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change Bird What is it that changes the World? I thought it was ideas, but it’s not. It’s actions. The action of creating a company that positively impacts the World is a profound thing, when you consider it. It’s to take responsibility for a situation, and according to ones means and abilities, to improve the situation. “How can I use the market to fix this problem?” “How can I use the consumer world to fix this problem?” Take lack of clean drinking water. Big problem. Now google GiveMeTap. Take poverty in Sierra Leone. Now google Karma Cola. Take the problem of hydrocarbons. Now google Tesla. Capitalism is starting to get really interesting. Proethical businesses valued at billions of dollars, poised to transform entire industries. The more problems capitalism creates, global warming, pollution, the more problems there are to solve, and the bigger the opportunities become for companies finding ways to fix them, or replace their causes. Katia Believe in humans I’ve always been obsessed with making a change. You know, leaving something after me that hasn’t been there before. Hopefully, something good. I don’t know whether it’s normal or rather a sign of some mental restlessness, but here we go: Change the World. It’s about innovations, ideas, but mostly – the new attitudes that are changing the reality. Statistics claim that people born in the 80s-90s are way more entrepreneurial and open minded than their parents. They want more freedom, and they care more about doing the right thing than getting a well-paid job. Is that because the quality of life is higher and they don’t have to worry about staying alive? Might be. However, I believe that this positive shift towards more meaningful existence is happening because it was needed, and it will evolve into new types of businesses and new way of life. The key is to ask the right questions right from the beginning. Forget thinking outside the box, there is no box, there never was. There is only the vision of the end result, and the joining of the dots to get there. Andrei A hundred words to change the world Everyone I speak to seems to want to change the world. Maybe it’s the scene, maybe it’s the times, maybe it’s human nature. Meeting my share of UNREASONABLE PEOPLE (see p 40) I’ve learnt that it’s true – you won’t make a difference if you’re happy with everything you see. But I’ll go further and say that you have to be unhappy with yourself. Because after all, life is just one big startup. And startups are all about scaling. To find a good product solve a problem for yourself and scale up from there. Likewise – to change the world, change one thing in yourself and scale up from there. 5

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