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Download B.F.F. Journal EBLAD - Gibbs Smith Cover Archive

5 x 7 Jacketless Hardcover

Concealed Wire-O Binding

144 Pages

Color Illustrations Throughout

B.F.F. Journal


$12.99 U.S.

Ages 8 and up

Children’s Activity

friendship code

Through thick or thin

Near or far.

Best Friends Forever!

That’s what we are!

Your signature

BFF signature


would you rather?

Kiss a big old toad or kiss your brother?

you said:

Eat an apple with a wormhole

in it or chocolate-covered ants?

you said:

b.f.f. said:

b.f.f. said:

Dress in matching outfits with your little

sis or wear your clothes inside out?

you said:

Dive into a pool full of worms or swim in

a fish hatchery pool?

you said:

b.f.f. said:

b.f.f. said:

Now come up with some of your own!

what having a

b.f.f. means to me!

b.f.f. said:

you said:

the daily blab

Pretend your BFF is a celebrity

and interview her. Ask her some

really far-out questions.

b.f.f. said:

you said:

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