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Newsletter - Rappahannock Electric Cooperative






Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) is

committed to providing members with reliable power.

There are some things REC can’t stop – high winds,

ice storms, hurricanes – but it does what it can to

prevent other outage culprits, such as trees that can

cause damage.

Trees can be a power line’s worst enemy.

Strong winds, storms, and heavy ice can topple trees

or shatter branches that pull down power lines and

cause outages. Sometimes, even if heavily damaged,

lines remain energized with the potential to electrify

trees and nearby objects.

Tim Martin, vice president of engineering and

operations at REC said, “To cut back on potential

tree-related problems REC operates an aggressive

vegetation management program. Our line crews

and contractors regularly patrol the lines, looking

for potential hazards or “danger” trees that could

cause outages. It’s a job that’s never done – by the

time crews finish trimming activities along our 16,000

miles of distribution lines, vegetation has started

to grow back at the starting point.”

Weather-related events cause many of the power

outages for REC – 55 percent according to statistics

When thinking about

your home or neighborhood,

chances are you don’t picture

power lines. They’re easy

to overlook, strung high

above your roof, along

property lines and roadways,

or near trees. But the old

adage, “Out of sight, out

of mind,” may be dangerous –

power lines pose serious

electrical hazards if forgotten.

from 2012. But vegetation – trees, shrubs, brush –

growing too close to power lines and distribution

equipment leads to 15 percent of power interruptions.

In working to keep a safe, reliable, and affordable

supply of power flowing to your home or

business, REC needs your help. Let the Cooperative

know if you notice trees or branches that might pose

a risk to our power lines. Even more important, before

planting trees in your yard, think about how tall they

may grow and how wide their branches may spread.

As a rule of thumb, 25 feet of ground-to-sky clearance

should be available on each side of our utility poles

to give trees plenty of space to grow and not interfere

with power lines. Choose tree varieties with care

and plant with power lines

in mind.

To report trees you think

may pose a problem, call

1-800-552-3904 or email

To find out more about

proper tree planting, visit n





Enroll today

to protect your


SurgeAssist is REC’s premiere

warranty program for your home

and is part of the HomeResources

line of products and services.

SurgeAssist provides the ease

of filing a claim with just proof

of a surge. This solution is designed

to protect you from the potential financial

losses incurred by having to repair or replace

electronics damaged by disturbances in the flow

of current into your home. You are eligible for

the program simply by being a member of

the Cooperative.

Butch Williamson, REC’s director of key accounts

and energy services explains, “Today’s electronic and

appliance damages and failures are common simply

because of how sensitive these devices are made.

Overhead and underground lines are at risk to have

disturbances, which are not frequent but do happen

from time to time. These disturbances can be the result

of the normal operation of electrical utility equipment,

animals making contact with electric lines, lightning

strikes, weather-related problems or vehicle accidents

involving power poles and lines. Since their invention,

power systems have always had disturbances, also

called transients or spikes.”

Williamson added that REC’s SurgeAssist program

offers peace of mind that those valuable items and

can be repaired or replaced if they are damaged by

a power surge. The program offers financial protection

against losses within the home of up to $2,000

of repair or replacement coverage (in a rolling

12-month period) for just $5.95 per month.

REC members who are interested in enrolling in

the program should call 1-800-851-3275 and a

customer service representative will get you started.

It’s that simple - REC will take care of enrolling you

in the program, and you will just pay the monthly fee

for SurgeAssist when you pay your electric bill. n



saving you money every day!

2 Ways to Save

1. Local Business Discounts – show your

Co-op Connections card at participating businesses

• Visit for a list

of local business discounts OR

• Call REC at 800-552-3904 to request a printed

list of local business discounts

2. Online National Savings – Find the link to the

Co-op Connections website on the homepage of www.myrec.

coop. Browse through hundreds of national deals.

Need a new card? Contact 800-552-3904 or

The savings are endless with the Co-op Connections

program. Whether you’re shopping in the store or

online, let this benefit from REC go to work for you.

For general information:


To contact us:

540.898.8500 or


REC 201308

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