Asset Management
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Asset Management

01 Operation and Maintenance

Remote and on-site control (24/7 in case of failures)

Examination of subconstructure in terms of damage

Examination of overvoltage conductor

Examination of string fuses

Inspection of solar generator and panels and visible wires

Inspection in terms of wire damages etc.

Checking of safety devices

Checking of inverter functions

Checking of string boxes

02 Remote Monitoring

Monthly reporting of energy production, plant performance, radiation, interventions, follow-ups

Annual reporting including recommendations

Data management including data storage for the monitoring and measurement system

03 Asset Management

PPA billing and customer invoicing

FIT / Incentive reconciliation

Bank reporting

Financial budget preparation

Contract management

O&M subcontractor administration and perfomance ratio verification

Insurance administration and claim processing

Incident reporting and tracking

04 Tax consultancy

Commercial accounting

Annual balance sheet

05 Facility Management

Cleaning of solar panels in terms of greenery, bird dejections etc.

Cleaning of inverter air outlets

Examination of fences with respect to damages

Examination of video control

Inspection and Management of cultivations

Responsibility with regard to municipal obligations and duties (including legal representation)

06 Pricing per MW

Operation and Maintenance


Asset Management & Facility Management

Tax Consultancy

Business Management

Total per year

28.000,00 € per year

11.000,00 € per year

800,00 € per month

370,00 € per month

500,00 € per month

59.040,00 € per year and MW

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