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In her first month of her Mary Kay business, Andrea

shared this opportunity with her brand new

team member, Nicolle Gorman!! And earned her

Way to Grow bracelet!!

Andrea has her heart set on becoming the 1st

Starlet Car Driver and I believe she will do it… So

let’s cheer her on to success!!!


Andrea Kenny from Everett, WA - recruiter Amanda Brown

Melody Clifford from Hooper Bay, Alaska - recruiter Kristin Kube

Jaclynne Taylor from Arlington, WA - recruiter Jessica Taylor

Nicolle Gorman from Everett, WA - recruiter Andrea Kenny

Dipa Trivedi from Bothell, WA - recruiter Kristin Kube

Donna Crosland from Shoreline, WA - recruiter Kristin Kube

Miki Schach from Granite Falls, WA - recruiter Alicia Martin

Val Nichols from Marysville, WA - recruiter Linda Nelson

Sherrie Bunnell from Kenosha , Wisconsin - recruiter Alicia Martin

Jennifer Ledford from Bothell, WA - recruiter Jessica Taylor

Kristin earned her BRONZE MEDAL in

October by sharing the opportunity

with 3 new team members!!

Congratulations to our Bee-

Charmed Club Achievers in


Inner Circle - $650+ Wholesale

Position Open

Diamond Circle - $450+

Nicolle Gorman

Nicolina Lee

Linda Nelson

Kristin Kube

Gold Circle - $250+

Andrea Kenny

Jessica Taylor

Shellee Pietig

Congratulations on earning your

Bee-Charm Club charm… be

sure to message me if you want

to collect your prize!

What a FABULOUS October!!! We did what Mary Kay Ash asked us to do… SHARE

this opportunity and Pass it On… and we welcomed 10 New Starlets to our unit!!!

And now, we have the opportunity to SHARE MORE in November as Mary Kay has

given us the gift of the $75 Starter Kit offer extension thru November 30th! So, ask yourself, WHO

do you need to ask? Who do you need to follow-up with from October? Who have you just met

that should at least know about this offer?! Make a goal to share with at least ONE woman that you

can enrich their life with Mary Kay!!

And I have more exciting news to share… as some of you know already… my family is GROWING too

and we are expecting our second baby in late June!!! We are very excited and looking forward to

welcoming our new baby into our family and Avery is excited about being a big sister!! We will be

finding out whether we are having a boy or girl so I’ll keep you posted on that news!!

With this exciting news it reminds me how important my Mary Kay business is to my family and to

me! It allows me to be a mom and a wife first while setting goals in which some are achieved and

some are missed… and that’s ok!!! I have the ability to choose my schedule around my families priorities,

be at home if I have a sick baby, and have a reason to get up, get cute & get out to enrich

other women’s lives!! I love my job and I love my life! I hope you feel the same way about your business

as I do! I’m GRATEFUL every day for EACH AND EVERYONE of you - thank you for enriching my


Thanks ladies for making Go Give

Workshop 2011 a fabulously FUN day!

From left to right:

Jessica Taylor, Tiera Magnuson,

Alicia Martin , Linda Nelson,

Me (Amanda Brown), Shellee Pietig

Andrea Kenny & Kristin Kube!!

Our goal is to add 10 NEW

Starlets in November!!!


These leading ladies are on a

mission to becoming Independent

Sales Directors by JANUARY 2012

and attending Leadership Conference

in Atlanta, GA!!! It’s not too

late… You CAN TOO!!!

Our Awesome Adoptee!!

Change is GOOD…Look What’s NEW in


New shades & formulas of Mary Kay

Nourishine Lip Gloss, Mary Kay Eyeliners

& Mary Kay Lip Liners.

New Sunscreen & SPF Updates…

Day Solution increase to SPF 35,

TimeWise Age-fighting Moisturizer

to SPF 30, Foundation Primer gets a

boost of SPF 15, New packing for

Sunscreen SPF 30, Subtle Tanning

Lotion & Lip Protector!

Coming in Early 2012… Botanical

Effects Skin Care… Check out all the

details on Product Central on


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