Merry Meet, warm, happy, summery greetings to you all

Welcome to November newsletter

The temperature has risen, the flies have arrived, gorgeous juicy

red strawberries tantalize our lips, freshly mown green grasses are

tickling our noses and our tootsies are exposed and breathing in jandals -

aaaggghhh summer has begun

November is all about GRATITUDE. Remembering to be thankful for

what you have and who you have in your life. So often in this busy life

we now live – we get too ‘busy’ to appreciate those we have around us.

Don’t dwell on your everyday worries, or those who have taught us

difficult lessons – instead, forgive old hurts, heal broken relationships –


Write down all that you are grateful for, and feel the smile in your heart.

I hope you are still all enjoying reading Dream Detective in NZWW as

much as I am writing it –don’t forget to keep sending in your dreams


For private, personal Clairvoyant readings, Reiki / Chakra healing and life coaching

Hamilton – November – Saturday 12th

Auckland, One tree hill – November – Tues 15 th , Wed 16 th

North Shore, Albany –November – Thurs 17 th, Fri 18 th

Auckland, Meadowbank –November Mon 21 st , Tues22 nd

Tauranga –November – Tuesday 29 th

Moon activity for November

Full Moon ○ in Taurus - Friday 11 November -

BEAUTY – inner radiance, our home and the beauty we have in our

life. Security and Stability

New Moon - Eclipse ● in Sagittarius - Friday 25 November

Look at the big picture. Be open to new ideas, explore, and

move out of your comfort zone. Be adventurous.

Re-energize mind, body, soul and spirit

Happy Birthday SCORPIO – 24 October – 22


Angel for NOVEMBER – Barbiel – call upon Barbiel to help you care for

your children; with all medical tests and Dr Visits

Crystal for NOVEMBER - Citrine– love, passion, desire, loyalty

Goddess for NOVEMBER – Eostre – the spring goddess of coming out of the

cold into the warmth. Use Eostre to get things moving, starting a new project,

getting fit.

Scorpio – your focus for the next 2 months is on simplifying your life.

Get motivated and inspired to create new opportunities for yourself.

Open the lines of communication – speak with truth and honesty and

this will help your true emotions to flow rather than keeping them pent

up. Its time to take stock of your life – are you really happy?

Happy Birthday SAGITTARIUS – 22 November – 22


Angel for DECEMBER - Haniel– call upon Haniel to bring kindness, love

and balance in all relationships including the one you have with yourself. To help

with poise, grace and lovely manners.

Crystal for DECEMBER – Turquoise – wisdom, happiness, success, good

fortune and prosperity,

Goddess for DECEMBER – Freya – call upon Freya for a boost in

confidence and energy – sexual and physical. A warrior Goddess for independence

and inspiration.

Sagittarius – your focus for the next 2 months is establishing networks

and building on these to assist future success. Initiate and start sorting

out relationship issues – it’s up to you, if you leave it to the other

person you will be waiting a while. Express your feelings to those you

love. Live life, love what you do but remember to pace yourself.

Believe in the power within, Believe in the power of you

You ARE what YOU think

till then

Merry meet, merry part,

merry we meet again, Blessed be

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