where

all parties gathered. Finally, on the last day I helped some Korean

journalists with interviews.

I’m thankful for the people and their group for letting me do this,

because there were many people who came to translate, and most of

them were working for big companies. However they trusted and chose

me, a 15 years old girl to translate for them. These five days were very

important to me. Why? Because

of these five days I have a dream,

a dream about the job I want to

do and about the person I want to

be in the future.”

Ji Sun translates as Mr.

Lee Jong-Huyn, President

and CEO of MBC

Broadcasting provides an

interview for VTV.

Extra Curriculum Activities

at the ABCIS

Mr. Grant

Extra Curricular Activities Coordinator

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here is a platter of photos from some of

the exciting ECA's that the ABCIS is

offering this year.

Hockey Club

This ECA will offer club

members a taste of

Hockey. They learn basic skills

such as dribbling, passing and

shooting. The children are

encouraged to play as part of a

team and are introduced to

basic hockey rules and tactics.

In this photo children in the

hockey club are practicing

dribbling skills ready for a small

match situation.

Construction Club

Children in Construction

Club are improving their

f i n e m o t o r s k i l l s a n d

developing their creativity. The

children plan and create a

variety of projects, reflective

of their interests - for

example, craft construction,

painting, and various

b u i l d i n g s w i t h

brick/plasticine. Here a

Year 1 boy puts the

finishing touches on his


ICT Animation

Students who are in this club become an animator and movie

maker for a term. The ECA will involve model making,

storyboarding, photography and finally multi-media editing and

producing. The students cover a number of essential

educational objectives as part of this ECA, these will include:

writing and organising scripts and storyboards, working in

teams, creating images, before finally using ICT skills when they

edit their short film.

Mr. Danny is explaining to his class how to use a digital camera.

Touch Rugby

Children in this club have an opportunity to learn a new sport.

Touch is a fast paced game requiring quick running and quick

thinking. Students are learning the basic passing skills of the

game in a circle activity. Ms Renae, who teaches this ECA, is an

experienced player who loves this sport.

If you want to learn the rules of this exciting sport and increase your fitness

at the same time please join this club next session.

Cooking Club

Cooking club and Baking club have been

extremely popular clubs this session.

Children who are lucky to enter these clubs from

both Primary and Secondary school have an

opportunity to gain confidence in cooking and

preparing simple Western meals or baking cakes

and biscuits. It is about developing team work and

thinking about health and safety issues in the

kitchen. And the best bit is that you get to eat lots

of yummy food! Here the Cooking Club members

put the final touches on their tomato salad!

Reading Group


The Reading Group focuses on novels which

are enjoyed by children of this age. Here

boys and girls share a book which they all enjoy.

This session at ABCIS we have 6 football clubs for

girls and boys. This photo is of members of

Primary Boys Football Club preparing for goal shooting


Model Making

The Model Makers Club is an excellent chance to take

on the challenge of building your own models from

commercial kits. Model making develops fine motor skills,

logical thinking and the ability to read and follow technical

instructions. It also has in most cases a link to history and

the development of technology over the last century. When

built, models can be painted in authentic colours and

displayed. It is also fun.

The photo shows children constructing a famous the

ancient Roman building. Can you guess which?

Chess and Backgammon club is a

favourite with both Primary and

Secondary students. They play the

games and develop a range of skills including

logical thinking, memory, visualisation,

creativity and concentration. They also

participate on the chess ladder and may have the

opportunity to represent the school in team

matches against other schools. Students can learn

and work on their strategies and thinking ability in

both Western and Chinese chess and in backgammon.

Here two classmates battle it out competitively on the

chess board.

Chess and


News from the


Mr. Jonathan


- - - - - - - - - -

The school libraries on both SS1 and SS2 campuses have been extremely

busy from the word “ GO” this term with pupils borrowing an

enormous range and number of books for both homework and for reading

for pleasure. A whole range of new books have recently arrived, particularly

for Secondary and Sixth Form pupils, and these have been avidly snapped

up by eager readers. Many of the Primary pupils also have a voracious

appetite for reading and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and it is a joy

to see so many of them use our

facilities at break and lunch times to

read, both individually and together.

Year 5 and 6 pupils have also been

using the library brilliantly during

lessons to develop their research and

independent learning skills and are

gradually mastering the arts involved in using indexes, contents pages, skimming,

scanning and finding information.

Thank you to all parents for continuing to encourage their children to use the library

and for supporting their reading at home.

SMMile Week

Ms. Amy

Social Service Coordinator

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In early September ABCIS celebrated another successful SMMile Week

in support of the charity Operation Smile. Form and Year groups from both

Primary and Secondary school ran various fundraising activities at break and

lunch times. There were cake sales, crafts, games, competitions and a 'Soak

Mr. Eugene!' event set up by 7E.

On Thursday lunch time the 'Sink or Save' event was held where the highest bidding student was able to push one

of their teachers into the swimming pool! Hundreds of students turned up to watch and the sight of sinking teachers

certainly put a big smile on everyone's face. One student in particular donated a large sum of money in order to

sink some of the teachers and a special mention needs to go to An (11M) to thank him for his support.

In the fundraising competition both 11R and 13C did very well, but it was 10V who raised the most money by

diversifying their efforts and running a variety of food sales and sponsored events.

The total raised during SMMile Week was an impressive 49,601,200VND ($2,480), which added to money raised for

the charity from last academic year, brought the grand total to $5,072!

On behalf of Operation Smile I would like to thank all students, parents and staff for their help and support with

SMMile Week. Thanks to all of the fundraising, ABCIS will be able to pay for 20 children to have the life changing

surgery which they need.

Hi, My name is Dang and I

am the Hanoi Hornets

House Captain. During my

term of being the leader of

my house, I guarantee

that house members will

find satisfaction in every

aspect of their academic

year. If you have any

questions or suggestions about anything

regarding the house system, please do not

hesitate to come forward and speak to me.


Hi there! I'm Giulia from 11M and

I am your Hanoi Hornets vice-captain.

I would love to see changes in the

house system; most importantly I

want them to be chosen by you

because we are the ones who will get

to enjoy it all. I'm ready to work hard

and help make this the best year for

our house!

Hi Saigon Serpents! I'm Hoc and I

am very privileged to be your

House Captain. I promise you guys

that this will be your best year here

ever at the ABC international

school! I do hope you make good

use of me, whether it be asking me

questions or talking to me about

possible changes you want to take

place, I'm all ears and here to be at

your service!


Hi! I'm Christine, I am incredibly

honored to be the vice captain of the

Saigon Serpents. I promise to try my

best to be a good Vice Captain and

support and help you with any

problems and suggestions you

might have. I look forward to getting

to know you guys as a team and

making this school year the best year

the Saigon Serpents has ever had!

My name is Kathy, and I am the

House Captain of the Dalat

Dragons. My aim is to increase

the number of house activities

occurring in our school, and

hopefully improve our school

spirit in the process; this should

allow students to create many wonderful memories

together with their peers. I am looking forward

to working with the other House Captains and

Vice Captains in improving our house system and

school community.

I am the vice captain of the Dalat

Dragons and my aim is to get the

house together and hopefully help

my House Captain in any way

possible. I also would like to get

mascots involved in sporting



Hi, my name is Simon and I'm

the House Captain for the

Mekong Monsters. My aim this

year is to help organise as

many inter-house events as

possible so the school year can

be a lot more interesting. Last

year there were only events at

the end of the year but this year

I will try to organise events

throughout the year, not just at

the end. As the House Captain,

it is my responsibility to keep

house team events organised and motivate my

house team members in events such as Sports

Day, House Quizzes, etc. Kevin and I will try our

best to make this school year fun and entertaining

for everyone.

Hello! My name is

Kevin, and I am the

Mekong Vice House

Captain. My ambition is

to win every house

event that we will have

in school and also ask

for more fantastic

house events, that

you'll see throughout

this year. However, I want you to enjoy these

house events and also become involved in them,

because it may look good when you're applying to

university or trying to find a job! Together, Simon

and I will make the best effort for the Mekong




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