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PO Box 2020

Tijeras NM 87059






Talking Talons Youth Leadership needs

VOLUNTEERS in the following areas:

Animal Care

Office Help

(Including Receptionist & Data Entry)

Cedar Crest Thrift Store

Nob Hill Thrift Store

Thanks to La Montanita Co-Op

Natural Foods Market for sharing their

member service-time volunteers with

Talking Talons Youth Leadership!!!!

Thanks to Bill & Jerie Kovac for donating two

20-gallon trash cans for composting!

Visit our NEW and IMPROVED website at www.TalkingTalons.com









Support Talking Talons

and Get Cool Stuff!

For more information,

go to www.TalkingTalons.com

DID YOU KNOW...that you can get a tax deduction for donating

your used vehicle to Talking Talons? We can pick up anywhere

in the United States! Go to TalkingTalons.com or

call 250-8443 for more info!!


Daniel Abram

Executive Director

Laurie Wearne

Program Director

Betty Seeley

Operations Manager

Ginnie Silva

Volunteer Coordinator

Jennie Lee

Community Outreach


Theresa (TJ) Jansen-Joiner

Program Educator

Eileen Maddock

Development Director

Grechen Bass

Program Coordinator

Thrift Store Staff

Robert Jessen

Deborah “Tio” Lowry

Heather Nachor

Jaye Pauley

Becky Spraggins


Donna Little-Kaumo, President

Ann Figueredo, Immediate

Past President

Bob Bovinette, Vice President

Elenita Moody, Treasurer

John Warner, Secretary

Eric Rasmussen, Director


Wendy Aeschliman


Janeen Counts, DVM

Terry Gibson

Diana Herrera

Marilyn Jones

Daniel Levenson, DVM

Robert O. Lindig

Lané Sáan

Richard Schalk, AIA

Charles Seibert, Esq.

Cathy Tardy, CPA

Tim de Young, Esq.



11804-A State Hwy 337

Tijeras, NM 87059

Museum Tours

By Appointment Only

Mailing Address

PO Box 2020

Tijeras, NM 87059

How to Contact Us

Program (505) 281-1133

Administration (505) 286-9073

Fax (505) 281-4687

Email talons@nmia.com




Spring 2005 The Quarterly Newsletter of Talking Talons Youth Leadership Volume 10, Number 9

Creating A New Path

During the past

year Talking

Talons Youth

Leadership has been

privileged to participate

in a very special

program — the

Pathfinders Program. The program was developed

by the National Center for Social

Entrepreneurs (NCSE) and was made possible

in the Albuquerque area by several forwardthinking

local businesses and foundations (see


The goal of the Pathfinder's Program is to help

nonprofit agencies, such as Talking Talons

Youth Leadership, to become less dependent

upon grants and donations by creating and

marketing a revenue producing product. This

class is a "Business 101" for nonprofits that

never let's us forget why we exist. We thank

the area companies and foundations who funded

this class, for they have each made a lasting

difference to Talking Talons and to all of the

agencies that participate in this program!

Pathfinders, taught by local nonprofit guru

Jean Block and Dave Parker from NCSE, led

our Enterprise Team through a variety of exercises

that delved deep into the core values,

mission, and vision of Talking Talons Youth

Leadership. We were asked to distinguish

between mission-driven versus money-driven

goals, helping us clarify why we do what we

do. The overarching message of Pathfinders is

that it is not wrong for nonprofit agencies to

generate revenue for our mission. Indeed,

given the increased needs and decreased

resources of our communities, it is the responsibility

of a nonprofit agency to create alternative

funding sources. We must do so in order

to assure that we have the resources to fulfill

our mission.

Our Enterprise Team,

consisting of members

of our board and staff,

expected a challenge

and that is exactly

what we got! The

Team brainstormed a

variety of ideas — some better than others.

However one project kept rising to the top: an

interactive CD-ROM that captures our awardwinning

curriculum and celebrates our beautiful

animals. The Talking Talons Youth

Leadership CD-ROM will be a state-of-the-art

computer-based teaching tool for educators to

teach and reach students regarding environmental

stewardship, science, and public speaking

skills. This project will bring us full circle:

since the inception of Talking Talons Youth

Leadership we have envisioned taking our

award-winning curriculum nationwide.

Continued on Page 2

Thank You to the Very Special

Funders of the Albuquerque

Pathfinders Program


United Way of Central New Mexico

Wells Fargo

McCune Charitable Foundation

Don Chalmers Ford

Sandia National Laboratories

Bank of Albuquerque

Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation

FHL Foundation

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

First State Bank

2 5

Caught In The Act


In our Volunteer Spotlight is Carol Anderson. Carol has been

volunteering with Talking Talons since the fall and she is a

wonderful addition to our team and full of many surprises!

Carol comes to us with lots of experience from the Zoo where

she gave presentations about wildlife and various ecosystems.

Carol's grandchildren often come along with her to Talking

Talons to help with animal care.

Carol's life experiences have also richly added to what she

brings to Talking Talons. She has endless craft skills. She has

even donated several decorated gourds, bearing a hawk drawing

she created, for Talking Talons to sell as a fundraiser. You can

stop by the Center to see the gourds, or go online to


When Carol is not helping out at Talking Talons, she and her

husband, Tom, take in the beauty of our nation in their very

luxurious RV (Carol's cats go along for the trips too!). Carol is

a licensed pilot! She's also an amazing source of information

about cattle and horses, having trained them in her past. Carol

is a member of the Rotary Club of Albuquerque and she certainly

lives up to their motto: Service Above Self. It has been

wonderful to have her join us on our mission. We tip our hat to

you in appreciation and recognition, Carol. Welcome aboard!

Pathfinders continued from Page 1

As our Enterprise Team followed the rigorous discipline of

researching the market and the development and marketing

costs we realized that we do, in fact, have a very sound business

plan! Did you know that there are over 70,000 schools

buildings with 4th - 7th graders? There are even more outof-school

programs, such as scout troops, YMCA, YWCA,

JCC, community centers, that are seeking fresh and creative

teaching tools. We envision a learning tool that could be

within reach of any school; an exciting multi-media media

computer tool that reinforces national educational standards

for science and language arts; a beginning point for hands on

environmental stewardship — what the kids learn on the CD

they can take into live classrooms, armed with hundreds of

video clips, audio images, and animations that they choose

and assemble into for their own custom conservation presentations;

a guide to real life conservation projects in their own

communities, like stream restoration, backyard habitats and

interpretive nature hikes.

To achieve our goals we are currently seeking investment

income. If you would like to learn move about how to be

part of this unique venture call Eileen Maddock at (505)

250-8443 or Daniel Abram at (505) 286-9073.


At Cottonwood

Talking Talons is Hiring for Youth Conservation Corp!

Thanks for Making a Difference

for Youth and Wildlife!

Anonymous Donor

Jennifer Barol

Jeanne Corns

Charles Croessmann

Patrick Cross

Tanya Dillon

Dorothy Duff

Robert Evans

Lisbeth Fuge

Anne Grillet

Rachel & Clifford Gibbard

Judy Hill

Mrs. & Mr. Eric Jackson

Leonard Johnson

Julia Kalmus

Joseph Klaus

Jennifer & Jeff Lederle

Sandra Liebert

Lisa Lowell

Lt. Col. Clifford &

Roberta Meier

Valerie Pagliaro

Kathleen Parker

Andree & Douglas Peek

Andrea & Raul Perea

YES! I Wish To Support Youth, Wildlife, AND the Environment!!

Please find enclosed my donation of $

You may enclose a check or money order, or complete the credit card information below


Paula Provencio

Jon & Darci Roark

Joyce Rupert

Ronald & Teryl Rupert

Teri & Rachel Rupert

Lawrence Shapnek

Joann & Paul Stark

Thomas Stricker

Thursday Birders

David Woodling

Donations in Memory of

Bill Hanson

Evan Hanson

Carol Stierle

Donations in Memory of

Jack Rini

James Madison Barr

Marion Evans

Rebecca Gracey

Jim Rini

John & Joan Wilkie

WalMart - Cottonwood

WalMart - San Mateo

The next time you are in Whole Foods Supermarket, be sure and

look for the Talking Talons Youth Leadership donation containers

at the cash registers and service desk! Thanks to Whole Foods for

helping us bring in funds to continue our vital work for youth,

wildlife, and the environment!


Laundry Baskets

Push Brooms

1½" Floor Flanges - 2 qty.

1½" Conduit Pipe - 10' long

1½" PVC End Caps - 2 qty.

15" Wooden Pine Rounds - 2 qty.

Oil-burning floor space heaters - 2 qty.

Shelving Units

Cuffed Welding Gloves

Computers (in working order & not too old)

Color Printer (2)

Sheets of Plywood

6 sets of matching tropical/jungle print

queen size sheets for the bat rooms

Or 10 yards of tropical/jungle fabric

(60" wide)

Lowe's Home Improvement Gift Cards

Home Depot Gift Cards

Joanne Fabric Gift Cards

Thrift Store - Cedar Crest

12150 State Hwy. North 14

(505) 286-9611

Thrift Store - Nob Hill

4012 Central Ave. SE (Across from Morningside Antiques)

(505) 265-0078

Address: City & State Zip Code:

Check here if you do not wish for your donation

to be acknowledged publicly (e.g. our newsletter;

annual report; etc.)

Environmental jobs are available for youth and young adults,

between the ages of 14 and 25. Job activities include animal

care (birds, bats, and reptiles); public education & teaching;

construction; and habitat restoration. One crew leader position

is available; crew leader applicant must be 20-25 with supervisory

experience. This 6 month employment contract is for fulltime

hours in the summer and part-time hours in the fall.

Dependability, reliable transportation, and a conscientious work

ethic are essential! Expect to be challenged, expect to get dirty,

expect to learn, and expect to have FUN!

Interested applicants may pick up application forms from

9:00am-5:00pm at Talking Talons Youth Leadership Center,

south of Route 66 on Hwy 337, next to Canyon Crossroads

Animal Hospital in Tijeras. For more information, contact

Laurie Wearne, Program Director, at 281-1133 ext 2#.

Telephone Number:

E-mail Address

For Credit Card Payments: MasterCard American Express Visa Discover Card Number: Exp. Date:

Signature (required for credit card donations):

OR go to www.TalkingTalons.com to

donate online with a credit card!

Please mail to TTYL; PO Box 2020; Tijeras NM 87059 Thank You for Making a Difference!

3 4

An organized motorcycle event where riders travel over a prescribed course

and, at designated stopping points, select a card.

At the end of the run, the person with the best poker hand wins a prize!

Top Prize: $ 500 gift certificate to Santa Fe Harley-Davidson

All motorcycles are welcome!

Go online to www.TalkingTalons.com to register online or print out a form,

or call 250-8443 to be mailed a registration form.

Donate to Talking Talons

Instead of Giving Your Hard-Earned $$$

to Uncle Sam!

Donating stocks that have accrued in value or naming Talking Talons Youth

Leadership in a life insurance policy are simple ways to leave a lasting legacy,

while possibly providing tax-savings for you. Talk to your financial planner or

attorney today, or call Eileen at (505) 250-8443.

San Pedro Creek

Corridor Notes

Acolossal THANK YOU !!! to

East Mountain Science teacher

Kerri Lathrop and her students

for the wonderful workday that happened

Friday, March 4th at the San

Pedro Creek site. Ms. Lathrop and

her students have been regularly participating

in the monitoring of the creek water. In addition,

they have repeatedly given their time and muscles to Talking

Talons Youth Leadership project to erect a fence to keep the

cattle out of this special riparian site.

The following students took the opportunity to fulfill their

Service Learning Project requirements (on their day off,

mind you!), by coming out to continue work their work on

the fence. Time after time through the winter, various workdays

have been scheduled with different groups and volunteers

only to have the weather cancel plans. Fortunately, the

weather cooperated wonderfully on this work day! We didn't

event need our winter jackets.

Thank you to the entire crew! You guys are awesome!!

Kerri Lathrop

Bekah Ballengee

Tyler Culver

Tyler Escapule

Shellee Gipson

Patty McCampbell

Katelyn Melloy

Ryan Ross

Gavin Ouellette

Mike Pandolfo II

Talking Talons Youth Leadership will be hosting

six guided, interpretive hikes of the

Beautiful San Pedro Creek this summer.

On these tours you will see and learn about a variety of wildlife and

plants (flora & fauna!) found in very few areas of New Mexico.

You may even see wild horses! These tours are free of charge,

but donations are welcomed.

Tour Dates Are Scheduled for:

Sunday, May 22nd Saturday, June 25th

Sunday, July 24th

Sunday, August 28th Saturday, September 24th

Saturday, October 22nd

This is a moderate hike so wear comfortable shoes and a hat.

Also, be sure to bring water, sunscreen, and snacks.

The tour begins at 9 a.m. and run till about 11:30 a.m.

Meet up at Mile Marker 9 on Highway North 14 (look for

the gate, just a little past the first enterance to PAAKO, on

the opposite side of the highways.

However, space is limited — so we suggest you reserve your

space by calling Laurie Wearne at (505) 281-1133 x 2#



With Nature



Hard to believe, but school is almost over for this session.

That means it is time to start planning for summer. The

theme for this Talking Talons' Summer Science Adventure

is Connecting With Nature. The three two-week sessions are

scheduled for: June 6th-June 17th; June 27th-July 8th;

and, July 18th-July 29th. Sessions run from 9:00 a.m. to

4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Getting Connected With Nature

• Learn About and Interact with our Hawks, Falcons, Owls,

Bats & Reptiles!

• Field Trips & Expeditions

• Artwork!

• Team Games!

• Learn to be an Environmental Educator AND to Share

Your Knowledge With the Community!

• Perform in a Nature Play!


These sessions are a wonderful way to learn about wildlife,

the environment, and, about yourself!

Tuition is $300 for one two-week session; sibling discounts

are available. Tuition includes Free Friday Lunch! To sign

up, or for more information, call Grechen at 281-1133 x

8#. Financial assistance may be available.

Celebrate Earth Day

with Talking Talons

and Wild Oats Supermarkets!

On Saturday, April 23rd, 2005, animals and

representatives from Talking Talons Youth

Leadership will be at all three of the area Wild

Oats Supermarkets in Albuquerque. Stop by

between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to meet our hawks,

falcons, owls, bats and reptiles!!!!!

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