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5. Assembly and Mode of Operation

5.6 Assembly and disassembly of the upper

cylinder extension

When required, the upper cylinder section of

Diesel Pile Hammers D19-42 through D100-13

can be extended. For these Diesel Pile Hammers,

such an extension is required for a batter of more

than 1:5.

Work stages:

1. Disassemble the upper end-ring (24). To do

so, unscrew all hexagonal bolts of the upper

end ring. Remove the upper end-ring by lifting

it upward.

2. Install the supplied extension for the upper

cylinder section (1).

Conversion work can be carried out only on

a safely supported Diesel Pile Hammer in the

lower position within the lead, insuring that no

movement is possible.

Use a height safety device, and fall protections is

required when climbing up the lead.

Conversion work shall only be carried out by

qualified, authorized and trained personnel.

3. Bolt the extension of the upper cylinder section

(1) to the upper cylinder section (2). Use the

bolts of the upper end-ring. Solidly tighten

the bolts (bolt torque values see chapter 10.3

“Screwed / bolted connections”). Replace

missing or damaged bolts or nuts with new

ones and make sure to use the specified

torque chart.

4. Install the supplied extension for the lubricant


The disassembly of the extension is the reverse

of the above.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is

required to perform any and all work shall be

provided by your employer to safely perform

this task.

Diesel Pile Hammers D12-42 through D180-32

shall be operated only with an installed upper endring

or extension of the upper cylinder section.

If the upper end-ring is not mounted the piston

can jump out of the cylinder when over-stroking.

The catch groove designed with the upper endring

or the upper cylinder extension is the point

where the piston catch ring can snap in to prevent

falling out.

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Operations Manual December 2012


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