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WOW! 2012 and here I am,

the 77th Potentate of LuLu

Shriners. It’s been quite a

journey getting here. Lots

of ups and a few downs

along the way, but a worthwhile

trip none the less.

In order to publish the

Fez in a timely manner, the

deadline to submit this

article pre-exists some very

important events. Consequently,

I cannot tell you

how successful these events

were. I can tell you however,

that I am looking forward and hoping

for great turnouts and an abundance

of fun at Club & Unit Installation on

January 7th and New Year’s Eve.

I have a number of goals to be

achieved during my term. I will just

touch on the top two for the moment.

The first is to increase membership.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough

that without expanding our membership

we will most certainly cease to

exist. The second goal is to improve

retention. We must encourage those

Nobles who have become inactive to

find purpose in returning to LuLu.

Help me get them and their ladies

out to some of our functions and I

am sure we can get them back. Lady

Emily and I have worked hard to

create some new and innovative

events while trying to scale down

costs. We sincerely hope that you will

join us in successfully meeting these

very important goals. Both in my police

Illustrious Sir

Ed Cervonka

Potentate 2012

career and the many years

I was active in sports; I

found teamwork was the

‘Key’ to success. If you

think about it, you will find

that success is usually only

a step away. Together we

will each take one step at a

time; together our small

steps add up. We’ve all

heard it said “A journey of a

thousand miles must begin

with a single step”. I am

imploring each and every

Noble to visit his Blue

Lodge and talk up the Shrine, and

each Lady who belongs to Eastern

Star and Amaranth to spread the

word. Lay the stepping stones from

Mason to Shriner. Remember, stepping

stones are opportunities. The stepping

stone can and should lead to

LuLu. Our nobility can attest to this,

our work ethic confirms this and

with your help our vision to rebuild

a strong member base will succeed.

I am asking you to join our

“squad”. “Stakeout opportunities to

recruit” new members persuade

inactive members to return and

support LuLu activities and events.

“Take aim and shoot straight”.

Together we can increase the nobility

and move forward. In order to

“apprehend” persons of interest and

thereby achieve our goals we must

“patrol” together in promoting

Shrinedom. Substantial benefits can

be derived not only by attending,

(continued on page 3)




IN 2012…

Come Be Part of It!

Our goal in 2012 is to improve

communication, programming,

and value as a member of the

Masonic order.

• NEW Marketing Committee

• NEW Website

• NEW Social Media Channels

• NEW Sources of News

• NEW Programming

Read the article on page 3

for more information and learn

how to get involved!


Our Online Presence

Gets A MAJOR Face Lift!







The Voice of LuLu


Recorder’s Remarks

Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . 4

An Open Letter to

All Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Masonic Breakfast. . . . . . . . . . . 5

Bucks County Shrine Club . . . . 6

Quaker City/Montgomery

County Shrine Club. . . . . . . . . . 6

National Women’s History

Month Celebration . . . . . . . . . . 7

Yacht Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9

Mason on Horseback . . . . . . . 10

MASA, Virginia Beach. . . . . . . 10

Las Vegas Trip . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Events Open to the Public . . . 13

Won’t You Join Us?. . . . . . . . . 14

138th Imperial Session . . . . . . 15

Photos of LuLu Events. . . . 16-17

Oriental Band Events . . . . . . . 18

The History of the Shrine and

LuLu – The Oriental Band . . . . 19

Letter from Harry Snyder . . . . 20

LuLu Paper Crusade . . . . . . . . 21

Oskar R. Huber . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

LuLu Mounted Guard . . . . . . . 22

Legion of Honor . . . . . . . . 23-24

News from Shriners Hospitals

for Children – Jessica Walsh . . 25

Shrine Hospital Donations . . . 26

LuLu’s Motor Unit . . . . . . . . . . 27

Band Banter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

Meet Lance Wiseman . . . . . . . 29

What is the Purpose for

My Life in 2012? . . . . . . . . . . . 30

Shriners Hospital Broadway

Benefit Concert Highlights. . . 31

Visit our Website often

to stay informed of the

latest news and events:


Harry L. Reiter P.P.


We are about

to start a new

Shrine year with

new officers and

new ideas. It is

always an exciting

time as a new

Potentate with

a new agenda

takes office.

Our Annual

Unit & Club installation

of officers

will be held

on January 7th. Please plan to attend

and support your Unit & Club officers

for 2012. Contact Noble Michael

Chaykowski for information and

reservations at 215-752-8020.

This year’s Potentate’s Ball will

be on April 14th. Mark the date on

your calendar and all the details will

be released shortly.

Imperial Session this year will be

held in Charlotte, NC. Our Potentate

Ed has reserved absolutely first class

accommodations Downtown near


We would like to publish

more stories and news items

from your organizations.

Please send your information

electronically with

“LuLu Fez” as the subject to:

homer@homer group.com


FEBRUARY 1, 2012

All articles not submitted electronically

may not be published as

submitted due to possible errors

that may occur during translation.


MAR/APR . . . . . . FEB 1, 2012

MAY/JUN . . . . . . APR 1, 2012

Headquarters and the NASCAR Hall

of Fame.

We will once again have our usual

Circus, Rodeo, Haunted House and

other fundraising activities that we

all enjoy.

In addition we will have the annual

Family Picnic, Pasta Night, Lobster

Night, Comedy Night Show, Irish

Concert Night, Las Vegas Trip, Murder

Mystery Night, Ocean City Weekend

and MASA in VA. Beach, just to name

a few events.

LuLu has something for everyone.

Please bring your family and friends

to these events and you will really

enjoy your membership in the Shrine.

If you are not a member of a Unit or

Club, please consider joining one

and get involved . You will definitely

be glad once you join your fellow

Nobles and all that membership has

to offer.

Any questions on anything pertaining

to the Shrine and your membership

please call me in the Recorder’s

Office 610-828-9050.



The official bi-monthly

publication of the LuLu Shriners.

Business Manager: Harry L. Reiter

5140 Butler Pike

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Business Phone: 610-828-9050

Website: www.lulushriners.org

Editor: Bernie Homer

2605 Egypt Rd.,Trooper, PA 19403

Business Phone: 610-539-8400

All articles must be submitted

electronically to

homer@homergroup.com with

the subject “LULU FEZ

We would like to thank everyone who

has submitted articles and photos.


LuLu Shrine Now Forming

Marketing Committee —

Commitment to Promotion

and Communication in 2012

In an effort to improve communication within our current brotherhood,

attract new brothers to the Masonic order, and boost attendance at our

programs and events, we are forming a new Marketing Committee.

Spearheaded by Bernie Homer, Editor of The Fez, and Kevin Homer,

Director of Marketing and Business Development at The Homer Group,

the newly formed marketing committee will consist of both internal

members and external volunteers. The committee will be responsible for

the promotion of Lu Lu Shriners to both current and potential members.

Responsibilities could include:

• Maintaining our NEW website

(no programming knowledge necessary!)

• Monitoring our NEW Facebook page and Twitter account

• Event planning

• Event “reporters” (writing brief event recaps and taking pictures)

• Managing events calendar and promotions

• Selling ad space in The Fez, on our website, and

through social media channels

If you’d like to be involved in joining the Marketing Committee to

strengthen and grow our brotherhood, please contact:

Bernie Homer at 610-539-8400 or homer@homergroup.com

We Reach Out…

“Buzz from the Fuzz”

(continued from page 1)

but by advertising and promoting

events at LuLu. Tell your friends,

family, acquaintances and anyone

who will listen about our events and


The following are just a few:

• January 28th – Masonic


• March 11th – National Women’s

History Month Celebration

• March 25th – Brunch with the

Easter Bunny

• April 14th – Potentate’s Ball

• April 29th – Irish Concert

• April 30th to May 5th –

Potentate’s Trip to Las Vegas

• May 18th to 20th – LuLu Circus

• June 1st to 3rd – Ocean City

Family Weekend

• June 23rd – Murder Mystery

Dinner Theater

• July 1st to 5th – Imperial

Sessions, Charlotte, N.C.

More information will be available

in future bulletins. Keep current

on these events. Read the Fez,

watch for flyers, check out our web

site (www.lulushriners.org), or call

the office. My door is always open if

you have any issues or just want to

‘shoot’ the breeze.

Stand strong with us and watch

LuLu grow and prosper.

10-4 over & out.

We want to hear about Nobles and/or their Ladies that reach out.

When you read the newspapers or listen to the radio or television

all you hear about are horrible happenings. The Fez wants to tell

you about folks who reach out to others. When you reach out to

help others, that is what being a Shriner is all about.

Be proud to be a LuLu Shriner because “WE REACH OUT”




January 4th

Business Meeting &

Divan Installation

January 7th

Club & Unit Installation

January 8th

QCSC Installation

Legion of Honor –

Change of Command

January 10th

Yacht Club Installation

January 14th & 15th

Bead & Jewelry Show

January 15th

NESC Installation Brunch

January 28th

Masonic Breakfast

February 18th

Pasta Dinner

March 3rd & 4th

Antique Arms Show

March 25th

Breakfast with the Bunny

March 31st & April 1st

Mineral & Fossil Show

April 14th

Potentates Ball

April 20th

MASA in Long Island, NY

April 29th

Irish Concert

April 30th to May 5th

Las Vegas Trip

June 23rd

Murder Mystery

An Open Letter to All Members

Having just returned from an Imperial Membership seminar, the

main thrust of the seminar was that every Shrine Center must

commit to provide an action plan with goals and follow-up. The

commitment for increasing membership is based on our current

membership of 1900 members. Imperial is asking that we recruit

5% or 95 new members, restore previously suspended members

plus 2% or 38 suspended members, and not lose more than

2% or 38 members due to suspensions.

This task as you know is not a one or two person job. The reason

that this letter is being published in the FEZ is that you the

current members of LuLu are being asked to help. In any case, the

membership team and Ill Sir Ed Cervonka need your commitment

that the membership goals he put together can be achieved.

Units and Clubs we are asking you provide the Ill. Sir with a list

four volunteers that would be willing to help meet these goal.

Each Unit/Club should have a person to help with Recruitment,

Retention, Restoration and Mentoring. The only requirement for

the position is good telephone and communication skills.

A number of years ago we started an Ambassador group of

Nobles that were active in their Masonic Lodges. The goal of

this group was to inform their Lodge members of what was

happening at LuLu Temple on a monthly basis. In order to

continue with this program I would like to have a member from

each Lodge either call or email me with their name, the name of

their Lodge and an email address so information can be sent out

to them on a timely basis. After this month we will publish the

Lodge and Ambassadors name. There are 77 Lodges in LuLu’s

oasis; it would be nice to have a Noble from each Lodge.

Membership is everyone’s responsibility. Without it, we will not

have a LuLu Shriners fraternity.

There is a membership meeting on February 29th at 7:30 p.m.

in the Merrymac Room. Please plan to attend or have a Noble

representing your Unit/Club.

Yours in the Faith,

Len Brownstein

Membership Chairman




By Matt Hallowell, President

The Ladies Night/Holiday dinner in November was a “Happy Night”. We all had a great time at Twining Hall

in a beautiful setting, eating and dancing the night away.

Our stated meetings are on the 1st Tuesday of the month and open to all nobles and their ladies. If you would

like come out and have a fun night please call 215-443-8492 for your reservation and dinner choice.

Nobles it’s that time of the year again when the Bucks County Float Committee begins the selling of their

Fruit and Nut Fund Raising. Each year these sales help keep our float afloat. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We are taking orders for Bucks Float committee Nuts sale fund raiser call Matt Hallowell 215-918-041 and

Ill Sir Roy Knauth 215-355-3796. Last year we had a number of members use these items as Holiday Gifts.

But Please Get Your Order in Early. Again thank you for your support.

Buck County’s Float was in the Mayfair parade. This was a great weather day for a parade and viewer turnout

to cheer us on. We had a crew of 10 for the parade. Thank you very much crew. And a special thank you, to

Bob Gold, High Priest and Prophet for driving the float truck in the parade.


Good Friends, Good Food, and Great Time!

By Michael S. Feldsher, Recording Secretary

Good friends, good food, and a great time simply explains what the Quaker City Shrine Club is all about. If

you ever happen to be free on the first Thursday of every month then stop in and see what we are about. The

Quaker City Shrine Club meets at restaurants located throughout the Philadelphia Area, also in Bucks and Montgomery


One of the main goals of the Quaker City Shrine Club is not only to make the Shriner happy but also his

spouse. Our meetings are couples friendly and you are encouraged to bring your significant other. Some of the

interesting programs that we have planned for 2012 are reactors of Julia Child and Betsy Ross, how to prevent

Identify theft, Hollywood vision of an American cowboy and name that tune. Just a few restaurants where we

will be holding our meetings are the Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurant, The Savoy at Colleens and Cottage Green.

We have a simple and easy way to join our club. Just show up and complete a very simple petition and your

first year’s due are on the house. For more information please contact the President of the Quaker City Shrine

Club Noble Barry Oppenhiem by calling him at (215)313-2092 or emailing him at varnishdoc@gmail.com.



Happy End of 2011 Yacht Club Cruises

By Capn Bilgepump

Well, the boats are put away, the

electronic stuff has been removed to

dry storage and boat owners are

awaiting the fall round of boat

shows. Funny how boats take over

our thinking machine to prepare

next years renovations, equipment

purchases and trips. Boat owners

really are slaves to their crafts. Even

their status in social life is affected by

the length of their craft. Friends

expect explanation for a decision to

go from a 50' cruiser to one of 38'. It

works the other way, too.You are

perceived as advancing in the financial

world when your boat dimensions

are noticeably increased. Purchasing

expensive do-dads does the same

thing. “Hey, what model swat modifier

is that? Will it prevent electronic

influence with the flushing of the

head.” Somehow your monetary rating

must be maintained. We have to be as

better as we can.

Another peculiar thing about boating

is saying it is too expensive to own.

The fuel is the only thing that can be

controlled. Dockage, deterioration and

obsolescence go on whether the boat

is moved or not. Just cut down a little

on cruising but don’t give up the ship.

Must mention how some yacht

clubs are doing. Some not so well.

One has given up their Commos ball

because of withering interest and the

price of tickets. Bad sign. Here are a

couple suggestions for personally

reducing the cost of membership.

First, reduce attendance to some meetings

so you can attend the significant


ones. Do not affect your support of club

activities. The officers of the club must

make the meetings relevant. It is a

yacht club. Don’t bring in a speaker

about candle making to a unit of

antique automobile collectors. The

officers must split the membership

list and call the errant ones. There

are low cost services that do this.

They simply call the membership

with whatever message you provide.

The service is cheap. My Masonic unit

does it.

Face facts. This yacht club pats

itself on the back when forty people

show up at a monthly dinner meeting.

Childhood math says otherwise. Half

of the attendees are women. This

means only half are Shriners. It also

means that only 16% of our 120

members are there.

Start and pursure a goal of at

least 50% rotating active membership.

It can be done. Dial-A-Prayer won’t

work. You must attend our affairs,

pay your dues and keep both oars in

the water.



Mason on


Ben Baird and

Lady Sally

present an

award to V.C.

Dave Marks

for the LuLu

Yacht Club

who won

first place

marching in

the parade

Americans have always loved

their cowboys. The cinema

heroes have etched an indelible

niche in our hearts. The

cowboys were the good guys

who stood for good and

fought against evil. All could

count on the good guys, in

their white hats, to come to

their rescue.

I’d like to list a few that you

may remember. They all had

one thing in common, they

were all Shrine Masons: Gene

Autry, Roy Rogers, Tom Mix,

Glenn Ford, Tex Ritter and

Buck Jones, Smiley Burnett,

Johnny Mack Brown, Tim

McCoy and many more. In

fact, in the over 150 cinema

cowboys, more than two

thirds were masons.

I have pulled your plows to

feed your families. I have

carried your flag in parades to

celebrate your independence.

I have run with all my heart

to carry you to victory. I have

shown you the world from

my back. You are America

and I am your horse.

P.C. Phil Walter, P.C. Bill Pugliese, V.C. Dave Marks, R.C. Dan Rose, and P.C.

Erv Kaucher, new Commodore of MAASYC

ERV Kaucher installed as Commodore of MAASYC by the Illus. Sir Ben Baird



Are You Looking for a

Place to Hold a

Show or Party in the

Near Future?





Contact the Shrine for additional information.

Business Manager: Harry L. Reiter

5140 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462





Antique Investment Quality Arms Show

Saturday & Sunday, March 3-4, 2012

The Pennsylvania Antique Gun Collectors Association, a

non-profit organization for people interested in the study,

collection and trade of museum quality investment grade

firearms, edged weapons and accoutrements made prior to

1898, is coming to the LuLu Shrine Center. The association,

formed in Southeastern Pennsylvania in 1940, is believed to

be the last remaining organization in the country restricted

solely to the sale and trade of items produced prior to 1898

that is open to the public. Some quality contemporary

items are allowed but must be identified as contemporary.

The club was incorporated in 1955 and consists of knowledgeable

collectors and dealers from across the United

States and Canada.

Two day shows, open to the public for an entrance fee of

$7, will be held at the LuLu Shrine Center March 3-4, 2012

and November 3-4, 2012, persons under 18 years of age

will be admitted free with an adult. Each show will boast

approximately 150 tables of material for display, sale or trade.

This club has the distinction of being the first active antique

gun collectors club in the eastern United States having held

its first two day show at the Hotel Valley Forge in Norristown

Pa. March 9-10, 1957. In June 5-7, 1998 the Pennsylvania

Antique Arms Collectors Association sponsored an awardwinning

booth at the Annual National Rifle Association’s

Convention in Philadelphia featuring Flintlock and percussion

muzzle-loading arms made in Philadelphia.

Shrine members and their friends are encouraged to attend

to examine the items offered for sale or trade first hand and to

ask questions of the collectors and dealers present. The show

will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday,

March 3 and from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, March 4, 2012.

A Special Concert Coming to LuLu

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Amid Old Man Winter’s frosty chill, our thoughts and hopes

naturally turn to the warmer weather just around the corner.

Here’s a special event that is sure to put a spring in your

step and a smile on your face: “Jazzin’ Up Broadway.”

On Saturday April 28 at 8:00 p.m., the Old York Road

Symphony will make its debut appearance at LuLu Shrine

Center. The Symphony, celebrating its 79th season of bringing

fine music to the community, is one of the oldest continuous

all-volunteer symphonic ensembles in the United States.

Located in Abington, the symphony has chosen LuLu for its

springtime Pops Concert, a beloved and much-anticipated

annual tradition.

The Banquet Room will be transformed into a jazz cabaret

for this special concert, which features the Eric Mintel Quartet.

Based in Bucks County, the members of the Quartet are

nationally known and acclaimed for their original works as

well as their interpretations of Dave Brubeck classics. While

listening to popular melodies from Broadway and the movies,

the audience will also enjoy a buffet of tasty light fare and

beverages for the all-inclusive price of $25 (Adult), $20

(Seniors 62 and up), and $5 (Students). For more information

or to purchase tickets, please call 215-782-1718 or see the

orchestra’s website www.oldyorkroadsymphony.org.

The Symphony’s mission is “To provide an outlet for the

interests and talents of serious musicians of all ages, while

enriching the cultural life of suburban Philadelphia.” In

addition to performing classical concerts at the Abington

Junior High School, the Symphony has an active youth outreach

program and is engaged with local public schools in

encouraging music studies. The Symphony also sponsors

an annual Young Artists’ Competition each spring, with the

winners having the opportunity to perform with the orchestra

in concert.


Won’t You Join Us?

By S. Owen Sacks

Won’t you join

us for some fun?

Share with me the

good times LuLu

offers! LuLu offers

a host of activities

that will show you

and your family a

way to meet new friends and pursue your interests.

Weather it’s in one of our many Units or one of our Clubs

LuLu will make you feel at home.

Boats, cars, horses, music, brewing, hunting, golf,

family travel, Veteran Affairs, community projects, and

our crown jewel, Shriners Hospital for Children, are the

threads that weave LuLu together and afford us the

chance to have a great time and do good for others. LuLu

also offers you the opportunity to share your interests or

hobbies with other Nobles through out the world with

competitions and conventions. Our community interest

fund raisers Circus, Rodeo, Haunted House just to mention

a few draw people from all over the Delaware Valley.

LuLu is the place for you and your family to chill out

have fun and meet your neighbors that share your interests.

Maybe you have a special hobby that would spark

interest with our group and a unit would form. Your

choices are unlimited.

Our clubs offer many interesting lunches and dinners

with fascinating speakers. Many times during the year

there are trips to such places as Gettysburg, Las Vegas,

Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia Beach, and many

other places.

Being a member of LuLu means fun and travel, but

it also represents a commitment to Shriners Hospital.

A dedication to a Hospital and a Hospital System (22

hospitals) that supports children up to the age of 18 AT

NO COST TO THE PATIENT regardless of their financial

situation who suffer from many afflictions, but specialize

in orthopedic, spinal injuries, (Philadelphia Unit considered

one of the best in the world) burns, cleft lip and

palate. www.shrinersinternational.org

The picture at the top of the page shows just one Noble

enjoying himself at a LuLu event. There are thousands

more pictures of the LuLu family having fun. We would

love to welcome you into our Oasis and include you in our

album of fun.

For more information go to lulushriners.org, or call

Harry Reiter at 610-828-9050.



Mounted Guard

Matt Hallowell, HP&P, Illustrious Sir Ben Baird, and

Joel Ward, P.P.

Oriental Band

Illustrious Sir Ben Baird and Lady Sally

Jim Coulon, President Stewards and Illustrious Sir Ben Baird

Illustrious Sir Ed Cervonka, Jim Coulon and Carlo Malantolio, Sr.






Oriental Band Events

Potentate . . . . . . . Edward Cervonka

Chief Rabban. . . . . . . . . . Gary Davis

ASST Rabban. . . . . . . . . . . Bob Gold

HP&P . . . . . . . . . Matthew Hallowell

Oriental Guide . . . . . . Joseph Rocco

Treasurer . . . . . . Christopher Mason

Recorder . . . . . . . . . Harry Reiter P.P.








April 29th, 2012



LuLu’s Great Hall

Details to Follow!!


The History of The Shrine and Lu Lu (#16)

Chapter XVIX - The Oriental Band

By Harry Speth, Historian

Early in 1958, Nobles Milt Davis,

Jack Sznchy, Hal Cox, Howard

Leibtag and others, obtained

permission from Potentate

Arthur M. Gordon, to organize an

Oriental Band. An article was

published in the February 1958

FEZ and received favorable

response. In the Spring at a

meeting of Montgomery County

Shrine Club at the Valley Forge

Hotel in Norristown, Potentate

Gordon announced the organization

of the Band. Visits were made

to the Oriental Bands of RAJAH

and CRESCENT Temples, who

gave the organizers information

about the music and instruments

used by Oriental Bands.

The first Director, Noble Milt Davis, an

accomplished musician and drummer,

began practice sessions immediately,

holding two or three rehearsals a

week. The Band grew rapidly in

members. The Ladies of the Band,

known as the “Pearls of Oda”, made

the first uniforms of a striped fabric,

very simple and Oriental in design.

In September 1958, Director Davis

led Lu Lu’s Oriental Band in its first

parade in Washington, D.C., M.A.S.A.

The Band continued to grow and

made many appearances in local

Shrine parades, M.A.S.A. and Imperial

parades in Toronto, Kansas City,

Richmond, Chicago, Charleston,

Pittsburgh, Orlando and Boston, to

name a few.

At Lu Lu, the Band was named

“Unit of the Year” in ’76, ’82, ’83,

’84, ’85.

There was a definite decline in

membership and activities when the

Temple sold the Mosque at 313 South

Broad Street (1968). Through Director

Earle Meldrum’s concerted efforts at

that time, the Band stayed together

when morale was at the lowest

point. With the completion of the

new Mosque in Plymouth Meeting, by

1975, membership was increasing

and the Oriental Band had a new life.

By 1982, under the leadership of

Nobles Gerald Farrell, Tom Millar,

Lou Weyman and Frank Rodgers,

membership in the Band peaked at

65. Between 1978 and 1982, the

Band took numerous competition

awards at M.A.S.A. and Jamboree

meets in Hershey, Wilkes-Barre,

Lancaster and Virginia Beach.

Back In 1977, Noble Tom Millar,

also a bagpiper of note, became Director

and appointed Earle Meldrum

Assistant Director and placed him in

charge of the Musettes. “Jerry”

Farrell, a top notch drummer, was

put in charge of the percussion section.

The “Pearls of Oda” made new

uniforms. The Band was practicing 2

to 3 times a week to prepare for the

1978 Jamboree.

A Jamboree is a gathering of

Oriental Bands within a local Shrine

Association. In Lu Lu’s case, the Association

is M.A.S.O.B.A. – Mid Atlantic

Shrine Oriental Band Association.

The Association was formed in 1955.

A few years later, the number of

bands in Mid-Atlantc reached 14.

Currently, eight ((8) bands are active.

Several Lu Lu Band Presidents have

served as President of the Association:

Noble Howard Leibtag (1964),

Noble Ernie Reber (1982) and Noble

Bob Gold (1999),

Jamborees have been held in Lu

Lu’s Oasis: 1982 – “Liberty Bell”

Jamboree at the Marriott Hotel,

Frank Rodgers, President; 1999 –

“Ladder of Smiles” Jamboree, Best

Western Hotel, “Bob” Gold, President

of MASOBA, Robert Forst, President

of the Band.

The Annual Jamboree is normally

held in the Spring, in the Oasis of the

Association President. Competitions

are held, prizes awarded, trips and

banquets are included. Lu Lu’s Band

has earned competition awards in

Hershey, Wilkes-Barre, Lancaster,

Virginia Beach, to name a few.

Controlling all Shrine Association

bands, at the Imperial level, is The

Association of Shrine Oriental Bands

of North America (A.S.O.B.). The

Imperial Association is one of only

two national Shrine Associations

that directly contributes to the Shrine

Hospital Fund. Band members, local

bands and Association Bands, contribute

to this cause through a charity

called the “Ladder of Smiles”. The

second primary purpose is to spread

the word about Shrine Bands. This is

done through a house publication

three (3) times a year, called the Na

Khabar. Lastly, the Imperial Association

selects the music for and produces

the annual Oriental Band

Competition at Imperial. It controls

the competition and presents appropriate

trophies. Since its founding in

1961, the Ladder of Smiles Charity

Fund, through 1999, donated over

$2.5M to Shriners Orthopedic and

Burns Hospitals.

Musical Instruments used by

Oriental Bands include: musettes,

drums, cymbals, tamboreens, and a

gong. Costumes continue to be produced

and repaired by the members

of the Pearls of Oda. In the early

years, Lu Lu’s Band marched while

playing in parades. However, by

1996, they had acquired a Float and

a truck to tow it, allowing our senior

(continued on page 20)


George Scheerbaum, President

LuLu Shriners Mosque Advisory Committee

December 6, 2011

This letter is to express my appreciation for having been on the

Mosque Advisory Committee over the past six years. It has been an

honor to have worked with its members who have a genuine concern

for work in maintaining our facility and grounds and saved LuLu

significant amounts of money. Although the Committee seems to

have transitioned from its advisory duties and budgeting/planning

for facility/grounds maintenance to more of a group of workers

completing projects and planning completion of work around LuLu,

the members of the Committee are very dedicated in addressing the

maintenance needs, studying and/or evaluating possible actions or

proposals for changes to our facility as proposed by the divan, and

actually performing the work where possible to keep the expenses

down. It has been an honor to work with the “maintenance” team

and to experience the camaraderie developed among the workers.

The end of my second term comes at a good time as my job now has

me traveling to northern Virginia about two weeks a month at this

time. This will make it hard to attend most meetings and participate

in projects during the week. If you have any questions or I can still

help in some way, please let me know and I will try to respond.

Although the Committee “works behind the scenes” and it seems

that most members do not realize the work needed to maintain our

facility and prepare for events, you are a very valuable resource to

LuLu and deserve a lot of thanks for the work you are doing. I hope

that nobles will volunteer support you and offer their skills to help

share the workload.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Harry Snyder

The History of The Shrine

and Lu Lu (#16)

(continued from page 19)

members to continue participation.

It was this year that Noble George

DeVito, while serving as Director,

was instrumental in the acquisition

of the Float

In addition to playing during

parades, Lu Lu’s Oriental Band has

been performing continuously during

Ceremonials since its beginning. Its

Arabic music and costumes bring a

flavor of the Orient to all Nobles and


The Band sponsors a Ladies Night

annually to recognize and thank

their Ladies and the Pearls of Oda,

usually at a local restaurant,

Line Officers are certainly important

to control the business of a

band, but without a competent Music

Director, no band would survive.

Over the 53 years of its history, only

a few have served in this capacity.

Since 1971, the following Directors

have been identified: Earle V. Meldrum

(7 years), Thomas Millar (3 years),

Walter Myers (1 year), Gilbert J. Davis

(1 year), Samuel Lange (5 years),

George DeVito (1 year) and Robert E.

Forst (21 years).

The Band currently has but 13

active members. It meets the 2nd

and 4th Thursday evenings in Room

#8 of the Mosque. It is always looking

for new members. No musical talent

is necessary (but it helps). The Band

will train you on the instrument of

your choice.


LuLu Paper Crusade Wrap-Up 2011

Thanks to all who helped spread the

word about the work being performed

at Shriners Hospitals and

collecting donations or having others

show their support through a plaque

purchase! While we will likely never

know how many children’s lives

were impacted through distribution

of the papers or talks with those you

met, as some may have received lifechanging

care that was not known

prior to contact with you, the donations

of over $15,770 were given to

Shriners Hospital by our Potentate.

The effort with this accomplishment

could not have been possible without

the organization of events by our

clubs and units, individual efforts at

Paper Drive events and sale of

plaques, support at the events from

spouses and friends, and the support

of the Recorder’s Office staff. Please

do not forget our Paper Crusade

plaque program as it becomes a

renewing source each year for the

donations given to the Hospital and

has been providing a larger part of

the donations than our collections at

Paper Crusade events over the past

few years.

Paper Crusade events go beyond

supporting our philanthropy of

Shriners Hospitals as they allow us to

respond to inquiries about Freemasonry

and the Shriners. Some may

be aware of someone visiting us on a

Paper Crusade event who expressed

that interest and, with follow-up,

became a Mason and a Shriner. We

need to remember that Shriners do

care for the children in Shriners

Hospitals and provide those new

members with the knowledge and

experience of the impact on children’s

lives that result from that care. If they

have not visited Shriners Hospital in

Philadelphia, try to make it a point to

have them visit the Hospital or attend

some of our meetings where former

patients tell us about the changes

resulting from care provided by

Shriners Hospitals. Then they will be

armed with personal knowledge and

have more of an incentive to support

our Paper Crusade efforts and help

us do more with them.

Some nobles have asked about

recognition from LuLu for their

efforts with the Paper Crusade or a

final dinner program to wrap it up

for the year. An appreciation dinner

and program was held in 2009 and

2010 with few attending. Last year,

those attending the divan meeting

came for our dinner and program

first and made up half those in attendance.

That event was announced

through an article in the Fez, letters to

units and clubs, and e-mail notices.

We will still provide recognition

through certificates based on the

names provided to the Recorder’s

Office in the event reports, but the

money spent on the dinner in the

past is being given to the Hospital


from participating in Paper Crusade

events comes from meeting former

patients who thank you for the care

given by Shriners Hospitals that

changed their lives. It comes from

the satisfaction of meeting others

and telling them you are part of such

a great organization that has been

able to establish Shriners Hospitals

so it could give that care. In looking

back over the past few years, we had

one Shriner who was retired and

would go to his local store where

he had permission to give out the

Paper Crusade papers and talk to

customers about Shriners Hospitals,

Freemasonry, and the Shrine. He did

this several years and would have

help often, but he enjoyed it as he

was able to see many acquaintances

as well as meeting others. While he

did this for several years and would

do it over several months when he

felt up to it, all he asked for from

LuLu was the certificate while turning

in almost $10,000 each year from the

donations he collected. If we could

get more Nobles who would have that

same passion for our Paper Crusade

program, we would be spreading the

word about our Shriners Hospitals

much more and likely getting more

donations for our Hospitals. Think

about it, and then let’s plan on building

a great program in 2012!


Oskar R. Huber

The passing of Oskar R. Huber

leaves a void in glory days of LuLu

Temple. As Potentate in 1980,

Oskar maintained a hectic pace

in keeping contact with the Clubs

and Units in our Oasis. In addition

to his regular visits to virtually all

the Clubs and Units, there was the

trip to Florida to visit the Semonite

Shrine Club, consisting mainly of

Lu Lu members who retired to the

Sunshine State. In the middle of

all this, there was a triple-by-pass

heart operation. This didn’t stop

Oskar. After a short recovery

period, he picked up where he

left off. Next was the Germany

Rhine River Country trip, followed

by the Grand Ole Opry caravan

to Nashville, Tennessee.

A return to the Naval Academy,

which he attended, was one of

nostalgia that those who accompanied

him enjoyed. One of

Oskar’s most rewarding achievements

was being elected to the

Board of Governors, Shriners

Hospital for Children, serving as a

Vice Chairman from 1995-1996.

Oskar was active in the Clubs and

Units in many capacities including

serving, supporting, and participating.

In addition, he was an

active riding member of LuLu

Mounted Guard for which he

served as President in 1975-1976.

Oskar will be sorely missed by his

many friends and family.

LuLu Mounted Guard Number 1

By Roy L. Knauth P.P.

Did you know that LuLu’s Mounted

Guard is the oldest horse patrol in all

of Shrine? I think that our founding

father W. Freeland Kendrick would

be very proud of us today since we

are very well represented in all of

Shrine with officers in both the International

Horse Patrol and the Mid

Atlantic Shrine Horse Patrol with a

number of past Presidents in both.

This year we traveled to Denver

and competed with six rented horses

and although we did not wins the

Musical Drill Competition we competed

in both that and the street

parade and as Ill. Sir Manny says no

one was heart and we all had a great

time. The Drill Team consisted of Ill.

Sir Manny Iglesias, Ill. Sir William

Morwald, Ill Sir Roy Knauth, Ill. Sir

William Adamson, Assistant Rabban

Gary Davis and Charles Roberts.

Although we were only able to

saddle four riders, September was

an entire different story. We had our

own horses and there was no question

who the number one team was

in the Musical Drill Competition

against three other Shrines’ and

where we were judged by Virginia

Beach Mounted Police Unit, professional

horse people. Ill. Sir William

Morwald competed in the Western

Individual Competition and also took

first place against eight other riders

for his Horsemanship. This time the

team consisted of Ill. Sir Manny

Iglesias, Ill. Sir William Morwald, Ill.

Sir Roy Knauth and Assistant Rabban

Gary Davis. The Mounted Guard

would also like to thank all the Nobles

and their Ladies of LuLu who came

out to support us at the Drill Competitions.

When we did the street

parade it is a little tough with only four

when competing against troops of

sixteen and judges who are looking

for crowd appeal but we had a great

time anyway.

This year has been a good year

for us as we have picked up a couple

of new riding members and well as

one being a third generation LuLu

Mounted member, so if you are so

inclined we meet on the fourth Tuesday

of each month in the Mounted Guard

Room at LuLu Shrine and you are

invited to come out and see what we

are all about, who knows you may

enjoy all the fellowship we share.

With the Parade Season almost

over when this article reaches you, we

will be planning our annual Holiday

Lady’s Night for the first weekend in

December so, watch out for our flyers

with all the information.

Here’s wishing you a Happy and

Healthy Holiday Season.


From the Desk of the Legion of Honor

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Ceremonial Presentation

For 82 years the Legion of Honor has placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown

soldier. This year Illustrious Potentate Benjamin Baird and Commander Rick Gaver

did the honors of placing the wreath. The Ladies of the Legion decorated the

wreath for the occasion. It was a wonderful day filled with memories and reflections

from the past. The group took time and visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial

Museum and leaving there to go to Kena Shrine for dinner. Walt West, known as

Arctic Sgt. spoke on his trip to Guadalcanal. During World War II, it was the scene

of the first major US offensive against the Japanese in August 1942. He also spoke

about the arctic trips. Mark Nov. 4, 2012 on your calendar for the next Tomb trip.

One Day Class Presented at LuLu Shriners

103 candidates received their 3rd degree

the morning of November 12th at LuLu

Shriners Grand Hall. Each of the candidates

observed all three degrees. There

was time between degrees for mentors

to help them interpret what took place.

(continued on page 24)


From the Desk of the Legion of Honor (continued from page 23)


Welcome the

New Officers for 2012

George Gilson, Adjutant Emeritus,

presented the slate of new officers

for 2012. It was voted on and

past at the Nov. 28th meeting.

LOH Nobles Change of Command

will take place at 1400 hrs on

January 8, 2012 at LuLu Shriners

Grand Hall. Nobles of the Shrine

and friends are invited; light refreshments

($10.00 person) will

be served after the event.



Jerry Schmidt

1st Lt. Commander

Carl Wade

2nd Lt. Commander

Ed Matlack

Finance Officer

Adjutant Gary M. Portnoy, PC

Lt. of Colors

Chuck Holloway

Appointment - SGT of Arms

Robert Boeckle

Chaplain William Hower

Welcome Four New Members:

The Legion of Honor welcomes the

following members into the unit:

Charles E. Quaste, Sr.,

Navy Subs

Edward Neifeld, Army

Earl W. Laney, Army

Harry R. Fegel, Army

LuLu Shrine Scouting Dues:

A reminder that dues of $5 are

due to Leonard Brownstein,

1045 Alpena Road,

Philadelphia, PA 19150

Make checks payable to “LuLu

Shrine Scouting Association.”

Unknown Confederate Soldier Prayer

I asked God for strength, that I might achieve;

I was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey.

I asked for health, that I might do great things;

I was given infirmity, that I might do better things.

I asked for riches, that I might be happy;

I was given poverty, that I might be wise.

I asked for power, that I might have the praise of men and women;

I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God.

I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life;

I was given life, that I might enjoy all things.

I got nothing that I asked for, but everything I had hoped for.

Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered.

I among all men and women, am most richly blessed.


Walter R. West Revisited Old American Weather

Station at Ittoqqortoormiit After 65 Years

The cruise ship Expedition with 120

passengers called at Ittoqqortoormiit

in the middle of September. One of

the passengers was Walter R. West

who is the last surviving member of

the USAAF crew that manned the

American weather station in Walrus

Bay in the period from August 1945 to

August 1946. The elderly gentleman

stayed one year at the weather station

when he was 21 years old. Article is

from sermersooq.gl.

Walter R. West wanted to present

a plaque to the inhabitants of Ittoqqortoormiit

to commemorate his

and his comrades’ stay at the weather

station and the friendliness they had

received from the then inhabitants of

Ittoqqortoormiit. In front of the museum

in the presence of a number of

the other passengers and locals he

presented the plaque and the book

“The Year,” that he wrote about the

experiences back in 1945 to 1946, to

former mayor Erling Madsen as representative

of Ittoqqortoormiit.

From the museum Walter R. West

was taken by car to Walrus Bay where

he saw the remnants of the weather

station on which he had stayed. He

took a lot of pictures and could tell

what the different buildings had

been use for, and he could point out

where his bunk had been.

Inuulluaqqusillunga//Med venlig

hilsen//Best regards

Torben Hørup Hansen


News from:

Jessica Walsh

At the young age of twelve, I had surgery

for scoliosis performed by Dr.

Randal Betz. I feel fortunate that I

had the opportunity to be at Shriners

Hospitals for Children-Philadelphia

for such a serious procedure. Before

my surgery, it was painful just to sit

in school and now I am able to do all

the things that I enjoy.

At the time of my surgery it was

difficult to understand what was

happening to me and why. Now 10

years later, I understand that what I

thought was a misfortune turned out to

be the most important event of my life.

The realization that life can be

unbearable without a healthy body

is what brought me to yoga. Yoga

became my life’s passion. I learned

the importance of taking care of my

body, a lesson that I want to pass on

to others. As an adult, my life felt

meaningless because I was not living

my passion. I left my office job with

a clear vision of how to make my

dreams a reality. I knew that I was

meant to help others with the struggles

of maintaining a healthy body

and realized that I had a natural

ability to work well with children. If

healthy habits are developed at a

young age as adults, they will be

easily maintained.

That is how I came to realize my

purpose and today I teach a yoga

based exercise program to children

that I call YogiDance. My program

provides children with an opportunity

to learn the lifelong lessons of how

they can take care of their bodies.

I feel fulfilled knowing that my

program will enrich their lives and

make the world a better place.

I know that if it were not for the

great care that I received at The

Shriners Hospital, I would not be

living my dreams today. With my

YogiDance Program, I aim to show

other children that they can overcome

obstacles and have a healthy

life in order to follow their dreams!



Shrine Hospital Donations on Board Day

Lu Lu’s Motor Unit

By Roy L. Knauth P.P., Secretary

In this past year the Motor Unit has

been out in force collecting for the

parking of cars at the Circus, Rodeo

and have participated as the Hill

Billy’s at our Haunted House in

October. If you have never done any

of these activities you are missing a

great time for fellowship besides

having a great time. Pa may change

on a nightly basis but he will be

there carrying his shotgun and chasing

all the pretty girls, shooting off

his mouth as well as his shotgun.

Last January we reported that the

Lu Lu Motor Unit was now the proud

owner of a 1978 Sea Grave Fire

Truck and we were working on plans

to give it a new paint job and lettering

to designate it Lu Lu Motor Unit

# 1. Well even though the truck has

a long local history it is going to be a

little longer before we will be taking

it with us to parades. It is our hope

to have it ready for this year’s

parade schedule as well as gathering

new interest of the Temple Membership

in the Motor Unit.

Our Unit Room has now been

completed and we are preparing for

our Gala Christmas Party as I am

writing this article which was held

on our regular meeting night in

December, but since you have already

missed this event, do not miss out on

our up coming events as a Fund

Raiser for the Fire Truck. You should

start looking for our flyer on our

Super Bowl Party. Attendance will be

limited to the first fifty tickets sold

and will include all the party fixen,

camel’s milk and a few surprises.

If you have not seen a flyer or are

interested either call Past President

Chico at 215-852-9560 or email him

at 12CHICO@netscape.com

Since we have acquired the Fire

Truck we still have a couple of usable

Indy Go Carts and two Model T’s that

are available for Parading. Currently

one of the Model T’s is being refinished

and will be looking for a driver

when spring rolls around. Remember

what has been said all of last year

the Motor Unit is not just for you who

ride a Motor Cycle, Classic Cars, Antiques

or a Hot Rod are also included

or just an interest in being a Motor

Head or even riding on a Fire Truck.

The Mayfair Parade Sunday

November 20th saw the Motor Unit

well represented and as always was

a crowd pleaser for the many spectators

who enjoy seeing our bikes

and cars, thanks to Captain Chico for

calling everyone and President Dale

along with all who participated and

had great time except for Chuck

who’s cycle had an alternator problem

and was unable to participate.

We are still working on our

monthly newsletter, which we hope

will be distributed by email to help

keep our members informed of all

timely activities. Editor Harry is

always interested in photo’s as well

as taking them, if you have an article

send it to him and he will make it

part of what we send out. But we

really want to see you at the meetings.

Our next two meetings are scheduled

for January 12th and February

9h at 7:30 in the Motor Unit Room.


Band Banter

Bennett Wartman — the current

President of LuLu Temple Shrine’s

Concert Band — recently performed

the first movement of Haydn’s Trumpet

Concerto at One North Broad St.

Phila. for a combined audience from

Athelston and Lambert Lodges.

Lance Wiseman, who put the whole

entertainment portion together,

accompanied on piano. But until that

performance, most of Bennett’s recent

musical efforts have been mostly limited

to Concert Band.

Noble Wartman started out in the

1950s playing trumpet in the John L.

Kinsey Elementary School Orchestra

under the direction of Louis Brown

(who was also Bennett's first trumpet

teacher). Before moving on to

Wagner Jr., High where he also

became first chair, Bennett played

with the “All City Elementary School


Once in Jr. High, receiving free

lessons meant going on Saturday

mornings to Girls’ High School for

group instruction. The process seemed

less productive and must have showed

in Bennett’s home practicing.

Max and Nancy Carol (whose

son played violin) lived next

door to the Wartmans and

they must have known something

about music. Whether

they had suffered enough

in their row home, or just

thought that some professional

tutelage might improve the

musical quality, recommended

Sigmund Hering. Mr. Hering

played in the Philadelphia

Orchestra. So, for the cost of

a few dollars per week plus

the cost of the “books” which

Mr. Hering wrote, Bennett

was on his musical way.

After a two year stint at

Wagner Jr. High, Bennett

started Central High. Ninth

grade freshmen were on a

shift from the over crowded

facility and timing prevented

participating in after school

Band. Upon meshing in Sophomore

Year with the bulk of the school,

band was not a problem. During Jr.

year, Bennett sat second chair to Neal

Goldstein. Neal had a higher range

and other technique that Sigmund

Hering was not teaching. Consequently,

Bennett changed teachers to

Tony Marcione. When Neal “retired”

in Senior Year, Bennett moved up to

first chair. When studies or other activities

displaced trumpet practice

time. Tony would comment, “This

week you wasted my time and your

money. Call me when you’re ready

for a lesson.” Good lessons evoked

the response, “Did you ever think of

doing this professionally?” The former

condition probably out numbered

the latter because near his

seventeenth birthday Bennett

stopped taking lessons. He continued

to play with the band until graduation.

Bennett also played in jazz band,

orchestra and played for some musical

educator venues. That was 1965.

Advance your clock about 35 years

when a call came from Bennett’s children’s

piano teacher requesting that he

play Easter Sunday at her church. After

explaining that he had not played in 35

years but also not wanting to disappoint

the nice lady, he accepted on the

condition that she hear him a couple

of weeks before so as not embarrass

the both of them. The organ, choir and

trumpet went so well together, that

six months later he was invited to play

for Palm Sunday as well as Easter

Sunday. Of course after the second

year, the nice piano teacher decided to

retire. Having brought back his chops

twice in two years, Bennett decided

that he would sit in at LuLu Temple’s

Concert band. He had been a member

of LuLu for about a quarter of a century

then and knew a band existed.

Starting in last chair over a

decade ago and moving through the

section, he had the honor and the

pleasure of meeting and playing

along with many good musicians

and interesting enjoyable members.

Many of these individuals played

at a time when you needed live

musicians if you wanted to dance.

Recently, Bennett has played

with a Klezmer group and for

several memorial and funeral

services. The Concert Band

has lost many members in

the last several years. Age

(both health issues and the

Black Camel) has taken its toll.

The Concert Band recently

performed The National

Anthem at our one day man

to Shriner, November, 2011.

Noble Wartman’s Masonic

history includes Past Master of

Equity Lodge No. 591, Past

Thrice Potent Master Valley of

Abington now Valley of Reading,

plus membership in several

Square and Shrine Clubs.

In his spare time he sells

turf grass and golf course

supplies and visits his children

who are currently residing in

Boston and Manhattan.


Meet Lance Wiseman — the New Concert Band Conductor

Lance Wiseman has earned

critical accolades as recitalist

and as soloist with professional

orchestras both in

Europe and the United

States. After his performance

with the Thessaloniki

State Symphony of Greece,

the Makedonia proclaimed,

“This performance presages

for him a priority in the range

of international virtuosi.”

“He perceives how to translate the hidden treasures of the

great composers,” said The Voice (Athens).

His concerto concerts include: Thessaloniki State Symphony

(State Theater, Greece), Donetsk State Philharmonic (Philharmonic

State Theater, Ukraine), State Symphonic Orchestra

of St. Petersburg (an orchestra of the St. Petersburg

Philharmonic Society) (Glinka Capella State Theater, Russia),

San Francisco Chamber Orchestra (Baroque Theater, Legion

of Honor Museum of Art, San Francisco), etc. Among the

conductors with whom he has performed are: Vyron Kolassis

(Principal conductor, Athens State Symphony), Alexander

Dolinsky (Principal conductor, Donnetsk State Philharmonic),

and Edgar Braun (Principal conductor, San Francisco

Chamber Orchestra.

Examples of his many recitals include such diverse venues

as: Hochschule der Kunste (Berlin), Wigmore Hall (London),

Grand Hall of the Zurich Konservatorium, Gloria Theater

(Athens, Greece), George Dima Academy (Cluj-Napoca,

Romania), American Conservatory (Chicago), etc.

Wiseman has often been invited as the sole featured

soloist: gala concerts in Cluj-Napoca, Romania under the

auspices of the American Consulate (commemorating the

visit of Ambassador Rosapeppe), First Samuel Barber Festival

held in the composer’s home town of West Chester

(auspices of Column Classics) (performed complete piano

works of Barber), Shriners’ International Convention in New

Orleans (for an audience of 5000), Philadelphia Cultural

Council Concert Series (headline performer and only

featured piano soloist 1992-2002. He has also been the first

piano soloist to be invited by these organizations.

Lance Wiseman began his piano studies at age five, and

started performing public concerts at an early age. At age

of fifteen, he auditioned and was accepted into the college

divisions of both the Juilliard School and Peabody conservatory,

at that time the youngest to have been accorded

this honor. Having chosen

the Juilliard School, he

coached as a scholarship

student with well-known

concert pianist Beveridge

Webster. Upon receiving

his Bachelor’s and Master’s

degrees from this institution,

he was awarded second

prize in the Emma Feldman

International Piano Competition

and, two years later,

was among four to be named as one of Musical America

magazine’s “artists to watch”. He was later selected for

“Who’s Who Among Rising Young Americans”, and had

attended and performed in master classes with Leon

Fleischer who also conducted him in a Mozart Concerto

with an orchestra composed of conservatory students in

preparation for his first European tour.

In later years, Mr. Wiseman added finishing touches to his

playing by coaching with legendaries Byron Janis and Rosalyn

Tureck, being one of a chosen few to have been accorded

this honor. While Madame Tureck shaped his classicism and

patrician elegance in the works of Bach, the former master

helped him to project his deep romantic soulful side,

concentrating on works like the Rachmaninov’s second and

third concertos. It is Maestro Janis who remained Wiseman’s

most powerful influence long after his coaching, helping

him to connect with his vulnerable side and inspiring great

depth of sensitivity.

In 2001, he was the first American ever to be invited to

adjudicate Prokofiev International Piano Competition in

Donnetsk, Ukraine. On the Piano Disc label, he has

recorded many standard piano favorites as well as his own

arrangements of operatic and symphonic repertoire. On his

own label, he has recorded standard classical repertoire,

original jazz, and original arrangements of Christmas carols

in the styles of the great composers. Excerpts from his

recordings have been aired by radio host Jill Pasternak on

WRTI-FM, Philadelphia’s only classical station, where he has

also performed live mini concerts, hosted by Temple

University professor Alexander Fiorillo. His many television

performances have included Perspectives hosted by Paul

Norton (ABC Philadelphia).

Lance, together with Chairman Emeritus Frank Schoendorfer,

are leading the bands reemergence.

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What is the Purpose for My Life in 2012?

Scripture is very

clear on how

God laid out, for

everyone, a pattern

of good

works and talents

to be used

for our lives. You

may not be conscious

of these

good works that

Fr. Otto Lolk+ God has given

you or the talents

that go along with them to carry them

out. Generally speaking, the things

that you are good at are those talents

that give you satisfaction and accomplishments.

God deliberately designed

them so that you may be an

instrument for good works and for

the benefit of others. It is as if an architect

of a brand new building engineers

that building to accommodate

specifications unique to its construction.

So God, “The Architect of the

Universe,” designed each one of us

with talents that are unique to every

human being.

Nobody is exactly alike, have you

noticed? All of us have abilities and

talents that are not duplicated by

anyone else. God deliberately laid

out for you a type of temperament,

personality, and gifting that you will

need for accomplishing the purpose

God had designed for you to use.

Again we’re all unique in this regard,

nobody is like another. Sometimes we

say to ourselves ‘I wish I

could be like so-and-so

and then I could be better

doing things for others,’

yet according to the scriptures,

what you can do is

totally irrelevant. What is

relevant is the uniqueness

that makes you you; it is

God’s gift to you to be

used in a powerful way.

Your whole life has been

entrusted to you. Why? To be an

instrument of God’s choosing to use

for the good of others. Why? Because

you belong to God by His creation of

you. Lots of people don’t live that

way. They don’t live as though they

belong to the Lord, they live as

though their life is their own: ‘It’s my

life, isn’t it?’ Have you ever heard

anybody say that about themselves?

‘It’s my life, isn’t it?’ The answer is

‘no, it isn’t!’ Consider the fact that

you had absolutely nothing to do

with your birth; isn’t that true? I

mean, I was never consulted as to

whether I wanted to be born or not;

and neither were you. We just woke

up one morning and here we all are.

Have you lived this long and

never asked yourself ‘how come I’m

alive?’ Or ‘how come I’m alive now?

Why didn’t I live 100 years ago?

How come I have a set of circumstances

that I am in? I could have

been born in Europe, or Asia, or

Africa. I could have been born in a

different part of the world in total

poverty such as Calcutta, India.’

So what’s the point of my discussion?

The point is that God designed

you for a reason that He has placed

in the intricate parts of your life, and

that reason has to do with the purpose

God has made for you to follow.

What is that purpose?

The purpose is to be an instrument

in the hand of God to serve His

creation. You see, there is not a thing

God needs from you or me, He is

complete in Himself. There is absolutely

no lack in Him. But God does

care for His creation and the things

He has made and created. That

means He cares for all the animals,

the plants, the atmosphere and all

things human; especially children of

the world. We serve Him by serving

those He cares for. How? By helping

those who need help we help God to

His greatest desires. Our help for the

helpless or those who would benefit

from our assistance, make glad the

heart of The Eternal. This is so without

distinction as to race, creed, or abilities.

If I may have you reflect upon this

for the coming year as to where and

what God is leading you to do when

you are making a resolution for this

coming year. Look around, where

would your abilities and talents and

gifts lead you to care for people in

desperate straits?

When you respond to God’s bidding

by using our talents, skills and temperaments

to revive another, not only

will you make jubilant the heart of God,

but yours as well, for you would have

functioned in accordance to the design

of The Architect of The Universe He

had put in you to make you know

completeness and joy in abundance.

So, when one considers how God

has truly blessed us with what we

have and what we are, it will free us

from any fears or worries. It will empower

us with boldness and increase

our compassion and sensitivity

for ourselves. It will bring glory

to God as stewards of the graces

God bestowed upon us individually

and in recognition

that life is the greatest gift we

have ever received. I pray that

all of us will live in such a way

that it will bless others and

bring fulfillment to ourselves

and glory to God. Happy New

Year! Amen.




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Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462








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