Operations Manual


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1. General Information

2. Safety Information

2.1 Proper and improper use

2.2 General Safety Information for the handling of

the Diesel Pile Hammer

2.3 Safety information for the excavator operator

2.4 Safety information for the excavator

2.5 Safety information for the foreman in charge of

the pile driving work

2.6 Assembly, conversion, disassembly,

maintenance, repair

3. Technical Data

3.1 Conversion Factors

3.2 Angle Conversion

3.3 Diesel Hammer Data

3.4 Sound emission

3.5 Exhaust emission

4. Transport of the Diesel Hammer

4.1 General preparation

4.2 Lifting cables and ground support

4.3 Securing the Diesel Hammer for trailer transport

4.4 Possible Wire Rope damage

5. Assembly and Mode of Operation

5.1 Components of Diesel Pile Hammer

5.2 Section View of Diesel Pile Hammer

5.3 Operating principle

5.4 Pile driving equipment – general information

5.5 Diesel Pile Hammer conversion for driving of

batter piles

5.6 Assembly and disassembly of the upper

cylinder extension

5.7 Safety devices

6. Starting the Diesel Hammer

6.1 Filling of fuel and lube tank

6.2 Filling of lubricant lines with oil

6.3 Assembly of pile helmet cushions

6.4 Guiding for the pile helmet

6.5 Lifting of piles

6.6 Bringing the Diesel Pile Hammer and pile helmet

into operating position

6.7 Tripping device

6.8 Control of fuel supply

6.9 Cleaning of combustion chamber

6.10 Start and Control

7. Operation

7.1 General Information

7.2 Blow energy

7.3 Start of Diesel Pile Hammer

8. Shutting down and storage

8.1 Shutting down and leaving in lead

8.2 Removal from the lead

8.3 Storage

9. Maintenance

9.1 Daily maintenance

9.2 Weekly maintenance

9.3 Monthly maintenance

10. Servicing and Troubleshooting

10.1 General

10.2. Troubleshooting

10.3 Screwed / bolted connections

10.4 Guides

10.5 Tripping device

10.6 Pumps

10.7 Filter

10.8 Grease Fittings

10.9 Catch groove and piston catch ring

10.11 Piston and impact block rings

10.12 Compression

A1 Accessories

A1.1 Pileco helmets and drive cap systems

A1.2 Test unit for the fuel control pumps

A1.3 Saximeter

A1.4 Hydraulic starting device & power pack

A1.5 Pileco U-Type leads

A1.6 Caisson type leads and special lead frames

A2 Applicable fuel and lubrication types

A3 Summaries and calculation aids

A4 Signature form

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Operations Manual December 2012


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