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Download The Party Planner EBLAD - Gibbs Smith Cover Archive

The Part y Planner


Part y Planner


An Expert


For Entertaining

$24.99 U.S.





3-Ring Binder

8 1 ⁄2 x 11 inches

38 Pages Plus 13

Pocketed Tab Pages

15 Color Photographs

kimberly schlegel whitman



Serving Styles


Entertaining outside the home

Style & THeme

Party Phone Book

Countdown to the DoorBell

Budget & Location

guest list

Seating Your Guests

Menu Planning


Flowers & Table settings



Attire & favors

It’s Party Time! &

Entertaining JournaL

Countdown to the Doorbell

1 to 2 Weeks Ahead ______/______

c Contact guests who have not replied.

c Prepare checks or payment for vendors that require

payment on the day of the event.

c Shop for non-perishable items.

c Confirm the music selections or other entertainment

with the entertainer. If you are making your own

playlist, give your music a test run.

The Week Before ______/______

c Give the caterer the final count.

c Lay out your own clothes and make sure they are

clean and pressed.

c Prepare your party favors.

c Clean out your coat closet to make room for your

guests’ items.

c Ensure your napkins and table linens are pressed,

and wash your serving pieces.

c Start setting the table.

c Purchase the wine and spirits.

c Write out your place cards and begin to arrange

your seating chart.

The Day Before ______/______

c Shop for the rest of your list.

c Purchase and arrange flowers or have them delivered.

c Place candles and decor around your home or venue.

c Get a manicure, pedicure or other favorite beauty


The Day of ______/______

c Queue the music.

c Put the finishing touches on your decor.

c Prepare your meal or work with your caterer to

organize the service.

Kim’s Whims

Someone has to do the dirty work!

It should be you—not your guests—

so make sure you have extra garbage bags,

toilet paper and tissues on hand

at your home or venue.


Take a relaxing bath and get

dressed early so that you will have

a few extra minutes to sit and relax

before your guests arrive.

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