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June 2011 - Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

REC Provides Good Value

by Helping Members Manage

Energy Usage

When members of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) need information

on how to conserve energy, they turn to the energy experts at their Cooperative.

As part of its continuous support to members and their communities, REC offers

conveniently located energy efficiency events at local stores throughout its service area.

On April 30, REC held its most recent “Ask the Energy Expert” event at G&G Ace

Hardware in Milford, Va.

REC’s own energy advisor, Rich Mialki, was on hand that day offering easy energy

efficiency tips and information on the top three areas of the home where energy

efficiency can be improved. Mialki said, “To improve energy efficiency members should

concentrate on sealing the air leaks and adding insulation, especially their attic and crawl

space, then consider upgrading their heating and cooling system.”

To show members just how easy it is to make energy efficiency improvements

to these areas of the home, Mialki offered information to

members visiting the hardware

store that day. He explained

to members the benefits of

having an airtight house, how

proper system sizing and duct

leakage affect energy usage and

comfort, and how to convert

to a conditioned crawl space.

Cooperative member, James

Jones of Milford, said, “I’m trying

to save money where I can, and

have been looking for ways to

save on my electric bill. I’ve been

working hard to improve the

efficiency of my home, and the

information shared at this event

was really helpful. I appreciate

the Cooperative working to help

me out.”

REC offers energy efficiency

days throughout the year at different

locations. Be on the lookout for

an event near you and stop by to

learn how you can make small

improvements that will help you

save on your electric bill. ●

18 www.myrec.coop

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative






August 13, 2011

Liberty High School

6300 Independence Ave.

Bealeton, Virginia 22712


Energy experts at REC help

members understand how to

manage their electric usage by

implementing simple energy

efficiency projects.

Office Closing

Independence Day

In honor of Independence Day,

our offices will be closed on

Monday, July 4. If you experience

an outage or power emergency

during this time, our dispatch

department is always available

24 hours a day to take your call.

June 2011




Cooperative Announces

Key Leadership


recently announced the individuals who have filled

REC three vice president positions. These additions to the

executive team bring extensive utility and leadership experience

to the Cooperative. In welcoming the new executives, President

and CEO Kent D. Farmer said, “These three gentlemen, with

their collective expertise and knowledge, are ready to make

significant contributions to the Cooperative’s success and meet

the challenges of the future.” All three vice presidents began

serving in their new roles on March 1.


David F. Koogler is now the vice

president of customer services. At REC,

he will be responsible for the strategic

management initiatives of the customer

services, public relations and marketing

departments. Koogler brings more than

30 years of operational, customer service,

and regulatory experience to REC. Prior

to joining REC, Koogler worked more

than 30 years for Dominion Virginia

Power, where he was most recently a

senior manager in their state regulatory

and customer service areas. Koogler

and his wife reside in Montpelier.

Craig B. Lewis, recently REC’s

manager of administrative services/

controller, is now the vice president

of corporate services. In his new REC

role, Lewis will be responsible for the

strategic direction of the Cooperative’s

corporate services, which include

the administrative service areas of

accounting and finance and

procurement and facilities. Lewis

and his wife reside in the town

of Bowling Green.

Timothy C. Martin, vice president

of engineering and operations, will be

responsible for engineering and district

operations. While working at Carroll

Electric Membership Corporation

in Georgia, Martin held progressive

management positions, including

chief operating officer. Martin and

his wife, along with their children,

live in the Fredericksburg area.

Protect Your


With HomeGuard ®



against a






Consumer Reports

calls surge suppressors

like the HomeGuard®

system a sensible form of

insurance. That’s because

extreme power bursts are







tough on today’s sensitive electronic equipment such as your

DVD player, stereo, TV and computer. HomeGuard offers a

unique two-stage system that protects your electronic equipment

from transient surges both at the meter and at the outlet. Like

any insurance policy, you need to know the terms of coverage.

There are two different types of disturbances that require

two different technologies for protection. An “overvoltage” is

defined as an increase in the AC voltage, at the power frequency,

for durations greater than a few seconds. Your home’s circuit

breaker or fuse protects against that type of disturbance.

REC’s HomeGuard system is effective against the other

power disturbance known as a “transient”— a very brief but

extreme burst of extra energy. It can occur on AC power lines,

signal, and telephone or data lines. A transient can also be

referred to as a “transient spike” or a “transient surge.” Transients

are a natural result of any electrical activity. They are generated

every time wires, motors or electrical elements are energized

or de-energized.

Should a transient surge damage any of your properly

connected equipment, HomeGuard offers a repair-or-replace

warranty. To ensure that your appliances and electronics are

covered by the warranty, make certain that all of your devices

and the HomeGuard system are installed correctly and you

have filed your equipment registration with REC. The diagram,

above, illustrates how to install a surge protector properly.

Please note that HomeGuard protects against transient

voltages only. The HomeGuard surge protection system cannot

protect against sustained overvoltage situations. For more

information on HomeGuard or any of REC’s products and

services, visit www.myrec.coop and click on the Services tab

or contact us at 800-851-3275. ●

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Prepare for Summer Storms

Before They Strike

s the summer storm season gets

A closer, now is the time to prepare.

According to the Virginia Department

of Emergency Management, Virginia

averages 35 to 45 thunderstorm days

per year. Thunderstorms can occur any

time, but are most common in the late

afternoon and evening during the summer

months. About 5 percent of these

thunderstorms become severe and can

produce tornadoes, large hail, damaging

wind and heavy rains that cause flash


Be alert to the signs of changing

weather, such as darkening skies, a sudden

wind shift or drop in temperature. A

warning device such as an NOAA weather

radio could be very helpful. Staying alert

can mean the difference between life and

death when a thunderstorm approaches.

You can take comfort in knowing that

REC has a well-maintained distribution

system designed to handle all the energy

needs of its members. REC also has a

proven plan for storm-related outages.

In the event of outages associated with a

major storm, REC will provide updates

to the local media and on our website.

By using back-up power when available

or by checking in from your worksite or

another location, you can quickly check

the status of outages through our online

outage center at www.myrec.coop. This

resource provides a map with estimated

restoration time and cause, as well as an

Outage Summary page that lists outage

numbers by county.

Members can also use our interactive

voice response phone system that provides

an automated reporting process that

will make note of your call and inform

REC’s dispatchers of the problem. You also

have the option of speaking to an REC

representative and are encouraged to do so

if you have specific information about the

cause of the outage, such as a tree on the

line or the location of a broken pole.

Follow these tips to prepare for summer storms:

• Have at least one telephone that does not depend on electricity to operate.

Most cordless phones will not work without electricity.

• Gather emergency materials: matches, candles, first-aid kit, flashlights,

battery-powered radio, batteries, clock/watch and other items that you

may need during an emergency.

• Set aside water: Five gallons per person will prepare each person for five

days without power. Fill your bathtub with water for use in the toilet and

for flushing.

• Stock up on easily prepared food and related items: bread, crackers,

cereal, canned foods, disposable plates and utensils, baby food and

formula, and an alternative cooking source such as a grill. Rotate your

emergency supplies every six months to keep them fresh.

• Organize identification materials: Social Security card, passport, photo ID,

driver’s license, bank account information and insurance policies.

• Fill your car’s gas tank: You never know where you may need to go.

• Remember to stay away from downed power lines: Do not drive over

downed lines, and if a downed line is in or near water, keep your distance

from the water, even a puddle. And whether a power line is down or not,

do not touch anything that might come in contact with it, like a tree limb. ●

June 2011



Operation Round Up ®

Hits a ‘Grand Slam’

With the Caroline Little League

(Left to right) Dan W. Wallace, C.A.R.E. Charity Inc. board chairman; Lisa Dutton, Caroline

Little League president; Josephine E. White, C.A.R.E. Charity Inc. board member


your cold cash with this hot, new

GE ® Hybrid water heater

• ENERGY STAR ® Qualified

• Consumes up to 62% less energy than a

standard electric water heater

• Save over $350 in annual operating costs

• May qualify for a 2011 Federal Tax Credit*

* See your tax advisor for individual qualifications



Operation Round Up® (ORU), a

voluntary, member-funded program

at REC, is pleased to announce that the

Caroline County Little League was the

recipient of its largest donation to date

in the amount of $10,000. The ORU

governing board, The Community Awareness

of Rappahannock Electric Charity Inc.

(C.A.R.E. Charity Inc.), recently reviewed

numerous applications and awarded funding

to several nonprofit organizations. The Little

League was awarded funding for bleachers

and replacement light bulbs, which will

benefit not only the Caroline County

community, but also the visiting teams

and groups using the fields.

Lisa Dutton, Caroline Little League

president, said, “This is a wonderful gift that

the league really needs. We are so grateful

to receive this award and know that it will

benefit so many in our community who

utilize our fields.”

Caroline County Little League received

their donation during opening day ceremonies on April 9. C.A.R.E.

Charity Inc. board chairman Dan W. Wallace (who represents

Spotsylvania and Stafford) and board member Josephine E. White

(who represents the town of Bowling Green and the counties of

Caroline, Essex, King and Queen, and King William) presented the

check to Lisa Dutton.

White said, “This donation will provide the facilities needed to

accommodate the youth who are in dire need of productive activities

during their spare time. I would like to thank all the volunteers who

are lending their time and talents to help enhance the development

of our youth into productive citizens for the future and encourage

REC member-owners to volunteer to have their electric bills rounded

up through Operation Round Up.”

REC members who have voluntarily enrolled in ORU donate

individually on average a total of $6 per year, and all donations

are tax deductible. While less than a dollar a month may not sound

like much, it offers significant support for groups like the Caroline

Little League, school programs, philanthropic groups, non-profit

organizations, rescue squads, fire departments and other deserving

causes within REC’s service area.

If you are an REC member, consider enrolling in the ORU

program. The extra change from your electric bill will be dedicated

to charitable causes. Enroll online by visiting REC’s website or

call 800-552-3904 for more information. ●



Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

REC Linemen Win Nine Awards

at Statewide Rodeo

ith family, friends and co-workers surrounding the utility poles 40 feet below,

Wlinemen from REC demonstrated their safety skills with a top-of-the-line

performance at the 9th Annual Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of

Electric Cooperatives’ (VMDAEC) Gaff-n-Go Lineman’s Rodeo and Terex

Equipment Operator’s Rodeo on April 8 and 9. At the end of the day, after 23

linemen from REC competed at the Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Va., against

journeyman teams and apprentice linemen from 13 different electric utilities in

four states, REC went home with nine awards, including the Jimmy Gardner

award for best Overall VMDAEC Cooperative team.

Eddie Cullop, director of operations and construction for REC’s Culpeper

district, said, “We couldn’t be more proud of our linemen and their performance

during the rodeo on Friday and Saturday. The awards that they received are well

deserved and represent just how skilled they are at the work they do day in and day

out to keep the lights on for our members.”

Chris McGowan, Reagan Cruey and Art Baum (from REC’s Culpeper district)

received the Jimmy Gardner award for best Overall VMDAEC Cooperative team at

the Lineman’s Rodeo on April 9 and placed third overall among journeyman teams.

The Jimmy Gardner award was

established in honor of the late Jimmy

Gardner, who, when the VMDAEC

Gaff-n-Go Rodeo began, was one of the

oldest living linemen in America. The

Association believes that Jimmy epitomized

the ideals of a lineman, and this award is given in

his honor to the VMDAEC cooperative that achieves

Art Baum and

Reagan Cruey,

linemen from

REC’s Culpeper


Willy Williams from

REC’s Blue Ridge

district competes in

the rodeo competition.

the highest overall score in the rodeo.

Apprentice lineman Chap Morris, also from the

Culpeper district, received the award for Fastest Cardiopulmonary

Resuscitation (CPR) with the Automated External

Defibrillator (AED), as well as second place for the Fastest Extendo

Stick Operation. Thomas Bailey, from REC’s Bowling Green

district, came in second place for the Fastest CPR with the AED.

On April 8 an REC team consisting of Bradley Sylvia, Chris Farmer

and Thomas Bailey (from REC’s Bowling Green district) participated

in the Terex Equipment Operator’s Rodeo. Two Digger Derrick obstacle

competitions were held, and Chris Farmer and Thomas Bailey received

awards for the Fastest Digger Derrick Obstacle in both events. Bradley

Sylvia, Chris Farmer and Thomas Bailey received the third-place award for the Fastest

Bucket Truck Rescue.

Maxie Rozell, REC’s director of safety and security, said, “The rodeo is designed

to promote education and safe working practices. It highlights the special qualities

needed to be a lineman – discipline, good training, teamwork,

and confidence. All events are

timed, but performing the tasks

with the fewest safety infractions

is most important. We take

pride in the outstanding skills

and abilities of our linemen

and in the outstanding job they

did during the rodeo.” ●

June 2011

Daniel Dewey from REC’s

Bowling Green office assists

his teammates during the

rodeo competition.

www.myrec.coop 23

24 www.myrec.coop

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Protect Children and Pets

from Electrical Hazards

Each year accidents around the home result in millions of injuries to the most

vulnerable members of your family — young children and pets. For example,

approximately 1,300 children receive emergency room treatment annually for

injuries caused by inserting objects into electrical receptacles, according to the

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

These and other injuries can be avoided with a few precautions:

• Install tamper-resistant outlets (TROs) that protect against small children

inserting foreign objects into them. Simple plastic caps typically used can

be easily removed by some children.

• Keep electrical cords tied up or out of sight.

When they are not being used, unplug appliances like hair dryers

or coffee makers.

• Keep appliances out of children’s bathrooms.

• Teach children not to touch appliances when they have wet hands

and to keep appliances away from water.

• Teach children other basic safety tips such as staying away from outlets

and not touching electrical cords.

Some of the same tips apply to pets:

• Keep electrical cords away from cats and puppies who love to chew on them.

• Make sure nightlights and appliances are fully plugged in. Partially exposed

prongs can be a temptation to curious critters.

• Keep halogen lamps away from pet play areas. If knocked over, they could

start a fire.

• Keep appliances in bathrooms away from water. Playful pets can knock

radios or curling irons into water, creating a dangerous situation.

• Discourage cats and dogs from curling up for naps behind electrical

equipment such as computers. ●

President &

Chief Executive Officer:

Kent D. Farmer

Board of Directors:


Richard C. Oliver

Region VII

Vice Chair

Darlene H. Carpenter

Region III


Linda R. Gray

Region VIII


William E. Lane

Region IX

William M. Alphin

Region I

Thomas T. Grady

Region II

A. Nash Johnston

Region IV

Frank B. Boxley, Jr.

Region V

William C. Frazier

Region VI

Michael W. Lindsay


Christopher G. Shipe


Rappahannock Currents:

Local Pages Editor – Ann M. Lewis

Staff Writer – Casey M. Hollins, CCC

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 7388

Fredericksburg, VA 22404

540.898.8500 / 800.552.3904


June 2011

www.myrec.coop 25

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