Hagersville Streetscape Plan


Hagersville Streetscape Plan - Haldimand County

2 Background


This section outlines the various planning documents that inform

the preparation of the Hagersville Streetscape Plan, essentially as

the starting point for the project. These documents form part of

the basis for the preparation of the design concept and

streetscape improvements identified in this report.

Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

The 2006 Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

(“Growth Plan”), released in 2006, is the Province of Ontario’s

growth strategy for the Greater Golden Horseshoe region, which

was completed under the “Places to Grow” program. The Growth

Plan is identified as “a framework for implementing the

Government of Ontario’s vision for building stronger, more

prosperous communities by managing growth in the region to

2031”. Generally, the Growth Plan promotes:

“After all, except when we’re at home or work, we’re generally in

the public realm. That means sidewalks, parks and subways, as

well as libraries, museums and art galleries. More than anything,

our experience of a city is our experience of its public realm – and

not just when we’re tourists, but here at home, too.

This experience is highly personal; it encompasses weather,

quality of daylight, noise, traffic … It also depends on the condition

of the pavement, the width of the sidewalk, the number of shady

trees, availability of benches and drinking fountains, street clutter,

the size of blocks, the feeling of being welcome, a thousand small


Source: Christopher Hume, “Non‐essential is still vital for a livable city”,

The Toronto Star, March 7, 2010, A4

• Compact, vibrant and complete communities

• Diverse mixes of land use types;

• Multi‐modal transportation systems that offer

connectivity, efficiency, accessibility, and choice;

• Pedestrian and cyclist‐friendly environments linked to

other neighbourhoods and destinations;

• Connected open space systems;

• Land use patterns and urban design standards that

facilitate energy efficiency; and

• Conservation of built and cultural heritage resources.

Hagersville Streetscape Plan

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