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GCSE and A Level


OCR Languages




GCSE Languages

OCR’s GCSE Language suite offers your

students the freedom to choose the topics

they speak and write about, across eight

different languages.

This choice means that your students will be more

motivated as they can talk / write about something they

are interested in. There is also a short course option

that allows your students to study just two of the four

language components: speaking and listening or reading

and writing.

Over 75% of students who sat OCR GCSE Language

qualifications in 2010 achieved grades of A* to C.

As well as our French, German and Spanish qualifications

we also offer: Dutch, Gujarati, Persian, Portuguese, and

Turkish with exams in all four skills. If your students are

interested in ancient languages then they can choose

from Biblical Hebrew, Classical Greek and Latin.

OCR main* GCSE Languages at a glance:

l Flexibility in the controlled assessment task means that

60% of the assessment can be completed at any time

during the course

l Freedom to choose any speaking and writing topic

l Updated topics for reading and listening that reflect

changes in teaching and learning techniques

l Continuity of a two tier structure for Reading and


l Short course option in reading and writing or listening

and speaking so students can concentrate on their

best skills

l Easier to submit speaking recordings to OCR for

moderation using the OCR Repository, our secure



Comprehensive support including specimen papers,

guides to Controlled Assessment, schemes of work,


* French, German and Spanish

OCR Languages

A Level Languages

OCR’s A Level Language specifications are

designed to give your students the chance to

excel in all aspects of their language learning,

preparing them for more advanced studies

and language-related careers.

As well as being able to communicate confidently, clearly

and effectively, students will develop an awareness

and understanding of the contemporary society and

cultural background of countries where the language is


OCR A Level Languages at a glance:

l Broad-based topic coverage

l Varied tasks types

l Clear progression from AS to A2 and beyond

l Develops versatile communication skills transferable to

real world situations

l Encourages independent research of topics

l Rewards students for using the language to present

viewpoints, develop and defend arguments

l Supports breadth and depth of study.

Support and training

We provide everything you need to teach our Language

specifications with confidence and to ensure your

students get as much as possible from our qualifications.

l Wide range of support materials

l Active Results

l Published Resources

l Languages online community

l Regional OCR Cluster Groups

l Training

l Dedicated Language Experts

l Free eBooks (for A Levels)

To find out more


Phone: 01223 553998



OCR customer contact centre

Vocational qualifications

Telephone 024 76 851509

Facsimile 024 76 851633


For staff training purposes and as part of our quality assurance programme your call may be recorded or monitored.

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Registered office 1 Hills Road, Cambridge CB1 2EU. Registered company number 3484466. OCR is an exempt charity.


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