Mar/Apr 2005 - Port Moody Rock & Gem Club

Port Moody

Rock & Gem Newsletter

March/April 2005

Editor: Rose Kapp (roszay@shaw.ca)


R O C K & GE M

President: Drew Rekunyk

Vice President: David Albert

Past President: Geoff Cameron,

Andrew Danneffel

Secretary: Gail Mawhinney

Treasurer: Chandra Collett

Membership: Sonja Stubbings

Workshop: Ken Ayres,

Cecil Smith, Stormy

Refreshments: Diane Rekunyk

Newsletter: Rose Kapp

Society Delegates: Ken Ayres (Sr)

Gary Richards (Int)

Drew/Diane Rekunyk (Jr)

Club Mailing Address:

Port Moody Rock & Gem

c/o Kyle Centre, 125 Kyle St.

Port Moody, B.C., V3H 2V7

General Meetings: 7:30 PM

Last Thursday of every month

(except July & August)

at the Arts Centre.

Check "Next Meeting" column

for list of 2005 meetings dates.


www.lapidary.bc.ca (BC Society)


(Rock & Gem Magazine)



www.deborahwilson.bc.ca/ (sculptor)


If life is merely a

joke, the question is:

for who's amusement?


MINUTE HIGHLIGHTS of February 24, 2005

• The club has 62 current members

• Donations for Spin & Win prizes needed as well as

tumbled stone. Grab bags are also needed.

• Tuesday night workshops have been busy and most

Thursday nights have been busy.

• Accommodations for Logan Lake filling up fast.

Each club must submit number of those members

interested in going by May 1st so dinner can be booked.

• New updated notice for Yukon tour in workshop.

• Pumps in workshop have been cleaned and Ken to

buy more hose.

• Motion to purchase one bucket of rock from Frank

Tierney was carried.

• Discussion and motion to purchase a brick from

Rotary Club for Queen Street Plaza. Motion was not

carried. Need further information.

• Two faceting kits have been returned.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 followed by treats provided

by Ken.

submitted by secretary Gail M


• If your tumbler drum starts slipping, wrap the shaft

with soft electrician's tape.

• The polishing pads are getting ripped up through

improper use. Remember that you should be polishing

your stones on the right hand side as the pad is turning

downwards (clockwise). Make sure any pointed stone

is polished with the point down to avoid ripping the

pad or hurting yourself. There's nothing more

frustrating than getting your stone to the polish stage

and then having it flip out of your hands and breaking

on the floor.

submitted by shop supervisor, Cecil Smith


Maple Ridge Silversmithing

Gary Richards reported that Walt Pinder at the Maple

Ridge Rock Club will hold silversmithing courses for 6

to 8 people at a time. It is a 6 hour session held on a

Saturday (no date is set yet). Course costs $75 and all

supplies are included, even silver and stone! If you are

interested, contact Diane Rekunyk (604-941-6724 or

drekunyk@shaw.ca). A list of interested people is being

set up and when we get enough people for a class, we

will let you know.

Texturing Metal in Richmond

The Creative Jewellers Guild of BC is holding a

"Texturing Metal" workshop with instructor Sara M.

Sanford. It will be held Saturday & Sunday, April 9th

& 10th, 2005 from 10 AM to 4 PM both days, in the

Library Room (second floor at back) at the Richmond

Cultural Centre, 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond. Cost

for non-members is $135.00 with a lab fee of $5 US to

be paid to the instructor. For course details and the

registration form, see the workshop bulletin.


Next meeting: Thurs.,

Mar. 24th, 7:30 PM,

Arts Centre, 2425 St.

Johns Street, PoMo.

Because we ran out of time

during the Feb. meeting, we

will be showing the video of

the Luray Caverns in

Virgina's Shenandoah Valley

at the beginning of the

meeting. Gary will be

bringing examples of

epidote crystals that can be

found on the Four Brothers

Mountain field trip.

Here's a list of this year's meetings so you can mark

your calendar in advance. All meeting are on a

Thursday evening, except the Pot Lucks.

• March 24th • April 28th • May 26th

• mid June Pot Luck (date to be announced)

• July & August, no meetings - Rockhunting Season!

• September 22nd • October 20th • November 17th

• mid December Pot Luck (date to be announced)


Interested in learning to facet

stones? The good news is that

we have 3 faceting kits

available. To learn how to facet,

contact Bill McCracken (see

workshop schedule for phone

number), and he will see what

he can do for you.


"Looks like the neighbours are back

from another rockhound trip."

via Rock Chips 2/94


MON. Lapidary 8:30 AM - 12 noon

TUES. Lapidary 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

WED. Faceting 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

THURS. Lapidary 8:30 AM - 12 noon

THURS. Lapidary 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

For faceting, contact Bill McCracken at 604-469-1726

Rock of the Month


Epidote, while not

general known for

exceptional crystals

can produce some


specimens. Its

unique green color

which is often described as "pistachio", is quite striking in

well colored specimens. In fact, sometimes it is called

"pistacite". The name epidote may come form the Greek

epidosis, meaning increase, referring to the fact that one

side of its crystal is longer than the other. When rotated,

translucent prisms of epidote display strong dichroism - the

colour is dark green in one direction and brown in another.

Here's some more information if you are going on The Four

Brothers Mountain Field Trip (see side bar for field trip

information). Gary Richards will be bring in some samples

of Epidote to the March 24th meeting.


• Color is "pistachio" green to yellowish or brownish green,

also brown to black.

• Luster is vitreous.

• Transparency crystals are transparent to translucent.

• Crystal System monoclinic; 2/m

• Crystal Habits include long, somewhat prismatic or

tabular crystals with a typically dominant pinacoid that the

crystal is often flattened against. The terminations are

wedge shaped or tapered pyramids. Many clusters show

grooved slender crystals or acicular sprays. Also massive,

fibrous or granular.

• Cleavage good in one direction lengthwise.

• Fracture is uneven to conchoidal. • Streak white to gray

• Hardness is 6-7 • Specific Gravity is 3.3-3.5

• Associated Minerals calcite, biotite, hornblende,

actinolite, andradite garnet and other metamorphic


• Other Characteristics: striated to the depth of grooves in

some crystals.

• Notable Occurrences Untersulzbachtal, Austria; Italy;

Baja, Mexico and many localities in the USA.

• Best Field Indicators only one direction of cleavage,

crystal habit, color and hardness.

• Chemistry: Ca2(Al, Fe)3(SiO4)3(OH), Calcium

Aluminum Iron Silicate Hydroxide.

• Class: Silicates • Subclass: Sorosilicates • Group: Epidote

• Uses: mineral specimens and rarely as a gemstone.


Epidote is a structurally complex mineral having both

single silicate tetrahedrons, SiO4, and double silicate

tetrahedrons, Si2O7. The formula of epidote could be

expressed in a such a way so as to reflect this organization;

Ca2(Al, Fe)Al2O(SiO4)(Si2O7)(OH). The two aluminums

represent the parallel chains of AlO6 and AlO4(OH)2

octahedra that are the heart of the epidote structure. The

silicate groups and extra ions connect the chains together.

Since the chains are parallel, the crystals tend to be

prismatic. The chains are arranged in parallel planes and

the perfect cleavage breaks the bonds between these planes.

Researched by Rose Kapp


• mineral.gallery.com

• "Rocks and Minerals", Discovery Books, New York

photo: webmineral.com


April 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2005

Friday: 10:00am - 8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Ag-Rec Building, Central Fraser Valley Faigrds,

32470 - Haida Drive, Abbotsford, BC

Admission: Adults - $5

Students(6-17) - $2

Under 6 (with an adult) - Free

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British

Columbia Lapidary Society the BC Gem Show is

featuring Jade, the official gemstone of the Province.

There will be many displays of the creations of B.C.

artists that work with jade. Deborah Wilson of Vernon

will be displaying some of her very imaginative carvings

as well as demonstrating jade carving.

Deborah Wilson teaching at a workshop

As always, there will be a great variety of displays of

gemstones, crystals and minerals from member clubs.

Many cases will contain collections of hand-crafted

jewelry and silversmithing.

Throughout the show, members will be demonstrating

techniques of lapidary, sculpting, faceting, silversmithing,

flint knapping, wire wrapping, and enameling. The gold

panning is a very popular demonstration.

Among the many features of this, Canada's largest gem

show, will be 30 dealers carrying supplies for the hobby

along with specimens of crystals, minerals, cut stones,

cutting material and many gift items.

For more information, check the club board or the BC

Society web page: www.lapidary.bc.ca/rocks

Octopus sculpture by Deborah Wilson



Four Brothers Mountain

Field Trip, March 27/05

Leader: Gary Richards

Meeting place: 9 am, Bridal

Falls coffee shop

Material: Epidote & quartz

crystals. Contact: Gary

Richards, 604-294-4334

Harrison Lake Fossils

April 17/05

Leader: Gordon & Walt Pinder

Meeting place: 9 am,

Sasquatch Inn Material:

Buchia, belemnites, &

possibly trigonia fossils.

Contact: Gordon Pinder,

604-870-4779 or Walt

Pinder, 604-826-8232

or E mail: Walt Pinder



Logan Lake Rec. Centre

321 Chartrand Dr., Logan Lk, BC

Hosted by the High Country

Rockhound Club and the British

Columbia Lapidary Society.

Logan Lake is situated in the heart

of the Highland Valley, 60

kilometres south of Kamloops via

Highway 5, 24 kilometres west of

the Coquihalla Highway and 47km

NW of Merritt via Hwy. 97C. Logan

Lake sits at an elevation of 1067m.

Planned activities:

Late Fri. afternoon and evening -

registration & setting up of display

cases, Sat. - Field trips, Rock

Auction at 7:00PM, Sun. - Field

trips, Bucket Raffle - 4:00PM

Sun. 6 pm - Catered dinner followed

by the Annual General Meeting of

the BC Lapidary Society

Mon. morning - Pancake breakfast

Club members are invited to display

their treasures and demonstrate

their skills.


PUNTZI LAKE Aug 1 to 5/05

This will be an exploration camp.

The geology of this area is very

interesting and there are reports of

agate, jasper & obsidian in the

area. Puntzi Lake Resort is located

in the Central Chilcotin district of

BC, a 2 hour drive (180 kms.) west

of Williams.

Puntzi Lake Resort, Chilanko Forks,

B.C., PO Box 65

Chilanko Forks, BC V0L 1V0

Tel. 250-226-7306

Toll free 1-800-578-6804

For more information, check the

Society website:


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