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brilliant solutions


illiant solutions

While the world has suffered through an unprecedented financial crisis that has triggered

widespread corporate budget cuts and employee layoffs, we chose a different path. We

know that in tough times, our employees and the Car Hobby need our support more than

ever. Choosing to be part of the solution rather than the problem, we avoided layoffs and, knowing

almost every Car Guy event was losing sponsorship revenue, we actually increased our support for

the Car Hobby during these difficult days.

As we now look back, we marvel at the double digit growth we’ve experienced over the last two years.

Every area of our business has prospered both domestically and internationally. As a team of people

driven by passion to make the world a better “and shinier” place, our greatest reward comes through

your trust in us to keep every surface of your car in ‘show car perfect’ condition.

The way I look at it, all of our marketing and advertising and radio and television shows build

awareness of Meguiar’s that might influence an initial purchase. However, long term customer

loyalty and repeated purchases must be earned over time by consistently creating the best and most

innovative products on the market. Above all of our accomplishments, I am most proud of the fact

that, year after year, Meguiar’s continues to be the No. 1 Brand for Customer Loyalty in our category.

The truth is that, ever since my grandfather started Meguiar’s back in 1901, our goal has always been

to make products that make our customers say “WOW.” And, after 109 years, we’re still doing it!

The Car Guy’s Car Wax



















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Removing defects, preparing your paint and building the foundation for a great finish


For unbeatable gloss finish and unrivaled protection


Great value kits, comprising of some of our best selling products


Products designed with the perfectionist in mind


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A comprehensive selection to meet your needs


Clean, protect & maintain all interior surfaces


Keep your vehicle looking great between washes


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serious car care for


illiant solutions


Over A Century of Excellence

What began over a century ago as a simple furniture polish

laboratory in the garage of founder Frank Meguiar Jr., now

spans four generations of the Meguiar family. In his

wildest dreams, it’s doubtful that Frank Meguiar, Jr., could have

foreseen what his first bottle of furniture polish in 1901 would evolve

into over the next 100+ years.

Meguiar’s ® , Inc. has become the global leader in appearance care

and is proud to offer our next generation of products, tools and

accessories to serious car enthusiasts. We strive to set an entirely

new standard for quality and performance in the industry.

From his first bottle of furniture polish, Frank Meguiar, Jr. built his

business on excellent products and an understanding of his

consumer’s needs. Today, Meguiar’s enduring and strong relationship

with serious car enthusiasts worldwide has created a level of trust

and respect for the brand that transcends our products and

embodies the lifestyle of the car hobby. To this day, Meguiar’s is

committed to delivering products and building relationships that

excite and unite car enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

In 1923, ours was truly a family business with everyone helping to make

products at home. During the day, Frank Meguiar Jr. would demonstrate

and sell the product made the night before.

Frank Meguiar Jr.’s passion for quality and value continues to be what

makes our products unique today.

The family business grew out of the garage and into the office shown

left in 1936.

5 Steps to Show Car Perfect Paint

Meguiar’s has spent the last century dedicating itself to the continuous pursuit of creating products that provide a “show car” perfect paint finish for your vehicle.

From this passion for excellence, Meguiar’s has identified the following five-step approach to paint care that will provide spectacular results when carried out with

our unique selection of surface care products.

1 Wash -

Wash your car using water and a specially formulated car wash and conditioner.

Dishwashing soaps & detergents strip your car’s wax and can dry your paint

out leading to a loss of gloss and shine. All Meguiar’s washes are also

environmentally safe.

2 Clean/Prep -

Stubborn contaminants bonded to the paint surface can be safely and

quickly removed using Meguiar’s Detailing Clay. Fine scratches and swirls

are most noticeable on dark coloured cars and are usually caused by particles

of contaminants on wash sponges and drying towels. The most effective way

to remove below surface paint problems like oxidation, fine scratches and

swirls is to use a non-abrasive, clear-coat safe paint cleaner like Meguiar’s

Ultimate Compound.

3 Polish (optional) -

Polishing is recommended as an optional step, especially for dark coloured

cars, prior to waxing to help create the ultimate in high gloss.

4 Wax/Protect -

To protect and add a brilliant gloss to your paint’s surface, use only premium

car wax products like Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus, NXT Tech Wax 2.0

or Ultimate Wax.

5 Maintain -

Regular maintenance removes above surface contaminants like bird droppings

or tree sap before they have time to bond or etch into your paint finish.

Meguiar’s Quik Detailer ® or Ultimate Quik Detailer dramatically extend the

durability of your wax protection.


illiant solutions

Questions & Answers

Over the years, we receive car care questions that come up time and

time again, so we thought we’d share them with you, since you are

probably wondering the same things, too . . .


That depends on your definition of “best”, because what’s best for you may

be different from the next car guy. What’s most important to you?

- Speed? Ultimate Quik Wax TM spray is the hot ticket for a fast coat of wax.

- Long-lasting water beading in a hi-tech synthetic? Ultimate Wax TM is “best”.

- Do you prefer a natural carnauba wax? You’ll love our Gold Class TM

Carnauba Plus wax with premium carnauba.

- Cost/value/time-saving? Then it’s the tried-&-tested, all in one action

of our classic Cleaner Wax.


All of Meguiar’s ® products are safe to use on your new car, but brand new cars

are unique in that the paint should be in excellent condition. If you adopt just

a few routine maintenance procedures, you can keep your car looking showroom

new for a long, long time. As Barry Meguiar often says, “Frequent car care

is EASY car care!”

• Follow the 5 steps to paint care, using products designed for automotive care

Our Brilliant Solutions New Car Kit (G3200) is designed to start you off.

• Wash your car weekly, using a quality microfibre wash mitt and premium

car wash/shampoo.

• Apply a high quality automotive wax 3-4 times a year.

• Maintain your car in-between washes by using a mist and wipe Quik Detailer TM

to remove dust & contaminants.

• Clay your car as needed.

• Protect your interior and exterior trim and tyres with quality protectant

and tyre dressing, and leather conditioner for leather.


YES!!! All of Meguiar’s ® products have been formulated to work safely on


Defect Removal Solutions

Meguiar’s ® has the right product for your specific problem

All are easy, effective and clear coat safe!




General Neglect

Product: Ultimate Compound

Water Spots


Isolated Scratches


Scuff Marks

Magnitude of Defect

ScratchX TM 2.0

Light Scratches



SwirlX TM

clear coats. Meguiar’s ® has a long-standing history and relationships with vehicle

and paint manufacturers, ensuring our products are compatible with the latest

technological advancements in vehicle surface coatings (or “paint”).


It depends on the severity and extent of the blemish. First, if you can catch your fingernail

in the scratch, you will need professional help to correct it as it’s very deep. Otherwise,

we recommend the following (Note that ALL of these products are clear coat safe):

• For very light scratches and swirls (those fine circular lines that ring a light source

reflected in your paint), SwirlX TM is the answer and may be applied by hand, orbital buffer

or dual action polisher (DA polisher).

• For heavier scratches, oxidation, or just generally neglected paint, Ultimate Compound

is the perfect choice. It too can be safely applied by hand, orbital buffer or with

a DA polisher.

• If you have an isolated scratch, fingernail mark or light scuff, ScratchX TM 2.0 will safely

provide the muscle to remove it.

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.



While most professional detailers use a DA polisher, they are definitely not restricted

to “Pro” use only. Overall, the DA polisher will produce better results, faster. Meguiar’s ®

DA Polisher has been designed, along with our pads for both do it yourself & professional

use. This fantastic machine makes paint correction (with either SwirlX TM or Ultimate

Compound) a breeze, and you can also apply a coat of your favourite wax in virtually

no time. But the best thing about a Meguiar’s ® DA Polisher is that it is completely

safe to use and will not damage or “burn through” your paint or leave swirl marks like

a rotary can (if not used correctly). For those reasons, a rotary polisher should only

be used by someone qualified & properly trained.


The obvious answer is to prevent getting water spots in the first place by keeping your

vehicle waxed and maintained, as well as washing and drying the vehicle in the shade

and when the surface is cool. For those times where you do get that nasty, water spot

surprise, we recommend Ultimate Compound, after you’ve washed your car (of course!).


There is no standard answer regarding this as there are many variables that affect

wax durability: Type & condition of paint, local environment, exposure duration, quality

& type of wax & its application, quality of car wash, your personal tastes, preferences

and expectations to name a few. Generally speaking, however, we recommend waxing

your car every 3-4 months or when your finger “squeaks” on a freshly washed surface.


It depends on your goal and expectation. Our Ultimate Quik Wax TM spray wax, for example,

delivers amazing results and you can wax your car in less than 15 minutes. However,

spray waxes will need to be applied more frequently than paste & liquid waxes – every

3-4 weeks. Between paste and liquid waxes, it’s really a matter of preference as both

deliver long-lasting protection, gloss and shine.


Drying time for wax is dependent on temperature and humidity, so there’s no set time.

We employ a simple “swipe” test to determine if the wax is ready to remove. Simply

swipe the tip of your finger (no, NOT the fingernail side!) over the waxed panel. If the

swiped area is clean and clear with no smudging, the wax is ready to be removed. If

you see smearing or streaking, wait a few more minutes and then try swiping again.



Both of the “Ultimate TM ” products extend and add to the basic properties of Quik Detailer TM

and Quik Wax TM . Ultimate contains Meguiar’s ® Hydrophobic Polymer Technology which

produces amazing water beading, colour darkening, slickness and added polymer protection.



• Our Customer Care Team (staffed by real Car Guys) is available: 0870 241 6696.

9am-midnight Mon-Fri, 3pm-11pm Saturdays, closed Sundays.

• Want to connect with other car crazy detailing fanatics & learn more? Visit our

interactive discussion forum at www.meguiars.co.uk.

• Or go online to www.meguiars.co.uk for more information or to get a specific

prescription for your car, based on your specific situation and goals!


illiant solutions



In automotive paint care, washing and cleaning are not

the same. While they sound similar, they are vastly different

procedures. WASHING removes loose contaminants from

your finish like dust, road grime, and fresh bird droppings.

A common misconception is that dishwashing detergent

is safe to use as car wash. Absolutely not!

Detergents are formulated to strip everything off of the

surface, leaving it squeaky clean. A squeaky paint finish

tells you that it has no protection. With repeated use,

dishwashing detergents remove everything from your

paint finish including waxes, silicones and polymers. Once

this is accomplished, they then proceed to remove the

life giving oils in your paint finish, actually accelerating

the oxidation process.

All of Meguiar’s car wash products are pH balanced and

specifically formulated to enhance the appearance and

protection of automotive paint finishes.

ultimate wash & WAX

Ultimate Wash & Wax is the perfect way to clean and shine

your car’s finish in-between regular waxing, boosting your

protection, glossiness and shine! Meguiar’s ® hybrid blend

of premium carnauba wax and synthetic polymers provides

protection and shine while you wash. Ultimate Wash &

Wax is compatible with all Meguiar’s ® washes and waxes.

1420ml £14.99 Product code: G-17748EU

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.

nxt generation TM CAR WASH

Our latest synthetic, polymer-based shampoo penetrates,

emulsifies and dissolves dirt without stripping off

wax protection. The pH balanced formula will gently,

yet effectively remove the toughest road grime and

surface contaminants.

532ml £6.99 RRP Product code: G-12619EU

1892ml £15.99 RRP Product code: G-12664EU



Luxurious lather and rich conditioners nourish your

finish and the brilliantly slick surface chases water

off your paint, reducing drying time and leaving a

shimmering gloss. ‘Molten Magic’ is just one of the

terms our customers have used to describe our best

selling shampoo in the UK.

473ml £6.99 RRP Product code: G-7116EU

1892ml £15.99 RRP Product code: G-7164

soft wash gel

Years ago we invented this wash gel that is super thick,

super rich and super concentrated. It is unlike any other

car wash on the market. It contains optical brighteners

to enhance the brilliance of the paint finish . . . and it

won’t strip off wax protection. It’s completely safe on all

surfaces, including the very latest paint finishes.

473ml £6.49 RRP Product code: A-2516


illiant solutions




Grit Guard helps prevent swirl marks inflicted during

the wash process by removing small particles of dirt

and debris which would otherwise be rubbed across

the surface of the paint. The Grit Guard fits snugly into

the bottom of the available bucket. This will help remove

dirt and leave it safely at the bottom of the bucket.

The handy seat lid provides a useful closure for the

bucket and a comfortable seat.

Grit Guard £11.99 RRP Product code: G-408

Grit Guard & Bucket £18.99 RRP Product code: G-408B

Grit Guard, Bucket & Seat Lid £22.99 RRP

Product code: G-408BL



The Versa-Angle Ultra Plush Wash

Mop was specially designed to make

cleaning large vehicle surface areas

fast and efficient. The easy-grip

telescopic handle easily extends up to 152 cm while

the multi-directional swivel hinge on the head

naturally articulates to any angle. The super-soft,

super-thick mop head is gentle on all paint types

and is machine washable.

Wash Mop £17.99 RRP Product code: X-1190

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.



Microfibre WASH Mitt


1.2 sq. meter (4 sq. ft.)


Our Lambswool Wash Mitt will pamper your

paintwork and is ideal for sensitive finishes

that mark easily. The gentle washing action

of genuine lambswool is much better than

sponges and conventional wash mitts.

On the reverse side there is a special

non-abrasive bug removing gauze.

£10.99 RRP Product code: A-7301

Our new and improved Microfibre Wash Mitt

allows for swirl-free washing while lifting and

trapping the dirt. This super-soft Microfibre

Mitt provides a gentle wash action and is

machine washable.

£9.99 RRP Product code: X-3002

This extra large (70cm x 55cm) microfibre

drying towel absorbs three times the water

of traditional terry towels and gives fast,

spot-free results. The Water Magnet will

significantly reduce the time taken to dry

your vehicle. Machine washable.

£12.99 RRP Product code: X-2000

Meguiar’s 100% natural sheepskin chamois

offers unsurpassed thickness and is created

through a premium tanning process to deliver

maximum absorbency and durability. You’ll

not find a better quality natural chamois.

£17.99 RRP Product code: X-2100


illiant solutions


Above-surface contaminants such as industrial fallout and

tree sap can be detected by running your finger tips over the

paint finish after washing and drying. Any ‘grittiness’ felt

can be removed using Meguiar’s ® Smooth Surface TM clay.

CLAY removal of contaminants


CLEANING, or Surface Preparation, removes stubborn,

bonded above surface contaminants,as well as belowsurface

defects, like stains, blemishes and oxidation.

After your car is washed, pass your fingertips over

the surface. Do you feel roughness like micro speed

bumps on your paint? If so, these are above-surface,

bonded contaminants.

Generally, you’ll notice this contamination on your

car’s horizontal surfaces, but you may also see

small, dark spots/specks on the rear and lower

surfaces of a light coloured car. Over time, these

contaminants will dull your paint and rob your car

of its shine.

Fortunately, Meguiar’s ® Smooth Surface Clay Kit

includes everything that you need to safely, and

easily, remove bonded contaminants. And no, clay

bars are NOT only for professional use. If you have

ever played with Silly Putty, you can use clay.

Simply form 1/2 of our non-abrasive, synthetic clay

bar into a pancake-looking wafer. Placing the clay

bar at your fingertips (working on a washed and dried

car, of course!) lightly move the clay bar back and

forth over the surfaces after using Meguiar’s ® Quik

Detailer ® for lubrication. The bar will grab and gently

remove all bonded contaminants, leaving the surface

as smooth as glass!


Tree sap, overspray and industrial fallout are just

a few of the contaminants that bond to your paint’s

finish, making it ‘gritty’ and lacklustre. Meguiar’s

Quik Clay Starter Kit will quickly and safely restore

a smooth-as-glass finish. Polishes and waxes then

apply and wipe off in less time with dramatically

improved results.

KIT INCLUDES: 473ml Quik Detailer, 1 individually

wrapped 50g clay bar.

473ml and 50g bar £15.99 RRP

Product code: G-1116EU

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.


Our non-abrasive clay bars safely, easily and instantly

removes paint overspray, fallout, environmental

contaminants and more, making waxing easier and

more durable. The Smooth Surface Clay Kit provides

the best performance and the best value.

KIT INCLUDES: 473ml Quik Detailer, 118ml Ultimate

Quik Wax, 1 x Supreme Shine Microfibre Towel, and

2 x individually wrapped 80g clay bars with plastic

storage box.


473ml, 118ml and 2 x 80g bar £25.99 RRP

Product code: G-1016


CLAY BAR Replacement

Our replacement clay bar makes it convenient for

you to replace just the clay contained in our clay kits.

This non-abrasive clay bar safely, easily and instantly

removes paint overspray, fallout, environmental

contaiminents and more, making waxing easier

and more durable. Always use a spray detailer like

Meguiar’s Quik Detailer TM with this product.

1 x 50g bar £9.99 RRP Product code: G-1001EU


illiant solutions

Below-surface defects










Small below-surface imperfections such as oxidation, stains, small

marks and scratches can be safely removed using Meguiar’s ® ScratchX TM

2.0, SwirlX TM or Ultimate Compound, giving a flawless finish prior to

polishing and waxing.



After removing bonded contaminants that you can feel,

examine the finish from different angles and light

sources to detect below-surface defects like oxidation

(dullness), stains/blemishes and fine scratches.

Meguiar’s ® offers a range of clear-coat safe products

to remedy below surface defects. Refer to the chart on

page 3 to help identify the best product for your specific

need (call our Customer Care Team or go online at

www.meguiars.co.uk if you have questions).


Bug splatter and road tar are highly adhesive and

when left in place, will bond to your paint, potentially

causing etching or staining. This formula is specifically

designed to safely remove these contaminants before

they damage your finish.

473ml £6.99 RRP Product code: G-10716EU


This non-abrasive paint cleaner has been improved to

deliver even stronger performance with no chemical odour.

It safely removes road grime, surface contamination, light

oxidation, swirls and light scratches to restore damaged

and dull finishes. Prepares all paint types for polishing

and waxing.

473ml £9.49 RRP Product code: A-3016EU

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.


Spider webs, holograms, towel marks, swirls . . . Car guys

tell us that eliminating them is their number one problem.

In response, we’ve developed SwirlX to easily remove

swirls and light scratches from all paint finishes. Formulated

from our expertise in the paint industry, SwirlX is clear

coat safe and consumer friendly. In addition, SwirlX can

be applied by hand or with our DA polisher and leaves

a brilliant, swirl-free surface that maximises gloss

and reflectivity.

450ml £10.99 RRP Product code: G-17616EU

scratchx ® 2.0

Meguiar’s ® introduces a new and improved formula for

isolated scratch and scuff removal, ScratchX 2.0. This

new formula has been specifically developed for hand

application to quickly remove isolated scratches, fingernail

marks, paint transfer and parking lot scuffs. Unique

micro-abrasives correct these defects fast and are

completely clear coat safe. Not just a “cover-up”, ScratchX

2.0 is a special formulation designed to completely remove

scratches, ensuring that once they are gone, they stay gone!

207ml £8.99 RRP Product code: G-10307EU


Meguiar’s ® has revolutionised rubbing and polishing

compounds with Ultimate Compound. Our new abrasive

technology quickly removes stubborn oxidation, stains,

bird dropping blemishes and other sub-surface defects

while polishing the surface to a mirror finish. Unlike

traditional rubbing and polishing compounds that scour

the surface, our new clear coat safe micro-abrasives

produce an amazingly clear finish that is free from

scratches, hazing and swirls. Whether working by hand or

with our DA polisher, Ultimate Compound is the perfect

choice to prepare your paint’s surface for your favourite

Meguiar’s wax.

450ml £10.99 RRP Product code: G-17216EU

Light swirl removal



illiant solutions

Polish & Wax

POLISHING is an optional step, and is different

from WAXING.

While some modern-day marketers have caused

confusion by naively misusing the terms, the

definitions are clear.

As in polishing a diamond, the sole purpose of

polishing is to create brilliant high gloss. For car

show enthusiasts who are obsessed with having

perfectly clear reflections, Meguiar’s ® Ultimate

Polish is the perfect choice. Others may be

looking to remove the last hints of swirl marks

while maximising the gloss. In this case, a Cleaner

/Polish like Meguiar’s ® Polishing Compound

is a good solution.



Deep Crystal System Polish is a pure polish that has

been specially formulated to create a dazzling, high

gloss finish by conditioning and nourishing the paint.

It is that extra step necessary to create the ultimate,

wet-look, show car shine.

473ml £9.49 RRP Product code: A-2116EU


Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish is the final step before waxing

for maximum gloss and reflectivity. Rich polishing oils

add a deep, rich, wet look to paint especially on dark

coloured cars. For best results this should be followed

by Ultimate Wax.


473ml £10.99 RRP Product code: G-19216

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.



Meguiar’s ® Gold Class TM Carnauba Plus wax creates

strong, long-lasting protection to preserve your finish.

The proprietary blend of premium carnauba plus protecting

polymers delivers amazing results and this unique

formula leaves your paint brilliantly reflective. Easily glides

on and off, without leaving any dusty residue. This

product can be applied by hand or dual action polisher.


Liquid 473ml £16.99 RRP Product code: G-7016EU

Paste 311g £16.99 RRP Product code: G-7014EU

nxt generation TM tech wax TM 2.0

NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 is a scientific breakthrough

that produces unbelievably deep, vibrant colour and

a dramatically clear wet-look. Hydrophobic Polymer

Technology TM provides relentless water beading and

protection against oxidation, corrosion, UV rays and

surface degradation. “Hydrophobic” means “water-fearing”

and this new breakthrough technology builds such

incredible protection and surface tension that water

beads up and just glides off your paint finish, wash

after wash!

Liquid 532ml £18.99 RRP Product code: G-12718EU

Paste 311g £18.99 RRP Product code: G-12711


Meguiar’s Ultimate, our bar is simply higher. This is our

most advanced, pure synthetic hydrophobic wax which

offers our longest lasting protection. New synthetic polymers

crosslink to form a protective barrier that amplifies reflections

for incredible depth & mirror-like shine, without leaving

white residue on plastic and rubber. Meguiar’s ® Thin Film

technology makes application and wipe-off effortless, even

in full sun!


Liquid 473ml £26.99 RRP Product code: G-18216

Paste 311g £26.99 RRP Product code: G-18211


illiant solutions


Polish & Wax

cleaner wax

Cleaner Wax is our most versatile one step wax

specifically formulated to produce eye-dazzling

results with less work. A single application gently

cleans away light oxidation and blemishes, enhancing

colour with polishing nutrients and leaving behind

a durable, protective coat of waxes, silicones and

polymers, making it an excellent choice for heavily

used vehicles.

Liquid 473ml £9.99 RRP Product code: A-1216EU

Paste 311g £9.99 RRP Product code: A-1214EU


STEP 1 PAINT CLEANER: Safely remove road grime, surface contamination, light oxidation, swirls and

light scratches to restore damaged and dull finishes. Prepares all paint types for polishing and waxing.

473ml £9.49 RRP Product code: A-3016EU

STEP 2 POLISH: Deep Crystal System Polish is a pure polish that has been specially formulated to

create a dazzling, high gloss finish by conditioning and nourishing the paint. It is that extra

step necessary to create the ultimate, wet-look, show car shine.

473ml £9.49 RRP Product code: A-2116EU

STEP 3 CARNAUBA WAX: In order to lock in the shine and protect the eye-dazzling finish you created

with Steps 1 and 2 of the Deep Crystal System, you need to apply a protective coating that will

enhance the gloss. This carnauba based wax delivers durable, long-lasting, high gloss protection.

473ml £9.49 RRP Product code: A-2216EU


WAX CAR care kit

Wash & Wax Kits





The Car Guy’s Car Wax.



We are pleased to offer a money saving kit that

pairs two of our most popular products! Our top

selling Gold Class Shampoo and Conditioner is

paired together with our multi-award winning

Gold Class Liquid Wax. An unbeatable combination

with a savings of £3.99 when compared with the

RRP of the two items purchased separately.

KIT INCLUDES: G7116EU Gold Class Car Wash

Shampoo & Conditioner and G7016EU Gold

Class Liquid Wax.

473ml Each, KIT £19.99 RRP

Product Code: G-9966EU

This is an ideal starter kit for those new to the

Meguiar’s range and want the most technologically

advanced products. Containing our NXT Car

Wash, the all new NXT Tech Wax 2.0, Wash

Mitt, Microfibre and applicator pad. The kit

represents a saving of over £6.97 against the

cost of the items purchased separately.

KIT INCLUDES: G12619EU NXT Generation Car

Wash Shampoo, G12718EU NXT Generation Tech

Wax 2.0, X3002 Microfibre Wash Mitt, X2010

Supreme Shine TM Microfibre and applicator pad.

532ml Each, KIT £35.99 RRP

Product Code: G-9977EU

Meguiar’s New Car Kit helps to keep your car

looking showroom sharp. The kit contains precisely

selected products to wash, dry and wax your car.

It includes everything you need but water and

a bucket.

KIT INCLUDES: Ultimate Wash & Wax 473ml,

Ultimate Wax 177ml, Endurance 177ml, Microfibre

Wash Mitt, Water Magnet, Microfibre and 2 x Soft

Foam Applicator pads.


KIT £39.99 RRP

Product Code: G-3200

Meguiar’s Paint Restoration brings new life and

shine to dull, neglected paint. Our pre-selected

products eliminate the guess work. The kit has

everything you need from wash and clay, to

compound and wax.

KIT INCLUDES: Gold Class Car Wash 473ml, Quik

Detailer 295ml, Clay bar 50g, Ultimate Compound

295ml, Gold Class Carnauba Plus 177ml, 2 x

Microfibre and 2 x Soft Foam Applicator Pads.


KIT £39.99 RRP

Product Code: G-3300


illiant solutions



Other Surfaces



Meguiar’s ® Engine Clean is the enthusiast’s choice

for safe, effective and easy engine cleaning. The fresh

smelling, biodegradable formula quickly lifts away

dirt, grime and grease to clean even the hardest-to-reach

under-hood areas. Safe on rubber and plastic and

guaranteed not to degrade fittings or hoses, Meguiar’s ®

Engine Clean is the easy way to leave your engine bay

looking just detailed.

450ml £8.99 RRP Product code: G-14816EU


Meguiar’s ® Engine Dressing is the safe, easy-to-use

solution to keep the variety of materials used on and

around engines looking their best. The non-greasy

formula leaves a deep, rich appearance while providing

long-lasting protection on plastics, rubber and hoses.

Protect, preserve and enhance everything under your

vehicle’s hood with Meguiar’s ® Engine Dressing.

450ml £8.99 RRP Product code: G-17316EU

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.


Meguiar’s ® Convertible & Cabriolet Cleaner provides

quick, effective and easy cleaning of all canvas,

cloth, mohair and vinyl tops. This dedicated cleaner

safely removes contaminants and stubborn stains

like hard water, bird droppings and oil without drying

out convertible tops. Meguiar’s ® Convertible & Cabriolet

Cleaner cleans mildew stains and leaves a brightened,

like-new appearance to ensure that your convertible

top looks its best.

450ml £9.99 RRP Product code: G-2016EU



Protect and preserve your convertible top with

Meguiar’s ® Convertible & Cabriolet Weatherproofer.

This comprehensive formula creates a protective

barrier that delivers long-lasting defence against

UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, stains and more.

Specially developed for use on canvas, cloth, mohair

and vinyl tops, Meguiar’s ® Convertible & Cabriolet

Weatherproofer is the easy-to-use solution to keep

your convertible top looking like-new.

500ml £10.99 RRP Product code: G-2112EU


illiant solutions


Other Surfaces

PlastRX TM CLEAR Plastic


This easy to use, rich gel formula quickly restores

optical clarity to both rigid and flexible clear plastics.

Cutting edge technology removes light oxidation,

chemical degradation, surface contamination and stains

with ease.

296ml £8.49 RRP Product code: G-12310UK

ultimate protectant


No longer do you have to settle for protectants that

last only days. Utilising break-through UV clear coat

technology, Meguiar’s ® Ultimate Protectant offers

superior UV protection & shine that significantly outlasts

conventional protectants. This powerful protectant

creates rich shine & darkness on interior surfaces such

as dashboard and door panels and brings new life to

exterior trim and mouldings.

355ml £9.49 RRP Product code: G-14512EU

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.

nxt generation TM glass cleaner

Specially formulated to deliver the best clarity through

the toughest dirt and grime, our advanced technology

delivers streak-free, no-haze glass and superior

cleaning against smoke film, bugs, tree sap, grime

and contaminants. Safe for all tinted windows and

ammonia free.

710ml £8.99 RRP Product code: G-13324EU

nxt generation TM metal polysh

This revolutionary metal polish cleans, shines and

protects all wheels, stainless steel exhausts, chrome

air intakes and valve covers. It also gives a great finish

to aluminium, brass, copper, silver and all other brightwork

components. Meguiar’s Microscopic Diminishing Abrasive

Technology removes built up oxidation, tarnish and

staining faster and safer than traditional harsh abrasives.

Anti-corrosive technology locks in the shine.

142g £8.49 RRP Product code: G-13005EU


illiant solutions


We charge £3.99, including VAT, for postage and packing. Although

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Always remember to obtain a ‘Proof of Postage’ certificate from

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Customer Care Team

Meguiar’s Customer Care representatives are trained in every

aspect of automotive surface care. They understand the needs

techniques employed by body shops, professional detailers

and by specialist concours participants.

Placing Your Order

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illiant solutions


Wheels & Tyres


The name says it all. Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner is

unlike any formula in the world for removing grime,

grit and brake dust from all types of wheels. Remove

stubborn road residue with Hot Rims’ unique cleaning

agents. Our Xtreme Cling formula is designed to cling

vigorously to vertical surfaces, break down dirt and

grime and leave a brilliant shine.

710ml £8.99 RRP Product code: G-9524EU

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.



Designed to safely wash and clean any wheel surface.

These super soft bristles will not scratch your wheels

and the varied bristle angles mean greater surface

contact and more efficient cleaning. The reversible,

quick-change handle provides the flexibility to reach

all angles.

£12.99 RRP Product code: X-1020



This handy brush safely and easily cleans the most

intricate wheel details. The soft, broad bristles thoroughly

clean those intricate interior and exterior wheel surfaces

of brake dust and road grime. The brush incorporates

a non-scratch safety tip and a solid, tactile handle grip.

£8.99 RRP Product code: X-1160


illiant solutions


Wheels & Tyres


Hot Shine delivers a high-gloss shine in a convenient

trigger spray. Highly water resistant polymers combined

with anti-ozonant technology keep your tyres looking

blacker longer, while preventing cracking, browning

and premature ageing. The high gloss formula gives

your tyres a wet-look with a dark shine. Simply spray

and walk away!

710ml £9.99 RRP Product code: G-12024EU


Endurance continues to be a favourite among enthusiasts

looking for extra long-lasting performance with a great

look. Premium ingredients produce a rich, dark shine

that lasts weeks, not days, even through rain! Our unique

formulations stop tyres from turning brown and eliminate

the mess of overspray, drips, streaks and spotted driveways.

Now available in Trigger Spray and Aerosol.

473ml Gel £8.99 RRP Product code: G-7516EU


709ml Spray £9.99 RRP Product code: G-15524

425g Aerosol £10.99 RRP Product code: G-15415

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.


Meguiar’s Tyre Dressing Applicator Pad has been

ergonomically designed for ease and accuracy of

product application. The soft foam pad with contoured

grip keeps hands mess free and is ideal for all tyres.

Includes a protective sleeve for cleaner storage.

£5.99 RRP Product code: X-3090


illiant solutions



Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather & Vinyl Cleaner is a quick

solution to clean all leather and vinyl surfaces. Unlike

harsh chemical cleaners that strip the leather’s natural

life-extending oils, this easy to use formula will remove

stains as well as provide a revitalising appearance. Gold

Class Leather Conditioner combines aloe and premium

conditioners to maintain the original look and feel of

leather surfaces. The premium conditioner moisturises

and protects without leaving white residue or artificial gloss.


473ml £8.99 RRP Product code: G-18516 Cleaner

473ml £8.99 RRP Product code: G-18616 Conditioner



gold class TM rich leather


Want to condition your leather surfaces but don’t want

to deal with the white residue that traditional leather

lotions leave behind? This premium formula provides

a simple, but highly effective one step solution that

cleans, conditions and protects leather without leaving

behind any white residue or artificial gloss . . . perfect

for use on all leather surfaces including those that are

perforated, cracked and have stitching.

400ml £9.99 RRP Product code: G-17914

25 wipes £9.99 RRP Product code: G-10900



Maintain that “like new” look on dashboards, trim, tyres,

and more. This complex formula includes mild cleaning

agents that help remove day-to-day dirt and grime and

restore the original natural finish. Includes UV blockers

to help reduce the drying and fading effects of the sun.

473ml £9.49 RRP Product code: G-4116EU

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.



quik interior detailer tm



For those who love shine, our new Supreme

Shine Protectant is the fastest and easiest

way to transform the appearance of dashboards,

trim, door panels, plastic bumpers and tyres.

Unlike other protectants that leave behind

a greasy or dull looking finish, this durable

formula creates a non-greasy, revitalising

shine. Powerful UV blockers also help to defend

against sun damage that can cause fading,

cracking and discolouration.

The fastest way to clean all interior surfaces.

Quik Interior Detailer maintains the look and

feel of interior plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber,

metal and audio/visual equipment. Nonsmearing

Quik Interior Detailer leaves a

natural appearance and a fresh fragrance

with every use.

473ml £8.99 RRP Product code: G-13616EU

Removes offending odours forever using

permanent odour encapsulating technology

pioneered and perfected by Meguiar’s. Unlike

ordinary household odour products, Meguiar’s

Car Odor Eliminator does not break down with

heat or moisture inside a car. Instantly, safely

and permanently removes all strong odours.

473ml £8.99 RRP Product code: G-2316EU

Coffee, lipstick, oil and other tough stains

don’t have to become a permanent part

of your carpets and upholstery. Unlike

ordinary household cleaners, Meguiar’s

Carpet and Interior Cleaner lifts the most

stubborn contamination without discolouring

the surface.

437ml £7.99 RRP Product code: G-9416EU

473ml £9.49 RRP Product code: G-4016EU


illiant solutions


Once a car is waxed, the best ongoing protection

for your car’s finish is regular attention, or

MAINTAINING the finish. Regardless of whether

your car is parked or being driven, it’s in a

hostile environment.

Everything that flies, from a gnat to a 747, expels

contaminants that are determined to bond to

and then etch into your car’s finish. Add to this

acid rain, industrial fallout and those unavoidable

UV rays (the No. 1 cause of paint degradation),

and you can see how your car is constantly

under attack. The more your car is exposed

to the elements, and the harsher the environment

is where you live, the more attention your paint

finish will require.

Fortunately, Meguiar’s ® has made it easy

for you with our mist and wipe detailers.

Meguiar’s ® Quik Detailer TM and Ultimate Quik

Detailer TM allow you to safely and easily remove

contaminants before they have time to bond

to your paint finish. These products form the

missing link between washing and waxing,

allowing you to greatly extend the protective

qualities of your car wax.


ultimate quik detailer TM

Ultimate Quik Detailer is a revolutionary mist and

wipe product that works like a spray detailer while

enhancing wax protection. Hydrophobic Polymer

Technology TM delivers an incredibly high surface tension

which adds protection and causes water to bead

relentlessly – wash after wash! Perfect for removing

dust and fingerprints, Ultimate Quik Detailer leaves

an ultra-slick, ultra-dark finish and is safe on all

paint finishes.

650ml £11.99 RRP Product code: G-14422EU

ultimate quik WAX TM

Meguiar’s ® Hydrophobic Polymer Technology TM is now

available in an easy to use spray wax. Ultimate Quik

Wax is the perfect solution for maintaining your

paint’s protection in between regular waxing. This

new technology can even be applied in direct sunlight

and leaves no white residue on plastic and trim. Simply

mist on and wipe off. So fast and easy that you can

wax your car in just minutes! The protection and

relentless water beading, however, lasts for weeks.

450ml £11.99 RRP Product code: G-17516EU

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.

quik detailer ®

quik wax TM 30

Quik Detailer is the missing link between washes.

It can be used anytime, anywhere to remove fresh

contaminants before they have time to bond to the

paint work, without scratching the surface. To restore

that show car finish, simply mist on and wipe off

using a Supreme Shine TM Microfibre or a 100% Cotton

Terry Towel.

High-performance, spray-on carnauba wax offers

deeper, darker reflections with increased gloss,

shine and protection. Just spray on and wipe off, to

wax your entire car (wet or dry) in just a few minutes.

473ml £7.99 RRP Product code: A-1616

473ml £7.99 RRP Product code: A-3316

illiant solutions




This incredibly plush microfibre gives amazing results.

The thick, deep, dual-sided Microfibre pile absorbs

three times more than traditional terry towels and

the fibre structure reduces the effort needed to remove

product residue. Machine washable.

Single £6.99 RRP Product code: X-2010

Triple Pack £14.99 RRP Product code: X-2020

soft buff TM terry towel

Meguiar’s Soft Buff Terry Towels are thick and plush

to provide superior absorbency and a swirl-free finish.

The towels are pre-washed for instant absorbency

and lint-free performance.

£6.99 RRP Product code: X-2040

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.


This pad is ultra soft and uses a tight cell foam structure

to offer safe and even application of product on a variety

of surfaces. Machine washable.

Twin Pack £3.99 RRP Product code: X-3070



The specialised microfibre material of the Even Coat

Applicator Pad produces amazing results when applying

paint cleaners, polishes and waxes. This pad is ideally

sized for long term comfort and you can wash and dry

it as you would any of our towels. Machine washable.

Twin Pack £5.99 RRP Product code: X-3080


We have designed a kit bag to transport your full Meguiar’s

collection. The bag is of heavy duty nylon construction

including 2 interior net pockets and a larger front pocket,

with embroidered Meguiar’s logo and velcro foot.

£19.99 RRP Product code: ST-015



illiant solutions




Meguiar’s Versa-Angle Body Duster safely

and efficiently removes light surface dust

from all paint finishes. The specially-treated

dust head traps dust and safely lifts it away.

With it’s versa-angle adjustable handle

design the duster is ready to use on all surfaces.

£24.99 RRP Product code: X-1180


Designed with hard and softer bristle zones

and an ergonomic palm grip to safely clean

all interior carpet and cloth surfaces. The

light yellow bristles loosen and release

dirt and grime from the carpet fibres while

the gold bristles safely clean all other

interior surfaces.

£8.99 RRP Product code: X-1000


Ten each of two different-sized foam tipped

swabs let you wipe away any grime and

debris, apply product efficiently and remove

residue from your vehicles many recesses.

£9.99 RRP Product code: G-301

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.


Provides three unique bristle sets for fine

detailing. The shorter bristles are ideal for

use on trim and mouldings, while the longer

bristles are great for reaching tight areas.

The unique end bristles provide access to

hard-to-reach areas.

£5.99 RRP Product code: X-1130


As the bristles of the extractor brush move

along interior surfaces, a small static- electric

charge is produced to draw hair and lint

into the brush. The long bristles are ideal

for carpet and deep pile while the short

bristles work best on upholstery or headliners.

£6.99 RRP Product code: X-1140


illiant solutions




Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a casual user who wants

show quality, swirl-free results, this is the tool for you. Meguiar’s

Dual Action Polisher greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to

apply paint cleaners, polishes and wax and produces results far

superior to applying these products by hand. And because of its dual

action-rotation and orbit-you never have to worry about damaging

the paint (pad not included).

KIT INCLUDES: G220v2 Dual Action Polisher, 16.5cm D.A. Polisher

Backing Plate, Backing Plate Spanner, D-Handle, Handle Attachment

Bolts (2), Allen Key.


£199.99 RRP Product code: G220v2


New and improved, now machine washable! New foam technology,

combined with a high-tech laminate provides durability and allows

for machine washing, while the new 7 inch pad size reduces chatter

for a smooth buffing experience and features a recessed backing for

easy centering.

Foam Polishing Pad 7’’

(light to moderate defects & gloss restoraton) Product code: W-8207

Foam Finishing Pad 7’’

(waxing & gloss maximisation) Product code: W-9207

£13.99 RRP Each

Shining Stars

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.

Every month at Meguiar’s we are inundated with emails, letters and phone calls from customers that want to tell us about the shine they have achieved by using

Meguiar’s products. Some send in pictures of their pride and joy and many of these get included in the monthly Shining Stars Gallery at www.meguiars.co.uk. For every

entry that is included, the owner receives a Supreme Shine Microfibre as a token of our thanks. Below are just a few entries from 2010.

Clio Sport 182

I have been using Meguiar’s products now for 3 months and

I have to say I would never use anything else on my car after

finding these miracle products. I have invested in nearly every

product Meguiar’s has to offer and each and every one never

fails to amaze me. I have had people compliment me on how

my car looks like it has just come out the show room, not bad

for a 6 year old car! I want to thanks Meguiar’s for creating

such incredible products. Thanks, Luke Nicholls

Focus ST

This is my Focus ST, its washed with Gold Class Shampoo. The

car is dried with a Water Magnet Drying towel. The wheels are

cleaned with a Versa Angle Wheel brush then shined with Quick

Wheel Detailer,and the tyres are protected with Endurance High

Gloss Tyre Protection Gel. The bodywork is then worked on with

a Smooth Surface Clay Kit, then finally finished the bodywork

with NXT Tech Wax 2.0. The windows are cleaned with NXT Glass

Cleaner. Thanks for the great products keep it up.

Thanks, Richard Lerpiniere


I washed the car with Meguair’s Gold Class Car Wash, polished

with my brand new G220 and Ultimate Compound to remove

some scratches. Then waxed with Gold Class Liquid Wax and

a bit of Meguiar’s Endurance Tyre Gel to spruce up the tyres.

Not bad for a six-year old XKR, I reckon. Thanks, Steve Jarratt


illiant solutions




Meguiar’s Motorcycle EZ Clean is the safest and

easiest way to clean your entire motorcycle.

Using an exclusive pH balanced, biodegradable

formula, this product will effectively clean

the hard to reach parts on your bike without

damaging the different surfaces found on a

motorcycle. Our Xtreme Cling TM foam is designed

to adhere to vertical surfaces and help remove

dirt and grime. Safe for everyday cleaning of

all surfaces on your bike!

473 ml £8.99 RRP Product Code: MC-20016


Meguiar’s Motorcycle Detailer keeps a waxed

motorcycle looking “just waxed” and maintains

a wet-look shine. Also removes harmful

contaminants before they damage your finish.

Use our Motorcycle Detailer right after your

bike is hit by a rain shower, bird dropping

or exposed to any other condition that ruins

your bike’s “just waxed” appearance. The safe,

high lubricity formula lifts off dirt and grime

without scratching while enhancing gloss.

Details your entire motorcycle in minutes. Use

it in the garage, at work or on the road for quick

touch-ups. One bottle details up to 8 bikes.

236ml £6.99 RRP Product Code: MC-20108


Meguiar’s Motorcycle Wax is the versatile,

easy way to clean, polish and protect all paint

finishes (including clear coats and gel coats)

in one easy step! Durable and easy to apply

and remove, Meguiar’s Motorcycle Wax effectively

and safely removes surface contaminants and

blemishes that dull your finish, including fine

scratches and swirl marks, to leave a high-gloss

shine. For best results apply to a clean, smooth,

cool surface in the shade.

177ml £9.99 RRP Product Code: MC-20206

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.



Clean and protect your bike’s leather and vinyl with

Meguiar’s Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/Conditioner.

A premium blend of moisturisers and nutrients leaves

leather & vinyl looking and feeling supple. The gentle,

effective formula cleans, restores and enriches surfaces

for a luxurious appearance and helps to prevent premature

wear, such as drying and fading. Containing no solvents

or irritating detergents, this ultra-rich formula won’t

leave a slippery residue or artificial gloss.

177ml £6.99 RRP Product Code: MC-20306


Restore clarity to clear plastics with Meguiar’s Motorcycle

Plastic Polish. Cutting-edge advancements in micro-abrasive

technology gently removes fine scratches, surface stains,

contaminants and light oxidation. Vital conditioning oils

restore optical clarity, while highly water-resistant polymers

provide long-lasting durable protection. Safe on helmets,

eye shields or clear fairings.

177ml £6.99 RRP Product Code: MC-20506


Keeping exhaust pipes and other metal surfaces clean

just got a lot easier with Meguiar’s new Motorcycle

All Metal Polish. Simply apply a small amount of polish

onto any chrome, polished aluminum or other metallic

surface for a mirror-like shine! Hard rubbing is not

necessary and the residue buffs off easily. A unique

polymer blend keeps metal surfaces brighter longer and

you can achieve amazing results without hazardous

chemicals and chemical odours.

197g £9.99 RRP Product Code: MC-20406


illiant solutions




100% cotton, 220gm/m 2 , pre-shrunk with embroidered

Meguiar’s logos.

Small - Product code: ST030SM

Medium - Product code: ST030MD

Large - Product code: ST030LG

Extra Large - Product code: ST030XL

£9.99 RRP


With full zipper, 280gm/m 2 . Two sides anti-pilling with

embroidered Meguiar’s logos.

Small - Product code: ST033SM

Medium - Product code: ST033MD

Large - Product code: ST033LG

Extra Large - Product code: ST033XL

£19.99 RRP

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

The Car Guy’s Car Wax.


Embroidered black Meguiar’s cap with adjustable back strap.

One Size £5.99 RRP Product code: ST012


Small metal black and gold key chain with Meguiar’s logo.

£3.99 RRP Product code: ST013


Keep track of time with the luxury Meguiar’s Stainless

Steel Watch. This timepiece comes with analogue

movement, black face, date window, engraved bracelet

and is water resistant up to 100 metres.

£39.99 RRP Product code: ST053


illiant solutions

Master stockist - Our Master Stockists have committed to stock no

less than 80% of the products in this brochure



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Profile Automotive Unit 2 Stuart Road, Bredbury, Stockport 0161 406 9797

Smart Repair Unit 3G, Brymill 3 Trad Est, Riverlane, Saltney 01244 683 283

Waxacar Unit 4 Chandlers Court, Picow Farm Road, Runcorn 01928 581 284


Eagle Service Station 502 - 506 Yarm Road, Stockton-on-Tees 01642 648 002

Euro Car Parts Unit 8 Clayton Crt, Stockton-on-Tees 01642 525 282

Falcon Engineering Skippers Lane Ind Est, Middlesborough 01642 469 732

Godfrey Autoparts 1 Lansdowne Road, Middlesbrough 01642 226 400

Motive Car Accessories Unit 1A Ormesby Road, Middlesborough 01642 300 944


AGM Bodyworks Units 5 Vistoria Business Park, Roche 01726 890 700

ALS Motor Parts Unit 1 Merriott Hse, Marsh Barton, Exeter 01392 254 931

Invo-tec Lynton, Canworthy Water, Launceston 01566 781 508

L B Restoration Services Panderosa Farm Hse, St lawrence Rd, Bodmin 01208 269 746

Mill Autoquip 42 West Hill, St. Austell 01726 223 104

Mill Autoquip Unit 11 Carnbrea Bus Pk, Wilson Way, Redruth 01209 219 212

Mill Autoquip 1 Miller Business Park, Station Road, Liskeard 01578 346 555

Mill Autoquip Eddystone Road, Wadebridge 01208 813 254

Mill Autoquip 24 Normandy Way, Walkerlines Ind Est, Bodmin 01208 781 66

Mill Autoquip Unit D Penmarrin House, Commercial Rd, Penryn 01326 737 343

Mill Autoquip 49-51 Wendron Street, Helston 01326 561 222

Mill Autoquip 69a Market Jew Street, Penzance 01736 365 953

Opie Oils The Fuel Depot, Cardrew Ind Est, Redruth 01209 215 164

Co Durham

Autostyle + Cycles 206 North Road, Darlington 01325 352 000

Discount Auto Parts 2 Old Sunderland Rd, Gilesgate 0191 386 6765

Discount Auto Parts Front Street, Framwellgate Moor 0191 384 7803

North East Detailing 28+29 Front Street, Pelton, Chester-le-Street 0191 370 1212

Roy Smith 206 North Road, Darlington 01325 352 007


Camskill Motorsport Pottery Road, Whitehaven 01946 694 794

N & M Walkingshaw Joseph Noble Road, Lillyhall Ind Est, Workington 01900 608 000

Whiteheads A1 Motor Store 108 Botchergate, Carlisle 01228 511 303


Autoden Bulldog Trad Ctr, Howard Town Mill, Glossop 01457 856 064

Autopep Unit 20-21 Dinting Vale Bus Pk, Dinting, Glossop 01457 857 600

Elite Detailer 2 Woodhall Drive, Littleover, Derby 01332 523 200

Just Bandits Unit 3E Monk Road, Alfreton 08702 258 743

J H Eden Tyre T/A CSS Aspen Drive, Spondon, Derby 01332 669 920

J G Bestwick 876 Osmaston Road, Allenton, Derby 01332 343 156

Nancy’s Motor Spares Duke Street, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield 01246 450 894

P G Automotive 18 Bakewell Road, Matlock 01629 566 61

Peak Porsche 5 Valley Road, Simmondley, Glossop 07966 544 065

Road & Rally 1 Hunloke Ave, Boythorpe 01246 205 783

Road & Rally 36 Cressey Rd, Alfreton 01773 834 930

Romac Motor & Electrical Factors 15 The Square, Mickleover 01332 516 062

Romac Motor & Electrical Factors 6a Red Lion Square, Heanor 01773 533 748


Autoquip Factors Units 1/2/3/8/9 Old Woods Trad Est, Torquay 01803 612 260

Carfax Discount Stores 27-29 Market Ave, City Centre, Plymouth 01752 672 232

Carnoisseur 98 Embankment Road, Plymouth 01752 660 067

D.I.Y. Motorspares 143 Pinhoe Road, Exeter 01392 270 060

HB Automate The Pill, Kingsley Road, Bideford 01237 474 344

Kennys Cash & Carry 4 Clyst Units, Marsh Barton Ind Est, Exeter 01392 257 984

Mill Autoquip 22 Clare Place, Coxside, Plymouth 01752 674 445

Revs West 9 Lymington Road, Torquay 01803 297 949

Revs West 8 - 12 Seaway Road, Paignton 01803 522 177

R.P Marine Services Nautical Cottage, 5 Ferrymans View, Brixham 07732 924 744

Sorensen Road Sport Unit 18, Faraday Mill Bus Pk, Prince Rock, Plymouth 01752 603 500

Tower Services Seaton Down Hill, Seaton 01297 220 26

Trafalgar Cornwall Unit 5, Battisford Farm, Plymstock 01822 853 683

Tri County Ltd Unit 6 Westbridge Ind Est, Tavistock 01822 613 777


Greenacre Farm Shop Ludwell, Shaftsbury 01747 828 806

Highway Auto Centre 415B Lymington Road, Highcliffe 01425 271 472

Motabitz Accessories 491 Ringwood Road, Ferndown 01202 896 114

Motabitz 467-471 Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth 01202 533 578

Motabitz 709 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth 01202 395 579

Motabitz 311 Wimborne Road, Oakdale, Poole 01202 675 526

Motorists Discount Centres 2 Wondecholme Parade, Kinson Rd, Bournemouth 01202 531 965

Motorists Discount Centres 169 The Broadway, Broadstone 01202 531 065

Motorists Discount Centres 7 Sandpit, Purwell, Christchurch 01202 474 019

MX5 Heaven Unit 1 & 2 Charminster Farm Ind.Est, Charminster 01305 268 149

Parc Ferme Unit 2 Manor Farm Courtyard, Gussage, St Micheal 0845 474 0162

The PT Company Greensleeves, Green Bottom, Wimborne 01202 639 243

East Sussex

Ajay Autoparts 109 Bexhill Rd, St. Leonards-On-Sea 01424 294 590

Brighton Motor Factors 74 St Georges Road, Kemptown, Brighton 01273 699 626

Carcare Peacehaven 140-144 South Coast Road, Peacehaven 01273 585 159

Car Crazy 120-122 Queens Road, Hastings, East Sussex 01424 445 923

Cliffords of Brighton Unit D, School Road, Hove 01273 777 055

Going Spare 78 Wick Street, Littlehampton 01903 731 571

Lewes Motor Factors 39a Friars Walk, Lewes 01273 471 000

Martin Story Wealden Ind Park, Famingham Road, Crowborough 01892 655 593

Stadium Motor Spares 17 Queens Parade, Hove 01273 720 596

The Car Shop 14 Winston Crescent, St. Anthonys Ave, Eastbourne 01323 733 047

East Yorkshire

Beverley Car Care 112 Norwood, Beverley 01482 861 222

Motorway Hessle 86A Hull Road, Hessle 01482 647 453


Anglia Battery & Filter Co. 834 London Rd, Leigh on Sea 01702 470 313

Attention to Detailing 16 Wrights Avenue, Cressing, Braintree 01376 342 699

Autoparts of Braintree 5 Rayne Road, Braintree 01376 551 936

Auto Care 207 Timberlog Lane, Basildon 01268 555 470

Autowash 143 Beehive Lane, Ilford 08700 112 267

Auto Care 148 London Rd, Benfleet 01268 753 313

Auto Care 3-5 Chase Rd, Corringham 01375 677 787

BJ Motorspares 15 Market Row, Saffron Walden 01799 521 373

Buddies Motor Spares 9 - 11 Chase Cross Road, Collier Row, Romford 01708 745 800

Carnoisser 141 Beehive Lane, Ilford 02085 039 374

Carnoisseur 763 London Rd, Westcliff-On-Sea 01702 482 545

Carnoisseur Iris House, 141 Behive Lane, Ilford 02085 039 374

Challis Auto Spares Unit 5 East Street, Braintree 01376 550 155

Clacton Motorists Discount 76 Oxford Road, Clacton On Sea 01255 431 638

Debden Motor Spares 58 The Broadway, Loughton 02085 086 321

Discount Motor Spares 578 Rayleigh Road, Eastwood 01702 522 466

Euro Car Parts Unit 4a Claydons Ln, Stadium Ind Est, Rayleigh 01268 749 999

Euro Car Parts Unit 19a The Westside Ctr, London Road, Stanway 01206 214 444

Euro Car Parts Building 3, Muirhead Quay, Barking 020 8532 6900

ESP Design ESP House, Unit 8 Stepfield, Witham 08707 518 000

Green Lane Motor Spares 41 Green Lane, Ilford 02085 530 160

Howletts 15 - 17 Kingsway, Dovercourt, Harwich 01255 503 599

Maldon Accessory Centre 40 White Horse Lane, Maldon 01621 859 444

Marks Tey Auto Spares 93A London Road, Marks Tey 01702 527 551

Motormania 66 Barrack Street, Colchester 01206 799 174

Motormania of Chelmsford 257 Baddow Road, Chelmsford 01245 262 120

Motorways Auto Spares 4 & 5 Royal Parade, Church St, Dagenham 02085 920 294

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

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Motormania Austin House, Newland Street, Witham 01376 501 515

Motorshop 208 Ashington Road, Rochford 01702 547 501

Obsessive Compulsive Detailing 19 Valen Close, Colchester 01206 853 160

Rayleigh Auto Centre 99 London Road, Rayleigh 01268 786 760

Rudie Mods 5 Blackhall Ind Est, Hamberts Road 01245 321 750

Sovereign Discount Spares 74 Brentwood Road, Romford 01708 722 082

Sovereign Discount 182 Hilldene Avenue, Harold Hill 01708 371 392

Sovereign Discount 56 Whalebone Lane South, Dagenham 02085 937 850

Shoebury Motor Components 99 Ness Road, Shoeburyness 01702 293 036

Shotgate Motor Parts 328 Southend Road, Wickford 01268 733 332

WAG Bennett & Sons 101 New Road, Rainham 01708 555 356

Wilco Motorspares 115 Butt Road, Colchester 01206 764 474


A P D Cotswold 12 Ashcroft Road, Cirencester 01285 643 636

Carquip 4-6 Charlton Road, Keynsham, Bristol 01179 869 669

Car Components 27 Horse Street, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol 01454 313 136

Euro Car Parts Unit 7, Abbeywood Park, Emma Chris Way, Bristol 01179 792 001

Karparts 24 Westward Road, Cainscross, Stroud 01453 758 282

Kingswood Autoparts 2-6 Regent Street, Kingswood, Bristol 01179 671 444

Motaman 94 - 96 Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Bristol 01179 666 142

Motoman 2-4 Badminton Road, Downend, Bristol 01179 575 038

Motoman Units 3 & 4 Cabot Court, Gloucestor Rd Nth, Bristol 01179 792 306

Motaman 2-4 Fairfax Street, Broadmead, Bristol 01179 262 823

Motoman 111-115 St. Georges Rd, College Green, Bristol 01179 264 613

Patchway AutoParts 1 Coniston Road, Patchway, Bristol 01179 693 257

Portishead Motorcare 4 The Precinet, High Street, Portishead 01275 848 838

Smiths Auto Services 256 Church Road, St George, Bristol 01179 551 354

The Motorwell The Shopping Ctr, 15 Flaxpits Ln, Bristole 01454 775 953


Abbeycross Motor Factors 194 Eleanor Cross Road, Waltham Cross 01992 712 079

Alton Motor Parts 7-8 Riverside, Omega Park, Alton 01420 543 702

Advance Motor Supplies 35 Belmont House, Mulfords Hill, Tadley 01189 813 563

Banshee Motorsport Unit 8 Kenyons Yard, 80a Weyhill Road, Andover 01264 333 366

Camberley Auto Factors Thornycroft Ind Est, 152 Worting Rd, Basingstoke 01252 518 222

Direct Tool Company Castle Hill Farm, Flexford Road, Southampton 02380 251 100

Edge Performance Unit 2, Rotunda Industrial Estate, Aldershot 01252 331 888

Euro Car Parts Unit 4, Fairfax Ind Est, Eastern Road, Aldershot 01252 331 448

Euro Car Parts Unit 2 & 5 Trinity Ind Est, Southampton 02380 783 855

Holbury Car Radio 79 Long Lane, Holbury, Southampton 02380 243 093

Leebra Supply Unit 8 Brambles Ent Ctr, Waterberry Dr, Waterlooville 02392 233 829

Motorvation 182 Victoria Road, Aldershot 01252 317 133

Moto Rapido Desmo House, Winnall Valley Road, Winnall 01962 877 998

Motorists Discount Centres 3 Fairview Parade, Beaulieu Road, Hythe 02380 842 164

Race Dynamics 83 High Street, Andover 01264 338 511

The Motorists Centre 79-81 Old Milton Road, New Milton 01425 612 943

The Spares People Unit 2, Hawley Ln Trad Est, Hawley Ln, Farnborough 01252 518 222

Williamsons Ind Supplies Unit 19 Oakwood Centre, Downey Road, Havant 02392 471 508


Abbeycross Motor Factors 194 Eleanor Cross Road, Waltham Cross 01992 712 079

Apsley Motor Spares 18-20 London Road, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead 01442 253 753

Auto Cross 36 Stanstead Road, Hoddesdon 01922 462 048

Auto Parts 2 Bridlington Road, South Oxhey, Watford 02084 213 808

Car Spares Delamare Road, Cheshunt 01992 639 844

Euro Car Parts 7 Heron Bus Pk, Eastman way, Hemel Hempstead 01442 221 122

Euro Car Parts Unit 9B The Imperial Ctr, Imperial Way, Watford 01923 237 863

Euro Car Parts Unit D Gunnellswood Pk, Stevenages 01483 739 900

Euro Car Parts Unit D Nicholson Court, Geddings Rd, Hoddesdon 01992 474 545

Motorway Belts & Components 106 Longlands, Hemel Hempstead 01442 244 831

Midnight Motors 119A St Albans Road, Watford 01923 255 007

Milehams Discount Car Care 133 Southdown Road, Harpenden 01582 765 678

Motafax Ltd 311 High Street, Berkhamsted 01442 875 875

R-Tec Auto Design Lyon Way, Hatfield Road, St. Albans 01727 790 100

Scuff ‘n’ Chips 157 Newland Gardens, Hertford 0800 731 3669

Underground Automotive 152A London Road, St Albans 01727 834 196


1st Gear Car Parts 51 - 53 Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe 01724 874 111

Motorcount Unit6/7 Pool Court, Pasture Road, Goole 01405 766 656

Motorcount Unit 1, Theakstons Arcade, Middle St Sth, Driffield 01377 240 606

Motorcount 226 Grovehill Road, Beverley 01482 860 969

Motorcount 10 Manor Street, Bridlington 01262 677 870

Titan MPA 6 Central Business Park, Cornwall Steet 01482 609 020

Wilco Motosave Boothferry Road, Goole 01405 765 000

Wilco Motosave 2 Snowdonia Ave, Skippindale Ind Est, Scunthorpe 01724 289 089


Auto Useful 20 High Street, Wingham, Canterbury 01227 728 599

Autobase Kent 42 Cheriton High St , Cheriton, Folkestone 01303 276 959

Autobase 2 North Barrack Rd, Deal 01304 374 444

Big M Motorspares 1 The Parade, Meopham 01474 814 852

Biggin Hill Motaquip 12 Rosehill Road, Biggin Hill, Westerham 01959 575 421

Chaucer Motor Factors 67-69 Sturry Road, Canterbury 01227 454 994

Cool Air Unit 6, Bilton Road, Eirth 01322 335 050

D & S Motorspares 20 Shirley Avenue, Davis Estate, Chatham 01634 867 009

Euro Car Parts Unit 6 Ashford Trade Ctr, Orbital Pk, Hall Ave, Ashford 01233 653 222

Euro Car Parts Unit 1 Marshwood Ind Est, Marshwood Cl, Canterbury 01227 825 800

In Car Mart Ltd 75 High Street, New Romney, Kent 0845 053 3405

Incarsolutions 71a Crayford Road, Crayford 01322 274 462

Lenco Motor Spares 44 St Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells 01892 546 811

Leo Motor Spares 169 Crayford Road 01322 525 431

Motorparts 20 London Road, Dunton Green 01732 455 225

Motique 37 Station Approach, Hayes 0208 462 3377

Olleys 151 Sevenoaks Way, St Pauls Cray 01689 898 881

Pit Stop 33 Kings Road, St Leonards 01424 201 937

Powertune Car and Bike 64 Croydon Road, West Wickham 02084 624 944

Queensway Autos 99 Queensway, Petts Wood 01689 821 382

Silverback Performance 116-120 Franklin Road, Gillingham 01634 855 800

Sumo Power Kleer House, Sheerness Docks, Sheerness 01795 668 899

SC Motor Factors 132 Upper Wickham Lane, Welling 02083 177 774

SC Motor Factors 54-56 Upper Stone Street, Maidstone 01622 766 410

Thanet Autostore 190 - 192 High Street, Margate 01843 228 200

The Ultimate Finish 1 Brands Hatch Park, Brands Hatch, Fawkham 0845 838 1200


AFL Autofactors Leyland Lane, Leyland, Preston 01772 452 904

Alan Quine 253-255 Parr Lane, Unsworth, Bury 01617 965 797

Andrew Curran 1 Anchorsholme Ln East, Blackpool 01253 867 411

Astley Motor Services 47 Warrington Road, Leigh 01942 261 297

Autopoint Carparts & Accessories 11 Langcliffe Road, Preston, Lancashire 01772 468 492

Carlines Motor Spares 194-196 Blackburn Road, Bolton 01204 531 110

Carlines Motor Spares 11 Albert Street , Hindley 01942 523 055

C L P Clitheroe Unit 1 & 2 Highfield Road, Clitheroe 01200 425 938

Carcraft Motorstore 2 Entwisle Road, Rochdale 01706 647 585

Cruzin Auto Styling 3 Jennings Park Avenue, Abram, Wigan 07980 568 329

Car Care Supply 173 Every Street, Nelson 01282 698 893

Doggegg Unit 9 Three Point Bus Pk, Charles Ln, Haslingdon 08458 382 827

Euro Car Parts Unit 7, 104 Freemans Common Avenue, Leicester 0116 204 5780

G & B Accessories 39 Sandy Lane, Skelmersdale 01695 721 694

GL Motor Factors GL House, Lever Street, Bolton 01204 382 555

General Traffic Rutland Mill, Adelaide Street, Bolton 01204 855 407

Heywood Accessories & Spares Taylor Street, Heywood 01706 365 168

M&M Accessories Duckworth St, Darwen 01254 778 250

Multi Auto Parts Bank Top Mill, Curzon Street, Burnley 01282 412 956

Motor Carlines of Bolton Head Office 194-196 Blackburn Road, Bolton 01204 531 110

Motocare 35 Bond Street, South Shore, Blackpool 01253 347 663

Motocare 102 Red bank Road, Bispham, Blackpool 01253 352 072

Shine on Auto Care 3 Holt Street, Orrell, Wigan 01942 737 254

Streettech Motor Accessories 40-50 Ullswater Road, Lancaster 01524 844 077

The Polishing Booth Unit 9 Traceys Ind.Est. Wigan Road, Leyland 01772 459 773

Top Gear Old Conservative Club Union Rd, Blackburn 01254 389 911

Top Gear 17 Harding Steet, Rose Grove, Burnley 01282 434 343

Top Gear Albert Rd, Primet Hill, Colne 01282 871 249

W.E Sturgess & Sons Aylestone Road, Leicester, Leicestershire 0116 254 1717


Cartronics 312 - 314 Green Lane Road, Leicester 01162 763 716

Car User 107 Westfield Road, Hinckley 02476 350 0015

Cougar Store 3 Plymouth Drive, Evington, Leicester 07903 930 151

Graham Goode Motors Lutterworth Road, Aylestone, Leicester 01162 839 457

Leicester Auto Parts Jubilee House, East Park Road, Leicester 01162 461 000

Scooby World unit 3a Gables Farm Ind Est, Bars Hill, Costock 01509 853 502

Ultimate Velocity 466 Melton Road, Leicester 01162 662 822


Auto Mate Upgate, Louth 01507 603 482

Allwoods Automotive 221 Newark Rd, Lincoln 01522 884 400

Car Care 32 High Street, Skegness 01754 767 263

Carrot Cycles Drakes Holdings, Ferry Road, Fiskerton 01522 595 975

FST Automotive Davidson House, East Common Lane, Scunthorpe 07826 543 432

Godfrey Autoparts Convamore Road, Grimsby 01472 355 444

Godfrey Autoparts Warren Road, Scunthorpe 01724 844 835

Huttoft Servise Station Mumby Road, Huttoft, Alford 01507 490 283

Laurels Service Station Spilsby Road, Horncastle 01507 522 533

Motashop 35 Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, Grimsby 01472 354 834

Sneck Speed Motor Cycles Unit 3 Abigate Bus Pk, Boston Rd, Horncastle 01507 524 660

Wilco Motosave 272 - 274 Wragby Road, Lincoln 01522 541 500

Wilco Motosave 2 Southolme, Gainsborough 01427 811 113

Wilco Motosave Newark Road, Bracebridge, Lincoln 01522 522 248


A + A Autos 173 Boston Road, Hanwell London 020 8567 8948

Abbeywood Motor Spares 99 Abbeywood Road, Abbeywood, London 020 8310 8761

ABM Motor Factors 235-255 Bromley Road, Catford, London 020 8697 7098

ABM Motor Factors 65 Plumstead High Street, London 020 8316 0400

Auto Power 355 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London 020 8882 2206

Auto Safari 22 Green Lane, Thornton Heath, Croydon, London 020 8155 8448

Auto Store 755 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill, London 020 8360 3622

Bespoke Division 53 Wallingford Road, Uxbridge 01895 251 786

Big M Motorspares 365 Lordship Lane, Dulwich, London 020 8299 1521

Champion Motor Spares 122-124 Portland Road, South Norwood, London 020 8654 6447

Croydon Motor Spares 226 London Road, West Croydon, London 020 8681 1125

Euro Car Parts Unit 1 & 2 Roding Lane South, Woodford Green 020 8709 7979

Euro Car Parts Unit 12 Bellington Trad Est, Franthorne Way, Bellingham 020 8697 8805

Euro Car Parts Unit 2 Edmonton Trade Park, Advent Way 020 8956 5000

FuelZone 9 Streatham High Street, Streatham, London 020 8696 0696

Grove Brake and Clutch 158 Northfield Avenue, Ealing 020 8579 4546

International Coating Systems 1004 Havron Road, London 020 8964 3338

K1 Motor Spares 227 Well Street, Hackney, London 020 8985 0264

Lively Motorparts 957 Fulham Road, London 020 7736 4763

Latchmere Motor Spares 93-97 Latchmere Road, Battersea, London 020 7228 3907

Marble Arch Auto Accessories 26 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd Bush, London 020 8743 3369

Mini HAHA 145 St John Street, London 08713 109 041

Moshi Auto Spares 459 Kingsbury Road, London 020 8206 1811

Poplar Motor Spares 247 Poplar High Street, Poplar, London 020 7987 7626

R G Seyers 3 Balham Street, Edmonton, London 020 8807 6270

Ranic Motor Spares 118 High Street South, Eastham, London 020 8472 998

Reads 66 Port Way, Stratford, London 020 8534 5055

Stockwell Motor Accessories 226-236 Clapham Road, London 020 7582 3666

Serious Performance 128 Waterfall Road, Southgate 020 8350 7257

illiant solutions

Sarita Autocentre 37 - 39 Craven Park Road, Harlesden 020 8965 4788

SC Motor Factors 65-75 Malham Road, Forest Hill, London 020 8314 4750

Shirley Motorspares 863 Wickham Road, Shirley, Croydon, London 020 8777 6861

Shivji’s Auto Spares 552 Harrow Rd, London 020 8960 5025

Superspares 45 Willesden Lane, London 020 7624 1092

Supreme Motor Spares 77a Station Road, West Croydon, London 020 8760 0355


Autocraze 410-414 Manchester Road East, Worsley 0161 799 9726

Awesome GTI Unit 1 Seimens Road, Northbank Bus Pk, Irlam 0161 776 0777

Denton Autocare 75 Stockport Road, Denton 0161 320 5403

Euro Carparts 4th Avenue, The Village, Trafford Park 0161 877 8880

HA Boyes Factors 66 Mauldeth Road West, Withington 0161 434 1008

TMS Autoparts 272 Oldham Road, Failsworth 0161 681 6827


Ashford Motor Spares 1 Firtree Place, Ashford 01784 254 544

Camberley Auto Factors 7 – 9, Kingston Road, Staines 01784 459 071

Car Audio & Security Unit 6a Bilton Way, Hayes 08707 551122

Car Spares 779 Hertford Road, Freezywater, Enfield 01992 764 060

Euro Car Parts Unit 3, Elystan Bus Ctr, Springfield Rd, Hayes 02088 675 400

Euro Car Parts Euro House, Fulton Road, Wembley 02089 565 003

J & A Motors 58 Greenford Road, Greenford 02085 784 190

Royston Motors 478 Lady Margaret Road, Southall 02085 751 115

THI Motor Spares 204 Stanley Road, Teddington 02089 770 352

Top Tune 4 Thurlestone Parade, High Street, Shepperton 01932 227 510


1st Call Car Parts Bessemer Way, Gt Yarmouth 01493 661 122

Automotive Parts Dist 3 Sper Road, Norwich 01603 486 020

Complete Car Solutions Unit 52 Maurice Gaymer Ind Est, Attleborough 01953 457 591

Euro Car Parts 32b Wensum Point, Whiffler Rd Ind Est, Norwich 01603 481 717

G Unit Automotive Unit 3 Norwich Road Ind Est, Norwich Rd, Watton 01953 885 656

Hugh Crane Cleaning Equip South Walsham Road, Acle, Norwich 01493 750 072

Norfolk Car Audio 128 Dereham Road, Norwich 01603 620 460

Stratton Discount Autoparts Chandler House, The Street, Long Stratton 01508 531 072

Space Marketing Ad & Des The Old Game Store, Cannister Hall, Toftree’s 01328 855 222

Spot-on-Trading 8 mill Court, Holt 01263 713 180

Wilco Motorspares 102 St Peters Street, Lowestoft 01502 589 971

Wilco Motorspares Salhouse Road, Norwich 01603 430 000

Wilco Motorspares 40-48 Dereham Road, Norwich 01603 660 474

Wilco Motorspares 165-167 Aylsham Road, Norwich 01603 409 224

Wilco Motorspares 52-57 St Nicholas Road, Gt Yarmouth 01493 853 640

Wilco Motorspares 2 Reepham Road, Norwich 01603 787 854

Wilco Motorspares 44 Lynn Road, Kings Lynn 01533 765 093

North Yorkshire

Atkin Motor Engineer Malton Road, Swinton, Malton 01653 693 610

Auto Discount 19/20 Regent Parade, Harrogate 01423 562 049

Bedale Motor Factors Tutin Road, Leeming Bar Ind Est, Northallerton 01677 424 662

Betta Motoring 4 Queen St, Scarborough 01723 376 245

Camerons Motor Stores Unit 3, 39 The Green, Acomb, York 01904 787 012

Leyburn Auto Discount Market Place, Leyburn 01969 622 977

Motoscope Performance Standard Way, Northallerton 01609 780 155

Motorcount 45 Brook Street, Selby 01757 703 378

Northern Energy Supplies New Park Garage, Ripon Road, Harrogate 01423 504 881

Wilco Motosave 2 Scarborough Road, Norton Malton 01653 693 330

Wilco Motosave Scott Road, Selby 01757 210 700

Wilco Motosave Malton Road, York 01904 431 951

W.Boyes & Co Ltd Havers Hill, Eastfield, Scarborough 01723 582 181


AutoWorld Unit 4, Bective Rd, Northampton 01604 468 500

AutoWorld 13 High Street, Daventry 01327 878 266

Calmac Tyres 85 St James Mill Road, St James Business Park 01604 757 538

G3i 2c Riley Close, Daventry 01327 709 666

Impact Glazing 14 Riley Close, Royal Oak Ind.Est, Daventry 01327 843 150

JamSport 22 Tweed Rd, Weedon Road Ind Est, Northampton 01604 755 529

McGanns 71 Harborough Road, Kingsthorpe, Northampton 01604 720 275

McGanns 7A Weston Favell Centre, Northampton 01604 412 651

The Drop Shop Unit 18 Ross Road Business Centre, Sixfields 01604 587 726

Wilco Motorspares 36 Rockingham Road , Kettering 01536 482 533

Wilco Motorspares 10-12 The Lamb, Corby 01536 202 288

Wilco Motorspares 8 High Street, Wellingborough 01933 271 563


A V Taylor Tyne Mills Industrial Estate, Hexham 01434 606 985

A V Taylor 28 Woodhorn Road, Ashington 01670 819 916

Envy Performance Branzenlight Building, Barrington Ind Est, Bedlington 01670 823 333

Gearbox Autoparts 3a Broadway Circle, Blyth 01670 367 473


Allwoods Automotive 512 Lincoln Road, Newark 01636 686 666

Allwoods Automotive 361 Carlton Hill, Nottingham 0115 910 1200

Autosave Motorist Discount 10 Musters Road, West Bridgford 0115 982 2904

Autosave Motorist Discount 8 Derby Road, Beeston 0115 925 9218

Euro Car Parts Unit 10, Castle Park, Queens Drive, Nottingham 0115 934 0680

Exec Spec Unit 1 Nottingham Road, Attenborough 0115 922 9252

Motapoint 27 Station Road, Langley Mill, Nottingham 01773 764 970

PMG Notts 26 Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe 01623 825 560

Road & Rally 140 Chesterfield Rd, Mansfield 01623 657 839

Road & Rally 50 Station Rd, Shirebrook, Mansfield 01623 748 894

Tallis Autostores Unit 3, The Balderton Shopping Ctr, Newark 01636 610 243

Wheels N Things 7 Rufford Avenue, New Ollerton 01623 860 366

Wilco Motosave 41 - 57 Westgate, Worksop 01909 489 969


Autoparts Thame 100 High Street, Thame 01844 213 416

Autolex Friday Street, Henley on Thames 01491 577 720

Interpart 19 High Street, Witney 01993 703 713

In 2 Motor Spares 65 St Johns Road, Abingdon 01235 524 343

Interpart Motor Factors 74 Lower Broadway, Didcot 01235 817 672

Motorists Discount Centres 14 Elms Parade, Botley, Oxford 01865 247 678

Motorists Discount Centres 93 - 99 Oxford Road , Cowley, Oxford 01865 778 721

Marston Autoparts 8 Cherwell Drive, Marston, Oxford 01865 769 911


Banbury Motor Accessories Unit 3 Queensway Shopping Ctr, Banbury, Oxon 01295 268 511

GT Services 94 21 Wick Close, Peachcroft, Abingdon, Oxon 01235 520 240

MRC Tuning Unit 5 Mead Park, Thorpe Way Ind Est, Banbury 01295 277 308

SkidMaster International Unit C, Cherwell Bus Village, Southern Rd, Banbury 01295 275 627


Carshop Pit Stop Victoria Road, Oswestry 01691 654 422

Innovation Bodyworx Unit C2 Castle Trad Est, Holyhead Road, Telford 01952 616 866

Livian Auto Heath Hill Roundabout, Dawley, Telford 01952 630 007

Midland Auto Factors Shrewsbury Road, Market Drayton 01630 654 555


AutoSave 1 Old Taunton Road, Bridgewater, Somerset 01278 426 468

Auto Bitz 24 Fore Street, Chard 01460 626 14

Avon & Wessex 31 First Ave, Midsomer Norton, Bath 01761 414 474

BHP 135 Coronation Avenue, Oldfield Park, Bath 01225 311 219

Julian Road Stores 2a Rivers Street Place, Bath 01225 423 233

Motorparts 209 Milton Road, Weston-Super-Mare 01934 621 645

Mill Autoquip Unit E Wylds Road Industrial Estate, Bridgewater 01278 433 355

P+S Motorsport 55 The Avenue, Minehead 01643 704 114

Servu 10 Market Street, Crewkerne 01460 761 91

Style & Image Direct 110, High Street 01458 440 011

South Yorkshire

Bullseye Motorist Centres Hunt Lane, Bentley, Doncaster 01302 789 922

DMA Doncaster 10 - 13 Holmes Market, Wheatley, Doncaster 01302 366 245

Euro Car Parts Unit 2 Burton Court, Penistone Road, Sheffield 0114 2340340

Hoyland Auto Spares 191 Hoyland Road, Hoyland Common, Barnsley 01226 744 239

Road & Rally 153 Chaucer Rd, Parsons Cross, Sheffield 01142 852 227

RR Leisureways UK Ltd Masborough Street, Rotherham 01709 834 127

Smart Valet Unit 4 Foundry Street, Parkgate, Rotherham 01709 522 552

Wilco Motosave Pontefract Road, Lundwood, Barnsley 01226 297 071

Wilco Motosave 161 Wilthorpe Road, Barnsley 01226 248 600

Wilco Motosave 306 Thorne Road, Doncaster 01302 323 325

Wilco Motosave Raikes Street, Swinton Road, Mexborough 01709 579 759


Autocare - Rentabox The Old Fire Station, Market Square, Stone 01785 819 449

Autobrite Direct Unit E2 Fenton Trade Park, off Dewsbury Road, Fenton 01782 723 824

A to Z Motor Factors Unit 9 The Island, Lichfield Rd, Stafford 01785 227 777

A to Z Motor Spares Unit 1 King Street, Fenton, Stoke-On-Trent 01782 593 400

A to Z Motor Spares 87-89 Waterloo Road, Burslem, Stoke-On-Trent 01782 833 300

Cargo Auto Accessories 7 Bradwell Lane, Porthill 01782 611 999

Euro Car Parts Unit 711 Centre 500, Newcastle-under-Lyme 01782 663 535

Holdcroft Nissan Leek Road, Hanley Road, Stoke On Trent 01782 204 268

Longton Motor Accessories Hot Hatch Corner, Stoke-On-Trent 01782 599 304

Megaspares Unit 1, Fallon Park, Tame Valley Ind Est, Tamworth 01827 280 232

Metal Finishing Supplies The Polishing Shop, 99a North Street Ind Est, Cannock 01543 505 771

Motor Components Sheep Fair, Rugeley 01889 586 278

Motor Components Holly Road, Uttoxeter 01889 562 446

Overclockers UK Unit 40 Imex Business Park, Fenton, Stoke-On-Trent 0870 443 0880

Performance Motorcare Post office Cottages, The Square, Elford 01827 383 339

PDS Audio Ltd Mason Street, Fenton, Stoke-On-Trent 01782 744 566

Paramount Performance 157 Walsall Road, Norton Canes, Cannock 01543 450 087

Partsworld Ltd Orbital Way, Cannock 01543 431 965

PSI Tuning Unit 5 Winpenny Rd, Newcastle Under Lyme 01782 563 703


Autozone 3 Wellington St, Newmarket 01440 712 591

Autozone 61 D High St, Haverhill 01638 668 530

Dalco Car Audio Centre 115 Whapload Road, Lowestoft 01502 512 338

Dirty Dubs 63 Eimers Lane, Kesgrave, Ipswich 07872 922 923

Euro Car Parts Unit 5, Quantum Bus Park, White Hse Rd, Ipswich 01473 243 566

Motorspares Unit 7, Greyfriars Rd, Bury St Edmunds 01284 768 331

Motorspares 13 High St, Mildenhall 01638 716 679

Motorspares 89/91 Ipswich St, Stowmarket 01449 613 606

Motorspares 2 Jubilee Walk, Haverhill 01440 707 041

Motorspares 117 Bures Rd, Great Cornard, Sudbury 01787 376 461

Motormania 544-550 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich 01473 270 004

Pitstop Auto Factors 3 High Street, Mildenhall 01638 510 511

Wilco Motorspares 445-449 Norwich Road, Ipswich 01473 747 613

Wilco Motorspares 31-38 Undercliff Road West, Felixstowe 01394 278 884

Wilco Motorspares Norwich Road, Watton, Ipswich 01953 992 902


2Modified 46 Windsor Road, Chobham, Woking 08707 668 322

Autoneeds Unit 10-11 Zurich House, 299-301 High St, Sutton 02086 427 727

A. H. Hobbs 65 Brighton Road, South Croydon 02086 885 326

Camberley Auto Factors Berrys Lane, Chertsey Road, Byfleet 01932 353 222

Euro Car Parts Unit 1B, Quadrum Pk, Old Portsmouth Rd, Guildford 01483 461 333

Grove Autoparts 372 Grove Road, Mitcham 02086 403 068

Langley Motor Spares 1 - 1A Oldfield Road, Sutton 02086 443 330

Ruxley Auto Centre 421 Kingston Road, Epsom 0208 393 0969

Simpsons 119 Rosebuck road, Chessington 0208 397 3311

Unity Motor Factors 24 High Road, Byfleet 01932 340 100

Unity Motor Factors 61 Terrace Road, Walton 01932 220 061

Unity Motor Factors Unit 10, Monument Way East, Woking 01483 730 026

XL Motorspares 280 Burlington Road, New Malden 02089 499 131

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696

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Yateley Motor Spares The Old Exchange, Reading Road, Yateley 01252 873 233


Euro Car Parts Menzies Rd, Ponswood Ind Est, St Leonards on Sea 01424 464 777

VKM Motor Accessories 22 Station Rd, Burgess Hill 01444 241 947

Tyne and Wear

A1 Motor Store Xtra Unit 1, 9-10 Station Road, Fulwell, Sunderland 0191 548 8609

A V Taylor 82 - 84 Shields Rd, Byker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 0191 265 0028

A V Taylor 12 - 13 Fairfield Terrace, Pelaw, Gateshead 0191 469 2300

A V Taylor 10 West Road, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 0191 273 2947

Carsmart 10 Garden Walk, Yellow Quadrant, Metro Centre 0191 460 3498

Discount Auto Parts 59 Nile Street, North Shields, Tyne and Wear 0191 257 8629

Euro Car Parts 4 Craster Court, First Ave, Earlsway, Gateshead 0191 497 8000

Gearbox Autoparts 61 - 63 Station Road, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 0191 266 9846

Revolution Revolution House, Clockmill Road, Gateshead 0191 477 0785

Tints ‘n’ Tweeks Unit 1 Lintonville Parkway, Ashington 01670 528 420


Bespoke Wheels Unit 2 , Block B, Harriott Drive, Heathecote Ind Est 01926 858 394

Car User- Kenilworth 5 Warwick House, Station Rd, Kenilworth 01926 852 494

Cleveland Sales 92 - 98 Newton Road, Bedworth 02476 312 622

Chopra Auto Spares 77-85 King Street, Bedworth 02476 319 028

Nyanza Car & Commercial 9 - 12 Colledge Road, Holbrooks, Coventry 02476 663 939

Pure Customs 198B Holbrook Lane, Holbrooks, Coventry 02477 679 907

Round Towers Spares Arbury Road, Stockingford, Nuneaton 01203 329 821

West Midlands

A-Z Autoparts Midlands 106-112 Emily Street, Highgate 0121 440 1223

BRM Ltd T/A ACE AutoParts 103 Radford Road, Radford, Coventry 02476 601 006

C & C Car Spares & Accessories 279 Rookery Road, Handsworth, Birmingham 0121 523 0618

Dorridge Auto Forrest Court, Dorridge, Solihul 01564 776 148

Edison Unit 2 Sunbeam Studios, Wolverhampton 01902 421 751

Euro Car Parts Unit 6, Redwood Bus Park, Smethwick, Warley 0121 555 0000

Frontline Tools 215 Brettell Lane, Amblecote, Stourbridge 01384 484 950

Hi Spec Auto’s 39a Birmingham New Road, Wolverhampton 01902 343 098

Kapasi Car Spares Unit 18-19 North Street Ind.Est, Brierley Hill 01384 267 520

Loverock Motor Parts Loverock House, Brettell Lane, Brierley Hill 01384 770 23

Puma Build Units 1 & 2 Henry Ctr, Great Barr, Birmingham 01213 562 638

RH Autoparts 157 Somerford Road, Weoley Castle, Birmingham 01214 773 434

Severndale Motor Factors Park Lane Ind. Est., Kidderminster 01562 743 314

Sutton MotorCycles 49 Boldhere Road, Sutton Coldfield 0121 354 6901

Thubnder Road 8 Baker Street, Sparkhill, Birmingham 0121 766 8111

Ultimate Audio 66 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove 01527 837 847

Wood craft Hardware 193 High Street, Lye, Stourbridge 01384 422 026

West Sussex

Camberley Auto Factors Unit 7 Woodruff Bus Ctr, Terminus Rd, Chichester 01243 780 072

Chequered Flag 11 Sea Lane, Rustingdon 01903 786 300

Euro Car Parts Unit 1B The Drive, 40-62 Gatwick Road, Crawley 01293 643 400

G-Werks Unit G, Five Stones, Toddington Ln, Littlehampton 01903 730 006

Strand Motor Spares 21 Strand Parade, The Boulevard, Goring-By-Sea 01903 525 522

SC Parts Group 14 Cobham Way, Gatwick Road, Crawley 01293 847 300

Storrington Car Parts 4 School Hill, Storrington 01903 745 533

West Yorkshire

Auto Cure Motorspares 203 Bradford Road, Dewsbury 01924 453 535

Autotint Design Unit 13, 113 Wellinston Road, Leeds 0113 289 1500

Auto Gear 21 Town Gate, Ossett 01924 265 265

Auto Silicone Hoses Unit 2 John Street, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury 0844 800 5199

A to Z Motor Spares 2 Dewsbury Road, Westgate 01924 369 000

Aspley Autoparts & Accessories Firth Street, Aspley, Huddersfield 01484 424 821

Auto Spares Kippax Roger Fold, Off High Street, Kippax, Leeds 01132 862 793

BFC Motor Spares 471 - 475 Wakefield Road, Frosthill, Liversegde 01924 409 232

Bargain Motor Factors 109 Roundhay Road, Leeds 0113 248 7214

Beeston Motor Factors 273-275 Dewsbury Road, Beeston, Leeds 01132 765 100

Godfrey Autoparts 46-58 Dewsbury Road, Wakefield 01924 200 206

Larkspeed-Leeds Crossgates Shopping Centre, Crossgates, Leeds 0113 264 3231

L K Performance Centre 34 Bradford Road, Cleckheaton, Bradford 01274 878 321

Low Kost Motor Spares 424-428 Bradford Road, Batley 01924 470 930

Maxwize Motor Factors 443 Otley Road, Bradford 01274 839 999

Morley Motor Spares 19/21 Queen Street, Morley, Leeds 01132 528 444

Revs A1 MotorStore 325 Roundhay Road, Leeds 0113 249 2701

R U Motoring 56 Barlayhill Road, Garforth, Leeds 01132 874 444

Savile Motor Company 15 Thornfield, Dewsbury 07825 414 755

Wilco Motosave Forester Court, Hunslet Road, Leeds 01132 771 221

Wilco Motosave Bradford Road, Huddersfield 01484 452 552

Wilco Motosave Weeland Road, Knottingley 01977 672 388

Wilco Motosave Roseville Road, Leeds 01132 499 499

Wilco Motosave Unit 7 Alston Retail Park, Bradford Road, Keighley 01535 601 000

Wilco Motosave Unit 1, 320 Allerton Road, Allerton, Bradford 01274 497 070

Wilco Motosave Bruntcliffe Road, Morley, Leeds 01132 529 495

Wilco Motosave Unit 3, 3 Tong Street, Bradford 01274 680 077

Wilco Motosave 487 Stanningley Road, Bramley, Leeds 01132 362 361

Wilco Motosave Willow Bridge Lane, Whitwood, Castleford 01977 550 101

Wilco Motosave 851 Bradford Road, Birstall 01924 422 533

Wilding’s Autocentre 586/588 Leeds Road, Outwood, Wakefield 01924 822 660


Acceler8 Unit A Hilliers Yard, Marlborough 01672 513 414

Absolute Audio Unit 10 Millsway Ctr, Amesbury, Sailsury 01980 624 740

Autocare Amesbury 9 Flower Lane, Amesbury, Salisbury 01980 622 882

CV Spares 8 Lynton Road, Cheney Manor Ind Est, Swindon 01793 532 891

J Kellow Auto Repairs Unit 1 Hill View Farm, Sells Green, Melksham 07863 568 703

Motorsave 124, High Street, Wootton Bassett 01793 854 359

Motor Save Unit 3 Wood Street, Calve 01793 854 359

Motorists Discount Centres 94 Broad Street, Swindon 01793 523 326

Melksham Motor Spares 7 Chequers Corner, Melksham 01225 790 123

Motobitz 25-27 Brown Street, Salisbury 01722 328 601

Motorsave Unit 6, West Swindon Centre, Swindon 01793 870 017

Prospect Autospares Unit 7, Prospect Place, Trowbridge 01225 769 656

Swindon Autoparts 3-5 Lagos Street, Swindon 01793 692 957


EuroChem Unit 1 Sixways Trad Est, Barnards Green, Malvern 01684 893 233

Perfectly Cleaned Abberley House, 18 Tamarisk Close, Claines 01905 756 436



Autoparts of Inverurie Harlaw Road, Inverurie 01467 624 429

Autocare 5 Schoolhill, Turriff 01888 563 306

Autosave Components Broadfold Road, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen 01223 823 826

Autosave Components 18 North Esplande West, Aberdeen 01224 595 533

Autosave Components 7 Summerhill Court, Aberdeen 01224 323 541

Checkpoint 313 George Street, Aberdeen 01224 640 682

JRD Equipment Broomiesburn Road, Balmacassie Ind Est, Ellon 01358 720 294

Motor Parts 7 Barraga te Road, Fraserburgh 01346 510 921

Polished Bliss Unit 7 Craigearn Bus Pk, Morrison Way, Kintore 0845 454 0017

Premier Motor Factors 33 b New Sneddon Street, Paisley 01224 682 872

Tune Tec Brooms of Park, Cornhill 01466 701 267


Components 119 Clepington Rd., Dundee 01382 458 666

Prestine Polish Unit 1& 4 Brechin Business Centre, Brechin 01356 629 166


Auto One 64a Ayr Rd, Irvine 01294 313 158

Ayshire Motor Factors 48 Glasgow St., Ardrossan 01294 603 565

Autogear 26a Dean Street, Kilmarmock 01563 528 808

Motorspeed 35 Burns Statue Square 01292 610 773

Mr Auto’s Valet Centre & Pit Stop Unit 88E Montgomery Street, Irvine 01294 274 737


Stuart McIntyre & Stuart Church Street, Alloa 01295 216 586


DA Autoparts St. Marys Industrial Estate 01387 269 546

Steering Rack Services 29-30 Stewartfield 01315 545 559


Steering Rack Services 29-30 Stewartfield 01315 545 559

Seafield Coachworks 1 Seafield Place 01315 542 583


Autosave Car Parts & Accessories 234/242 Kirkcaldy indoor market, High St, Kirkcaldy 01592 590 090

Cruise Motorsport Unit 1 Southerton Bus Pk, Kirkcaldy 01592 659 191

Essport Accessories Miller Road, Baldridgeburn, Dunfermline 01383 735 641

Johnston Auto Care 37 Kinghorn Road, Kirkcaldy 01592 563 390

Ultimate Shine 24 High Street, Markinch 07951 938 177


Andrew Watt Riverford Road, Pollokshaws 0141 636 5322

Auto Cruisers 186-192 Gallowgate 0141 552 7212

Autoparts Maxwelton Avenue, East Kilbride 01355 248 079

Autokits A1 Motor Store 30 Busby Road, Clarkston 0141 638 6027

Allscot Distributions Unit 2 Southpoint, Dixon Blazes Ind Est 0141 429 2424

Clydeside Motor Factors 2475 Dumbarton Road, Yoker 0141 952 9999

Drivers 113 St. George Rd. Charing Cross 0141 332 5800

Dunlop’s Auto Shop 1250 Shettleston Road 0141 778 7817

Dunlop Motor Factors 14 Possil Road 0141 333 1343

Euro Car Parts Unit 9, The Point, Saracen Street, Hamilton Hill 0141 331 0332

Enigma Bodytech 600 - 602 Eglinton Street 0141 420 2020

House Of Sher 201 - 211 Wallace Street 0141 429 8123

IDL Carspares 78-80 Main Street, Alexandra, Dunbartonshire 01389 751 892

Overdrive 150 Main Street, Ballieston 0141 773 2966

P.F. Autoaccessories 4 Ettrick Walk, Town Centre 01236 738 458

Pitstop Accessories 37 Eastside, Kirkintilloch 0141 775 1111

Rattray Motor Spares 12 Cornwall Street 0141 427 6517

Speed & Custom 54 Main Street, Milngavie 0141 956 5422

Speed & Custom Glasgow 1292 Paisley Road West 0141 883 1975

Wheels Nuts 4a Catherine Street 0141 776 3434


Autoparts of Thurso 19b Neil Gunn Drv, Ormlie Ind Est, Caithness 01847 892 916

Gordon Motors Miller Lane, Wick, Caithness 01955 604 240


Autosave Components 35H Harbour Road, Inverness 01463 713 646

B & H Autospares Units 2 - 7 Claggan Industrial Estate, Fort William 01397 705 683


Mirror Finish Midview, Midtown of Barras, Stonehaven 01569 750 862


Andrew Watt Ltd. 424 Main Street, Wishaw 01698 361 557

Autoparts Argyle Crescent, Hill House Ind Est, Hamilton 01698 281 100

Autoparts 27 Union Street, Larkhall 01698 888 995

Autoparts Chapel Hall Industrial Estate, Airdrie 01236 626 262

Cooper Bros Overtown Road, Newmains, Wishaw 01698 385 477

Motoparts 88 Windmill Street, Motherwell 01698 262 229

Overdrive 38 Alexander Street, Airdrie 01236 753 796

Overdrive 33 Coatbank Street, Coatbridge 01236 428 271


Autosave Components Unit 8-9, Tyock Industrial Estate, Elgin 01343 555 100

Motivation Scotland 25a West Church Street, Buckie 01542 833 345


Bikez ‘n’ Quads Unit 1, 14 Dunkeld Road, Perth 01738 643 333

illiant solutions

meguiars.co.uk 0870 241 6696 serious car care for



Auto Cruisers 7 Jamaca Street, Greenock 01475 724 000

B & H Autospares 5 MacGregor Court, Oban, Argyll 01631 564 608


Goodtread Tyre Co 38 - 40 High Street, Alness 01349 882 206


Carparts 4U Sprouston Rd, Kelso 01573 226 789

Carparts 4U Rosebank Mill, Union Street, Galashiels 01896 750 753

South Lanarkshire

On Board Training 6 Margrets Place, Larkhall 08700 117090


Fergusons of Stirling Unit 3, 1 Cunningham Road, Springkerse 01786 450 222

Ian Grieve 95 Glasgow Road, Camelon, Falkirk 01324 605 100

Motac Auto Centre 63, Glasgow Rd., Stirling 01786 479 066

Unique Automotive Unit 1 The Old School, Kilsyth Road, Bonnybridge 01324 840 800

West Lothian

Livingston Autoparts Units 5 - 7 Knightsbridg, Livingston 01506 433 909

R.S. Autobits 185 High Street, Linlithgow 01506 671 200


DA Autoparts Ltd. Black Parks Ind Est, Stranraer 01776 700 444



W H Williams & Sons Brynglas Garage, Bryanwran, Holyhead, Gwynedd 01407 720 281


G & R Anthony New House Garage, Llangynin, Camarthen 01994 230 041

Unique Audio & Styling Unit 1The Foothold, Llanelli 01554 755 749


Euro Car Parts Unit 5, Regent Trd Pk, Galdames Place, Cardiff 02920 895 151


A55 Valeting Group Linor, Gele Avenue, Abergele 01745 823 111


Demon Tweeks 75 Ash Rd South, Wrexham Ind Est, Clwyd 01978 664 466

Prestatyn Motorist Shop 137 High Street, Prestatyn 01745 889 719

Wrexham Motoring Supplies 74-82 Smithfield Road, Wrexham, Clwyd 01978 351 019

WM Rollings 49 Brook Street, Wrexham, Clwyd 01978 364 956


Carshop Pit Stop Coed Nawr Hall, Mostyn Road, Greenfield 01352 716 255

Fire Protect Ltd T/A Car Spa Factory Road, Sandycroft, Deeside 01244 536 595


Car Cleaning / Detailing Service The Nest, Llanaber, Barmouth 01341 280 637


Fast Parts Darren Dr, Prince of Wales Ind Est, Gwent 01495 246 511

Mon & Border Motor Factors Autopid, Llantarnam Rd, Cwmbran, Gwent 01633 866 366

Read Racing Unit 318 Springville Ind Est, Cwmbran, Gwent 01633 877 228

South Wales Motor Factors Corner of Lower Dock St & Granville St, Gwent 01633 259 781


Bumper to Bumper Commercial hse, Carmarthen Road, Kilgetty 01834 811 108

Central Motor Parts 93 Queen Street, Pembroke Dock 01646 683 965


Marks Auto Accessories Clive Buildings, Church Street, Welshpool, Powys 01938 554 718

Available in all superstores

Mid Glamorgan

Bridgend Motor Factors Tremains Road, Bridgend 01656 642 900

Detail UK Unit 15 Withey Court, Westerrn Ind Est, Caerphilly 02920 868 370

Phoenix Motor Factors Fishguard House, Picton Street, Maesteg 01656 739 239

Road Runner Motorparts Main Rd, Church Village, Pontypridd 01443 201 616

SparesWorld 11 Brook St, Williamstown, Rhonda 01443 423 224

SparesWorld 4 Freeschool Court, Bridgend 01656 767 684

SparesWorld 26 High Street, Treorchy, Rhondda 01443 773 277

SparesWorld Unit 11, Merthyr Ind Pk, Pentrebach, Methyr Tydfil 01443 692 040

SparesWorld New Cardiff Road, Cwmbach, Aberdare 01685 876 106

SparesWorld New Road, Tir Yr Berth, Hengoed 01443 834 729

South Glamorgan

Dave Edwards Autospares Unit A3 Westpoint Ind Est, Penarth Road, Cardiff 02920 710 710

Dave Edwards Autospares 129 Caerphilly Rd, Birchgrove, Cardiff 02920 628 686

Glossmax 5 Coopers Way, Rhondda Cynoin Taff 01443 225 961

LDS Motor Factors LDS House, Cardiff Road, Barry 01446 736 010

Osaka Auto Design 826 Newport Road, Cardiff 02920 793 999

Pearsons Garage The Garage, Salop St, Penarth 02920 709 398

Trident Motorsport 22C Lewis Street, Aberaman, Abadare 01685 873 597

West Glamorgan

Nielsen Convenience Dist Unit 32 Lonlas Village Workshops, Neath 01792 812 247

R J Autos 10 High Street, Gorseinon, Swansea 01792 897 758

SparesWorld 2 The Square, Llandeilo, Cross Hands, Dyfed 01269 832 223

SparesWorld Unit 3 The Imperial Ctr, Swansea 01443 423 224

Total Car Cosmetics Clydach Indoor Market, Clydach, Swansea 07767 603 545



Creightons Autostore 87-89 Upper Lisurn Rd 028 9062 3923

Dr Detail 18 Loopland Rd 028 9020 2881

Euro Car Parts Unit 8 Adelaide Bus Pk, Boucher Rd 028 9068 9700

Co Antrim

Autoparts Direct 575 Falls Road 028 9030 9060

Antrim Autoparts Unit 23 Antrim Bus Pk, 25 Randalstown Rd 028 9446 9447

Carnoisseur 65-71 Queen Street, Ballymena 028 2563 1525

DJF Graphics Unit 46 Cromkill Rd, Ballymena 028 2564 4333

East Antrim Motor Factors Unit 1a Oakland Pk, Carrickfergus 028 9335 1528

Ellis Autoparts Unit 10 Port of Larne Bus Pk, Larne 028 2827 6867

Ellis Autoparts 6b Woodburn Rd, Carrickfergus 028 9336 0123

MAC Autoparts 22 Hillview Road 028 9074 7333

Polished Pursuits 11 Forthaven, Ballyrobert, Ballyclare 028 9334 4905

Pro Car Unit 9 Edgar Ind Est, 14 Comber Road, CarryDuff 028 9081 7181

RCS 1-2 McKeown Street, Lisburn 028 9267 6996

Vagen 75 Burnside Road, Doagh, Ballyclare 028 9334 2290

Co Armagh

Auto Bits 27 Cathedral Road, Armagh 028 3752 6088

A.C. Components Unit 5 127 Mahon Road, Portadown 028 3835 2500

J+G Motor Factors 62 - 64 North Street, Lurgan, Craigavon 028 3834 4378

Prestige Auto Parts 70 Hamiltonsbawn Road 028 3752 7719

Trade Tools 7a Flush Retail Park, Lurgan 028 3832 1155

Truckers 4 Glenanne Road, Loughgilly 028 3750 7881

Co Down

utospares of Comber 33 Mill St, Comber 028 9187 1199

Autopart Stores Unit 8 Ards Shopping Ctr, Newtownards 028 9181 9430

Mourne Auto Spares 86 Dundrum Rd, Newcastle 028 4372 4240

Motorspares 28 Balloo Drive, Bangor 028 9146 0004

One Stop Auto Shop 52a Newry Rd, Warrenpoint 028 4175 3312

Street Racer 21H Enterprise Road, Bangor 028 9127 4111

Warden Brothers 43-45 High St, Newtownards 028 9181 2147

Co Fermanagh

Breens Car Care Church St, Enniskillen 028 6632 4450

B N Performance Unit 6 Mill St, Irvinestown 028 6862 1888

Reflection Perfection 31 Ballyreagh Rd, Tempo, Enniskillen 028 8954 1452

The Autopart Centre 19 Mill St, Irvinestone 028 6862 1663

Co Londonderry

A F Components Unit 13a Lenamore Bus Park 02871 358 881

Car and Home Supplies 8-10 Queen St, Coleraine 028 7034 2354

C E Motor Factors 65 Catherine St, Limavady 028 7772 2868

NB Autoparts 7 Pates Ln, Coleraine, Co. Londonderry 028 9335 1528

Norris Brothers 52 Tirbracken Rd, Drumahoe, Co. Londonderry 028 9335 1528

Sam Conley Motor Cycles 84 Duke St, Londonderry 028 7131 1339

Tyre & Motor Spares 103 Mayogall Rd, Magherafelt 028 7964 2836

Co Tyrone

Carnoisseur Unit 7 53 Main St, Coal Island 028 8774 8582

Carisma 54 Moore St, Aughnacloy 028 8555 6855

Caldwell Motor Factors 14a Dromore Rd, Retail Pk, Omagh 028 8224 2731

Europarts Motor Factors 2 Washingford Row, Dungannon 028 8772 6555

Motorparts 9 Derry Road, Strabane 028 7188 5050

M L Autoparts 67 Gortin Road, Omagh 028 8224 5222

R T Auto Parts Morgans Hill Rd, Cookstown 028 8676 6202

Super Gleam Carwash 42 Dungannon Rd, Cookstown 028 8675 7355

Valloy Autoparts Units 1-2 Edfield Way, Five Miletown 028 8952 1499



Harrison Automotive Unit 4 Les Monmains Bus Pk, Vale, Guernsey 01481 240 770

Isle of Lewis

Autoparts Stornoway 3-5 Bells Road, Stornoway 01851 706 939

Isle of Man

DMS Autocare Demserve Rd, Douglas 01624 625 553

Ray Motors Parliament Sq, Ramsey 01624 813 000

Isle of Shetland

J Burgess Holmsgarth Road, Lerwick 01595 692 896

Isle Of Wight

Carnoisseur Unit 14b Lake Industrial Way, Newport Road 01983 403 111


Carnoisseur First Tower Car Centre, St Hellier 01534 630 939

Plates247.com Ordnance Yard, Calenonia Place, St Helier 01534 734 120


Orkney Factors Crowness Rd, Hatson Ind Est, Kirkwall 01856 873 377

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