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Volume 117 No. 3 July 2009


The Boys’ Brigade

Patron: H.M. The Queen

President: Professor Sir Kenneth

Calman KCB

Brigade Secretary: Steve Dickinson

Headquarters: Felden Lodge,

Felden, Hemel Hempstead,

Hertfordshire HP3 0BL

Tel 01442 231681; Fax 01442 235391;



Our Object

The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom

among boys and the promotion of habits

of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline,

Self-Respect and all that tends

towards a true Christian Manliness.

The Gazette

The Gazette is the official publication

of The Boys’ Brigade. Official notices

to members appear under Brigade

Announcements. Opinions expressed

in any other articles are those of

the author of the article and do not

necessarily reflect Brigade policy.

It is the Tuesday after Firm Foundations. The weather was superb, so as I look out of

my office window the lawn shows little sign of the hundreds of journeys made over it

during the festival and it isn’t the quagmire of recent memory.

I know that there will be a fuller report elsewhere in the Gazette, but I wanted to share

something that happened to me. Following worship one evening I had the privilege of

praying with a number of young men who wanted to follow Jesus in their own lives. This

step was taken not just as a result of the words spoken that night, but because of the

faithful work and witness put in week by week over the years by their own leaders

that brought these young men to that point.

And it’s leaders that I want to encourage and thank. We may not see the fruit of our

labour and may question this, but I met a lot of leaders at the weekend who appreciated

that they were sowing seeds and FF was part of that journey and were thankful for

that. Others may reap what you have sown, but only because you have sown.

This travelling with Jesus was the subject of a sermon I heard in a small Scottish

congregation a few weeks ago; the journey that takes us out of our comfort and the

familiar, but has a constant companion. How often do we sing, “And it’s from the old

I travel to the new, keep me travelling along with you,” but then retreat to the old where

we feel safe.

The young men who took that step on Sunday evening left the familiar and that takes

courage and we thank God for that. Boys’ Brigade has been the enabler for over 125

years for countless young people to embark on a journey of faith. Let us be grateful

for all that has been, but be open to God’s prompting for all that will be as we continue

that journey together.

Steve Dickinson

Design & Print

Christian Publishing & Outreach,

Garcia Estate, Canterbury Road,

Worthing BN13 1BW;

Telephone: 01903 264 556;


Editorial Team

Mary Care, Steve Dickinson, Chris

Norman, Jan Williamson

Submission of copy

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publication in the next issue of BB

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Editor at Brigade Headquarters to

arrive by 1st August 2009.

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Chris Norman: Tel 01442 288 552;

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Diary Dates


25 July – 1 Aug KGVI New Entrants’ Course

1 – 8 Aug KGVI Second Year Course

(by invitation only)

3 – 4 Oct North Scottish Area Conference –


Republic of Ireland

4 – 6 Sept Brigade Council

14 Sept Regional/Executive Meeting

16 Sept Midlands Region Leaders’ Meeting

16 Sept Safe from Harm Training

24 Sept East Region Leaders’ Meeting

28 Sept South East Region Leaders’ Meeting

30 Sept Northern Region Leaders’ Meeting


1 – 7 Aug KGVI New Entrants’ and

Second Year Courses

Northern Ireland

18-24 July KGVI – Years 1 and 2

11 Sep Queen’s Badge Celebration

16 Sep Brigade Training Officer

Refresher Course

18-20 Sep Expedition Assessment


27 Sep AB Officers’ Conference

3-4 Oct First Aid Course (Rec)

9-10 Oct JS Quiz - First Round

9-11 Oct Youth Leader Training

16-18 Oct Skills for Queen’s Badge

24 Oct JS Quiz - Final

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 74



Firm Foundations

Read about this year’s festival


EAG Conference

Exciting developments in the

North West


125 Activity Weekend

Sports weekend for young people

in Scotland



125 Tattoo

Brigade celebrates at Braehead


Recruitment Campaign

Be Creative 2009






Read more about this year’s



Easter Course

European gathering in Finland

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82..............National 125

91..............Band Championships

98..............Queen’s Badge

99..............Waltham Walk

102 .........Programme Survey

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July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 75

ff09 poster:Layout 1 17/08/2008 1

A Priceless


Firm Foundations 2009 was held over the

bank holiday weekend at the end of May at

Felden Lodge. Around 1000 people attended

the festival enjoying worship, teaching, music,

workshops, activities and lots more.


It was a wonderful weekend, with

a true sense of God at work in

many lives...

The theme for the event was Priceless:

this is how we know, based on 1 John 3,

and the worship sessions focused on

how priceless God’s love is and how

priceless we are to God.

For the first time, two different styles

of worship were on offer in two venues,

meaning there was something for

everyone. This also meant on the

Sunday evening a ‘girls’ and a ‘boys’

session could take place, addressing

issues relevant to each group.

Worship was led in V1 by C3 and in

V2 by Magnus with challenging and

entertaining speakers including

Mark Greenwood from the 40:3 Trust,

God TV presenter Emma Owen and

Simeon Whiting from Youth for Christ.

Entertainment highlights included

performances by Sounds of Salvation,

The Steels, Empire Nation, 77x and

On Off Switch.

Also on offer was FF’s Got Talent and

the very popular Club Ignite – and not

forgetting an action-packed programme

of seminars, sports and some sunbathing!

Check out uk

for pictures and more details of

the event.


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76 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

8:10 Page 1



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Don’t miss out on

Firm Foundations 2010...

Friday 28th May to Monday 31st May 2010

Although next year’s theme is still to be decided, you’ll be guaranteed

an action-packed weekend of worship, activities and performances

from well-known Christian artists.

So put the date in your diary now and look out for more

details later this year.

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 77

“ ...if people are not

won for Christ when

they are young, the

evidence points

that they may not

be won at all”

These were the questions

used in promotional

publicity which attracted

over 70 guests representing

around 40 churches and

denominations to the

Thistle Hotel Haydock

for the “Engage a Generation”

Conference hosted by The

Boys’ Brigade.

Guest speakers included Andy

Hawthorne of the Message Trust who

reminded us of why it is so important

to work with young people and Heather

Wraight who spoke of the trends within

Christian youthwork, the priorities and

the supportive elements of a national

organisation such as BB. The Rev Mark

Greenwood and Rev Trevor Beckett

spoke passionately about how BB had

helped them on their journey to faith

and the use they have made of BB in

their own ministry. Roshan Ramtohul a

young man from 19th Bradford was also

interviewed about his experience of BB,

why he has stayed with the Company

and how it has helped him.

In his message Andy gave three reasons

why it is vital to work with young people:

• Because that’s what Jesus did – he

invested in young people. Historical

evidence is that the apostles were

young men about the age of our

seniors and young leaders. Jesus

invested in them and worked his

plan through them

•Because around the World when

and where God is doing great things

young people are at the fore

•Because if people are not won for

Christ when they are young, the

evidence points that they may not

be won at all.

He also reminded us all that youth

work is hard work, that there will be

great highs and lows, but that there

is no greater privilege.

The conversations with guests were

very encouraging, but the work of

translating the interest into Companies

is the hard part and the prayers of the

Brigade are needed as this exciting

initiative continues.

The whole conference from its

preparations to its follow up is being

evaluated and lessons learned will

be shared and put in place before the

next one. We were really grateful to

the BB volunteers in the North West

for their supportive involvement in

targeting churches and look forward

to working in other areas across

the Brigade.

78 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

125 Activity



5 – 7 June 2009

Set on a wooded hillside behind

the Ayrshire town of Largs,

lies the sportscotland National

Centre, Inverclyde.

Over the first weekend in June this large

estate was bathed in glorious sunshine,

making the view over the Firth of Clyde

to the Isle of Cumbrae perfect, the peace

shattered only by 150 Company Section

boys and their leaders as BB Scotland

took over the site, for the culmination

of the national 125th Anniversary

celebrations in Scotland. Nothing could

spoil the idyllic setting – well apart from

the swarms of midgies and the heavy

downpour of rain, as the campers put

up their tents. These negatives were

soon forgotten however as everyone,

young and not so young alike, signed

up to take part in a number of coaching

sessions over the next couple of days.

The facilities at Inverclyde have been

developed for the top Scottish sports

people so for the two days the boys

and leaders were able to have a go,

coached by the same people and on the

same equipment used by their sporting

heroes. With 10 sessions available over

the weekend there was plenty of scope

for trying something new as well as

developing a sport already undertaken.

Budding Robin Hood fanatics had a go

at archery, whilst the golf buffs tried out

the Bob Torrance School of Golf, hitting

balls from the same tees as Padraig

Harrington will have done. Other indoor

sports on offer included, Badminton,

Fitness, Squash (not as easy as it looks

on the TV), Table Tennis, Trampolining

and Volleyball. Outside provided

opportunities to improve skills on the

Trim Trail, in Football, Hockey, Mountain

Biking, Orienteering and Tennis.

A group of around 20 hopped on the

ferry over to Cumbrae for a spot of sailing

and kayaking.

If throughout the day the participants

hadn’t had enough exercise,

everyone competed in a Highland

Games on the Saturday evening, a

great event providing a lot of fun

for all concerned, even when the

midgies tried to spoil it!

Friday and Saturday evenings provided

a wonderful worship experience, ably led

by Rev Steve Emery, Chaplain of the 1st

Ellon Company from Aberdeenshire, with

a band from the Bridge of Don area of

Aberdeen. The singing was tremendous

and the message quite uplifting, certainly

making us all leave with something to

think about.

The success of the weekend was

helped by a band of volunteers, who

ensured that the event ran smoothly and

grateful thanks is expressed to each and

every one of them. The real stars of the

weekend, however, were undoubtedly the

young folk taking part. There was a really

friendly atmosphere about the place, just

another example of the strong BB family.

Excellent reports were received from

the centre regarding the manner and

behaviour of those attending.

Did you miss out on the event?

If you did, or if you were there and

enjoyed it, then watch this space!

The centre at Inverclyde is available for

any Company who would like to use it

for a similar type activity weekend. Want

to know more? Check out the website at

“ The real stars of the

weekend however

were undoubtedly

the young folk...”

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 79


The forecast didn’t bode well – it was to be a wet weekend.

Everybody had been warned: “bring waterproofs – we’ll rehearse

outside regardless of the weather!”

Arriving at Braehead Arena

on Friday morning, I was

struck by the sheer size of

the space. – it seemed even bigger

than it had when we first viewed it

from above. Already, it was a hive of

activity, as the crew from Sound &

Light Solutions were setting up lights

and sound for the show the following


The car park at M&Co was large

enough to accommodate three bands

practising drill simultaneously. Soon,

a stream of coaches, minibuses, cars

and vans disgorged instruments and

bandsmen onto the tarmac. The bass

players had flown in from Dublin on

Friday, others travelled from near and

far, some got lost, and some were

delayed – even the drummers from

Hong Kong made it.

Meanwhile, a few miles away,

members of The Girls’ Brigade were

running through their routines in the

Arena, and the PT and Gymnastics

teams were warming up. The handbell

team was rehearsing in Greenock,

and scores of Anchor Boys and Junior

Section Boys were on their way.

After lunch, the bands arrived for the

full rehearsal at the arena. All fears

that a Pipe Band of 200+ players may

be overpowering were dispelled and

replaced by a sense of anticipation of

the wonderful spectacle that their arrival

in the arena would undoubtedly be. The

Fanfare team got a spontaneous round of

applause from all in the arena at the time,

which helped ease the tension!

By 7:30pm, the arena was filling up;

then the lights went down and the

spotlights focused on the Fanfare team

standing above the main door. Here we

go then … ! Marc Antoine Charpentier’s

“Te Deum” sounded clear to start

the show, then the Colours of the 1st

Glasgow Company were marched on to

Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” – played by

a small fife & drum corps. The Pipes &

Drums were a spectacle as row upon

row filtered through the main door onto

the arena, filling the air with music.

And so the show continued. We

had excitement and enthusiasm from

Anchor Boys and Junior Section, the

traditional sound of the Bugle Band,

then the Precision Drill Team – what a

spectacular show they put on. More

music from the Wind Band preceded a

marvellous display of PT & Gymnastics

with boys giving a taste of different

physical activities regularly found in the

Brigade. The handbell team was next up

with a departure from marching music,

showing something of the wide range of

talent within our organisation. The Girls’

Brigade Scotland provided two groups

80 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette April 2009

stood for the National Anthem.

What evening such as this would be

complete without “Auld lang syne” –

sung enthusiastically by the crowd, still

on their feet. The Pipes & Drums then

struck up and led the march-off to a

standing ovation.

This was a night to remember for all

who attended – a fantastic showcase

for the Brigade, and the talents of our

young people (and officers).

Thanks are due to all who attended,

participated, supported and enthused.

A DVD of the show will be available for

purchase soon.

Lindsay Stein

Principal Director & Conductor

of dancers to brighten the show.

The last band onto the floor was the

massed Fifes & Drums. At the end of their

routine, they were joined by the Wind Band

(comprising brass, woodwind, mallets and

percussion players) for an arrangement

of John Williams’ theme from the film

“Jurassic Park”. During this piece, the Pipes

& Drums came on for the Massed Bands

items – “The bonnie lass o Fyvie”, “La

Baum”, “Bab-el-Mandeb”, and “Highland

Cathedral”; all arranged for the show by

the Tattoo Arranger, Bob Cowan (1st


“Boys of the old Brigade”, “Will your

anchor hold” and “Underneath the

Banner” were played as a medley for

the “Old Boys” to march onto the arena

– followed by the rest of the cast to the

march “Killaloe”. A parade of Colours

to the traditional French march, “La

marche des soldats de Robert Bruce”

heralded the return of the Colour Party,

and a ring of Company and Battalion

Colours round the Arena.

The evening hymn was the old

BB camp favourite, “We thank

Thee O our Father” followed by the

traditional bugle call, “Tattoo” (or

“Last Post”), before the audience

Dear Sir,

It was my great privilege and honour to be pipe major of the pipes and

drums of Scotland, which performed at the Braehead 125th Anniversary

Tattoo in Glasgow. My own band had an early start from Dundee (7am)

by coach to reach the Inchinnan rehearsal area by 9am, where we found

umpteen bandsmen already assembling.

After a great deal of organising, Chris Bone of the 1st Troon and I got the

band into formation and managed to get through our programme of drill

and music a couple of times.

The weather on the day was fantastically kind and we practised (and

practised and practised it seemed) along with the bugles and brass and flute

bands before heading to Braehead Arena itself for a rehearsal. After our

shot on the arena, it was back to Inchinnan for tea and to get dressed for

the performance itself, then back to Braehead to await the start of the Tattoo.

What a fantastic reception the audience gave the pipes and drums as we

marched on to open the show with Scotland The Brave and The Rowan Tree.

We played in a thistle formation finally reforming and marching off to

huge applause with the Retreat Marches, The Green Hills of Tyrol and The

Battle’s O’er.

Then it was on again in a different formation to take part in the finale,

where we played along with the other bands in such favourites as Highland

Cathedral. The whole experience was one I shall remember for the rest of

my life, not least because from a band of around 200 Boys, officers and

civilian instructors, who were made to play and do the same things over

and over till we got it right, I had about 200 questions, most of which I

couldn’t answer, umpteen suggestions, most of which I couldn’t or didn’t act

upon, and the most amazing thing of all, not one single serious complaint!

It made me fantastically proud to be part of this great organisation and

I thank all from the bottom of my heart.

David Marr Lt 6th/8th Dundee Company.

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 81


Rachel House

The 1st Kinross raised £500 for Rachel

House, Seniors have completed

voluntary work there in preparation

for their Queen’s Badge

Below is a profile on Sam Dick, one of

the boys who was involved…

Practical service

Start date: 15/4/06 Finish date:

Continuing. Total hours: 50

(two and a half weekly).

What did you do?

Preparation for mealtimes – table Mrs Elsa Sinclair from the local CHAS receives cheque

for £500, with members from the three sections.

setting, serving meals, tidying kitchen

and dining areas. Support for kitchen staff and adult volunteers in providing meals

for up to 30 people, Rachel house families and staff.

What did you enjoy?

Learning how to interact with a wide variety of people – both visiting families and staff/

adult volunteers; the warm welcoming atmosphere of the hospice; the feeling of doing

some good for others.

What did you find difficult?

Dealing with families suffering from bereavement. Dealing with my own feelings when

I knew the people involved.

What did you learn?

How to serve meals to a large group of people; how to clear up in an efficient,

hygienic manner; how to chat with strangers both visitors and other volunteers; that

a hospice is not necessarily a sad place. I am continuing to work as a volunteer as

long as I can, depending on my commitments in further education. Even then I

might be able to do intermittent volunteering. It gives me a good feeling knowing I

am doing a little to help people less fortunate.

Members of 1st Ashton in Makerfield

Company Section who took part in the

sponsored bike race.

Sponsored Night Bike Race

On Saturday 4th October 2008

members of the 1st Ashton in

Makerfield Company Section

participated in a squadron 125 mile

sponsored bike race. Three squads of

five began the race at 8pm, swapping

team members at regular intervals.

The Boys raised a total of £250 for

Derian House Children’s Hospice

as part of the BB 125th Appeal for

Children’s Hospices.


Below is a list of donations we have been notified about from February to May 2009.

If we have missed you out then please let us know as soon as possible.

3rd Lisburn ...............................................50.00

22nd West Kent.......................................150.00

Carlisle & District Battalion......................200.00

1st Matlock..............................................230.00

1st Mauchline..........................................420.00

1st Ulverston...........................................164.07

Mid Staffs & Sandwell Battalion..............133.50

6th/8th Dundee.........................................75.00

4th Lisburn..............................................225.00

5th West Bromwich...............................1000.00

Lanarkshire Fellowship..............................80.00

Havering & Brentwood Battalion.............680.20

16th West Kent........................................150.00

5th West Bromwich...............................1000.00

12th Ayr...................................................100.00

1st Kinross..............................................500.00

99th Belfast.............................................111.27

2nd Witham.............................................447.00

4th Barking..............................................825.00

58th Belfast...............................................50.00

Antrim & District Battalion.......................144.83

68th Aberdeen.........................................125.00

10th Enfield...........................................1000.00

1st Acomb...............................................580.00

East Lancashire Battalion........................200.00

1st East Cowes.........................................50.00

1st Ashton in Makerfield..........................250.00

Mr P J Stanley.........................................100.00

North West District -

Battalion Church Parade......................200.00

Oldham Battalion......................................80.00

1st Over Wyre..........................................825.00

Central Lancashire Battalion...................200.00

st Rishton...............................................200.00

East Cheshire Battalion...........................260.00

1st Bromborough....................................344.50

32nd Nottingham......................................60.00

2nd Coleraine..........................................325.00

17th Nottingham......................................102.68

Mid Scottish Queen’s Badge....................90.00

Carlisle and District Battalion....................84.00

North West Durham Battalion..................103.00

North West Durham Battalion

(The Grove Methodist Church)............120.00

North West Durham Battalion....................91.13

54th Sheffield..........................................150.00

15th Paisley...........................................1250.00

Stedfast Association London..................299.53

1st Stourbridge........................................200.00

3rd Wallasey............................................213.00

Perth & District Battalion.........................328.88

12th Sidcup.............................................343.10

1st South Woodham Ferrers...................500.55

Portadown & District Battalion.................125.00

1st Middlewich........................................400.00

26th Stirling.............................................527.00

Tyneside Battalion...................................727.98

3rd Gateshead........................................241.00

1st Ponteland..........................................600.00

3rd Kilsyth.............................................1000.00

The total to the end of May is £84,607.95

plus 25,000 Euros. Thanks to everyone

who has contributed to this magnificent


If we have missed you out then please let

us know as soon as possible.

The Hospice appeal will come to an end on

31st August 2009.

There will be a full round up in the October

issue of the Gazette.

82 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009


Cairn commemoration

Apprentices from a local firm, Frews, were

taking part in a Skills Scotland competition

to build something that would benefit the

community. Members of 1st Stevenston

Company proposed a Cairn with an

anchor to commemorate 125 years of The

Boys’ Brigade. The cairn was built and is

near the church, in the gardens in front

of the Field of Hope, which members

planted for their 125 community badges. A dedication service was held followed by

a tea in the church. As well as BB members, there were representatives from the

Scouts, The Girls’ Brigade, community police, local councillors, British Legion and

Gordon Smith, Chief Executive of the SFA, who is a former member of the company.

5th West Bromwich 125 Community Tidy Up

As part of the 125th Anniversary celebrations

of The Boys’ Brigade and in taking part in the

125 community award, the 5th West Bromwich

Company chose the national Big Tidy Up

campaign and their local council’s Big

Spring Clean as their community project.

Over 30 boys and officers took part in

two litter picks in March 2009, around the

immediate area of the company church and

public footpaths alongside the Midland

Metroline in West Bromwich town centre and

Hill Top area. In total, 30 bags of rubbish

were collected, six of which were recyclable.

The achievements of the company within

their local community were recognised by

Sandwell Council at an Awards Ceremony on

30th April where a certificate and trophy were

presented to the 5th.




Floral tribute

The Belfast Battalion wrote to the five local

councils which represent the Battalion to

ask if they could do anything to help them

celebrate the 125th anniversary of The

Boys’ Brigade. Each of the councils planted

a flower tribute in their area which is shown

in the photographs above.

Anchor Boys celebrate

125th Birthday

Over 70 Anchor Boys and officers of

the Anchor Sections of Motherwell,

Bellshill & District Battalion attended

a 125th birthday on the 25th April

2009. The entertainment and activities

included a Clown, Bouncy Castle, craft,

refreshments and potted sports.



125th Birthday Celebrations

The sun shone, the band played and for the first time in many years, members past

and present of the 15th Paisley Company marched to morning worship to celebrate

125 years of The Boys’ Brigade. The service was taken by the boys, staff and former

members of the 15th Paisley and

members from companies within

and outwith Paisley joined the

celebration. After the service, Alan

Young, a member of

the Company Section presented

CHAS (the Brigade’s chosen charity

for the 125 celebrations) with a

cheque for £1250. Calum Barr,

Anchor Boy, presented Erskine

(charity for ex servicemen and

women) with a cheque for £850.

1st Stourbridge fundraising

Members of the Junior Section of 1st

Stourbridge Company compiled joke

and puzzle books that they sold to

family, friends and church members.

Together with the money raised by the

Anchor Boys’ coin collection and the

Company Section sponsored ten pin

bowling competition, a cheque for

£200 was presented to the Worcester

Acorns Hospice.

3rd Wallasey Smarties!

Each boy in the Company was

given a tube of Smarties with

the invitation to enjoy the

Smarties and then fill the

empty tube with 20p pieces.

As a result a cheque for

£213 was presented to

Claire House Children’s


Battalion President, Robert Park, and the

Revd Gavin Black, of Crosshill Parish Church,

Motherwell, cutting the cake.

Glasgow Exhibition

The Mitchell Library, one of the leading

libraries in Scotland, provided an

exhibition to mark 125 years of BB service

in Glasgow. The exhibition ran from 6

April to the end of May and, thereafter

the display boards were exhibited at local

libraries across the City before wider

use by Glasgow Battalion. The exhibition

was formally launched with Karen

Cunningham, head of Library Services,

Sir Kenneth and Lady Ann Calman, Lord

and Lady Macfarlane, Bailie Margot Clark

and other invited guests from City bodies

and funding supporters and, not least,

representatives from the young people

Glasgow serves. Karen Cunningham

commented that both the Mitchell Library

and the BB were formed around the

same period of history by men of vision

achieving remarkable progress and

impact throughout the world.

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 83

September / October 2009

It’s time to take up the challenge… the

start of the session is an ideal time to start

recruiting. Make use of the resources that

have been produced.

Good luck with your recruiting…

Under 11’s Recruitment

New resources have been produced to assist

companies in recruiting children in the under

11 age group…

The resources produced include a ‘Recruitment Tool Box’

which brings together a range of ideas for recruiting,

and will help your company to decide what it should

do. To complement the Recruitment Tool Box there are

additional ideas, sample programmes, and templates

available on the BBUK Website.

The Resources Tool Box has been circulated to all

Companies with the July Company Mailing and is also

available to download at:

A range of leaflets, postcards and posters have been

designed aimed at both children and parents/carers.

All of these have space for local contact details to be

added. See below for more details on each of these


Under 11’s Recruitment –

Children’s Leaflet

A leaflet designed at those

between 5 – 11

years age.

Sold in packs of

100 leaflets.

(31 924 1)

@ £6.50 per pack

Under 11’s Recruitment - Parents’ Postcards

Postcards (DL size) aimed at Parents/Carers.

There are postcards aimed at Anchor Boys

(5-8 years) and Juniors (8-11 years) as well as an

option for boys only or mixed (boys/girls).

Sold in packs of 100 postcards.

(31 925 1) 5-8 year olds – boys

@ £4.00 per pack

(31 926 1) 8-11year olds – boys

@ £4.00 per pack

(31 927 1) 5-8 year olds – mixed

@ £4.00 per pack

(31 928 1) 8-11 year olds – mixed

@ £4.00 per pack

Under 11’s Recruitment – A3 Poster

An A3 sized poster, sold in packs of 5.

Also available laminated.

(31 929 1) A3 posters

(pack of 5) @ £3.50 per pack

(31 930 1) A3 laminated poster

(single) @ £1.75 each

All of the above items are now available to purchase

from BB Supplies.

Let us know how you have done, the stories

of success and the resources you have

developed. It’s great to share the experiences

that people have had, so please send yours


84 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

Over 11’s Recruitment

Work on the over 11’s recruitment materials has continued, with more than 30

companies across the UK being involved in research.

Members of staff and volunteers throughout the regions have been visiting companies to

carryout a survey. This has enabled the Recruitment

Group to seek the direct views of young people which

will influence the resources that are produced to assist

companies with recruitment in this age group.

The survey asked young people in the 11 to 18 age

range a series of questions including: why they liked

coming to BB, if they had ever asked their friends to

come along to BB, how they would invite a friend along,

and what they thought about the image of the BB.

New resources for the

recruitment of over 11s will

be available in October 2009.

Details of which will be included

in the October Gazette.



odelling positive behaviour

is an important role of leaders

in The Boys’ Brigade and

many do this instinctively.

Belfast Battalion has embarked on

a programme called Back to Basics

supporting its leaders to plan activities and

programmes, which encourage members

to show respect, courtesy, consideration

and good manners to each other and as

part of the wider community.

The Battalion has produced

a programme folder of

resources for all age groups

linked to the BB programme

packs. There are generic

themes of Healthy Living,

Caring for the Environment,

Global Awareness, Values

& Beliefs and Courtesy &

Manners. Each theme has

age appropriate activities

backed by Biblical teaching

and the Battalion has received

much positive feedback and

media coverage at a time

when the negative and

antisocial behaviour of a

minority of young people has

grabbed the headlines.

Councillor Jim Rodgers, OBE,

former Lord Mayor of Belfast at the

launch of the programme.

July April 2009 The The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 85 85


9th Route Company

Display 2009

Boys with Helen and Bob after being presented with their Community Badge

Community awards for 1st Dalgety

Members of 1st Dalgety Company visited the Scottish Parliament, which was the

culmination of their Community Badge work. They were shown around the Scottish

Parliament at Hollyrood by Helen Eadie (MSP for Dunfermline East) and her

husband Bob. Helen presented the boys with their new Community Badges.

Comic Relief

at Kettering

Company Section members

of 1st Kettering Company

organised a Comic Relief

evening to raise money

for the charity. They raised

£110 with the help of

friends and family and,

of course, members from

all the sections.

Comic 9 – Richard Bacon holding the cake, surrounded by members of the Company.

From left to right Back row; Mrs Debbie Griffin,

Mrs Helen McAneaney, Mrs Jennifer Beattie, Mrs

Mary McCurdy, Mrs. Laura Bellingham. Front row;

Joshua Griffin, Kenneth McAneaney, William Beattie,

Timothy McCurdy, Samuel Bellingham

A large crowd attended the Company’s

annual display on Saturday14th March

2009 in Finvoy Presbyterian church hall.

The Chaplain, The Revd Roy Gaston

was chairman for the evening and the

Inspecting Officer was Mr. Jonathan

Gracey, Director for The Boys’ Brigade

in Northern Ireland. The programme

consisted of drill, figure marching,

sketches, singing, interspersed with

P.E. and humorous items under. Five

boys were received the Queen’s Badge

and one boy received the President’s

Badge. The badges were pinned on

by their Mums.

Presentation of Rushcliffe Community Awards 2008

The Captain of 1st Ruddington Company, Elaine Grieve, was

presented with a certificate of recognition of services to the

community of Rushcliffe Borough in Nottinghamshire, at a

ceremony held at Nottinghamshire County Hall. The award was

for her leadership of the BB company for the past eight years

and the Church Youth Club at the Methodist Church. It came

within the category of “Supporting Children and Young People to

achieve their full potential”. The awards were presented by the

Mayor of Rushcliffe, Councillor Barrie Cooper, and the evening

was hosted by County Councillor, Mrs. Kay Cutts.

‘The Cats Whiskers’

The boys and girls of

the 11th Birmingham

Company chose to

support The Cats

Whiskers’ Resue

in Great Wyrley,

Staffordshire, for

their annual charity.

The charity cares for

around 80 cats and

kittens and relies on public donations. The company supported

‘The Cats Whiskers’ in 2006 and decided to repeat the process

in view of the high number of cats being abandoned. Members

of the Company visited the Rescue Centre with a gift of around

500 tins of cat food together with a cash donation of £185.

‘Pirates Ahoy!’

18th April was a glorious sunny day for the ‘Pirate’ theme

Belfast Battalion Anchor Boys’ Outing at Ganaway Activity

Centre, where over 450 attended.

86 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

Paisley and District Battalion Junior

Competition Day

On Saturday 28th March the Paisley and District Battalion held its annual Junior

Section Competitions Day in the Laigh Kirk Halls. There were four teams entered

from nine different Companies located in Bishopton, Erskine, Houston, Inchinnan,

Kilbarchan, Neilston, 16th, 22nd and 24th Paisley.

For the Arts & Crafts competition the boys were asked to design and make an

imaginative birthday card. The Bible Knowledge competition involved the teams

watching a short video and then answering a series of questions about what they

had seen. The Potted Sports comprised a series of challenging team games, such

as Hockey Dribble, keeping the ball up with a bat and knocking down the skittles.

courtesy of Hamilton Advertiser

World Mission



Hamilton and District Battalion BB

members, Kerr Samson (15), Euan

Gordon (11), and Euan Herbert (6)

present a £14,000 cheque to the

Moderator of the General Assembly

of the Church of Scotland, the Right

Revd David Lunan, watched by the

Revd Blair Gillon, Chairman of the

Church of Scotland World Mission

Fund Committee. The money was

raised by BB companies from all

over Scotland and will be used by

the Mission Fund for their work in

the third world. The presentation

was made at Hamilton West Church

on Friday on 14th November 2008.

Slum Dwellers move into


Help in the community

The 10th Liverpool Company was asked along with the Guides

from Christ Church Walton Breck Road, to tidy up a piece of

waste ground in the Anfield area of Liverpool. Although the

evening in September when the work was to be done was

very wet, this did not deter the members. After many hours of

digging and weeding the land was ready for planting; some

200 plus bulbs were planted on one side of the path with wild

flower seeds on the other. Some six months later the work on

the waste land is now showing signs of life with flowers making

a splash of colour to be seen by many on their way to watch

the match at Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club.

Young people from the 1st and 2nd Bournemouth companies

and the youth group from Christ Church Westbourne, looking into

starting a company, took part in the ‘Slum Survivor’ challenge on

the weekend of the 24th-26th April 2009, to highlight the plight of

one billion slum dwellers around the world.

They spent the weekend in shelters that they built out of

cardboard, wood and plastic, eating a restricted diet of rice and

lentils. Each young person could only enter with the clothes on

their back, a set of eating utensils, sleeping bag, toothbrush

and a bible. The food was not popular but every young person

that started the challenge completed it! Between them they

raised £2500 for charities helping those with nothing to rebuild

their lives and get an education.

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 87




Judges ch. 7 vs. 1-11 & 15b-18

Ephesians ch. 6 vs. 10-20

Iwonder if

you follow

the TV

news much from day

to day. It doesn’t seem

to matter when one watches

it, it’s always full of murder and

mayhem and bombing

and violence.

We could be speaking about

Afghanistan or the Congo, Pakistan,

Sudan or any one of a dozen other lands, but

always the background is the same. We may not

approve at all of what the terrorist groups do, but all of them are

living illustrations of the tremendous power of even a very small

group. It only takes one fanatical person in a car loaded with

dynamite to cause hundreds of casualties; or a tiny suicide

squad of extremists and the deed is done!

All of this interests me perhaps more than the average man

or woman in the street because I used to be an Army Chaplain.

I was with my Regiment for some 22 years and over these years

I became conscious of a strange thing; instead of growing

larger like lots of other armies around the globe, ours is getting

smaller. People tell us that we are leaner and fitter now than we

were before – but we have shrunk!

All right, so somebody once wrote a famous book called “Small

is Beautiful” and somebody else coined that lovely saying “all the

best presents come in little parcels”, but can it really be so?

Well, even the Bible seems to be on the side of the small

battalions. Look at what Jesus managed to do with just a handful

of disciples. Or, think about the strange story in the book of

Judges Chapter 7, how Gideon raised a great army to fight and

God made him whittle it right down again. Bit by bit God made

Gideon reduce his force until by the time it was actually ready to

go into battle it was a mere 300 men, a fraction of its former size.

Now, the point about that story from ancient times is not

simply to make some kind of comparison with our modern army

today, or the size of the Brigade across the land. Rather, it’s

that word commitment, which is all important. With it, with your

tiny committed group, you can move mountains. Without it, you

needn’t bother even starting. For the story wasn’t just about

Gideon and his army, though it’s very easy to read it as if it was.

First and foremost, it was about the sword of the Lord and the

soldiers of God. We in The Boys’ Brigade are being asked to

think of ourselves and of our lives in military terms. Nothing new

about that. The letters of the New Testament are full of weapons

used as symbols, like the helmet of faith and the sword of the

spirit. And you and I, if we are Christians, are encouraged to

see ourselves as persons under arms, with one Captain, Jesus

Christ, and fighting for one common aim – the winning back

of the earth for the God who made it, and the advancing

of Christ’s Kingdom.

Anybody who would be a Christian, a Christ’s man or

woman, must first be a volunteer. Volunteers who do not have

the heart of the matter in them do not last the pace. When God or

their conscience makes demands upon them, like the seed sown

on stony ground, the faint hearted shrivel up by the sun and they

soon fade away. So there’s another rule for the Christian soldier

(borrowed from President Harry Truman’s famous words) “If you

can’t stand the heat, you shouldn’t be in the kitchen!”

To go back to the story again, the sending home of those who

were afraid or faint hearted, disposed of twenty two thousand

who started out with Gideon, which left ten thousand willing to

fight. Willing, yes! But prepared and truly ready – very few.

I wonder if you can guess why the 300 were chosen. The answer

is simple really. Gideon’s army was vastly outnumbered by

the enemy and as it moves it would have been under constant

threat of ambush or attack. So how they drank at that stream

might have been of critical importance. If you took up water in

your hand you would have remained standing and therefore

have been on the watch. If you chose to lie down to drink, your

back would have been turned toward an enemy and you would

have been vulnerable. A small point? Perhaps, but one which

might have made the difference between survival and defeat.

So, the 300 then were the ever-readies who would go

anywhere and do anything for God because they were the

ones with faith and trust that they did not travel or fight alone.

Ultimately, their real strength was not their own. It came and it

comes still in the commission which God gives: “Go out into

all the world and preach the Gospel. And I”, says Jesus,”

will be with you always till the end of time.”

The most important thing is belief in what one is doing, as

a soldier, or as a Christian. In the modern army, in the church,

in the Brigade and in the world at large, we will always be

outnumbered, but that need not necessarily put us down, or

cause us to despair. If God be for us and if we are committed to

a cause that is just, there is no one of whom we need be afraid.

If God be for us, who can stand against us? Things become

possible which otherwise would have been totally unlikely.

The sword of the Lord is always in the hand of God’s three

hundred. Believe it and you will find that He has greater

treasures still to share with His faithful people.

May God bless and keep you all.

The Very Revd Alan Main TD

88 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

Brigade announcements Brigade announcements


The provisions of the Company’s Act extend the right to appoint

a proxy to all categories of membership. Accordingly the calling

notice below for the Annual General Meeting of The Boys’

Brigade utilises such provision whereby all voting members of

Brigade Council will have a right to vote by proxy.

All members may vote in person if present at the meeting or if

cannot be present may alternatively either appoint a general

proxy or vote by post.





of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE will be held at the Stillorgan Park Hotel,

Stillorgan Road, Dublin 18, Ireland on Saturday 5 September

2009 at 9.30am to consider and, if deemed fit, to approve the

following resolutions, all of which are being proposed as ordinary

resolutions. (See previous Gazettes, Company mailings and

website for further details of the Brigade Council weekend event)


1. To receive and adopt the Accounts for the year ended

31st March 2009 together with the Reports of the Brigade

Executive and Auditors thereon

2. To reappoint Whiting and Partners as auditors of The

Boys’ Brigade and authorise the Brigade Executive to fix

their remuneration

3. To appoint Brigade Office Bearers as proposed in

Appendix A

4. To fix the annual capitation fees for the 2009/10 session

as proposed in Appendix B

5. To transact any other lawful business

By order of the Brigade Executive

Steven Dickinson

Brigade Secretary 2nd June 2009

All Members of Brigade Council as defined by the Articles of

Association are entitled to be present and vote at this meeting or,

in their absence, they may appoint a proxy to attend and vote on

their behalf. A form of proxy has been sent to all members and, if

used, should be returned to the Company’s Registered Office not

later than 9.30am on Thursday 3 September 2009.

The Members of Brigade Council are: Companies, Area Groups

(Battalions & Districts), Members of the Brigade Executive and

Members of Regional Committees.

Forms have been sent in the Company mailing to all members

of Brigade Council. Any member failing to receive such a form

should contact the Brigade Secretary or alternatively download

one from the BB website.

The Annual General Meeting is the statutory part of the

Brigade Council weekend. After the conclusion of the legal

business, the meeting will move on to discuss particular

aspects of Brigade Development.

Registered Office: The Boys’ Brigade, Felden Lodge, Hemel

Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3 0BL

Registered Company No.: 145122 Registered Charity No.: 305969




Vice Presidents:


Sir Kenneth Calman KCB

Mr C L Row

Mr N W Batty

Mr T W P Donaldson

Mrs J A Dando

Mr C Bygrave



Capitation Fees for 2009/10

1 The Capitation Fee structure with effect from 1 September

2009 is:



Annual Company registration fee £95

Fee per young person £10

Officer fee

Company Officers £25.00

(second officer at the same address) £20.00

Battalion & District Officers not on Company roll £25.00

Officers in receipt of state retirement pension £19.00

Officers in full time education or training £19.00

2 The fee in respect of an Associate Member is £27.00

3 The maximum fee that a Company may pay in respect

of young people is £1,200.00


Mr Tom Boyle retires at the end of

June after 28 years of service to The

Boys’ Brigade in Scotland. Tom’s BB

life began as a boy in the 5th Dundee

Company where he gained his

Queen’s Badge before becoming an

officer in the Company. When Tom’s

paid employment took him north he

became an officer in the 1st Thurso,

the Company at the Founder’s


Tom joined the staff in 1981 as Field

Officer for the North of Scotland and in a period of ten years

supported the work in Companies and began developments

which still flourish today. In 1991 he joined the Headquarters

team as Secretary for Training (Scotland) and after a further ten

years became Director for Scotland. At his retirement dinner the

question was asked, “What will happen in 2011?”

Throughout this service Tom has been loyally supported by

Susan and the Brigade sends its thanks and best wishes to

them both for a long and healthy retirement.

Mr Bill Stevenson was recently

appointed as the new Director for

Scotland and takes up his post on 1st


Bill is currently the Treasurer of the

Edinburgh, Leith & District Battalion;

he has held many other positions

within the Brigade including being a

Company Captain, Battalion Secretary

and President. In the 1980’s Bill was

well known as one of the under 26

reps on the Brigade Executive and as

Chairman of Campus and Senate.

Bill is 48 and lives in Stenton, East Lothian where he is an elder

in the local Church of Scotland congregation. For the past 20

years he has been a senior manager with a software house

specialising in work with Housing associations.

Following his appointment Bill said “I am really looking forward

to taking up this post and I look forward to working with all the

members of the Brigade in Scotland. In the next few years it is

imperative we recruit many new members and grow some of our

companies. We have a terrific base to build on and I am sure

we will be able to do this and also raise the Brigade’s profile

with key decision makers.”

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 89


Mr John Williams retires as Brigade Treasurer with his final

report to Brigade Council in Dublin. The Boys’ Brigade is greatly

indebted to John for his stewardship of the Brigade’s finances

over the last five years, for his enormous contribution to the

management of the Brigade and for the clarity and transparency

of his presentations. John will remain as Chairman of the

Brigade’s Pension Trustees. We thank John and wish him and

Margaret every blessing at this time.

The Brigade Executive brings the name of Mr Clifford Bygrave

to Brigade Council for appointment as Brigade Treasurer

Clifford is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and

currently is Clerk (Chief Executive) to the Worshipful Company

of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Clifford was

a member of the BB as a boy and currently is the Treasurer of

his local church. The Brigade Executive warmly recommends

Clifford to the Brigade.


16th/17th MAY 2009

The Meeting was held at Brigade Headquarters, Felden Lodge.

This is a summary of the main items covered.

• The Executive reviewed the Development Plan noting

progress achieved and areas yet to be addressed.

• The Executive received a report on the Trust finds that are

managed on behalf of individual Companies, Battalions

and Districts.

• The Brigade Secretary reported on staffing matters, the

production of adult volunteer material and the Make a

Difference Awards. The Executive discussed the National

Competitions to provide guidance to the Competition Coordinators

prior to next session’s competitions.

• The Brigade Treasurer reported on the draft accounts for

the year to 31.03.09, which had been audited. The deficit

for the year was almost exactly on plan. There had been

savings on insurance and communications, but the cost of

utilities was a concern. In reporting on the Pension Fund

the Treasurer highlighted the volatility of the markets.

• The Director of Youth and Children’s Work reported on the

NVQ/SVQ scheme and the interest shown, amendments

to the Youth Leader Training Manual and Safeguarding

including guidance on the use of social networking sites to

be included in the Safety Handbook and the implications

for the Brigade of introduction of the Independent

Safeguarding Authority.

• The Business Director reported on statistical returns and

highlighted the number of leaders whose registration

was still pending. The Executive agreed the designation

of Companies and agreed that the help of Battalions

and Churches would be sought with those Companies

yet to make a designation. The recent problems with the

Brigade’s IT infrastructure were discussed.

• Regional Directors’ and Regional Committee reports were


• The Executive agreed the Annual Health and Safety

Statement noting that although the Brigade Secretary will

be the named person, ultimate responsibility for this matter

lay with the Executive.

In discussing Brigade Council the Executive agreed the

voting paper. The Brigade Secretary was asked to seek

clarification on a number of legal points raised in recent

correspondence. The arrangements for 2009 and 2010

were discussed and organisers were asked to investigate

alternative accommodation options although it was noted

that this option was hardly used in Wales. The Executive

appointed Brigade Staff to act as scrutineers in the

forthcoming elections to Regional Committees.

• The Executive received a report on the Tattoo at Braehead

Arena and recorded its thanks to the organisers.

• The Executive agreed the nomination of the following

Office Bearers for the Session 2009/10 to be put to

Brigade Council:

Brigade President

Brigade Vice Presidents

Brigade Treasurer

Sir Kenneth Calman KCB

Mr Chris Row,

Mr Norman Batty,

Mr Perry Donaldson,

Mrs Janice Dando

Mr Clifford Bygrave (to

succeed Mr John


• The Executive agreed the nomination of Whiting & Partners

as Auditors for 2009/10 to be put to Brigade Council and

that the Executive set their remuneration.



The Brigade Executive agreed the following guidance to leaders,

which is included in the latest edition of the Safety Handbook:

BB leaders need to be clear about their boundaries and good

safeguarding practice when using internet and mobile phone

technology. Although it has been said that social networking

sites can be valuable youth work tools in terms of relationshipbuilding,

we need to remember that as volunteers we are only

expected to be in the role of youth leader when we meet on a

Company night.

Clear boundaries about when, where and how we carry out our

volunteering roles are essential. Clear boundaries serve two


• They protect young people

• They protect the leader from getting into situations that

become difficult to manage.

Another way to think about this is that when you are working as

a BB leader at your church, there are other leaders around and

there is an element of supervision by the Captain or Officer-in-

Charge. If you are talking to a young person on MSN outside of

these hours, you have no supervision in place, and the young

person has no clear understanding of the youth work relationship

in an online setting.

Texting, MSN and networking sites can be useful for sending

round messages about events or cancelled meetings etc, but

should not be used to develop a separate relationship with

young people outside of BB.

Websites such as Facebook and Myspace can be good for

young people to use among themselves outside of BB, but

leaders should be aware of blurring the boundaries between

themselves and the young people they work with.


The following new Companies have been enrolled since the last


Company Captain Church

1st Aylesham Rev Russell Fisk Aylesham Baptist

Free Church

1st Bedworth Raymond Jacques Bedworth Baptist


1st Cambridge Brent Greenwood St Martin’s Church

1st Cowal Beverley Jones Charge of South

East Cowal


1st Danderhall Christopher Anderson Newton Parish


2nd Erskine Drewe McIlroy Erskine Baptist


1st Lesmahagow James Reid Lesmahagow Old

Parish Church

The following Company which closed in August 2004 has reopened

since the last Gazette

54th Belfast Joanne McAllister Shankhill

Methodist Church

90 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

England & Wales Band


The England & Wales Band Championships were held at Stoke on Trent on Saturday 6th June. For the

first time in many years the atrocious weather meant that the outdoor competition also had to be held

inside. After last minute amendments to the timetable the competition got under way and the audience

were treated to an excellent day of music and displays by the young people in the different bands.

Our guests for the day were:-

The Lord Mayor of Stoke On Trent Councillor Jean Bowers and the Lady Mayoress Miss Sabrina Bowers,

along with Mr Michael Elliott Chair of the England Region and Mr Steve Dickinson – Brigade Secretary,

all of whom presented trophies throughout the day.

The following were the winners of the different classes and the full results are on the web site.

Beginners Class – 5th Hull BB/GA

Novice Class – 1st Sittingbourne BB/GB

Contest Class – Hull & East Yorkshire GB

Open Class – 13th Bromley BB / 1st St Mary Cray GB

Showcase Cadet Class – 1st Loughborough BB/GB

Showcase Open Class – 13th Bromley BB / 1st St Mary Cray GB

Championship Class – Supreme Champions – 10th Wolverhampton BB/ 1st Lanesfield & 1st Coseley GB

Individual Musicians :-

Valved Instrumentalist – David Morrison 5th Hull BB/GA

Non-Valved Instrumentalist – David Morrison 5th Hull BB/GA and Olivia Stanley 1st Lanesfield GB

Drummer – Nicola Jones 4th Stafford BB/GB

Scottish Bands’ Contest

15 Companies took part in the thirtieth Scottish Band Contest held at Troon Concert Hall

on Saturday 6th March 2009.

The results were as follows:

Mini Pipe Bands

Open Class

Novice – 284th/94th Glasgow

Novice – 3rd Johnstone

Contest – 44th Dundee

Contest – 7th Airdrie Flute Band

Championship – 1st Troon ‘A’

Championship – Wishaw & District

Best Mallets Player on the Day – 1st Fraserburgh

Pipe Bands

Novice – 6th/8th Dundee

Contest – 1st Troon

Championship – 1st Troon

Full results can be found on the BBUK website at

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 91


If you have not already got your children and young people

taking part then do so now... there is still plenty of time.

These competitions can form part of your programme

and go towards earning their next award!

The competitions are as follows:

Movie Maker – for those over 11 years old





Create a movie lasting no more than 5 minutes, there is no set theme

so be creative! You can have as many people involved as you want,

so it could be an individual or whole company taking part!

Members Company Section, Seniors and Amicus

(between 11 – 18 years old at the closing date of the competition).

The movie must be sent in on a CD/DVD and be one of the following formats:

AVI, WMV (Windows Media Video), MOV (Apple QuickTime Movie) or MPEG4.

From all entries received by the due date, the winner will receive a £100 cinema voucher.

All entries will receive a certificate.

Artist – for those under 11 years old





Using paints, pencils, pens or crayons create your own masterpiece.

There is no set theme so be creative! This competition is for individuals.

All those in Anchor Boys and Junior Section.

All entries should be submitted as originals.

From all entries received by the due date, the winner in each age

group will receive a £25 voucher. All entries will receive a certificate.

A gallery of the top 20 entries will go on to the BBUK Website.

Closing date for both competitions is 1st October 2009.

All entries should be returned to: BE CREATIVE 2009, The Boys’ Brigade,

Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP3 0BL.


The resources box is a new feature highlighting

external resources that may be of use to Companies.


StayWise is a collection of educational resources

from emergency services and other agencies

from around the country. This means youth

workers can browse their libraries and schemes

of work and then use the activities and resources



Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool to create and print

customized word search, cross words, math puzzles, and more

using your own word lists.

Friends and Heroes

Friends and Heroes is a UK produced animated adventure series for children

featuring amazing 3D Bible Stories. Friends and Heroes is the tale of two young

people - Macky and Portia - whose idealism and friendship leads them across the

ancient world, from the fabled Egyptian port of Alexandria, to the besieged city of

Jerusalem and finally, to the very heart of the Empire: Rome.

Each episode, lasting 25 minutes, contains at least two Bible stories including

Daniel and the Lions’ Den, The Parable of the Prodigal Son, Joseph and Pharaoh’s

Dreams, The First Pentecost and The Easter Story.


PlayFoam provides hours of creative

fun with its lightweight, colourful

foam-sculpting material that won’t

crumble, stick to skin or surfaces or

dry out. It really is 21st century play

dough which can be formed into

any design - then squash it and start

again! This is guaranteed to engage

children and is entirely mess free

92 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

Easter Course 2009

“ Bridging the Gap” was the

theme of this year’s Easter

Course, an international

training course run by European

Fellowship. We assembled on

Sunday afternoon, inside Helsinki

airport ready for our drive to

Poyhola, a training centre run by

Nuorten Keskus. Thirty-five people

from 10 different nations began to get

to know each other on the long drive

and friendships began to form.

The Easter Course is a training

course designed to develop a cultural

awareness and to look at the issues

faced in living in a multi-cultural society.

It does this in many different ways.

Classes looking at specific issues,

discussions and a role-playing game

developed these issues. Another way we

looked at multicultural issues was to live

together for a week! Sharing a house,

meal times and prayers developed my

knowledge of European customs and

made me very aware of British values

and traditions – putting milk in tea was

frowned on!

Games and singing were also big

parts of the course. After classes were

finished we would organise our own

games, where we taught other nations

the games we play back home. As a

company officer, it was a great way

to learn new games and songs and

they have been great to use at my own


The friendships made on the

course will last a long time and visits

are already being organised! As

international experiences go, this was

the best I have ever been on and I have

made some wonderful friends in many

nations. I am very grateful to both the

BB for supporting the transport costs

and my church for finding the course

costs. I recommend this to any young

person looking for an international

experience with the Brigade.

Nick Taylor

1st Barnet

“ putting milk

in tea was

frowned on!”

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 93

Around the regions

republic of Ireland

Junior Section Activity Weekend

– Kilkenny College

Brigade Council


We look forward to welcoming Brigade

Council to Dublin in September.

There is still time to register, but there is

a small late booking fee of £10.00/13.00.

Ninety young people from Junior Sections throughout the Region, representing many

Companies along with 42 Leaders, descended on Kilkenny College for the annual

Junior Section Activity Weekend on Friday 15th May 2009. Although the weather was

unkind it didn’t dampen the spirits and a wonderful weekend of BB Fellowship was

experienced by young people and leaders alike.


The Terry Pasley Endeavour Award

94 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

Registration forms are available from

our website or

and from July please visit our website

for useful information about Dublin

and Council.

The 3rd Cardiff Company were this

year’s winners of The Terry Pasley

Endeavour Award because of their

Charity, Community and Youth Work.

Over the last year the company has

worked hard to raise money for those

less fortunate than themselves.

They managed to raise over £1000

for four different charities through

a sleepover, a sponsored swim, a

collection at their 125th Anniversary

Celebration service and filling

Smartie Tubes with loose change.

The charities were Ty-Hafan

Children’s Hospice, ChildLine,

Treganna Family Centre and The

Boys’ Brigade’s Palm in Palm

project. Steve Miles, from 3rd Cardiff,

commented “We were more than

pleased to hear that we had won.

The money from winning the award

will help towards our programme

of activities for the company which

we are sure Terry Pasley would

approve of.” Well done to everyone,

they are all worthy winners of the

Endeavour Award.

Around the regions


NI Young Musician

of the Year 2009

The Northern Ireland

Young Musician of

the year 2009 is

Stephen Rankin, a

14 year old flautist

from 9th Ballymena

Company (Ballee


Church). Beating

15 other musicians

in the grand final,

the winning piece

of music performed

by Stephen was

entitled “The

Great Train Race”

by Ian Clarke.

N Ireland Junior Section

Swimming Gala

For the second year running, lst Loughaghery Company

was the overall winner of the Northern Bank Cup.

Inter-Company Section 7-A-Side Junior & Senior

Rugby Competition

The Northern Ireland District Inter – Company Section 7-A-Side Junior & Senior Rugby Competition was hosted by Omagh Rugby

Club on Saturday 2nd May 2009. The weather was great and everyone had an enjoyable day of Rugby.

The following companies reached the Semi-Finals:

Junior Competition: –

4th Portadown v 16th Newtownabbey and 6th Ballymena v 3rd Kilkeel

Winners: 4th Portadown and Runners-Up: 6th Ballymena

Senior Competition: –

1st Route v 1st Ardstraw, 1st Irvinestown v 3rd Kilkeel

Winners: 1st Route and Runners-Up: 3rd Kilkeel.

Junior Section


Congratulations to 1st Killead

who were the winners of NID

Junior Section Quiz.

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 95

Around the regions


Following the success over many

years of the Brigade’s National

Brass Band Contest, organised by

the BB National

Brass Band Association, a change

was made three years ago to

replace this with a more general

Music Festival, and the third such

Festival was held at Chandlers

Ford, near Southampton, on Saturday 28th March 2009.

Numbers taking part again showed a good increase, with

participants coming from as far afield as London, Doncaster

and Cornwall and various parts of the south. Organised by a

committee chaired by Simon Farrenden, the Musical Director of

the Association, the event proved to be another great success.

Of all the various Classes available, entries were received

in 33 of these, in Sections for Keyboard, Mixed Instrumental

(including for the first time, solos accompanied by a CD

backing), Vocal, Woodwind and Brass, and overall there were

58 entries. Entries ranged from a ‘rap’ through various solo

and small group items, including a barber shop style group

and choirs to a full brass band.

This was a ‘Festival’ rather than a ‘Competition’ based on the

Federation of Festivals’ mark scheme, which is widely used

throughout the country. Varying from ‘Fair’ to ‘Honours’,

a common marking standard was used by the Adjudicator,

who on this occasion was Christopher Mahy, who gave

very helpful comments, and awarded various cups and

medals for particularly good performances.

A keynote of the day was the very happy and friendly family

NVQ Update

We welcome all the new NVQ candidates and assessors from

the East Anglia District (and West Anglia Battalion). We wish

them well in working towards their qualifications in Youth Work,

Playwork and the Assessor award.

Eastern Candidates

Eastern Assessors

96 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

National Brass Band Association

2009 Music Festival

atmosphere, and there is no doubt that this new style event is a

marked improvement over the previous ‘competition’.

As already announced, BB and GB England & Wales will be

introducing a similar style event in the Midlands on 20th March

2010, with an even wider range of available Sections, and it is

hoped that as many people and Companies as possible will

be able to enjoy the music and share in days of real BB/GB


BB/GB Festival of Music

– The reason for change

Inclusion for all – whatever the size, standard or combination of

the ensemble’ was a powerful message that feedback from BB

and GB members delivered following an extensive questionnaire

in 2007 regarding the future of the band competition.

After lengthy discussions by BB and GB personnel concerning

the responses to the questionnaire, the following aims were


– provide an opportunity for children and young people to

share their musical gifts and abilities.

– provide an opportunity for friendly competition and

Christian fellowship with other groups and people.

It was felt that the day would better serve the Brigades by

becoming a Festival of Music, designed not only to cater for our

many skilled marching bands, but also to encourage smaller

Brigade bands to be able to enter a wider range of musical

events and also to encourage individuals to take part.

20th March 2010 was chosen to launch the new look

Festival of Music to be held at Wilnecote High School,

Tamworth. With the help of the BB National Brass Band

Association we now feel we have an event that will incorporate

many facets of music making and be a positive step in the

evolution of the event, allowing access and inclusion to all.

There will be classes for brass bands, small instrumental

ensembles, individual instrumentalists, marching bands, choirs,

small vocal ensembles and soloists

The marking system has also been reviewed and certificates will

be awarded dependant on the level of points achieved in line

with many National and International music festivals.

The day will include a time of Worship.

More details will be circulated ready for the Autumn session and

will also be available via GB /BB websites and magazines.

Meanwhile – put the date in your diary and start gathering

together your musicians.


BB Rowing

Over the Easter holiday 26 BB members representing nine

companies from Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas joined

together to take part in a Rowing sports camp. The camp was a

five day camp and aimed to teach boys who had never rowed

before how to row. All boys and staff had to undertake a capsize

drill, were shown how to use and trained on the use of onshore

training equipment, instructed on the need for hydration as well

as having five or more water based training sessions per day.

On the fourth day boys took part in a Boys’ Brigade regatta.

The winners were:-

Singles: Jon Tava (1st Wallingford)

Tub Pair: Peter Berket and Jack Newman (1st


Coxed Quad: Luke Samworth (1st Wallingford)

Liam Talbot and William Preece (1st Kings Sutton)

and Oliver Tindale (1st Deddington).

On the last day the course moved to Henley-on-Thames

and the world’s top rowing club, Leander. They were

all presented with their completion certificates and the

winners of the regatta races were presented with winners

medals by the Double Olympic Silver Medallist, Debbie

Flood. .

The whole event was sponsored by the Regattas

Lodge 9660 who challenged the BB to look at doing

something in the world of rowing to help celebrate the

Around the regions

Brigade’s 125th anniversary. The BB in Oxfordshire in conjunction

with Reading Rowing Club produced a training guide which is

available to all Companies and Battalions for use with boys. A

period of evaluation will now take place and it is hoped that we

will be able to offer the course again in the future as a National


If you would be interested in being involved in the 2010

Rowing camp or you have boys who would be interested,

please contact the Oxfordshire Battalion on

England Region

Inter Battalion and

Company Cross Country


The England Region Inter Battalion and Company Cross Country

Championships took place on Saturday 14th March 2009. The

event was held at Wollaton Park, Nottingham.


Junior Company 1st W Perrett Nottingham Battalion

Individuals: 2nd D Leonard Halifax Battalion

3rd J Coleman 2nd Sutton in Ashfield

Team: 1st Nottingham Battalion

Intermediates 1st K Royston Halifax Battalion

Individuals: 2nd J Hulme Halifax Battalion

3rd C Waddington Halifax Battalion

Team: 1st Halifax Battalion

Seniors 1st M Wood Halifax Battalion

Individuals: 2nd J Marsh 11th Northampton

3rd O Roots Nottingham Battalion

Team: 1st 11th Northampton

Robin Hood Knockout

Outdoor 5-a-side Football

Competitions 2009

On Saturday, 25th April 2009, the Nottingham Battalion

hosted the Robin Hood 5-a-side Football Competitions at the

Powerleague Soccer Centre in Nottingham. 24 teams took part

in the Competition. The Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Cllr Gul

Nawaz Khan, visited and presented the prizes.


Under-18 League Winners’ Shield: 70th London Team 2

Under 18 League Runners-up:

Under 14 League –

The David Nunn Memorial Trophy

and The Robin Hood Knockout

Competition Winners Cup:

Under 14 League Runners-up:

1st Torquay

15th South Shields

1st Bare

Cup for the Best Sporting Team in

the Under 18 League: 70th London Team 2

The Clifford Jones Memorial Trophy

for the Best Sporting Team in the

Under 14 League:

1st Bare.

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 97

Queen’s Badge

Queen’s Badge



Candidates and staff

of The West Lowland

Area Queen’s Badge

Completion Course held over the

weekend of 13-15th March 2009..

North West District

Queens’ Men of the District received their

badges and certificates at a Ceremony

held in the Garrision Church of St Alban

within Fulwood Barracks Preston on the

17th May. The presentation was made

by The Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire

Lord Shuttleworth.



1st Haverhill Company is proud that

Joshua Snape is the company’s first

Queen’s Badge recipient. He was

presented with the award by the

Deputy Lord Lieutenant at the

Old Independent Church.




Sgt David

Montgomery of

the 7th Airdrie

Company was

presented with

the President’s


by the Brigade

President, on

22nd February

2009. David

began his BB

career in the

Anchor Boys at

the age of five.

In February 2008 David was diagnosed

with a life threatening illness and

underwent major surgery followed by

three courses of chemotherapy. Despite

these challenging health difficulties David

showed great determination and total

commitment in achieving his Queen’s


David has been a loyal and dedicated

member of the 7th Airdrie Company,

participating in all Company activities.

His positive, cheerful attitude and

enthusiasm are an inspiration to all who

know him and he is a credit to himself, his

family and the Brigade is proud to have

him as a member.

98 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009



LAIDLAW of the

229th Glasgow

Company was

presented with

the President’s


by the Brigade

President on 22nd

March during the

morning service

at Cambuslang

Parish church.

Scott has been a member of the

229th Company for nine years, during

which time he has undergone over

50 operations. Most of the time Scott

has been confined to his wheelchair

but this has not prevented him from

participation in as many activities as

practically possible.

Scott was very keen to join in with

the Drill squad but marching in a

wheelchair is not easy. However, with

his determination and enthusiasm he

was part of the squad for District Drill

competitions. During his time with the

Company he has shown great courage

and determination to achieve

all he can and wholly deserves this



Alastair McNeilly of the 4th Londonderry

Company was presented with the

President’s Commendation by the

Brigade Secretary on 1st April 2009 at

the Company Display.

Alastair has been a member of the

Company since the age of seven and

despite his challenging health difficulties

has shown great determination and

commitment which has resulted in him

gaining his President’s Badge. Alastair

always shows a positive attitude and his

enthusiasm is an inspiration to those

who know him.

The third annual Turning Point Christian youth

festival for young people, aged 11 – 18, was held

at the Ganaway Activity Centre, Millisle (Northern

Ireland) during the weekend of 24-26 April 2009.

This year was our largest ever,

with just under 280 festival goers

in attendance over the weekend.

The theme this year was Identity and we

were all challenged as Rick Hill (Secondary

Schools’ Project Worker for Scripture Union

NI) took us on an interactive discovery of

how we are...created by God...loved by

God...separated from God...and are

running the race with God. Our new house

worship band, Heart Ablaze, led us in

praise during the worship sessions and

also spontaneously in other venues.

The programme this year saw the return

of popular features as well as some brand

new activities. There was...The BackBeat

Café, The Live Lounge playing host to many

events such as SingStar Superstar, Games

Arcade, the Big Quiz (led by Christian Aid)

and Guitar Hero, Cinema, Christian Aid

Tent with delicious fair trade chocolate

brownies, Tearfund Prayer Pod, Open Doors

prison cell, dance sessions, cookery, artist

workshops, craft sessions, BBQ, sportshall

games, hockey, football, crazy golf, tag

rugby, volleyball and much, much more!

The Trading Post was also a popular venue,

offering exclusive Turning Point hoodies,

beanies and t-shirts, book stall, novelty items

and Open Doors’ campaign shoe laces.

The activities at Ganaway (archery,

climbing wall, high and low level rope courses

and the zip line) were all in full swing for

everyone to enjoy. The counselling team ran

an energetic social on the Friday night and

there was sumo wrestling and giant twister.

The activities were rounded off on Sunday

with a huge water fight, complete with water

balloons, hose pipes and soapy water slide.

In addition to the young people’s

programme, there were events for group

leaders. A number of local agencies

displayed their youth work programme

materials to help equip leaders with new

resources and skills for their important

work with their young people. ‘Heart Start’

ran a number of sessions in the basics

of emergency life support.

The aim of Turning Point has always been

to “provide an active festival style weekend

that will be inclusive of all young people

aged 11-18; that will incorporate Christian

teaching and worship through a modern

approach that will appeal to and be relevant

to today’s young people; and that will promote

and encourage the development of a personal

Christian faith”. We believe that Turning Point

2009 has once again fulfilled its purpose,

and through our whole programme Christ’s

Kingdom has been greatly advanced, not

only among the young people present, but

also the group leaders and volunteers.

Feedback from the young people was

extremely encouraging and confirms that

what we are doing is meeting the needs

and interests of those who attend. They

also provided useful ideas to include in

the programme in future and four young

people volunteered to be part of next

year’s Management Team.

It was encouraging to note that by lunch

time on the Monday after Turning Point, all

the indoor accommodation for next year

was booked and we now have a waiting list.

If you would like to be part of Turning Point

2010 (23-25 April) – either bringing a group

or volunteering – please contact us

In the last Gazette we asked you to pray

for our event. Thank you for your support,

before the event and over the weekend itself.

Now, we can thank and praise God for the

amazing work that took place at Turning

Point 2009... for the people he equipped to

organise and staff the event...for those young

people who made a commitment

and embarked on a journey with Jesus

Christ for the first time, those who were

challenged within their existing relationship

with God and those who have been asking

more questions. As we continue to seek

God’s will for Turning Point, it is our prayer

that it will continue to grow and touch the

lives of many more young people.

Stephen Cowden

Turning Point Chairman

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 99


Well done to all those that took part in the 2008/2009 competitions,

once again there was a good number of entries from all regions

and a high standard of competition

The results for 2008/2009 are as follows:

Chess Final:

Hosted by Northern

Ireland in Rathmore House, Larne

Winners: 1st Newtwnhill

Runners-up: 32nd Nottingham

3rd: 1st Knocknamuckley

4th: 7th Edinburgh

Senior 5-A-Side Football Final:

Hosted by Northern Ireland in Unversity

of Ulster Sport Centre, Jordanstown

Winners: 2nd Gourock

Runners-up: 7th Portadown

3rd: 1st Overtown

4th: 2nd Castlederg

5th: 21st Ipswich

6th: 16th Liverpool

Badminton Final:

Hosted by Scotland at the Inverclyde

Sports Centre

Winners: 1st Polmont

Runners-up: 1st Mountjoy

3rd: 3rd Kilsyth

4th: 5th Coleraine

5th: 9th South East Essex

6th: 1st Crowborough

Junior 5-A-Side Football Final:

Hosted by England at Batley

Sports Centre

Winners: 11th Warrington

Runners-up: 3rd Kilkeel

3rd: 6th/8th Dundee

4th: 2nd Sutton-in-Ashfield

5th: 7th Wishaw

Members of the teams with

Professor Norman C Nevin OBE,

President Northern Ireland

Masterteam Final: Hosted by

England in Victoria Hall, Tring

Winners: 2nd Forfar

Runners-up: 1st Ballyclare

3rd: 32nd Nottingham

4th: 16th Newtownabbey

5th: Inverness

6th: 1st Haslington

Members of

the teams

with Cllr Derek


Deputy Lord

Lieutenant of


Members of the 11th Warrington

If your company did not take

part this year, then watch out

for details of the 2009/2010

competitions. Entry forms are

available in the July Company

Mailing and available to


from the BBUK website.


Executive Members from the

respective Regions had the

difficult task of selecting

overall winners from the entries for

this year’s Make A Difference Awards.

All nominations will receive a certificate

for their achievements and the following

three young men were considered

worthy of special recognition. The

winners will receive their prizes at an

event organised within each Region.


Daniel Rowney – 1st Bluestone

Daniel has made a real difference in

the lives of a local elderly couple over

many years. He organises the weekly

shopping, gardens, does household

chores and has become an invaluable

assistance to the couple who see him

as a vital and uplifting part of their lives.

Daniel has become a caring companion

with a listening ear.


Stewart Aitken – 195th Glasgow

Stewart has been instrumental

in raising the profile of Fairtrade in

his local community of Rutherglen

and throughout schools through

sales, advertising, promotional talks

and hard work. Stewart received letters

of commendation for his efforts from

schools, the University of Strathclyde

and from the Scottish Government.


Joshua Snape – 1st Haverhill

Joshua has spent his free time

volunteering on a number of projects

in his local community including

the summer playscheme, community

conservation project, being part

of the youth action team and

volunteering in his own school.

For service to his community

Joshua was named runner up in

the Haverhill Rotary Club’s Young

Citizen of the Year Award.

The Brigade is immensely proud

of these young men and warmly

congratulates them on

the receipt of these awards.

100 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

Development in Scotland

Since March this year, The

Boys’ Brigade in Scotland has

had the support of two new

Development Officers. Their role is

to work with Battalions to provide

assistance to Companies as well as

to start new Companies.

Their task will also include ways to

help strengthen Companies, both in

membership and leadership and to

encourage the exchanging of ideas as well

as raising the profile of the Organisation.

Welcome addition to our scotland team

The Scotland Headquarters’ team is

pleased to confirm the appointment of

two additional staff. Niall Rolland and

Bill Archibald have joined us as new

Development Officers for Scotland.

Niall joined us in November and has

already become a familiar face to a

number of Companies in his areas, mainly

in the south and west of Scotland.

Niall has been involved in the BB since

Anchor Boys.

“I am fortunate enough to have an

extensive BB background and I am

delighted to be involved at a national

level. I am still a serving Officer in a

Glasgow Company and can appreciate

the challenges as well as the numerous

rewards of being a Boys’ Brigade Youth

Leader. I hope that the headquarters’

team and I can provide the effective

support and encouragement necessary

to the young people, leaders and

Battalions. I want to promote the BB as

providing an excellent setting for the

development of young people

in Scotland and I look forward

to hearing the thoughts of

our members and leaders in


Bill joined the team in mid March 2009,

and is re-establishing himself with The

Boys’ Brigade after a separation of some

30 and more years. Bill said “I joined

The Boys’ Brigade Scotland Team in this

role on Monday 16 March 2009, and on

that day visited and met with the Brigade

Scotland and Carronvale House Staff at

Larbert. I was very pleased and reassured

to find a highly committed and friendly

team of men and women who are clearly

about providing support, advice and

guidance to members and volunteers of

The Boys’ Brigade across the country.”

Tom Boyle, Director for Scotland said,

“Both National and Scotland Headquarters

are very pleased to have Niall and Bill join

The Boys’ Brigade team. I believe that their

appointments present further opportunity

for us to develop and expand the Brigade,

and I am confident that both members of

staff will support their respective areas with

commitment and enthusiasm.”

Contact details for our Development


Niall Rolland – South and West

Mobile – 07538 079 381 E-mail – niall.

Bill Archibald – North Scotland

Mobile – 07961 001 749 E-mail – bill.

Should you require further information on

Development Schemes or feel that your

Company could benefit from contact with

a member of BB Scotland Staff, please

get in touch.

Training and

Development Support

Officer – Northern


The Boys’ Brigade in Northern Ireland has appointed

Kenneth McLaughlin to the post of Training and

Development Support Officer. Kenneth spent 12

years in the 1st Newtownabbey in the Robins (he is not

young), Junior Section and Company Section.

His new role is to:

• Determine and meet the training needs of volunteers and


• Seek opportunities and provide support to churches

wishing to start BB work.

• Provide encouragement to all who need his support.

Kenneth says, “Alongside my business experience, managing

people, training and a real desire to see children and young

people challenged with the Gospel message, I hope I can

through The Boys’ Brigade, help to have a positive impact in

their lives, their families and within the community.

The Brigade wishes Kenneth every blessing as he takes up his

new role.

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 101

Results from the recent Juniors’ survey

show that children attending The Boys’

Brigade love playing and can’t get

enough of BB. Juniors felt strongly that

they wanted to go to BB as often as

they could (98%) and when they were

there that they had fun with their friends

(97%), loved receiving badges (94%),

felt happier (90%), safer (84%) and got

better at things (88%).

The activities that they would love doing

more of are sports (27%), adventurous

outside activities (27%), and games

(17%). The biggest draw to bring their

friends to BB in their opinion was the fact

that it was such a fun and exciting place

to be (63%), that they played games

(28%), took part in sport (18%), made

some really good friends (10%), and

learnt about God (9%).

Parents & carers saw things slightly

differently. The biggest draw to bring

their child to BB was the fact that it

improved the confidence, self esteems

and independence of their child (58%),

it was a place where friendships could

be formed with children of different

backgrounds and ages (46%), the wide

range of educational activities and skills

(40%), the positive moral or Christian

values associated with the organisation

(19%), and the fact that their child had

fun and was happy there (18%).

However almost one quarter of the children

asked didn’t think that their leaders listened

to their opinion, nearly a half didn’t get to

decide on the activities that they undertook,

and a quarter felt that BB didn’t offer them

something that was different to activities

they could do elsewhere.

What now?

Now we’ve gone

through this process

of listening to what you

think, we will be looking

at what we can do in

the future to support

your work with the

Juniors’ programme

and show off about all

the brilliant work that

you do.


For more information and prices

please contact:

Colin watts, Centre Manager


Tel: 01442 288557

Thurso Centre

The newly refurbished Thurso

Centre is now available for groups

to use. It is ideal for weekends

away with Juniors or Company

Section members, as well as

youth and church groups.

The centre has accommodation for

up to 24 people and comprises of:

• 4 bedrooms

(sleeping 4 persons on bunk beds)

• 2 bedrooms

(sleeping 2 persons on bunk beds)

• 1 bedroom

(sleeping 2 persons on single beds)

• 1 bedroom (with disabled facilities

sleeping 2 persons on single beds)

• Kitchen (fully equipped)

• Dining Room

• Activity Hall

• Toilets & Showers

The centre can also be used to

complement canvas camping or in

addition to accommodation in the

main house, enabling larger groups

to stay at Felden Lodge.

102 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette April July 2009

Global Fellowship:

The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore


Singapore is an island city-state located at

the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is

the smallest nation in Southeast Asia. Before

European settlement, the island now known

as Singapore, was the site of a Malay fishing

village at the mouth of the Singapore River.

In 1819, the British East India Company

established a trading post on the island.

Singapore became one of the most important

commercial and military centres of the British

Empire. During the Second World War, it was

occupied by the Japanese.

It reverted to British rule in 1945. In 1963, having

achieved independence from Britain, Singapore

merged with Malaya, Sabah, and Sarawak to

form Malaysia. However, the merger proved

unsuccessful and, less than two years later, it

seceded from the federation and became an

independent republic on August 9, 1965.

Since independence, Singapore’s standard of

living has risen dramatically. Singapore is the 5th

wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP per

capita. In 2009, Singapore was ranked the tenth

most expensive city in the world in which to live.

The population of Singapore is approximately

4.86 million. The city is highly cosmopolitan:

Chinese people form an ethnic majority with

large populations of Malay, Indian and other

people. English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese

are the official languages.

The 1st Singapore Company was founded

at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church on

12th January 1930.

This was formed by a partnership between Sgt Quek Eng Moh,

an old boy of the 1st Swatow company in China which had been

forced to close by the communist regime, and James Milner

Fraser, a town planner from Aberdeen. Together, they founded the

1st Singapore Company at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church on

12th January 1930.

When the Company was officially enrolled in August 1930 by Brigade

Headquarters in London, membership was 40. By 1936, the Singapore

Battalion was 200 strong.

BB activities had to be suspended in the Second World War during the

occupation of Singapore by the Japanese Armed Forces (Feb 1942 - Sep

1945). Fraser himself was a prisoner of war and worked on construction of

the infamous Burma Railway. After the war in 1945, S P Chua revived the

1st Singapore Company. By 1950, the Battalion had regained its former glory.

Today, there are more than

7,000 Officers and Boys in 117

BB Companies in Singapore,

each of which is attached to a

school and co-sponsored by a

church. In Singapore, The Boys’

Brigade has the


patronage of His

Excellency, the

President of

the Republic.

The BB is

endorsed by the Ministry of Education as one of the

Uniformed Youth Organisations in schools.

The BB programme in Singapore seeks the all-rounded

development of young people. Boys aged 8-11 can

join the Juniors; boys aged 12-16 can join the Seniors.

Boys and girls aged 16-19 can participate in the

Primers Programme. The programme covers four

aspects: Spiritual, Physical, Enrichment and Social.

There is an emphasis on outdoor adventure training

Singapore is a member of our international family

of uniformed Christian youth organisations,

Global Fellowship. You can find out more about

the BB around the world at an event in central

London organised by Global Fellowship on the

afternoon of Saturday 28 November 2009: see for more details.

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 103




The Federation’s Annual Council

Meeting was held in Great Yarmouth

over the weekend 8th – 10th May.

All enjoyed a marvellous weekend

of BB Fellowship with visitors from

many Associations. The following

were elected to serve on the

Management Committee.

Chairman..................................... Mr. Eric Chilton

Vice Chairman............................ Mr. John Bates

Hon Secretary............................. Mr. Phillip Stallard

Hon Treasurer............................. Mr. Peter Parkin

Assistant Secretary/Publicity.... Mr. Philip Daley

Editor FedNews.......................... Mr. Ron Adshead

Extension.................................... Mr Paul Juby

After lunch on Saturday, we enjoyed

a coach trip to the Norfolk Broads

and a river cruise. The Broads is

a wetland of international importance

and is full of rare wildlife with

winding waterways, tangled

woodlands, golden reeds and

marshland as well as being busy

with many kinds of boats.

During the business meeting on

the Saturday morning, the Secretary

of the London Stedfast Association,

John A. Bates, presented an

outline of the details covering the

location,venue, programme and

date for the next Annual Council

Meeting, which was agreed should

take place in Bromley, Kent at

the Best Western Bromley Court

Hotel, on Friday

21st May to Sunday

23rd May 2010.

Bromley is just

six miles from the

M25, 10 miles

to the centre of

London and only 30

miles from London

Gatwick airport.

The programme of

events planned for 2010 will follow

that of previous years. A Friday

welcome dinner. Saturday morning

for business of the Federation

of Stedfast Associations and the

afternoon will take in a tour of a local

tourist attraction. Saturday night

there is a gala dinner with guest

speaker, followed by some form of

entertainment. Sunday morning,

delegates and day visitors will join

for worship at a local church..

The weekend being planned

for 2010, will have plenty of BB/

Stedfast fellowship, but also allow

time for serious discussion on

how the Stedfast Associations can

best support today’s members in

practical and financial ways.

Your contributions

If you would like to contribute

anything for future columns,

please contact Philip Daley,

The Stedfast Association,

Unit C1 Nutgrove Office Park,

Nutgrove Avenue,

Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 or

email or

telephone +353 (01) 296 4622.



joined the 1st Tulliallan Company

as a boy in its second year after

forming. After his national service

he returned to become an officer

in the company, a position he

maintained until he retired from

The Boys’ Brigade in August 2007,

almost 60 years as a boy and

officer. He was company pianist

and first aid instructor. He also held

battalion positions including First

Aid Convenor for several years. He

gave his time loyally to the company

and the church where he was also

organist, choir master and elder. He

will be fondly remembered for his

sense of humour, how he looked for

the best in others and was always

there to help. John was a valued

member of the company and will

be sadly missed.

BRIAN MACK (25), 2nd Barrhead

Company, came through the ranks

before gaining his President’s

Badge and ultimately his Queen’s

Badge. He became an Officer in

104 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

2002 and completed his Youth

Leadership training in 2003/4. A

celebration of the life of Brian Mack

was led by the Company Chaplain,

Rev’d Maureen Leitch in Bourock

Parish Church; Graham Manson,

Captain, spoke of a quiet young

man who was a talented designer

with great artistic skills, a team

player with a sense of fun and liked

by the boys in the Company where

he will be greatly missed.

To his parents, Marshall and Ann

and his brother David, we extend

our deepest sympathy.

DEBBIE STUTELY (30) never let

her heart condition stop her from

taking an active part in the 1st

Enfield Company. She was the

officer in charge of the Amicus

group and also helped in the Anchor

Boys. She was committed to sharing

her faith with the young people

of the Company and the Church,

taking part regularly in Youth

Services and teaching in YPF. She

was always cheerful, enthusiastic

and reliable and someone the

young people of the Company could

talk to; as a testament to Debbie all

of them were present at her funeral.

She will be sorely missed, not

only by the young people, but her

husband Edwin and her family.


an Officer in the Junior Section of

the 47th Nottingham Company

at its foundation on 28.9.1964

and she served there under the

Captaincy of Ted Mills. She

became a Brigade Training Officer

and, when her husband, Arthur,

took up a full-time post in the

Training Department at Boys’

Brigade Headquarters at Felden

Lodge, they moved to London.

Ida joined the 4th Finchley

Company based at Finchley

Methodist Church where Arthur

became Captain. She returned

to Nottingham in 1985, shortly

after her husband’s death and

became a Reserve Officer in the

Nottingham Battalion. She took

over responsibility for the Battalion

Benevolent Fund and among her

duties provided support for grieving

relatives and others in need. She

was a member of Gedling Road

Methodist Church, Nottingham.

Boys’ Brigade 125th Anniversary

Celtic Cross.

The Boys’ Brigade in Wales has designed a

Celtic Cross pendant and badge in recognition

of the 125th Anniversary of The Boys’ Brigade.

The pendants and badges are available in

either gold or silver and are inlaid with enamel.

Cost: £3.00 per item.

Please contact Mrs Jane Rogers, Boys’ Brigade

in Wales Secretary, 58 Richmond Road,

Cardiff, CF24 3AT, 029 20483555

or email

KGVI New Entrants’ Course

Bookings for the New Entrants’ Course for

2009 are now being taken.

The courses are as follows:

Northern Ireland (Rathmore) 18th to 24th July 2009

Scotland (Carronvale)25th July to 1st August 2009

England & Wales (Felden) 1st to 8th August 2009

Bursaries are available to help with costs of young

people who may find the fee prohibitive.

For further information contact your

Regional Headquarters.

Global Fellowship of Christian Youth, a family of uniformed Christian youth organisations,

invites you to

Meet The Family:

an afternoon about The Boys’ Brigade

around the world

Time: 2.30pm, Saturday 28 November 2009

Venue: Central London (check the website for more details)

See for more details

Please let Global Fellowship know if you hope to attend:

Felden Lodge, Felden Lane, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 OBL, UK

Global Fellowship of Christian Youth is a Registered Charity in England – No 275036

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 105


Small Advertisements Copy to BBHQ, Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP3 0BL. The Boys’ Brigade takes no responsibility

for statements made in any advertisements here or elsewhere in the BB Gazette. Advertisements for October 2009 issue should

be received not later than 1st August 2009. The cost is 20p per word.

Approved Campsites

The following sites have been officially

approved, having met Guidelines laid

down by the Brigade, and local Fire

and Public Health Authorities.


offers a choice of camping areas and modern

indoor accommodation in an unrivalled

setting in the central Scottish Highlands near

to Loch Lomond. Visiting groups can

undertake an extensive range of challenging

and adventurous activities (on-and off-site)

and there are lots of places of interest to

visit close by. Free colour brochure available

from Auchengillan Outdoor Centre,

Blanefield, Stirlingshire G63 9AU.

Tel: 01360 770256; Fax: 01360 771197;




BB canvas campsite (operated by 10th

Enfield) fully equipped for up to 60 (smaller

camps welcome) at the BBUK HQ in

Hertfordshire (from June to Sept).

Contact Chris Norman on (t) 07703 571915

or (e)

HONEYHILL CAMP (NW Kent Battalion).

12 acres Bearsted near Maidstone. Easy

access to coast, places of interest, sports

facilities. Building with kitchen, gas,

electricity, mess tent. Contact Dennis Hatt,

Tel: 01795 873392 Mob: 07749 790413.




Brigade Camping Centre at Dyffryn Ardudwy

has available 3 camp sites all suitable for

mixed camps. The largest main centre

site caters for up to 90 people, has a fully

equipped kitchen and dining area. Also

provided is dormitory accommodation for

40 people and meeting room/Chapel. Ridge

tents are provided on the adjacent 3 acre field

which can also be used for sports. The smaller

2 acre sites each cater for up to 50 people

and include individual kitchen and store with

gas range, grill, instant hot water heater, fridge

& freezer. Tents and marquee are supplied

for each 2 acre site. All three sites have their

own flush toilets, wash and shower facilities.

Details from Jamie Copson 01905 480 955. Email:


VECTIS YOUTH CAMPS. Three beautiful

campsites on the Isle of Wight with

permanent kitchens, showers and toilets.

Each site is self contained and is in easy

reach of safe beaches and all the attractions

of the Island. All tenting and equipment

supplied. Prices from £35 per person per

week. Ideal for organized camps of between

25 and 150 people. Telephone 01344 430203.

Email: siteadministrator@vectisyouthcamps. website:

GLENGARRY CAMP 2009/10, Chideock,

Dorset (near Lyme Regis). Fully equipped

approved BB site 10 minutes from beach. Brick

cookhouse, running hot and cold water, gas

cookers and grills, chip fryer, new fridge freezer

etc. White canvas for 30 – 70 including 45’ x

30’ marquee. Nearby leisure centre with indoor

pool 10 mins. Contact Mark 020 8903 1116

or email

CRAGGAN, the Outdoor Centre of Edinburgh,

Leith and District Battalion. Set in glorious

countryside by Loch Tay, Perthshire. The Centre

is recently refurbished, has disabled access,

sleeps 30, is self-catering and is ideal for

weekend and other camps. Well situated

for outdoor and water activities with own

canoes and jetty. Contact

or 0131 551 1200 ext 20.


WOOLACOMBE. Accommodates 70. Large

field with showers, toilets and permanent

cookhouse. Phone: 05601 332713.


CORFE CASTLE 2010. BB canvas campsite

(operated by 1st Yeovil Company) equipped

for up to 90 (smaller groups welcome). Only

one week available 7th-14th August 2010.

Contact Mr T Montacute. Phone 01935 474778

or email



BLACKPOOL AREA. Self-catering

accommodation. (1) Accommodation for

44 in comfort. 4 single bedrooms for staff. 2

shower rooms, bedding and crockery provided.

Fully equipped kitchen. (2) Small Party Unit for

16 persons, including two staff rooms. Fully

equipped as above. (3) Camp site with camp

kitchen/dining room, shower and toilet facilities.

The complex includes a large sports hall with

climbing wall and sports field. Quiet situation

near Kirkham, a market town on the Fylde Coast.

Within easy reach of Theme Parks and Lake

District. For brochure contact: The Warden,

The Boys’ Brigade, Carr Lane, Treales, Kirkham,

PR4 3SS. Tel/Fax: 01772-685000. www.


Bring your company/battalion to one of

our spacious venues. Carroty Wood (Kent),

Whithaugh Park (Scottish Borders), Frontier

Centre (Northants) and Halls Green (Kent).

We’d love to send you a brochure!

Contact: Brian Barnes, Barnabas Adventure

Centres, FREEPOST TN2 186,

Tonbridge, Kent TN11 9QX.

Tel: 01732 366766,

or email:

SOUTHERN SCOTLAND. Spacious Edwardian

house in its own grounds within the lovely

town of Moffat. Rent the Well Road Centre for

a self-catering conference/ activity weekend/

week. Open all year. Two meeting/ activity rooms.

Large kitchen and dining room. 13 comfortable

bedrooms of various size. Indoor sports hall.

The beautiful Moffat hills for hiking/orienteering.

Suitable for groups of 20 to 65 in number.

Only your group in occupation during your stay.

For brochure contact: Well Road Centre, Moffat

DG10 9JT. Tel: 01683 221040 or website:


& District Battalion’s residential self-catering

Centre. Sleeps 28 (3 dormitories, separate

2-staff bedroom and 2-staff/disabled

bedroom). Toilets, showers and fully fitted

kitchen. Situated in the Upper Don Valley,

north of Sheffield on edge of Peak District

National Park, within easy reach of M1.

Grid ref SK280994. Contact Sue Cowie

01246-274021, email


4 acre rally field available, close to train

station. Tel: 07980 260727.

TORBAY. Indoor accommodation during the

summer holiday available at a Methodist

Church operated by 1st Goodrington. We are

near the Devon coast with a wide range of

sports, leisure and visitor attractions close by.

Small/medium groups or first time campers

welcome. Contact: 01803 551574 or



SOUTH DEVON. Come and camp in our

fully equipped white canvas next to farm/

holiday park near Paignton. Shop/telephone

and showers on Holiday Park. Many local

attractions. Please enquire to Clive Gordon

0121 544 0904 / 0771 876 1150. Email or Jim jimdrew@ More info/campsite photos

on website


BAY, ISLE OF WIGHT. Fully equipped with

white canvas, male/female shower blocks,

flush toilets, mains, gas and electricity.

Small or large numbers (45/100). Details,

George Francis, “Kenwyn”, Beesfield Lane,

Farningham, Dartford, Kent, DA4 OBZ. Phone

01322 862401 or Keith Francis 01474 705485.

Email: or

visit website for all details including availability:


Nidderdale, near Harrogate. Hostel

accommodation for 40. Access to

sheltered lake and Yorkshire Dales. Close

to Brimham Rocks, Ripon, Patley Bridge

and Lightwater Valley Theme Park. Weeks

still available for this summer. For details

contact Mr D Barnes 07748 214786 or

106 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette July 2009

Belchamps Scout Centre

The friendly Scout and Guide

campsite near the seaside

6 buildings, 20 activities,

campfires and full

time staff

barnabas boys brigade 133x190 advert :Layout 1 18/8/08 14:00 Page 1

Tel 01702 562690

Holyoak Lane,


Essex SS54JD

Junior & Company Section

Retreats, Adventure & Fun!


Summer Camps

Activity Days

Swimming – 3 venues

Instructed activities

Fully fitted kitchens – catering also available

Sports facilities

Accommodation - from tents to en-suites!

Carroty Wood – Tonbridge, Kent

Frontier Centre – Irthlingborough, Northants

Whithaugh Park – Newcastleton, Scottish Borders

Halls Green – Sevenoaks Weald, Kent

For brochure/prices:

Barnabas Adventure Centres

Carroty Wood, Higham Lane


Kent TN11 9QX

Tel: 01732 366766


Barnabas Adventure Centres is a UK Christian charity with 80 years experience encouraging young people

in the Christian faith. Our centres have an away-from-it-all feel yet are close to motorway networks.

July 2009 The Boys’ Brigade Gazette 107


31 380 1 Membership Cards 2009/2010 NEW!........................... £1.40

Sold in packs of 10, membership cards are available

for the new session 2009 – 2010.

31 004 1 Desk Diary (Session 2009-2010) NEW!....................... £5.00

A5 Desk Diary runs from 1st August 2009 to 31st July 2010.

11 610 1 Adventure Begins Here Badge...................................... £2.00


New items for the recruitment for under 11s are now available as follows:

31 924 1 Under 11’s Recruitment – Children’s Leaflets NEW!......................£6.50

Sold in packs of 100, these new leaflets have been designed

to engage children in the under 11 age group.

Under 11’s Recruitment – Parents/Carers

Postcards NEW!

Sold in packs of 100, these cards have been designed to

engage parents & carers and are separately aimed at 5 to 8

year olds and 8 to11 year olds. Two versions of each card are

available; boys only and mixed boys/girls.

31 925 1 5 to 8 years – Boys.................................................................................£4.00

31 926 1 8 to 11 years – Boys...............................................................................£4.00

31 927 1 5 to 8 years – Mixed...............................................................................£4.00

31 928 1 8 to 11 years – Mixed.............................................................................£4.00

Under 11’s Recruitment – A3 Poster NEW!

An A3 sized poster, sold in packs of 5.

Also available laminated.

31 929 1 A3 posters (pack of 5)........................................................... £3.50 per pack

31 930 1 A3 laminated poster (single)...................................................... £1.75 each


125th Anniversary Items available from BB Supplies:

12 120 1 Mug with 125 circular logo...................... was £ £3.00

12 121 1 Hand Clapper with 125 logo.................... was £ £1.25

12 122 1 Ball Pen with 125 logo.............................. was £ £1.00

12 123 1 Marrow Mug with 125 logo...................... was £ £4.00

12 150 1 Bronze Badge............................................. was £1.50 £1.25

12 151 1 Silver Badge................................................ was £ £1.25

BB Supplies, Garcia Estate, Canterbury Road, Worthing, BN13 1BW

Telephone: 08707 442 292 Fax: 08707 203 842

Order online 24 hours a day through the Online Shop at

Also available at local depots around the UK (See Supplies Catalogue or Website for more details).

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