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2013 Hospitality Design (HD) Awards





March 4, 2013


Among the categories are:

hotel (luxury/upscale)


spa (hotel/day)

green/sustainable project


senior living/healthcare

restaurant (fine dining)

student project

nightclub, bar, or lounge

hospitality debut

For more information, contact Alia Akkam at

646-654-4419 or aakkam@hdmag.com


1. Hotel (luxury/upscale)

2. Guestrooms or Suites (luxury/upscale)

3. Public Spaces (luxury/upscale)

4. Hotel (mid-range/economy)

5. Guestrooms or Suites (mid-range/economy)

6. Public Spaces (mid-range/economy)

7. Restaurant (fine dining)

8. Restaurant (casual/quick-service)

9. Resort

10. Spa (hotel/day)

11. Nightclub, Bar, or Lounge

12. Green/Sustainable Project

13. Hospitality Debut

14. Student Project

15. Bathroom

16. Senior Living/Healthcare

17. Open Category (for hospitality projects not included

in the above categories)


All entries must include a completed entry form (printed out) and the following

on one CD or DVD:

• No more than 15 images that best represent the project. Include both

low-resolution and high-resolution photos in two separate folders. High-res

images should be 300dpi and at least 8” x 10” in size.

• Photos should be labeled generically (i.e. guestroom 1, lobby, dining

room). Any photos labeled with specific names that reference a specific

property will be disqualified.

• A PDF contact sheet of images with photo captions.

• A project description, including objective, size, budget, and any other

pertinent information, NOT TO exceed 300 words.

• Floorplans are accepted, but not required.

Entries need to be anonymous. If signage has any name, please use Photo-

Shop to remove it. Any photos with signage bearing names will be

disqualified. Names of the project, interior design firm, architecture firm, or

owner should NOT be used on the captioned contact sheet,

in the project description, or on images. Names should appear ONLY on

entry form and CD/DVD.

*Failure to fill required fields may result in disqualification.


Mail entries to:

Alia Akkam

Hospitality Design

770 Broadway

New York, NY 10003

Category Specific Notes:

Categories 1, 4, 9, 12, 13, and 16:

Photos of the entire project must be submitted. Entries that do not show

a range will be disqualified.

Category 12:

The project description must include why the project is green and/or

sustainable. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Category 13:

All entries in the Hospitality Debut category must have been completed

by principals who did not complete any hospitality projects before the

submitted project, either on their own or with a previous firm.

Category 17:

This category is reserved for any project you feel does not qualify for

any other categories. Be specific in your description as to why the entry

deserves special consideration. Past entries have included theaters and

poolside areas.


1. All projects must have been completed between December 1, 2011

and March 4, 2013. Any project which opened before or after these dates

will be disqualified.

2. A project may be entered in more than one category except for

Student Project, which must be entered ONLY in #14.

5. Entry fees: $185 for the first entry and $100 for each additional entry.

For entries in the Student Project category, the fee is $35 for each entry.

All entries MUST be paid by credit card on the following site: http://registration3.experientevent.com/ShowHDA131/?flowcode=ATT

6. Emailed entries will not be accepted.

7. A panel of judges will evaluate entries on the basis of creativity,

practicality, and function. In addition, awards may be given by the judges

to any project or component of a project not included within the

categories. These Judges’ Awards will be entirely at the discretion of the


8. Entries become property of Hospitality Design magazine and will not

be returned.

9. All awards go to interior designers, architects, and owners. Manufacturers’

products are not eligible for entry.

*Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disqualification.


Winners will be honored at the Hospitality Design (HD) Awards

ceremony, to be held in New York City in June. In addition, winning

projects will be published in the June 2013 issue of Hospitality Design


For further questions, contact Alia Akkam at aakkam@hdmag.com

3. International projects are eligible.

4. Name of the project, interior design firm, architecture firm, and owner

must be on the entry form AND written on the CD or DVD.



Submitter’s Name and Company

Project Name

Project Location

Date Open for Business/Completed



City State Zip


Contact Person


Interior Design Firm


City State Zip


Contact Person


Architecture Firm


City State Zip


Contact Person


I certify that the information contained herein is true and accurate, and I take full responsibility for any

errors or omissions. If the project wins an award, I hereby convey to Hospitality Design magazine the

right to publish these images in the June 2013 issue. For this purpose, I will provide high-resolution

images to the magazine and will compensate the project photographer for reuse fees, if any.


Name (Print)



Send the completed entry form and CD or DVD to:

Alia Akkam

Hospitality Design

770 Broadway

New York, NY 10003

All Entries

Must Be

Received By

March 4, 2013

Click Button To Submit Entry Fee HD AWARDS

Entries must be paid in full by March 4, 2013 to be eligible.

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