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UNMATCHED Durability

in a lightweight structure!

Foamcore entrance

signs offer businesses &

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• Will not rust, peel or delaminate

• Resistant to rot, termites and moisture

• Superior damage & impact resistance

• Tested & app r

• No on-site construction or heavy equipment required

• Full colour LED Electronic Message Centers optional

• Unlimited colour & design options

• 5 Year Guarantee

Starting From:

a Division of the

ATS Traffic Group

Proprietary hard coat

provides a protective shell

offering superior impact resistance

Durable, lightweight

foam core is made of

expanded polystyrene (EPS)

PVC Liner bonded into structure

9015 - 14 Street N.W., Edmonton, AB T6P 0C9 • Toll Free: 800-661-7346 • Sales: 780-440-4114 • Rentals: 780-438-5019

4830 - 32 Street S.E., Calgary, AB T2B 2S6 • Toll Free: 800-242-8404 • Sales: 403-248-3241 • Rentals: 403-236-9860


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Schwarze M6 Avalanche

The Avalanche is a heavy-duty, chassis

mounted sweeper with a 5.0 cubic yard

hopper available in either a single or twin

engine model. From a hydraulic system

designed with just-in-time principles to

ensure clean, fresh fittings to variable

dump height from 16” to 138”, the

Avalanche is designed to work more and

be down for maintenance less.


Publisher / Editor

Jerry Skinner

Circulation / Reader Canadian Four

Matters concerning additions, deletions, Prairie Fire Ground Thawer

address changes etc.

The Prairie Fire Ground Thawer by Canadian

- please use regular mail to contact us at Four was designed for Contractors, Utilities,

the address above.

Public Works and Waterworks departments

that need ground thawed now - not in several

“EQUIPMENT REVIEW” days or weeks. Canadian Four offers several

oved to withstand 175 MPH winds

provides, in good faith, information sizes of ground thawing units that utilize the

that is believed to be accurate about convenience of a clean burning diesel-fired

new products and services. However, unit that uses approximately 6.5 liters per

no responsibility is assumed for hour. Frost can be removed from 4 to 8 feet


inaccuracies or errors, nor should legal in as little as 16 to 30 hours.

or professional advice be assumed

from our text. Written permission

from the Publisher is required for the

commercial reproduction of any part of DEL

this magazine.

Stucco Finish Texture is

$6,995. 00 ‘ACCUBRINE’ Automated Brine Makers

100% aggregated acrylic

Brine, whether used to wet salt or as an anti-

Printed in Canada

icer, is a highly effective and surprisingly

economical solution for combating snow

and ice issues on roadways. Now, Cargill

Deicing Technology makes brine production

more efficient and cost-effective with the

unique AccuBrine automated brine maker.

Polar Mobility

High Performance HVAC

Polar considers the P-1000FH Non-Electric

unit to be unique, advanced, and unlike

any system that has gone before. The fully

hydraulic design eliminates the need or

requirement for all electrical power - making

it virtually “Explosion Proof”. Designed

to meet and exceed all hazardous location

requirements and manufactured with MSHA

rated components, the Polar P-1000-FH can

be used in any location or application.






Summer 2013



Schwarze Introduces

Cutting Edge Enhancements

on the M6 Avalanche

is going on. Sweeping functions and

indicators are shown in easy to understand

graphics and are color coded for easy

recognition. The console system’s

swivel base uses much less floor space

and provides control over the complete

sweeper from the comfort of either

operator’s seat. Four banks of eight

switches, with icons and text legions, are

laid out within color coded bands for easy

location of the function.

Gutter Brooms Improvement

The gutter brooms on the M6 Avalanche

have been enhanced to rear trailing arms

and are now pneumatically controlled

from side to side and up and down.

The gutter brooms extend farther for an

extended sweeping path (while sweeping

on cul-de-sacs for instance) and are now

mounted to the sweeper in a way that the

chassis OEM fuel, DEF tanks, steps and or

batteries remain tucked under the cab.

Main Broom Enhancements

The main broom is also pneumatically

controlled up and down, as well as for

suspension. The broom is now direct

driven and needs no chains or sprockets.

The pivot arm drag shoes operate very

smoothly as cables are no longer needed.

The addition of the rear skirt, re-directs

escaping debris back into the brooms.

The main broom now consists of much

fewer components, making servicing a

breeze. Easy curb side access to the water

fill, strainer and air filter are just a few more

the enhancements that have been made.

Engine Compartment


The enhanced engine compartment of

the M6 has been completely redesigned.

Hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and

water system have now all been re-located

into the rear compartment. The addition of

a high capacity 5-micron water filter has

added extra protection to water valves and

nozzles, reducing service intervals.

Schwarze has also added a stowaway

ladder underneath the scissor lift for easy

In further enhancing the M6

Schwarze not only focused on

performance and ease of operation,

but also to vastly improving the

ease of general maintenance.

Service tasks that may have taken

hours before, now can be done in

mere minutes.

The Schwarze M6 Avalanche mechanical

broom sweeper has earned the reputation

as a premier heavy duty mechanical

broom sweeper in the North American

marketplace and is a heavy-duty, chassis

mounted sweeper, with a 5.0 cubic yard

hopper, available in a single diesel,

CNG, or twin engine diesel model.

The Avalanche can also be mounted

on a variety of chassis models, both

conventional and cab over.

Revolutionary “Easy Change

Conveyer System”

The M6 now offers the versatility of a

belt conveyer, or squeegee conveyer that

can be changed out in approximately two


Sweeper Console Enhancements

The console system has received dramatic

enhancements. Bright color coded LED

switches, with easy to read icons and

text, control the sweeper’s engine, lights,

conveyer, water system, hopper, main

broom, gutter brooms (including down

pressure), and the switches now change

color to show activity.

Schwarze has also introduced the “Six

Sense Controls” on its console system.

This brighter, user friendlier, smart,

informative control system is something

operators may not have seen before on

any sweeper.” If you can switch to your

favorite pre-set radio station, you can now

switch to your favorite pre-set sweeping

settings”, according to Schwarze. A standby

mode has been added so operators are

ready to sweep at any moment.

The Schwarze Six Sense Controls give

the operator the ability to start sweeping

with the touch of one button. The large 7”

display shows the pre-set functions prior

to activation, and on this console display

is where the M6 Avalanche truly excels.

Easy to read bar graphs with numeric

values show operators exactly what

hopper inspection and the spray bars are

now constructed from galvanized steel

with brass nozzles.

Brake Interlock

For maximum safety for the operator and

anyone near the equipment, the setting of

the parking brake automatically shifts the

transmission into neutral, and only then,

allows the hopper to be raised or tilted.

For nearly forty years in the street

sweeping business, Schwarze Industries

has been committed to providing an

exceptional level of customer support.

Schwarze Industries claims to offer one of

the most comprehensive sweeper lines in

the sweeping business, including models

for parking area cleaning, industrial

sweeping, mall and shopping center

sweeping, airport runway sweeping, street

sweeping, milling cleanup and stormwater

runoff (PM-10) management and a

complete line of velocity pothole patchers,

featuring the single operator/automated

Schwarze Roadpatcher. For additional

information contact your local CUBEX

facility, or visit:




VISTA Training launches 9 new

Silver Series training programs,

plus a new pricing model

VISTA Training has released 9 new

equipment training programs in its

affordable Silver Series, which is

designed to meet the needs of mining and

construction operations worldwide. It has

also launched an innovative new pricing

model where customers pay one monthly

or annual fee and get unlimited access to an

entire library of these training programs.

VISTA Silver Series training programs

are 1-2 hours in length, and help trainees

learn critical skills needed to operate

heavy equipment safely and productively.

Because they are web-based, fleet owners

can train operators any time, anywhere

there's a high-speed internet connection.

Each program includes a final test and

enables trainees to print out a personalized

certificate of completion.

With the titles just announced, VISTA now

offers 20 Silver Series training programs,

which are organized into three libraries:

Heavy Equipment, Support Equipment

and Rigging & Lifting. Additional titles

are planned.

The 9 new VISTA Silver Series programs


• Support Equipment Library

• Aerial Work Platform - Basic Operation

& Safety

• Forklift - Basic Operation & Safety

• Fuel & Lube Truck - Basic Operation &


• Highway Truck - Basic Operation & Safety

• Skid Steer - Basic Operation & Safety

• Telehandler - Basic Operation & Safety

• Transporting Equipment

• Lifting & Rigging Library

• Rigging and Hoisting

• Knuckleboom Crane - Basic Operation

& Safety

• New library-based pricing for Silver

Series programs

To help its customers better manage

their training costs, VISTA Training

has announced a new pricing model for

its Silver Series programs: Pay one flat

monthly or annual fee per library and

obtain unlimited access to the training

programs it contains. Customers can train

as many operators as they want.

“This approach enables our customers to

select programs from a library to create a

training curriculum as an addition to their

own safety processes and procedures,”

explains VISTA Training CEO Bruce Rabe.

“Trainers can now have one fixed budget

number for all the people they need to put

through these programs. This makes the

VISTA Silver Series an even better value

for our customers,” he adds.

VISTA Silver

Series programs

can still be

purchased on a

per-use basis,

using a credit

card. Purchased


are available

for viewing

immediately via

any computer

with a broadband





VISTA Training,

Inc., founded in

1991, provides

training solutions

for people

involved in



and mining


Over 10,000

customers use

VISTA products and services to provide

equipment safety, skills and productivity

training to employees. Headquartered

in Waterford, Wisconsin, USA with

a Canadian branch near the oil sands

mining operations of northern Alberta,

Canada, VISTA provides the mining and

construction industries with a variety

of computer-based training courses,

videos, DVDs and instructor kits, on-site

equipment operator training and cost

effective, PC-based equipment simulators.

For more information contact: Chuck Frey,

Marketing Manager, VISTA Training Inc.

Ph: 262-514-2886 ext. 219.





Canadian Four

“You asked and we listened…”

Trevor Sorken, President, Canadian Four Design & Fabrication

One of Canadian Four’s Sectional Models

One of Canadian Four‘s Trailer Models

“You asked and we listened.” Trevor

Sorken, Canadian Four’s President reports

to EQUIPMENT REVIEW that many of its

customers, and potential customers, ask if they

can hire or rent its unique ground thawing

units. Canadian Four is in the process of

establishing a Toll-free number that customers

can call to have a distributor / operator

dispatched in their area. The province of

Alberta has been divided into 14 territories;

Edmonton, Red deer and Calgary, along with

11 other areas throughout the province. Trevor

intends to visit each area to appoint contractors

/ operators to cater to the needs of customers in

their specific territory. The company also has

plans to repeat this process in the provinces

of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northern

BC. Distributor / operator enquiries are being

welcomed by Canadian Four.

Trevor will be traveling throughout

these provinces with a trailer unit and a

selection of Canadian Four’s sectional

units to demonstrate the system to potential

customers and operators.

Canadian Four was established in 1999 by

Trevor and Tina Sorken, after realizing that

there was a need for items to be designed

and built to make tasks easier and less time

consuming. All of its products have been

designed from hands-on experiences in

a variety of fields related to excavating,

water works and utilities, and working in

frozen ground conditions for over a third of

the year carrying out repairs and installs.

The company takes pride in believing its

products are an asset to the industries they

were designed for.

Prairie Fire Ground Thawer

For any excavations in frozen ground or

to dig up a utility repair in the middle of a

paved frozen street, Canadian Four may

have the solution for you. Some systems

have worked with inconvenient propane

tanks requiring frequent refilling and

inefficient burners, combined with wrong

size of units for the task at hand.

The Prairie Fire Ground Thawer by

Canadian Four was designed for

Contractors, Utilities, Public Works and

Waterworks departments that need ground

thawed now - not in several days or weeks.

Canadian Four offers several sizes of ground

thawing units that utilize the convenience

of a clean burning diesel-fired unit that uses

approximately 6.5 liters per hour. Frost

can be removed from 4 to 8 feet in as little

as 16 to 30 hours, depending on ground

conditions. These self contained units can

begin thawing the desired area in as little as

5 minutes after arriving on site. Asphalt is

turned back to gravel and is automatically

cut with straight edges on the bottom of

the unit. The Prairie Fire Ground Thawer

allows operators to dig in the middle of

a paved street in the middle of winter, by

hand, or with a mini excavator or rubbertired

backhoe - eliminating the need for large

excavators or expensive ‘Hydrovacs’.

These units only thaw the targeted area,

and do not affect the surrounding area –or

shallow utilities directly under the unit such

as gas, communication, power or fiber lines.

For more information visit:,

or call North America-wide Toll Free:

1 (855) 4WE-THAW 493-8429




Alberta Traffic Supply

Monument Entrance Signs

Made Easier

By Jeff Adolf, Alberta Traffic Supply

Foam monument signs are continually gaining

popularity with municipalities, property

managers, complexes and private businesses

across Canada due to the unique benefits they

offer. Foam monument signs are lightweight,

durable, versatile and eye-catching.

Manufactured using an expanded polystyrene

foam core, the foam is then finished using an

exclusive Poly-Armor hardcoat that is rot,

termite and moisture resistant, impervious

to freeze and will not crack or warp. Several

municipalities across Western Canada are

realizing these benefits and adopting them as

their specification for entrance and wayfinding

signs at a fraction of the cost of traditional

“bricks-and-mortar” signage.

Finishing Foamcores

The foamcore can be finished using one

of several different methods, including

traditional brick, stone, exterior insulation

and finish systems (EIFS), urethane and

plastic hardcoat finishes. While these

methods can all lead to a beautifully finished

product, however, it is important to keep in

mind they are not created equal.

An EIFS or urethane finish will be relatively

lighter and less expensive than other options

at the start, which makes them a great

alternative to traditional stone or brick

signs, but they are also prone to dry rot and

moisture retention and more vulnerable

to impacts. When these factors ultimately

destroy a once beautiful sign, it ends up

costing the client more money in the long

run. For many years, public and private

industry were forced to choose between the

heavy, traditional monument signs and these

lighter EIFS and urethane signs that, in many

cases, did not last. There was no high-quality

alternative finishing system available.

Over the last decade, however, that has

changed with the development of plastic

hardcoats that can be sprayed onto solid

blocks of foam to provide improved

resistance against rot, moisture, damage and

pests (i.e. termites). The encapsulated foam

can then be sprayed again with a stucco

finish to simulate the appearance of concrete.

Several foamcore monuments finished with

specific ‘hybrid’ plastic hardcoats have




withstood the test of excessive winds and

floods. Some proprietary materials have even

been independently tested and approved to

withstand extreme winds at speeds up to 282

km/h (175 mph), have performed well under

thermal shock conditions and have proven

impervious to freezing. Those that will

not crack or warp as temperatures change

are particularly well-suited for outdoor

installation in Canada.

Ease of Installation

Installing a monument sign need not be a

monumental task. These types of signs can

be set up in the field in two to three hours

by two people using some basic supplies,

with no need for heavy equipment, on-site

construction or specialty concrete. This ease

of installation is another reason they are

becoming an increasingly mainstream option.

The EPS foam core is what makes them

much lighter than brick, stone or concrete

structures of the same size. The average

foam monument sign weighs about 68 kg

(150 lbs.), whereas a traditional concrete

monument sign would be 10 times heavier,

weighing 680 kg (1,500 lbs.). Meanwhile, the

embedding of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes

into foam monument signs’ structure during

the manufacturing process is what eliminates

the need for a concrete base, additional

stabilizing equipment or metal bracing.

Instead, the two aforementioned sign

installers simply need a shovel, a level,

51-mm (2-in.) wide galvanized steel pipes,

ready-mix cement, a hole digger/auger, a

wheel barrow, a clean tarp and two cans of

sprayable expanding foam sealant. The sign

can be installed directly into the ground or

on a concrete pad. The only requirement in

this respect is for it to be sitting on a solid

surface. Long-term durability and wind-load

specifications are based upon the sign being


After the sign’s exact

installation location

is determined (and

verifying it will keep

the sign level), the sign

should be put down on

a soft surface that will

protect its face, such

as a tarp or an array of

foam blocks. This will

allow the galvanized

steel pipes to be

aligned with it.

The pipes are then slowly twisted into the

sign, while the foam sealant is sprayed

around their perimeter. The exact number

(and, for that matter diameter) of the pipes

will depend on the size and source of the

sign. Larger signs may require additional

pipes and/or wider pipes to ensure sufficient

durability and wind load capacity.

Next, post holes for the sign are dug into

the ground, using the digger or auger. The

depth of the holes will depend on local sign

ordinances. It is important after placing the

sign posts into the ground to double-check

the surface and the sign arc still level.

Finally, the sign may need to be slightly

raised as the cement is poured into the holes

for permanent installation. As such, it will

be necessary to triple-check the sign and

surface remain level.

Versatility in the field

While breadth of durability and ease of

installation are important, versatility was

the driving factor for Alberta Traffic Supply,

which has now integrated plastic hard coated

monument signs into its regular product

offerings. There are 56 standard sign models

to choose from, but each one can tailored to

meet any municipal specification. Foamcore

signs can also be integrated with lightemitting

diode-based (LED-based) Electronic

Message Centres (EMCs) that can be

programmed to communicate any message to

ratepayers or the travelling public.

As ATS continues to receive more

requests every day for this type of sign,

the ones installed in municipalities such

as the County of Grande Prairie, Town

of Barrhead, Town of Tofield, and Town

of Sundre, have received many positive

comments about their appearance and

quality. For further information contact

Alberta Traffic Supply 1-800-661-7346, or









Prairie Hydraulic Equipment

Prairie Hydraulic Equipment: 7824-56 Street, SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 4S9



Telephone: 403-279-2070 Toll Free: 1-800-363-0091 Fax: 403-236-2658



EMCO Introduces DO2E Water

Treatment Technologies

What can actually be done to reduce

these maintenance and safety problems?

Three companies have joined forces in

Canada to finally give real solutions to

these issues - not just temporary “fixes”.

EMCO Waterworks is now the Canadian

supplier for advanced water treatment

equipment manufactured by DO2E located

in Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA, and Titus

Industrial Group, Inc. located in Prineville,

Oregon, USA.

The concept of turning a financially

draining liability - a collections, or

conveyance system into a fully functional

wastewater treatment system heretofore

has never been successfully accomplished.

Using modern technology from DO2E

we can now TREAT wastewater from the

source, whatever or wherever it may be

to the wastewater treatment plant. The

main component in the system is a simple

device - the “Little John Digester”.

mixing and thereby de-stratification,

aeration, and can also be used as a very

efficient delivery system for A.O.P. or

Advanced Oxidation Processing. Air is

released in a confined space and released

above pump inlets, a situation that

eliminates the problem of air entrainment

and cavitation of pumps.

By employing this system we can very

effectively treat all of the aforementioned

maintenance issues. FOG is effectively

broken down, and will not reform in

pipes. Dangerous sewer gases can

usually be eliminated or, in all cases,

drastically reduced even miles away

at discharge manholes. This will also

reduce or eliminate the corrosion, and

odor problems associated with sewer

gases. The use of A.O.P. which is a very

powerful disinfection and oxidation

method delivered into the water column

in sufficient quantities will breakdown

or oxidize many dissolved heavy metals,

pharmaceuticals, kill disease carrying

bacteria, and effectively control odors.

With the addition of debris extraction

devices, or grinder pumps at pump stations

your collections and conveyance systems

can be turned into a true Wastewater

Treatment System.

For further information contact your local

EMCO Waterworks location, or visit:

By Lewis Titus, President, Titus Industrial


For Lift Stations, Lagoons

and any Wastewater

Treatment system

Wastewater treatment has typically been

addressed at sophisticated wastewater

treatment facilities: municipalities,

agricultural operations including both

growers, and food processors, oil & gas

operations, mining and industrial facilities

(that spend billions of dollars a year on

the latest solutions to remove solids, and

contaminates from wastewater as well as

disinfecting). Modern WWTP’s are hi-tech

marvels of engineering constantly being

modernized with the latest technologies.

Compare this to their poor cousin the

conveyance system, a no-tech system

designed strictly to get wastewater to a

treatment plant, and we ask why not use

modern technologies to treat the water at

the source, and in transit thus utilizing an

existing asset?

We are going to concentrate now primarily

on municipal systems; however, much of

what we cover also applies to industrial


Municipal collections and conveyance

systems, for the most part, are out of

sight and out of mind, and until recently

were largely unchanged since the

Roman Empire! While there have been

improvements such as pump stations and

force mains in modern conveyance systems,

to bring them into the modern world, these

engineering marvels still have serious

maintenance and safety issues that cost the

owners major dollars in maintenance. Some

of these issues, for example; dangerous

sewer gases and disease organisms, can

even be life-threatening.

The Little John Digester

Advancements in cleaning and maintenance

equipment such as VAC trucks, flusher

trucks and modern camera equipment have

improved the efficiency of the maintenance

crews. However, these come at high cost -

new modern Vacuum trucks cost upward to

a half million dollars, excluding a two man

crew, maintenance and fuel to run them,

and very high insurance costs. Maintenance

costs can be staggering!

What are some of the predominant

problems facing collections systems

operations personnel?

1. Fats, oils, grease or FOG.

2. Dangerous sewer gasses such as H2S.

3. Corrosion.

4. Odors.

5. Rags and debris.

6. Metals

7. Pharmaceuticals

8. Fecal Coliform, hepatitis viruses, and

other disease organisms

The Little John digester comes in several

configurations and in various sizes to

accommodate virtually any size sewer

system. The basic format consists of a low

pressure, high volume blower, typically

mounted outside the sewer system in

a weather-proof cabinet (or it can be

mounted inside a building or dry well if

one so desires). The blower is either piped,

or a hose provided to attach to the blower

end (actually the air intake) of the digester.

The submersible that does the work is

made from industrial grade PVC and has

no moving parts. This is placed into the

waste stream at “pump & lift” station wet

wells, grease interceptors, and specially

made wet wells that can be placed

anywhere a problem occurs.

The basic Little John Digester system is a

true aerobic digester providing warm fresh

air delivered into a confined space to the

bottom of a sump or wet well through a

combination of coarse and fine air holes.

Release of air into a confined space will

create a Venturi (or air-lift pump effect) as

well as a hydraulic effect forcing oxygen

into solids. Inlet ports are located around

the bottom of the digester to pull in the

waste stream with included solids. Coarse

air provides velocity to move water and

solids at high velocities; fine air gives

optimum oxygen transfer. A series of

stationary blades located atop the digester

provide for mechanical breakdown of the

solids. This digester is designed to provide




Global Construction Industry

Optimistic About Growth in 2014

The construction industry is more

optimistic about revenue growth in 2013/14

than in 2012, according to new research

by Timetric. Increased investments in IT

infrastructure, public and private-sector

construction projects, and growing demand

for sustainable construction are likely to be

key growth drivers.

Growing optimism among a number

of surveyed executives in the global

construction industry suggests that 2014

will be a better year for construction than

2012. According to a new forecast report

from Timetric, the optimism is supported

by a growing number of projects in the

pipeline worldwide. Within the global

construction industry, 53% of survey

respondents are ‘more optimistic’ about

revenue growth expectations over the next

12 months as compared to the previous 12

months. 24% of the respondents are ‘less

optimistic’, while 22% expect ‘no change’

in revenue growth.

Executives from the global construction

industry also expect to see increased

levels of consolidation, with 50% of the

respondents anticipating an increase in

mergers and acquisition activity in 2014.

Slow recovery in the global economy

and weak market conditions, a growing

desire for large construction companies

to increase their global presence, and

increased pressure of rising costs on small

and medium-sized construction companies

are considered the key drivers for mergers

and acquisitions.

The forecast report identifies India, Brazil,

the UAE, China and Saudi Arabia as

promising emerging markets for 2014.

India particularly has been identified

as a key emerging market in the global

construction industry. The US, Canada,

Singapore, Australia and the UK were also

identified as primary growth markets.

Timetric’s report: ‘The Global Construction

Industry 2013–2014: Market Trends,

Buyer Spend and Procurement Strategies

in the Global Construction Industry’ was

published on the 14th May 2013. The

research source in this report is based on

the surveyed opinions and expectations

of senior industry professionals. Timetric

conducted an extensive online survey in

March–April 2013, which was taken by

126 senior global industry executives

worldwide; the respondents include C-level

executives, directors, and managers. It

analyses the global construction industry’s

outlook, and explores how business

opportunities and demands are expected to

change in 2013–2014.




Commercial Truck Equipment

Parker Truck Equipment



Parker offers Chelsea Power take-offs

(PTOs) for auxiliary power functions

in many styles and output shafts for a

wide range of transmissions. The Parker

Chelsea Stored Energy Management

System (SEMS) brings together a PTO/

pump, accumulator and advanced

electronics into a total hydraulic system

that is easy to install, maintain, and operate.

Parker Chelsea Power take-offs

(PTOs) mount to Ford, Allison,

Caterpillar and other transmissions, and

come in mechanical or powershift styles,

in a variety of gear types and pitches;

speed ratios and output shafts.

Hydraulic Pumps

Parker offers pumps for hydraulic,

fuel, oil, fluid transfer, lubrication and

aerospace applications. Parker pumps are

available for open or closed loop systems.

Pumps from the Parker line range from

industrial and mobile hydraulic pumps, to

miniature, electric and motor driven. Fuel

and airframe pumps for boost and fluid

transfer, and lubrication and scavenging,

ejector and jet pumps are also available.

Parker offers miniature pumps, as well as

Nichols gerotors for a variety of fuel, oil

and other pumping applications.

Hydraulic Motors

Parker offers motors in electric, hydraulic

and pneumatic technologies in almost

every conceivable size and configuration

including rotary and linear. Applications are

almost unlimited ranging from miniature

brushless motors to high power hydraulic

motors used in earth moving equipment.

Parker motor systems are designed to

meet almost any motion control need, with

application experts that work with you to

select standard products or provide rapid

design integration solutions.


Parker offers the widest range of specialty,

industrial, hybrid and hydraulic hose in the

industry. Low pressure, medium pressure

and high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic

hose that is heat, ozone and weather

resistant, chemical resistant, oil and

flame resistant, UV resistant and abrasion

resistant is available from Parker.

Parker hose is available in various

materials to meet the application

requirements including rubber,

thermoplastic, fluorpolymer and silicon.

Parker’s hose is engineered along side

Parker’s permanent crimp style fittings

(Parkrimp fittings), reusable fittings (field

attachable fittings), Push-Lok fittings and

skive type fittings (ParLock) to provide

leak free solutions.


Parker offers fittings that provide leak

free solutions. Fitting styles include –

hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation.

Parker fittings generally connect a hose

assembly to a port or adapter and are

manufactured to meet or exceed industrial

specification requirements of SAE, ISO,

DIN, DOT and JIS standards.

Parker’s vast product offering of fittings

are available in many configurations.

Parker’s fitting product line includes jump

and reducing fitting options. Custom

fittings are also available.


Parker Hannifin offers more filter types,

configurations and filter solutions than

any other company. Parker filter engineers

collaborate with customers at the earliest

stages of design to develop optimum filter

system solutions. Parker filter systems are

mission-critical to almost every industry, on

every continent, including transportation/

mobile equipment, industrial/plant equipment,

food and beverage, life sciences, process

industries, marine and power generation.

Parker filters, accessories and value-added

services provide cost-saving solutions for

the full breadth of filter applications. All

Parker filter operating units are ISO-9001:

2000 certified and many are also ISO

14000 certified.


The state-of-the-art IQAN system is

a unique, totally electronic approach

that replaces mechanical and

electromechanical systems for controlling

and monitoring hydraulics in mobile

machines. With Parker’s IQAN, you have

complete freedom to design customized

software without the need for advanced

programming skills.

The flexible functions available within

the IQAN system allow sophisticated

applications to be programmed and

optimized very quickly, enabling huge

savings on development time – and cost.

The IQAN software tools cover all phases

of a machine’s life cycle, from development

through production to after sales.

The IQAN control units have an advanced

built-in diagnostics system that will

help to minimize down-time in the case

of failure in the field. Problems can be

located either by the default system

diagnostics delivered with the standard

product, or by customer designed

diagnostics functionality. IQAN is userprogrammable

via an advanced, highly

intuitive graphic design tool, which

dramatically simplifies development.

Simulation of the control system can

be carried out in parallel with the

programming of machine functions.

Commercial Launches Parker

Truck Hydraulic Center

The Parker Truck Hydraulic Center is a market-focused support for all Parker

truck products. The Center is presented in trade show format with a high-tech,

uniform, and professional systems information approach. Commercial invites

customers to drop by and view the “THC”, and discuss their trucking needs with

Commercial’s professional staff.




DEL Equipment

New Sole Canada-wide

Distributor for Cargill

‘ACCUBRINE’ Automated Brine


Brine production made

simple, on specification and

on budget

Brine, whether used to wet salt or

as an anti-icer, is a highly effective

and surprisingly economical solution

for combating snow and ice issues

on roadways. Now, Cargill Deicing

Technology makes brine production

more efficient and cost-effective with the

unique AccuBrine automated brine maker.

Available in four configurations to suit

particular needs, the AccuBrine automated

brine maker provides the benefits of brine

use — with none of the typical production

and supply headaches, according to


The AccuBrine system allows users

to consistently achieve ideal brine

concentrations, and easily create

“customized blends” using additives

injected anywhere from 0% to 100%.

Cargill’s research has shown that

Municipalities and DOTs have found

that costs are quickly recouped through

reduced operational costs. What’s more,

the AccuBrine automated brine maker

is built to endure. Its low maintenance

fiberglass construction is both reliable and


The AccuBrine automatic brine maker

features a programmable Logic Controllerthe

PLC initiates the production process

while a patented sensing system monitors

salinity levels. Product not at desired

concentration will be sent back to the salt

tank. Features also include an Accurate

Data Tracking system allowing the

PLC to track daily and seasonal data

including production volume, water, salt

and additives usage, and operator hours.

For rapid cleanout operators can simply

open the cleaning valves and start to flush

sediment through the built-in sump.




System Includes:

• Salt tank

• Control panel

• 1 Level Sensor: Measures volume in

brine storage tank.

• LAN Access: Connects the AccuBrine

to a customer’s local network and

allows for remote access for monitoring

and operation.

• Air Purge: Automatically purges

plumbing lines to help avoid freezing.

• Warning Beacon: Informs operator of

system faults.

• Roll Tarp: Prevents debris from

contaminating the salt tank.

• Compact physical footprint

• Dimensions: Salt tank: 65.5”H x

125.5”W x 62.25”D. Control panel:

71”H x 33.5”W x 20”D

unique truck’s usage for easy inventory

review — post-storm or post-season.

AccuBrine ABS - RTF PLUS additive

blending system

The ABS allows operators to create

custom blends of salt brine and various

other liquids designed to augment the

performance of anti-icers. Whether it

is a liquid additive used to lower the

freeze point of the finished product, or

a corrosion inhibitor to help extend the

life of the application equipment, the

AccuBrine ABS automated brine maker

does it at the touch of a button.

AccuBrine ABS2 - PLUS 2 additive

blending systems

Users can take customized blends to

the next level. The AccuBrine ABS2

automated brine maker allows for multiple

additives to be blended into the finished

product. This eliminates the headaches

and manual labor involved in creating

customized anti-icers. It also removes

any guesswork and human error from

manually measuring ingredients.

For further information contact your local

DEL Equipment branch, or visit:

Three AccuBrine Systems


AccuBrine RTF - Automated brine

maker PLUS remote truck fill package

System operators can turn brine

operations into a self-serve fill station.

With the push of a single button, the

remote truck fill option simplifies the

process of loading finished brine into

application vehicles. It eliminates the

time-consuming manual labor of putting

product in your truck tanks and gets you

on the road applying quicker. What’s

more, the data-logging feature uses RFID

technology to automatically track each




Polar Mobility Research

Heavy Duty High

Performance HVAC

Polar Mobility Research has

introduced the P-1000-FH –

Non-Electric fully hydraulic

air conditioning system.

Polar Mobility Research Ltd. was

originally formed in 1981 to undertake

research into cold weather starting

problems for Military heavy combat

vehicles. Since 1985, Polar has been in the

research, manufacturing and distribution

business providing mobile heavy duty

HVAC solutions to a worldwide list

of clients in Municipal, Construction,

Mining, Agriculture, Railway, Forestry,

Trucking and Military applications.

In 2008, Polar was requested to build a

high performance air conditioning system


• Performed at high capacity in

temperatures of 55°C / 131°F

• Was relatively compact, and easy to

install onto equipment

• Was built to withstand high vibration

and rugged abuse of heavy machinery

• Used component parts that would

withstand corrosion in highly corrosive

or harsh environments

• Was guaranteed with a minimum 1 year


• Was built to meet and exceed all ratings

to work in hazardous locations

• To achieve these objectives without

using any electrical components in the

air conditioning unit

integral heat, heavy duty ducting, insulated

ducting packages, in cab controls.

The Polar P-1000FH-2C boasts 500

CFM airflow in cab and 2-speed in cab

fan controls. This unit requires 15 - 17

gallons per minute @ 3000psi hydraulic

flow and pressure for best performance.

The P-100FH-2C can run on any type

of Hydraulic System available. Standard

units are built for closed loop hydraulic

systems, but adjustments can be made to

set up for pressure compensated, open

loop, load sensing or any other hydraulic


By fully integrating the non-powered Sy-

Klone RESPA CF – ejective filtration / cab

pressurization system into the P-1000FH-

2C Air Conditioner Polar is able to achieve

a high performance, dust-free safe cab

environment for the operator, even in the

most contaminated ambient air conditions.

Other Polar HVAC Systems

P-9977 Rooftop Unit

This 24vdc 30,000+ BTU unit can be run

by an engine drive compressor, electric

driven compressor or powered by Polar’s

P-9976 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Drive Unit.

P-1725 self-contained ModularCube Unit

The P-1725 is a very flexible mounting

unit suitable for shovels, crane cabs,

support vehicles, computer enclosures or

underground offices etc. This unit comes

in either 24volt DC powered or 200 –

240Volt 1phase models and has a variety

of mounting options built-in.

P-5060 Rooftop

The rooftop unit produces over

30,000BTU of cooling and over 10,800

BTU of heat. This unit fit into a 14” x 14”

hole and operates on 50 or 60 hertz input

power @ 200 – 240Volts AC current.

All Polar-manufactured products are

designed to provide the greatest operator

comfort and reliability for customers’

diverse operational environments. Each

system is engineered for performance in

extreme conditions and built to handle

vibration, corrosive atmospheres, dusty

work areas and hazardous environments.

Its systems are suitable for all equipment

and uses including: Shovels, Dozers,

Drills, LHD’s, Cranes, Refuge Stations,

Haul Trucks, Excavators and many other


Polar constantly works on the

development of new units and systems, as

with its new, soon to be released, 24,000 +

BTU hydraulic driven A/C unit that runs

on 4GPM hydraulic fluid.

For more information contact Polar at:

1-800-309-8155, or visit:

Polar considered the request to be akin

to being asked to build a race car without

an engine - or a jet fighter without wings.

At first, this was thought to be almost

impossible. Less than two years later, the

first unit was installed and went to work

in an underground Salt Mine in Louisiana.

With very little maintenance, this very

first unit is still in operation and working

wonderfully. “In my opinion, the P-1000

FH Air Conditioning unit is the best A/C

System available to the mining industry

today”, a quote from Billy Goad, Business

Development Manager, JH Fletcher & Co.

Today there are many Polar P-1000FH Air

Conditioning units installed onto operator

cabins, electrical enclosures, construction

equipment, drills, off shore crane cabins,

and various other applications around

the globe. Polar can now scale the

system to larger capacities, shapes and


Polar considers the P-1000FH Non-

Electric unit to be unique, advanced, and

unlike any system that has gone before.

The fully hydraulic design eliminates

the need or requirement for all electrical

power - making it virtually “Explosion

Proof”. Designed to meet and exceed

all hazardous location requirements

and manufactured with MSHA rated

components, the Polar P-1000-FH -2C can

be used in any location or application.


• Stainless steel case construction

• Extremely efficient high volume

hydraulic fan motors

• Heavy-duty vibration resistant


• Polar HD Hydraulic drive compressor


• 20,000 – 50,000 BTU/hr. output

• 2 Year limited warranty

Options include: cab air filter/pressurization,

safety tread plate – turning the lid of the unit

into a highly visible safe walking surface,




The New ATS


ATS expresses thanks to everyone

involved with the transition into its new

state-of-the-art facility in Edmonton. The

ATS Traffic Group has launched into a

new era and appreciates the support of all

its customers during the move, and indeed

on into the future. New processes will be

put in place to improve overall service,

and to ensure delivery of the highest

quality of service. The new Edmonton

address is 9015 – 14 Street. The Calgary

sales and rental offices remain unchanged.




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