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Students Where are you going?



The faculty, staff and I would like to invite you to experience Saint Patrick

High School! You are looking at a school with a tradition of excellence

developed by a staff of highly qualified teachers willing to work with you to

improve your academic achievement and become an effective citizen.

At Saint Patrick, we are able to offer a highly rigorous classroom,

outstanding extra-curricular opportunities, and teachings rooted in

the message of St. John Baptist de La Salle that aid our students in

experiencing academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

I look forward to welcoming you to our Shamrock family.


Jon Baffico


Saint Patrick High School:

The Smarter Decision

You are about to make one of the most important

decisions of your young life: choosing a high school that

will bring new experiences, new friendships, and prepare

you for your future.

Will the high school you choose provide an

education that is engaging, personalized and

specially tailored to your abilities to make you a

better student, prepared to take on college and

the world? Saint Patrick will.

At Saint Patrick, we offer three unique learning programs customized

to your abilities, including:

The Academy Scholars Program for students who are extremely high

performers and on an accelerated learning track.

The College Prep De LaSalle Program is our college preparatory

program that paves the way for admission into top universities and

colleges across the country.

The College Prep Phoenix Program gives students the necessary

skills to develop their natural abilities, so they can transition into the

De LaSalle Program.

get ready for



Will you learn with some of the latest technology?

You will at Saint Patrick, the very first school

in the Chicago Archdiocese to introduce an iPadlearning


With iPads:

You will

miss fewer


You will

be more



with hands-on


You will

be more


Your family will




when compared

to purchasing


“Using iPads in the classroom on a daily basis provides our

students with many tools to enhance their learning. iPads

help our students become better organized, provide them with

highly engaging classwork, and allow them to dive deeper

into their studies than ever before.”


Will you earn college credits while in high

school? You can at Saint Patrick.

At Saint Patrick, qualified students with high academic abilities or interests

are placed in the Academy Scholars Program. Incoming freshman are

placed based upon their entrance exam scores and their performance

at the elementary school level. Through this innovative program, at the

beginning of junior year, students have the opportunity to earn college

credits through the PACC and AP programs.


The Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC) is a partnership with

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota through which Saint Patrick students

can dually enroll in select classes for college credit at a significantly reduced

cost. And the credits are transferable to most universities in the nation.


The Advanced Placement Program (AP) consists of courses that are

also taught at the college level. At the end of the year, students have the

option of taking the AP exam. Based upon exam scores, students may

be awarded college credit.

Scholarship Opportunities


Now available for dedication to scholarship: moola!

All students testing at 98% or above on the Placement Exam will receive

the International Lasallian Award for Academic Excellence in the amount

of $5,000. Students testing between 95-97% will receive the Saint Patrick

Academic Achievement Award in the amount of $3,000.

Academic Legacy Scholarships are also available to sons and grandsons

of Saint Patrick alumni who test at the following percentiles on the

Placement Exam:


At or above 90%: $3,500 At or above 75%: $2,000 All others who test: $1,000

For In 2012-2013, 2013–14, Saint Patrick is was proud proud to grant to grant more more than than $160,000 $160,000 in academic in

scholarships. academic scholarships. All scholarships All scholarships are renewable are renewable annually based annually on based the student on the

meeting student meeting the required the required academic academic qualifications. qualifications. Only students Only students who

who test at test Saint at Saint Patrick Patrick High High School School on January on January 11, 2014 11, 2014 are eligible. are eligible.

Will 100% of your class graduate, and most go

on to college? They will at Saint Patrick.

At Saint Patrick, 100% of our students graduate and 98% go on to college.

Our graduates attend some of the nation’s leading colleges and universities,

including the University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, Ohio State

University, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

“My teachers and coaches at St. Pat’s pushed me to my full

potential on a daily basis. I can confidently say that I head

to Brown University ready to take on the next step in my life”


Will the school you choose have the benefits

of a single-sex education? Saint Patrick does.

Our single sex environment allows you to be yourself on a daily basis.

Girls participate in theatre, cheer teams, fine arts, and dance programs.

Saint Patrick High School:

The Safer Decision

Will the high school you choose have a policy

of no gangs, no drugs, and no bullies?

Will the school have random drug testing that

makes it easier for you to say no to drugs?

Saint Patrick will.

Saint Patrick = No drugs, gangs, or bullies.

Mandatory drug testing gives you an easy reason to just say no.

“The special thing about St. Pat’s is the family atmosphere. You

always feel safe because you know that everyone in the building

truly cares about you.” — MIKE WARNER ’14

Saint Patrick High School:

The Stronger Decision

Will the high school you choose give you the

opportunity to grow academically, physically, and

socially? Saint Patrick will.

Learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and love of the game.

16 varsity sports allow you to be a part of a winning program.

“Getting involved is something that St. Pat’s preaches and

something that most Shamrocks take to heart. The coaches

here care about you and prepare you for success on and

off the court.” — NICK COLEMAN ’15

Extracurricular Activities

We have 30 diverse activities, there is something for you at Saint Patrick.

Academic Team Art Club Book Discussion Group Chess Club

Drama Club Drum Line Eucharistic Ministry Foreign Language

Clubs Jazz Band Lasallian Youth Letterman Club Math Club

Men’s Chorus Model United Nations National Honor Society

Percussion Ensemble School Newspaper Science Club

Set and Lighting Design Shamrock Council Shamrock News

Network Shamrocks For Life STRIKER Robotics Student

Activities Thespian Society TV Production Yearbook

Will the high school you choose be faith and

values-based, arming you to succeed and

overcome some of the most pressing challenges

you’ll face in life? Saint Patrick will.

Catholic tradition and Lasallian values.

The shamrock experience transforms our students into responsible

young men.



Shamrocks donated

281 units of blood during

2013–14 LifeSource

drives, saving a total of

843 lives.

St. Pat’s is annually in the

top 2

in donations to the

Walter Payton Toy Drive.

Teaching based on the vision and

spirituality of Saint John Baptist

de La Salle

Living the Institute’s mission for

more than three centuries

Centering on Catholic values and

personal relationships

Leading with De La Salle

Christian Brothers and Lasallian


Advancing innovations in teaching,

technology and scholarship

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