Visual Communications Training Session - Fran O'hara

Visual Communications Training Session - Fran O'hara

Feedback Question 2: How will it affect how you work…

“Inspired by the possibilities! I will find many ways to use what I have learned but coaching, teaching and

meetings will never be the same again. I love it! ”

“Using key images with groups to give more depth to the ideas, thoughts and feelings they have on a topic,

encouraging expression.”

“Build in more and more visuals / Use Agenda Design Flip Charts immediately

Gradually introduce more creations.”

“Display ideas and thoughts in graphics from meetings. Engage more people.”

“Will practice the use of graphics in everyday tasks. Will share with others – spread the word, in order to

improve how we communicate.”

“Ensure that in future meetings/project briefs that if the information being shared isn’t necessarily the

most exciting, it can be presented as such to make it appeal as its always important that attendees show


“Very useful in my role – I do a lot of process-mapping and design / flowcharts are useful but, become

boring after a while. This is a fun and innovative vehicle for me to use in my work and it is very engaging.


“Use for all sorts of things I am involved with. Made me think about how fantastic these look and how

engaging they are.”

“Will use visual images and ideas learnt today to enhance my facilitation of groups. Will work with this group

of learners to create ideas and find ways to share this with other colleagues. Engage wider with world café /

graphic facilitator communities.”

“More creatively, listen carefully! How to engage others in a different style.”

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