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6. Starting the Diesel Hammer

4. Raise the piston five times using the tripping

device and let the piston drop from the release

point. These cold blows allow oil and dirt to

escape from the combustion chamber.

6.10 Start and Control

5. Screw the plug (16) back in.

A thorough inspection by a competent/

qualified person of the whole driving

equipment system prior to putting it into

operation. Check the unit for loose screws

and bolts, cracks, wear, leaks and possible

damage. Check the stability of the unit. Make

sure all damages are repaired immediately.

Operate the equipment only after all

damages have been repaired (See chapter 9


With the exception of the excavator operator,

operator and the foreman in charge of the pile

driving, make sure no other person stands

within a distance of 1.5 times the lead height,

when possible. Sound a horn to warn others

of the impending starting of the unit.

The piston should not bounce into the catch

groove (25). The Diesel Pile Hammer must be

shut off immediately in this case. Thereafter,

operate the Diesel Pile Hammer only:

• after checking or replacing the screws

used to fasten the upper end ring or upper

cylinder extension.

• after checking the catch groove.

• after checking the catch (piston) ring.

You must keep a distance of at least 13 feet

(4 meters) from the Diesel Hammer.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is

required to perform any and all work shall be

provided by your employer to safely perform

this task.

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Operations Manual December 2012


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