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study abroad brochure - Central Queensland University




2013 – 2014



Study abroad provides the opportunity for those

seeking a semester or two abroad in a university

in another country to earn academic credit. At

CQUniversity Australia, we welcome study abroad

students from all over the world to share a unique

learning experience with us.

Choosing to study abroad in Australia may be the

most significant educational choice and rewarding

experience of your life. You can look forward to

exciting academic challenges, diverse cultures and

the opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime.

Over the years we have helped many study abroad

students reap the wonderful benefits of a study

abroad experience. And now we invite you to embark

on your own study abroad journey, and explore what

CQUniversity study abroad programs, and Australia,

have to offer.


Why study abroad?. . . . . . . . . . . 3

Where is CQUniversity? . . . . . . . . 4

What can I study? . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Living in Australia. . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Climate and clothing . . . . . . . . . . 9

Support services . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Admission requirements . . . . . . . 11

How to find courses . . . . . . . . . . 11

How to apply. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12


Why study abroad at cquniversity?

Studying abroad for a semester or two

may be the most rewarding educational

experience of your life. You will have

opportunities to travel, make friends from

around the world, enhance your employment

prospects, change your study routine, and

possibly even learn another language.

Above all, you will gain a fresh perspective

on yourself and the world around you. There

may be unexpected challenges, and that

is why our dedicated network of staff will

support you every step of the way to ensure

you have a smooth transition into a foreign

land and a foreign university.

Studying abroad at CQUniversity is not only

about study. Our study abroad programs

are designed to enrich your learning journey

and provide you with the total experience

– a truly unforgettable journey of self and

knowledge discovery.

Here are some of the other benefits our

students enjoy:

• Small classes with personalised

tutorials and lectures

• State-of-the-art technology in teaching

and learning

• Computer laboratories fitted with the

latest software

• Extensive academic, personal and

career support

• Comprehensive online study resources

• An electronic library

• Access to research seminars

• Cultural diversity

• Immersion in local life


CQUniversity has strong academic links

with many partner universities around the

world, such as the University of Windsor

in Canada; Kanazawa Seiryo University in

Japan; Halmstad University in Sweden;

and The Regents of New Mexico State

University in the US.

We also have a strong affiliation

with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, an

international education company based in

Colorado, USA, that offers study abroad

programs in various destinations.

All students from our partner universities

and GlobaLinks will benefit from a

$1000 scholarship and a comprehensive

information package.

To see the full list of our partner universities

visit www.cqu.edu.au/studyabroad.

STUDY ABROAD 2013 – 14

Billy Sarandria, Alaska, USA

Exercise and Sport Science, Rockhampton

I chose to study at CQUniversity not only to see the wonderful environment such as the Great

Barrier Reef but also for the people and culture. Australia has to be the number one place for

accepting laid back people. When I arrived here the first thing I noticed was how outgoing and fun

the Australians I met everyday were. I hope to show other students who want to study abroad that

it is an incomparable feeling and eye-opening experience that will change their lives forever.

I don’t know if words can really show them how differently I see the world now. There are so many

places to see and so many opportunities out there for anyone who is willing to take the big step

and change.

I want to show students who don’t know what they want to do after high school, after college,

or even people who are bored of the same old thing every day, that there is a whole world to

be seen and that all it takes is the first steps to open their eyes to the rest of their lives.


Where is CQUniversity?

CQUniversity is one of the few Australian

universities to have established campuses

in multiple Australian states where

international students may study at both

undergraduate and postgraduate.

CQUniversity’s main campus for study

abroad is Rockhampton, a thriving regional

city where you can experience the ‘real

Australia’. The University also offers study

abroad programs in Sydney and Brisbane,

the two Australian cities which have been

ranked sixth and 22nd respectively in the

QS Best Student Cities in the World 2012.

Another campus option for study abroad is

Noosa, where you can undertake courses in

sustainable tourism. Noosa is well known

for its surfing, beaches, pristine river, fine

restaurants and national parks.


CQUniversity Rockhampton offers a campus

experience in a natural setting, with acres

of parks, over 30 academic buildings, library,

on-campus accommodation, restaurants,

tropical gardens, a bookstore, sporting clubs,

swimming pool and sporting complex.

Study abroad students in Rockhampton will

enjoy a friendly and laid back community,

tropical climate, and close proximity to the

Great Barrier Reef. For those interested in

outdoor pursuits, there are almost endless

opportunities to explore the nature within,

from beaches to the outback and everything

in between.

Customs House

11 minute drive

Nearby attractions

The Capricorn Caves

25 minute drive

Great Keppel Island

25 minute drive plus 30 minute ferry ride

Intake dates

Term 1, 2013

Term 2, 2013

Term 3, 2013

Term 1, 2014

Term 2, 2014

Term 3, 2014

25 February

1 July

28 October

24 February

30 June

27 October

We have three terms (semesters) available

for study abroad. Term 3 is available in

Brisbane and Sydney for fee paying students

only on fee per course basis. Term 3 at

Rockhampton is available for education

majors only. Sustainable tourism is available

at Noosa for Term 1 and Term 2 only.

Please contact CQUniversity’s Study

Abroad office if you are interested in

enrolling in Term 3 for your study abroad


Koorana Crocodile Farm

44 minute drive



Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and

one of Australia’s fastest-developing and

progressive cities, with warm, subtropical

climate. CQUniversity Brisbane is a newly

refurbished campus, conveniently located

in the heart of central business district and

just 14 minute walk from the Central Train

Station. The campus has leading-edge

computer laboratories, lecture facilities and

recreational areas, and a dedicated level

for student support services.

Nearby attractions

Botanic Gardens

Brisbane Arcade

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Moreton Bay and Islands

State Library of Queensland

Moreton Bay and Islands

50 minute drive

State Library of Queensland

16 minute walk


Noosa is located approximately 140km

north of Brisbane on the beautiful Sunshine

Coast. CQUniversity Noosa offers modern

facilities and surrounds including clinical

nursing laboratories, library and student

resource centre facilities, state-of-the-art

collaborative learning spaces and is home

to the Learning and Teaching Education

Research Centre (LTERC).

Nearby attractions

STUDY ABROAD 2013 – 14

Australia Zoo

Aussie World Theme Park

Big Pineapple Plantation

Noosa National Park

Underwater World


Sydney is the capital of New South Wales,

and is located around what many regard

as the most beautiful harbour in the world.

At CQUniversity Sydney you can enjoy the

bustling urban environment amidst diverse

cultures. The campus is located in the heart

of the city, just 5 minute walk to Town Hall

Train Station, and has many study areas

filled with natural light, making it conducive

for self-study or group work.

Nearby attractions

Bondi Beach

Blue Mountains

Centrepoint Tower

Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens

Nine minute drive

Blue Mountains

Two hour drive

For more places of interest in Australia visit the official Tourism Australia website at www.australia.com.


What can i study?

CQUniversity has a broad range of study

abroad programs for students to choose

from. We have developed strong academic

links with local communities and industries,

in areas like marine ecology, wildlife

conservation (including koala and wallaby

research), exercise and sport sciences and


Study abroad students can also undertake

courses in sustainable tourism at our Noosa

campus, which is becoming an Australian

hub for tourism engagement with United

Nations agencies.

CQUniversity has a strong commitment to

internationalise our tourism curriculum by

engaging with global initiatives dedicated

to promoting sustainable tourism practices,

research and education around the world.

Study abroad students are able to enrol in

undergraduate or postgraduate courses

depending on the previous level of

completed study.

If you are currently studying at

undergraduate/bachelor level in your home

country, you could look at undergraduate

programs and courses at CQUniversity.

If you are currently studying at graduate

level such as in a masters program,

you could consider courses available at

postgraduate level at CQUniversity –

these may include courses from graduate

certificate, graduate diploma and masters

level programs.

You have the choice of:

• creating your own program by choosing

courses (units or subjects) from across

different discipline areas;

• creating your own specialisation by

choosing courses from one discipline

area; or

• choosing from one of our ‘program

packages’ which focus on specific

areas of interest.

Mallory Bailey, New Mexico, USA

Marketing, Communications, Australian History and Outdoor Pursuits,


In the outdoor pursuits class you do scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking and sailing, and that’s

been the best part! Living here [in Rockhampton] I know that everyday promises a new experience

and a new opportunity for me to learn something new about this amazing country, its people, and

its culture.

Ultimately I would love to be able to inspire someone to take the same leap that I did and study

abroad. To any potential study abroad students, go out there and achieve your dreams!

Discipline areas – Undergraduate

• Accident Forensics

• Accounting and Financial Planning

• Agriculture and Food Science

• Aviation

• Biology

• Business Administration

• Chemistry

• Communication and Cultural Studies

• Engineering (Civil, Electrical and


• Environmental Health

• Environmental Science

• Exercise and Sport Sciences

• History and Geography

• Human Resource Management

• Indigenous Studies

• Information Technology and Information


• Journalism and Media Studies

• Management

• Marketing

• Mathematics

• Medical Sciences

• Multimedia

• Music

• Nursing

• Occupational Health and Safety

• Physics

• Psychology

• Social Work

• Sustainable Tourism

• Teacher Education

(Learning Management)


Examples and course ideas


Communication and Democracy in Australia – COMM11108

Introductory Aboriginal and Islander History – INDG11013

Outdoor Pursuits – Aquatics – EDED10413

Physical Geography of Australia – GEOG11023


Conservation in Australia – GEOG11024

Foundations of Indigenous Learning – INDG11006

Local History and Heritage – HIST19036

Outdoor Pursuits – Aquatics – EDED10413

STUDY ABROAD 2013 – 14

Ancient and Medieval Civilisations: An Introduction – HIST11037

Exercise and Sport Psychology – ESSC12003

Foundations of Animation – DGTL11001

Health and Physical Education – Curriculum and Pedagogy –


Aviation Theory I AVAT 11001

Foundations of Health HLTH11027

Fundamentals of Psychology PSYC11010

Real World Investigation AINV11001

Coastal Marine Resources – MARN13007

Contemporary Photomedia – COMM12116

Indigenous Australians and Popular Culture – INDIG19018

The Modern World Emerges – HIST11038

Forensic Psychology PSYC13021

Social Foundations of Psychology PSYC11009

Discipline areas – Graduate

• Arts Administration

• Business Administration

and Business Law

• Financial Planning and Accounting

• Human Resource Management

• Information Technology

and Information Systems

• Management

• Marketing

Study Abroad Semester

Package Programs

Marine Science

Study biology and environmental science

coursework and undertake a focused

research project on a tropical marine


Social Work Field Education experience

Our professional field education

co‐ordinators will find a supervised social

work placement in Rockhampton, the

Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.

Sport and Exercise Science

Take coursework in areas such as

biomechanics, sport physiology or sport

marketing and gain practical experience

in our on-campus clinic or a professional

healthcare or sport management setting in

our city.

Examples and course ideas

Term one

Financial Market Analysis – FINC20007

International Finance – FINC20008

Human Resource Management –


People, Work and Organisations –


Term two

Global Marketing – MRKT20018

International Business Law – LAWS20038

Human Resource Management in the

Global Environment – HRMT20022

Security, Ethics and Electronic Commerce

Systems – ECOM20002

These course suggestions are provided as examples only. There are many more courses

available, please refer to our handbook at handbook.cqu.edu.au/Handbook.


Living in Australia

Cost of living

Costs of living vary depending on the location, accommodation type and lifestyle you

choose. It is generally cheaper to live in a regional city than a metropolitan city such as


Below is a guide to help you prepare a budget.

Suggested weekly budget

Accommodation/rent $180

Food and drinks $100

Public transport $40

Utilities $40

Mobile phone and internet $60

Study needs – textbooks, stationery and photocopying $30

Miscellaneous – clothes, toiletries, medical and entertainment $50

Total $500

For in-depth information regarding living in Australia refer to the Study in

Australia website at www.studyinaustralia.gov.au.

Kenan Kessler, Penn College, USA

Creative Writing, Visual Programming, Australian History and Short Story,


Among the study abroad programs at my school, CQUniversity was the one that jumped right off

the page. The coast of Australia has always been at the top of my list of places to go in the world.

When I arrived in Rockhampton, what amazed me the most is the general kindness I see in my peers. I

was able to make friends very easily here, which makes it unique from the start.

I was able to visit the coast once so far, and it was the most fantastic vantage point I have

experienced in my life. The landscape of Queensland mesmerises me almost constantly, and happens

to be my favorite part about moving to Queensland. I would suggest anyone who visits Queensland to

carry a camera at all times, as you never know what amazing scene you will see next. ❜

Accommodation options

A range of accommodation options are available across our study abroad campuses.

On-campus (Rockhampton)

CQUniversity Rockhampton Student

Residence offers accommodation and

meals on a full-time basis. Each student

will have a single bedroom/study room,

furnished and equipped with telephone and

Internet connection.

For more information about student

accommodation visit



Homestay is a great way to learn about

Australian life and culture as you will be

placed with a local host family. The cost of

homestay is approximately $750 per month,

including meals, and there is a placement

fee of AU$180.

House or apartment rental (individual

or shared)

CQUniversity Rockhampton provides a free

accommodation placement service. Our

staff will find a suitable accommodation

close to campus before you arrive in

Australia. On our other campuses, you will

be referred to external accommodation

providers. Cost will vary according to the

facilities provided. It could range from

AU$480 – AU$700 per month per person,

excluding food, electricity, gas and phone.


Climate and clothing


In Queensland the seasons are not as

clearly defined as in some other regions of

Australia and other countries. The warmer

temperatures offer an opportunity to dress

casually in cool light clothing. T-shirts and

shorts are a popular choice among our

students. It is recommended that you wear

a hat and long sleeves for protection from

sunburn during the summer months. Winter

temperatures are usually very mild. Light

jackets or sweatshirts and jeans are usually


Months Celsius ˚C Fahrenheit ˚F

June – August Minimum range 14 – 18

Maximum range 18 – 24

September – May Minimum range 20 – 28

Maximum range 28 – 36

57 – 64

64 – 75

66 – 82

82 – 97

Note: These are average minimum and maximum ranges. On rare occasions temperatures can fall

below 0°C or rise above 40°C.

STUDY ABROAD 2013 – 14

Months Celsius ˚C Fahrenheit ˚F

December – February 17 – 26 63 – 77

March – May 11 – 24 52 – 76

June – August 9 – 17 49 – 63

September – November 11 – 24 52 – 76

Sports and recreation

Australians love sports. It offers a great

way to break free from the rigours of study,

keep fit and meet new people. You can

get involved in football, soccer, baseball,

basketball, scuba diving, hiking, golf,

cricket, tennis, squash, netball, horse riding,

sailing and many more.

CQUniversity Rockhampton has a sporting

complex which offers a range of weight

machines for muscle conditioning and a

selection of cardiovascular equipment –

treadmills, steppers, rowers and ergonomic

cycles for fitness conditioning. There are

also a 400 metre grassed athletics oval and

a 25 metre, eight lane pool onsite.

CQUniversity Brisbane is within walking

distance to major amenities such as the

Brisbane Arcade, Southbank Parklands, and

arts and entertainment complex. The city is

noted for major sports and leisure facilities,

and for major cultural facilities, including

the Queensland Cultural Centre.

CQUniversity Sydney has a large indoor

open space for cultural and recreational

campus activities, TV and lounge seating.

For those who are keen spectators of live

events, the nearby Sydney Cricket Ground

hosts some of Australia’s biggest sporting


At CQUniversity Noosa, you will enjoy

studying and living on the beautiful

Sunshine Coast. The region is famous

for its unspoilt beaches and stunning

national parks, and offers a wide range

of recreational activities, adventures and


All international students enrolling at

CQUniversity Rockhampton are able to take

advantage of the following:

• Adventure and culture activities


• Complimentary visit to the Dreamtime

Cultural Centre, the Heritage Village

and a range of local attractions

• Special group rates can be arranged

for visits to local attractions including

Great Keppel Island, the Capricorn

Caves, Carnarvon Gorge, and Weekend



Sydney’s climate is pleasantly moderate,

with winters being cool rather than cold.

From March to April and October to

November, the weather is pleasant with

warm days and mild nights. Popular choices

among students are shorts or jeans and

t-shirts in warm days; and jeans and light

jackets in cool days.


Support services

Studying overseas can bring unexpected

challenges along with excitement.

CQUniversity has put in place an excellent

support system to help enrich your learning

experience. Our dedicated student services

staff will support you from arrival in

Australia to departure. These are some of

our services:

• Free airport reception on arrival at


• Assistance with accommodation

• Transport information

• Enrolment advice

• Study skills support

• Part-time employment information

• Social events and activities

• Advice about health cover

• Free Welcome Adventure Package at


Student Association

The CQUniversity Student Association is

the voice of the student body, advocating

for students in the decision‐making

processes of the University. The

association works in conjunction with the

University to provide facilities, programs

and services to enhance the academic and

social experience of students.

The CQUniversity Student Association can

provide information about getting involved

in various extracurricular activities such

as sporting events, trips and volunteer

opportunities. The association can also

help with finding part-time employment,

accommodation, second hand textbooks,

mobile phones, student discounts and


For more information on the student

association visit association.cqu.edu.au

Erika Santarossa, University of Windsor, Canada

Human Movement Science, Rockhampton

CQUniversity is passionate about their international students having the opportunity to

experience the true Australian culture, and they organise several events enabling them to do so. The

most interesting of the events had to be the Aboriginal Dreamtime Centre, where we learned how to

throw boomerangs and play the didgeridoo. They also told us several native stories on how everything

came about, further enhancing my views of the Australian culture.

My main suggestion to anyone going to Australia is to save some time after you have completed your

semester and see as much of the country as you can. I had the opportunity of backpacking the entire

east coast and I now have cherished memories embedded in my mind, such as: scuba diving the Great

Barrier Reef on several occasions, surfing in Byron Bay and Sydney, driving a 4x4 through the sand

blows on Fraser Island, a road trip into the middle of the Outback and last but not least, canoeing

through the Noosa Everglades. It is truly the most beautiful country with so much to see. ❜

Visas and health cover


You will require a student visa for your

stay in Australia. The Department of

Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is

responsible for providing advice and issuing

visas on entry to Australia.

For more information regarding visas visit

the DIAC website at www.immi.gov.au.

You may also contact your nearest

Australian Embassy, Consulate or High

Commission – for more information visit the

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

(DFAT) at www.dfat.gov.au.

Health cover

Student visa holders are required by DIAC

to have Overseas Student Health Cover

(OSHC) for the duration of their studies.

Payment of the total health cover premium

must be made when you pay your tuition

fee, prior to coming to Australia. Medibank

Private is CQUniversity’s preferred provider

– for more information visit



Admission requirements

• Students must ensure that they have approval from their

home institution that the course/s applied for will be credited

towards their degree.

• Students must have successfully completed at least 12

months of full-time study (for undergraduate study) or have

completed an approved undergraduate university degree

(for graduate study) in their home country at the time of


• Students from the USA must have a minimum cumulative GPA

of 2.5 on a 4-point scale.

• Other students please enquire at your international office

regarding academic entry requirements.

• Students who do not have English as a first language or have

not completed secondary or tertiary study via the medium of

English, must also meet our English entry requirements, ie

have an equivalent of an overall IELTS band score of 6 (with

no individual band score of less than 5.5) or a TOEFL score

of 550, including a TWE score of 4 (computer based score of


• Students wishing to enrol in engineering courses require an

overall IELTS band score of 6.5 (with no individual band score

of less than 6.0) or equivalent TOEFL.

How to find courses

For a full list of courses available visit our student handbook.

For specific enquiries email


Tips for your search

1. Go to handbook.cqu.edu.au/Handbook

2. On the left hand navigation menu, click on ‘courses’

3. Then click on ‘advanced course search’

4. Choose a campus from the drop down box

5. Choose a term from the drop down box

6. Click ‘search’

Plan your term

• A regular full-time load for undergraduate study is four

courses per term.

• A regular full-time load for graduate study is three courses

per term.

• Select double the number of courses you require per

term in case some your selections are unavailable eg at

undergraduate level, choose eight courses.

STUDY ABROAD 2013 – 14

For more information on fees and admission requirements visit

our website at www.cqu.edu.au/internationalfees.

Credit and grading system

To be able to receive academic credit for

your chosen courses, you must seek prior

approval for your course selections from

your home university, before commencing

your study abroad term at CQUniversity.

CQUniversity will provide an academic

transcript to all study abroad students on

completion of their study abroad term.

At CQUniversity grades are issued on

a seven point scale. Below is a quick

reference guide.

HD (High Distinction) = 7 (85 – 100%)

Undergraduate study

A standard full-time credit load at

CQUniversity is 24 credit points consisting

of four courses of six credit points each.

The minimum enrolment is three courses

and the maximum is five.

6 units of credit = 3 – 4 credits in the US


6 units of credit = 7.5 ECTS in the European


Graduate study

A standard full-time credit load at

CQUniversity is 24 credit points consisting

of three courses of eight credit points each.

8 units of credit = 1 standard course/unit =

3-4 graduate credits in the US system

8 units of credit = 10 ECTS in the European


Please enquire about credit transfer for

countries not listed.

D (Distinction) = 6 (75 – 84%)

C (Credit) = 5 (65 – 74%)

P (Pass) = 4 (50 – 64%)

PC (Pass Conceded) = 3 (40 – 49%)


How to apply

Step 1

Complete the Incoming Study Abroad/

Exchange Application form. You can

download an application form from


If you need assistance completing the form

contact your home institution international

office, CQUniversity international office

or a CQUniversity partner agency in your

home country.

Step 2

Attach relevant documents including:

• Certified* copy of your academic

transcript of your current institution.

• Evidence of your English Language

proficiency if English is not your first


• Certified translations of supporting

documents if original documents are in

a language other than English.

Please do not send original documents with

your application.

Step 3

Check your completed application.

Do a final check. Make sure you have

included your preference of eight courses

for undergraduate level of studies or six

courses for graduate level of studies.

Step 4

Submit your application:

• Email


• Through partner or agent

Note – Government Loans

CQUniversity welcomes students using

government loans to finance their

education. CQUniversity is an approved

foreign school for students from the USA.

Students should quote the following

reference number in their loan application

documents – OPE identification number



Successful applicants will receive an Offer

of Admission. The Offer of Admission pack

includes all the information you will require

to proceed with entry to CQUniversity. A

Conditional Offer of Admission is made

to those applicants who are required to

send additional information. If you do not

meet the requirements for admission to

CQUniversity, please contact the University

to discuss possible options.

• Accept your Offer of Admission.

To accept your offer you must:


Return your signed International

Student Contract


Pay term tuition fee (instructions for

payment are provided in the Offer

of Admission pack)




Return Remittance Advice form

(include your passport number)

Upon completion and acceptance

of required supporting documents,

CQUniversity will issue an electronic

Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE). Please

advise in your International Student

Contract where your eCOE should be issued

to and how you would like it sent.

Once you have received the eCOE from

CQUniversity, you can apply for your

student visa. And once you have received

your student visa, you can then make your

travel arrangements. You must notify the

University your arrival details at least one

week prior to arrival.

Each campus has orientation sessions

to welcome new students and help you

transition smoothly to life and study in


We look forward to welcoming you to


*Certification stamp must include the certifier’s printed name, title or position, signature and date of notary. Some examples of people who can

certify your documents are: a medical practitioner, a pharmacist, a justice of the peace, a contracted agent of CQUniversity or the issuing authority of




STUDY ABROAD 2013 – 14




STUDY ABROAD 2013 – 14

Image courtesy of Tourism Australia.

Find out more

CQUniversity International


Outside Australia +61 7 4930 9000

In Australia 13 CQUni 13 27 86








Published by CQUniversity Australia (November 2012).

The information in this publication was correct at time of printing however is

subject to change. Contact the University for the latest information.

CQUniversity CRICOS Provider Codes: QLD-00219C, NSW-01315F, VIC-01624D


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