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Merry Meet, warm, happy, melting greetings to you all

Welcome to October newsletter

The days are warmer, the daylight longer, blossoms are dropping and the green buds are

showing; as we move through spring it gives us a gentle reminder to clear the air.

Dealing with issues that can be solved or in need of closure are better dealt with, than

growing inside turning toxic – remember the saying ‘ spring cleaning’ is not only for the

home, but the mind, body, soul and spirit.

This month is also the festival of Beltane – a celebration recognizing love and fertility.

So this is the perfect time for those who wish to conceive – more will be on the Magick

page of my website.

I hope you are still all enjoying reading Dream Detective in NZWW as much as I am

writing it –don’t forget to keep sending in your dreams

Due to school holidays, you will notice, this month I will not be visiting Tauranga or

Rotorua – I will be back next month – November.

AND for WELLINGTONIANS - I HAVE SET A DATE weheeeeeee get booking.


For personal Clairvoyant readings, Reiki / Chakra healing and life coaching

Auckland –

October – Wednesday 12th, Thurs 13th Greenlane

Albany, North Shore –October - Thursday 20th, Friday 21 st , Akld

Hamilton –

Wellington –

October – Tuesday 18th

November – Tuesday 8 th , Wednesday9th

Moon activity for October

Full Moon ○

12 October - Strength and focus recognize and

reward yourself with the effort you have been putting in to

positive changes

New Moon ● 27 October - sexual healing, increasing sexual

energy, a time for your own thoughts, do not let gossip or

negativity distract you, move through your fears

Happy Birthday LIBRA – 23 September – 24 October

Angel for SEPTEMBER – Uriel – call upon Uriel for creativity, enhancing psychic awareness and

for releasing negativity

Crystal for SEPTEMBER – Sapphire – for clearing the mind, clarity

Goddess for SEPTEMBER – Amaterasu – the Japanese goddess of the sun symbolizing warmth

and beauty.

Libra – your focus for the coming 3 months is on direction. Looking at your long term

goals for the future. Surround yourself with positive people who will help motivate you.

Study, gather more knowledge and up date your skills. Commit to getting your health

sorted. If you are feeling bored add some excitement with spontaneity

Happy Birthday SCORPIO – 24 October – 22 November

Angel for OCTOBER – Barbiel – call upon Barbiel to help you care for your children; with all

medical tests and Dr Visits

Crystal for OCTOBER - Opal – love, passion, desire, loyalty

Goddess for OCTOBER – Eostre – the spring goddess of coming out of the cold into the warmth.

Use Eostre to get things moving, starting a new project, getting fit.

Scorpio – your focus for the coming 3 months is on simplifying your life. Get motivated

and inspired to create new opportunities for yourself. Open the lines of communication –

speak with truth and honesty and this will help your true emotions to flow rather than

keeping them pent up. Its time to take stock of your life – are you really happy?

You are never too old to ask for help – just hold out your hand

You ARE what YOU think

till then

Merry meet, , merry part, merry we meet

again, Blessed be

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