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Outdoor Lighting brochure - Rappahannock Electric Cooperative


A service of:

P.O. Box 7388

Fredericksburg, VA 22404





HR-OL 201009 1M



Call today to schedule your installation!

Outdoor lighting can illuminate outside recreational

activities, extending leisure hours until after sunset.

It can help customers locate stores and offices with

ease. And, outdoor lighting can help make getting

ready for those pre-dawn fishing trips easier too.


100W-S 8,000

COLONIAL 150W-S 14,000

Safety, Security & Convenience

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s (REC) Outdoor

Lighting has much to offer in the way of safety, security

and convenience. Sidewalks, steps and curbs, when not

properly illuminated, can be safety hazards for children as

well as adults. A well lit home is an effective deterrent to

intruders. Since REC’s Outdoor Lighting turns on at dusk

and off at dawn automatically, it has the added value of

convenience for anyone returning home after dark or for

those who leave before dawn. This also means that you

won’t waste energy by leaving a light on all day.

Worry Free Installation & Maintenance

REC’s Outdoor Lighting is professionally installed in

accordance with the National Electrical Safety Code

and all lights are maintained by REC.

In response to customer request and various county

requirements, REC offers “dark sky friendly” shielding

for several residential fixtures. This shielding provides

our customers with a means of directing the available

lighting towards targets of safety, security and visibility.

From residential walkways to commercial parking lots,

REC offers affordable outdoor lighting styles that meet

your needs.

Installation and any associated construction costs are not

included in the monthly service fee. Installation/construction

costs are additional charges that are determined on an

individual basis following an on-site inspection by an REC

distribution designer. A no obligation quote is provided

before any installation is done.


100W-S 8,000

OPEN BOTTOM 150W-S 14,000

SPOT/FLOOD 400W-S 45,000

150W-S 14,000

SHOEBOX 400W-S 45,000

S – Sodium

* A lumen measures the quantity of light emitted by a source.

For example, a dinner candle provides about 12 lumens, while

a 60-watt soft white light bulb provides about 840 lumens.

Monthly cost ranges from $8 to $30 per month and does

not include wholesale power cost adjustment. Some models

are not available in all areas.

Sign Up Today

For an estimated cost of installing Outdoor Lighting,

call REC at 800-552-3904. We will be glad to answer any

questions you may have and schedule your installation.

800.552.3904 / www.myrec.coop

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