US Business in China A Primer on USCIB/OECD Policy Work
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US Business in China: A Primer on USCIB/OECD Policy Work

Givong>inong>g busong>inong>ess a seat at the table.

ong>USong> ong>Busong>inong>essong> ong>inong> Chong>inong>a:

A ong>Primerong> on ong>USong>CIB/OECD

Policy Work

The Weissman Center for International ong>Busong>inong>essong>

Mitsui ong>USong>A Lunchtime Forum

March 15, 2006



ong>Primerong> on ong>USong>CIB

– Representong>inong>g American Companies

ong>USong>CIB and Chong>inong>a

– Followong>inong>g ong>USong> company trade and ong>inong>vestment concerns

OECD and Chong>inong>a

– Projects on governance, ong>inong>vestment, corporate social

responsibility (CSR)


ong>USong>CIB at a glance

• Founded ong>inong> 1945 to represent busong>inong>ess views ong>inong> the newly-formed UN

• Global network -- exclusive U.S. affiliate of:

– International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

– International Organization of Employers (IOE)

ong>Busong>inong>essong> and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD (BIAC)

– World ATA Carnet system

• Membership: 300+ multong>inong>ational companies, law firms and ong>inong>dustry associations

• Specialized committees address global economic and busong>inong>ess policies

• Issues and guarantees ATA Carnets, allowong>inong>g temporary, duty-free imports

overseas for trade shows, commercial samples and professional equipment


ong>USong>CIB’s Global Network

ong>USong>CIB provides access

to a wide variety of

ong>inong>ternational organizations

and resources that impact

trade and commerce.

Companies and busong>inong>ess

groups use this unique

network to affect policies

and regulations abroad,

and to develop new

busong>inong>ess opportunities



Chong>inong>a Program Objectives

• Monitor Chong>inong>a-Related Policy Developments at Major Multilateral

Institutions (OECD, ICC, ILO, WTO).

• Influence Policy-Makong>inong>g Process to Better Reflect Interests of

U.S. ong>Busong>inong>essong>.

• Provide a forum for the ong>inong>formal exchange among ong>USong>CIB

members of ong>inong>formation on doong>inong>g busong>inong>ess ong>inong> the PRC.

• Engage with Chong>inong>ese Sister ong>Busong>inong>essong> Organizations and Chong>inong>ese

Member Companies (Chong>inong>a Council for the Promotion of International

Trade (CCPIT) and the Chong>inong>a Enterprise Confederation (CEC))


ong>USong>CIB’s Chong>inong>a Committee


• Rule of law/ Transparency/National Treatment

• Intellectual property right protection

• Air Capacity, Postal Law, Energy Market, Telecoms

• Excessive Certification and Testong>inong>g

• Government Procurement/ Draft Anti-Monopoly Law


ong>USong>CIB’s Chong>inong>a Committee

Compiles ong>USong> ong>Busong>inong>essong> Comments to ong>USong> Government

• Press release on ong>USong>TR top-to-bottom review of Chong>inong>a trade

• Submission of agenda priority items for ong>USong> Chong>inong>a JCCT meetong>inong>gs ong>inong> April

• Annual submission on Chong>inong>a’s compliance with its WTO Commitments

Roundtables with Chong>inong>ese Government and ong>Busong>inong>essong>

Delegation Visit to Chong>inong>a December 2005

• Represented ICC at UN Global Compact Meetong>inong>gs ong>inong> Shanghai

• Participated ong>inong> OECD/MOFCOM Chong>inong>a M&A Symposium

• Co-hosted IPR Roundtable with CCPIT and CSR Roundtable with CEC


OECD Projects with the Chong>inong>ese


• Report on Corporate Governance

• Economic Survey

• M&A Symposium

2006-2008 Work Programs

• Corporate Social Responsibility – Multong>inong>ational Guidelong>inong>es

• Study on R&D Innovation

• Request for Regulatory Review


Thank You!

Kimberly Halamar

Chong>inong>a Affairs


(212) 703-5091


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