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720151 Subsea Lifting Operations - TFSK.NO


Tuesday 27th November

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT)

continues its success with its annual meeting forum

for people working with subsea lifting operations. The

aim of the seminar is to improve the understanding of

operational issues and to connect design specialists,

people responsible for selection of concepts and the

installation contractors.

Knowledge ensures a good economy!

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT)

is often informed that subsea lifting operations have

exceeded the cost budget by several million NOKs due

to lack of knowledge within relevant disciplines. Often

the costs are exceeded because the operation duration

is longer than planned. The seminar will therefore

focus on the various phases of a subsea installation


The focus of the seminar will be to present and exchange

knowledge about various challenges and

problems in different types of marine operations

involving subsea lifts.

Theory and practical solutions

In addition to the presentation of examples that illustrate

various issues related to marine operations, we

will present and discuss solutions based on theory -

hydrodynamics and lifting dynamics.

Target groups:

• Engineers in companies engaged in design/

operation of subsea structures and marine

contractor companies

• Personnel in subsea engineering companies and

other companies performing design of subsea

structures and other equipment and tools used

in an operation

• Competent persons for offshore cranes and

lifting appliances

• Suppliers of specialised tools and equipment for

subsea lifting operations

• Authorities and others formulating recommendations

or evaluation criteria and undertakes control


• Warranty surveyors

• Operational responsible personnel in oil


09.00 Registration / Coffee

Chairmen: Mr. Finn Gunnar Nielsen, StaoilHydro and

Mr. Martin Ahlbäck, Technip Norge AS

10.00 The different phases of a subsea lift from

an offshore construction vessel

• Seafastening

• Lifting from deck of the vessel

• Lifting in air

• Through the splash zone

• Further lowering

• Landing phase

Ms. Jill Jørgensen, Aker Marine Contractors AS

10.45 Theory related to subsea lifting operations

• Hydrodynamic forces

• Solid and open structures

•Lift dynamics

• Forces during the various phases of a

subsea lifting operation

Mr. Peter Chr. Sandvik, MARINTEK

11.30 Coffee Break

11.45 Challenges in ultra deep waters

• Precision positioning in current

• Increased dynamic response due to


• Examples on installation methods for

large water depths

- Position control by use of thrusters,

piles, anchors or local guide wires

- Soft connection between surface vessel

and lifted structure

- Free-fall pendulum

• Discussion, from a theoretical-view

Mr. Svein Arne Reinholdtsen, MARINTEK

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Experience from offshore construction vessel

deck handling and rigging

• Safe rigging practice

• Deck lay-out preferences

• Control of crane load in air and during deployment

or recovery

• ROV frendly and safe subsea rigging

Mr. Ian Edvwarts, Technip UK

14.15 DNV Marine Operations Rules for

Subsea Lift Operations

• Brief overview of relevant DNV Publications

• DNV Marine Operations rules for subsea

lifting in general

• Presentation of the New Simplifi ed Method for

prediction of hydrodynamic forces

Mr. Tormod Bøe, DNV

Marine Operations

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